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Clint: why are you naked? 

Tony: I, uh - don’t have clothes? 

Clint: bullshit! *opens closet* you have shirts… pants… jackets… hey Steve, sup?… some socks… too many damn shoes… yo Buck, how’s it hanging?… ties… stockings… gags… shit! T’Challa? how the fuck are you up there?… oh look, some jeans… 

America: So.. I was reading about how alcoholics can be found in like, everyone’s lives. It’s a common issue, ya know

Canada: Oh yeah, I bet we can even name some people in this room.


England: Why are all of you looking at me?! 

Prussia: And me! What are you trying to say?

England: What the hell?

Prussia: Hey, do you want to go to the pub after this? Talk about this bullshit?

England: Yes. Actually. I do. 

RFA + V/Saeran realize it’s MC’s birthday

Hey all! It’s my birthday today, so I figured now’s as good a time as any to post birthday headcanons. Since I just moved to a new area and know very few people here, I went with more of a “Oh, it’s your birthday???’ vibe rather than (most of them) having known when MC’s birthday is all along.

Requests are open.~


  • you had surprised him at rehearsal with some lunch just bc you wanted to see him on your birthday
  • your phone was blowing up w/ messages from your family
  • he didn’t mean to look, but he glanced and saw a “Happy Birthday!” text
  • s h o c k e d why didn’t you tell him??
  • soon as you left, he was calling Seven
    • “Of course I knew!”
    • “Why didn’t you tell me???”
    • “Figured she’d tell people if she wanted them to know…”
  • welp he was supposed to be rehearsing all day but he wasn’t about to spend all day w/o you
  • so he told his director who totally understood and then left
  • showed up with a dozen roses
    • “Happy Birthday, my princess.”
    • “How did you–”
    • “I saw your phone - I’m sorry. But you deserve to be spoiled today.”
  • spent the rest of the day doing just that


  • bright and early, Seven was calling him
  • he figured this boy needs all the help he can get
    • “Today is what?!” omg what is he going to do he’s got nothing planned!
  • spent all morning shopping - flowers, groceries, he has everything put away before you’d even had your usual morning call
  • when you did call, he hoped you’d mention your birthday but you didn’t
  • he invited you over and you happily agreed
  • you were totally shocked when you arrived and his apartment was decorated for your birthday
  • and something smelled wonderful
  • greeted you at the door w/ a kiss and flowers
    • “Happy Birthday, MC~!”
  • he cooked two of your favorite meals for lunch and dinner and you spent all day cuddling and watching romance movies


  • she had asked you a while ago because she kept all the files of RFA members up-to-date
  • she’d made a note on her calendar and had it remind her a week in advance there’s no catching her off guard
  • but you hadn’t mentioned it since? to her or any of the members?
  • you forgot she knew tbqh
  • she assumed this meant you didn’t want a huge fuss but she wanted to do something
  • she ended up making a small cake for you the day before to wake up to the next morning
  • and she turned off your alarm she had worked through enough birthdays and you deserved the day off
  • closed the bakery early to spend more time with you
  • you couldn’t believe she remembered! you didn’t think you could love her any more but you were wrong
  • spent the rest of the day cuddling under blankets watching whatever you wanted to watch Zen’s musicals were definitely part of it tho


  • you had pointedly not told him bc you knew it would be over the top and you felt guilty
  • the boy already buys you basically anything you show the slightest interest in
  • you breathed in the direction of a designer toilet seat once and it took like three hours to convince him it wasn’t a hint that you wanted it does anyone need something like that jfc
  • but he found out on the day of, when you got a call from your parents singing Happy Birthday to you
  • you were embarrassed
    • “I didn’t want to make a big deal about it…”
  • too late, he had already picked up his phone
    • “Jaehee, cancel all my plans for the day. It is MC’s birthday.”
  • bc it’s Jaehee, she foresaw this outcome and had not scheduled him anything today anyway
  • he made you strawberry pancakes and served them to you in bed
  • had the chef make your favorite meals the rest of the day
  • bc he couldn’t resist, he bought you a new dress and jewelry to match but otherwise did a good job respecting that you didn’t want it to be a spectacle


  • he knew of course, he’d known since day one
  • but you didn’t know he knew
  • which means his surprise party would be extra surprising he only hoped you liked that kind of thing
  • sent you on a scavenger hunt while he got everything ready, your party was totally space-themed
  • by then, you realized he knew
  • but you thought the scavenger hunt was it
  • so when it led you to his house, you were just expecting him with a goofy grin and honey buddha chips or something
  • then the door sang Happy Birthday to you which you loved
  • when you came in and all of RFA yelled “Surprise!” you almost cried
    • “I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was expecting anything so I didn’t tell anyone…thank you so much.” you felt so special
  • lots and lots of kisses and cuddles and making everyone tell you two to get a room


  • you were cooking lunch when you finally said something out of necessity
    • “Oh, my parents are insisting on taking me out to dinner for my birthday tonight…I’d love it if you came, too.”
  • you heard him set his pipe on the table and you turned around
  • he was silent for a moment
    • “…It’s your birthday?”
  • he looks hurt oh no this is not what you wanted
  • you had started to ramble, wanting him to understand
    • “Oh, I didn’t tell anyone! It’s honestly…just another day for me. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”
  • he made his way to the kitchen and placed a kiss on your cheek
  • felt around for your hands and laced his fingers through them
    • “Of course I’ll go to dinner with you. But can I make the day at least a little special for you?”
  • how can you say no to that
  • so you two dressed up and took lots of pictures together and he takes lots of you
  • they turned out amazing even with his limited vision


  • woke up w/ a groan and Saeyoung standing over him
    • “So what are you gonna do for MC for her birthday?”
  • what
  • was he supposed to know it was your birthday?
  • is that a thing he’s supposed to do? shit
  • deadpan stare, Saeyoung was almost sure he was gonna get punched
    • “…got any ideas?”
    • “Oh! Oh! Tons!”
  • he turned them all down
  • in the end he went with something pretty simple
  • surprised you with ice cream and your favorite cookies
  • and promised to do whatever you wanted all day pls don’t abuse it
  • you were super touched and looked at him with surprise
    • “But…how did you know? I didn’t tell anyone.”
  • you both ended up glaring at a snickering Saeyoung
  • while you were both secretly grateful bc it was a really nice day 
How It Really Happened
  • <b> <b></b> Ensemble:</b> HISTORY HAS ITS EYES ON YOOOUUUU!<p><b>Ham, shoving John behind a curtain:</b> Oh okay cool cool hi history hello nothing to hide here hey look a spider<p><p>
The Glitched System review
( markiplier / darkiplier )
The Glitched System review

Mark: “Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier and I’ve just found this… unusual network of a sort on Tumblr called “The Glitched System.”

Now, I’m sure all of you are probably wondering to yourselves, “What the hell? What’s Markiplier doing here? What’s going on?” Well, I’ll let you in on the details soon. For now, I’m delving in to this seemingly spoopy askblog, which I’ve heard has gotten a huge following after a month since it was created. Seems like a bunch of questions get answered in the form of audio posts, with some quick ones done in text. Let’s see…

Ooh… Ooh, there seems to be a– a certain headcanon built up for Antisepticeye. I mean, I knew he was a monster with all the glitches and everything, but good God, he’s menacing! What’s with all the growling? Is he part werewolf or something…?

Hey, look, Warfstache is in this– Ohh… He hasn’t been around for a long while… Oh, well. Moving on!

Ha, Googleplier is here, too! Never heard of this “Bingsepticeye” character, though. Who’s crazy idea was that? Certainly not mine, I can tell you that!

What the– Felix? The hell is he doing here? I didn’t know he was answering questions on this blog as well! The more you know, I guess.

And speaking of which, Cry is in this as well! Man… His voice has a way of making you literally calm down after a hard day’s work, doesn’t it?

I like the little warp and radio effects they’ve got going on with Virus!Cry. That’s something we don’t see everyday.

Well, I think I can safely say that I’ve looked through enough material on this askblog to provide some valuable feedback on it. The Glitched System looks absolutely fantastic. I like the idea of having all of these YouTube community characters being voiced by other people and providing information about their own takes on the characters they… speak on behalf of, for lack of a better phrase. This is really unique. Kinda makes you feel a little uncomfortable with the creepy music going on auto-play when you visit the page, but I think that’s to be expected when you’re visiting the askblog on your browser.

Well, that’s all I have to say about this blog, The Glitched System. I hope you guys enjoyed my little critique, so thank you guys for listening. And as always, I wil see YOU–”

Dark: “Aren’t you forgetting someone in particular?”

Mark: “…Uhhhhhhhh… April Fools~”

(Dark snaps Mark’s neck and lets him fall to the ground.)

Dark: (chuckles) “April Fools, indeed….”

From all of us among The Glitched System… April Fools, everyone!

Reasons why I think people ship Syndisparklez part 2:

Part 1 here

1. Reactions to the first kiss:

- Jordan’s reaction included noises that sound like he didn’t think he’d like it and then it was surprisingly pleasing (at 15:05, the link already has the time built in): https://youtu.be/4MooEz_scbU?t=15m5s

Also here’s the excerpt: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/141797412040/were-you-sober-when-you-kissed-tom

Another important thing is that Jordan said he wasn’t drunk, which made us realize that it was a lot more consensual then we thought in the first place (yes, there were posts talking about how the whole thing was problematic and people wrote fics about how Jordan was so drunk he couldn’t even stand up. So knowing he was fairly sober made me and a lot of people feel much better about the whole situation). Also Tom said he didn’t have a hangover, which made us believe he wasn’t really drunk either (https://youtu.be/B4Dm6pqd5Kc?t=3m46s - at 3:46).

- Tom’s reaction was that he really liked it: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/142711271111/did-i-enjoy-kissing-jordan

2. New York:

- Unfortunately those who missed the livestream probably won’t ever see all the Syndisparklez moments that happened that night. The audio was terrible (I mean seriously, the organizers of the event were really unprofessional) so Jordan decided not to upload his stream even though he had better audio than Tom. 

Tom did upload his: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MqO_NHAN4c (there’s also a part 1 that’s only 24 minutes long cause his stream crashed, I don’t remember if there are Syndisparklez moments in there, you’re welcome to check), but just beware of really bad audio quality, you can barely hear him and Jordan even less. The bummer is that on Jordan’s stream you could hear both of them but he didn’t upload it. If anyone recorded the stream that night, could you please let us know?

- But there’s one screenshot I took at the end (which isn’t on Tom’s stream but was on Jordan’s) where Tom couldn’t hold back any longer and tickled Jordan’s shoulder:

Screenshots of the tickle that smorescake took (at least I think so; it was posted on their blog): http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/143027807783/smorescake-i-dont-know-what-to-say

- Tom’s vlog of the day they spent together at New York is full of Syndisparklez stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZexIlKh5RZs&t=382s

Video highlights of the vlog:

Look at his pants, they’re ridiculous: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/143069785835/look-at-his-pants-theyre-ridiculous

This is the most romantic walk to the toilet: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/143069962394/this-is-the-most-romantic-walk-to-the-toilet

Other highlights: 

  •  I love you to pieces:
    Tom: Jordan listen, listen, listen alright? I love you to pieces…
    Jordan: By the way…
    Tom: No green shorts, but… *zooms in on Jordan’s ‘shoes’*
    Jordan: What are thoooose?
    Tom: *What* *are* those*? I’m not even doing the ‘what are those’. I’m genuinely asking. Are they loafers?
    Jordan: I don’t know what you call them.
    Tom: Loafers. You’re a loaf of bread.
  • Tom searching desperately for Jordan cause he loses sight of him for a second.
  • Tom zooming in way too close on Jordan’s face quite a few times.

3. Conventions in June 2016:

- Tom texted Jordan while drunk asking him to loan his house for a party (2:27): https://youtu.be/V7YsgJKkT1Y?t=2m27s

  • Tom: Hey, if I did ever do it I’d give you buttery nipples all night long.
    Jordan: Mmmmm, oh that’s…
    Tom: In a sexual term.
    Jordan: That’s more tempting.

- He asked Jordan to give him a return kiss and looked really bummed out when Jordan backed out and walked away (6:14): https://youtu.be/xuuvBLRwg6Q?t=6m14s

Excerpt instead of whole video: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/146461823225/do-i-get-a-kiss-now-you-gotta-return-the-favour

  • Tom: sneaks up behind Jordan with his phone recording so Jordan sees the phone right in front of his face before he sees Tom
    Jordan: Oh! Hi!
    Tom: laughs
    Jordan: That was abrupt.
    Tom: Do I get a kiss now? turns his cheek to Jordan You gotta return the favor. taps his cheek
    Jordan: stares at the camera awkwardly
    Tom: Jor… looking dejected
    Person behind camera: Ooh, ooh…
    Jordan: opens mouth as if to say something, still looking really awkward, then closes his mouth and backs right out of the frame and walks away
    Tom: walks forward looking really sad

4. Pokemon GO:

- Highlights from the Pokemon GO adventures that Jordan and Tom had with their friends:


Tom comes back to Los Angeles and Jordan stars in two of his vlogs. In them they both act like boyfriends.

Highlights from the first video (https://youtu.be/Ri59_jeVwNo):

  • Tom: (sees Mclaren) Oh my gosh Jordan you fucking sexual man!
    Tom: Can I have your baby?
    Jordan: Um if you want…
    Tom: Can I have your baby?
    Jordan: I know a lot of…
    Tom: Dude we’ve already been shipped. We’ve already been shipped!
    Jordan: A lot of people on tumblr would love that.
    Tom: Yeah, can we have babies then? (Jordan: ye, yeah) Can I have your babies (Jordan: yeah) and can this (points at Mclaren) be my, be my present to be your husband? (Jordan grins and nods: yeah)
    Miniladd: Can I be in the background to make weird faces again?
    Tom: God you shit! (I think? I didn’t hear it well)

    (conversation copied from my post on my main blog: https://ineharnia.tumblr.com/post/156368985946/from-toms-video-happy-birthday-surprise)

  • They act soft around each other.
  • Jordan grinning when Tom points the camera at him and then laughing in happiness at the grin: https://ineharnia.tumblr.com/post/156550993956/this-is-my-first-gif
  • Tom has visible hickeys at the end of the video:

Highlights from the second video (https://youtu.be/36U_dqRgQj0?t=9m49s - 9:49, before that he goes iceskating with other people):

Bonus stuff:

- Twitter since December:

‘Get a cleaner side shave and I’d fuck you (no homo)’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/809852523481706497

‘You look like Dwayne Johnson’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/810164150294970368

‘I’d love to skeet with you’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/816402931666731008

‘Will gladly compare dick sizes’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/819390353547534337

‘Thanks bae’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/821625510493061121

‘Date night *smirk*’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/823792024159600640

*kisses pp better* - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/829502423945277440

pp kissing ship support - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/829549890736762880

‘Will you be my valentine?’ - https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez/status/831562841639444480

- Tom feeling Jordan’s abs: http://communitymc.tumblr.com/post/139819733580/tom-feeling-jordans-abs-enough-said

- Tom kissing other men (plus being extremely flirty and making gay jokes - not the homophobic kind - throughout the videos):



Also here’s a playlist I made of all the Syndisparklez vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLefkFsq32NceWkxW_efhhyzOHcemOU1nd

The last few days I have just been gobbling up AUs where Izuku doesn’t get the chance to become a hero, so he becomes a villain, or a vigilante, because despite the odds against him, he still cares enough to fight.

So now I’m just ready to see an AU where Izuku stops caring.  

He’s just snuffed out, and he accepts that heroism isn’t something a quirkless person like him can do, and he’d worry his mother too much if he tried.  That day when he meets All Might for the first time he doesn’t accidentally latch on to him and he just watches All Might fly away just grateful to still be alive. Then he goes home.  (And All Might saves Bakugou later, he didn’t need Izuku there)

Izuku goes to the local high school, takes an academic stream for something boring like accounting , gets a job as a book-keeper at a local store, something simple, not in the least bit heroic.

 It suits him just fine because he’s good at the numbers, and nothing and no one really bothers him. Because he’s just a quirkless everyman who no one notices. (And not really someone worth noticing)

Just an AU where Izuku resigns himself to being useless. 

But maybe he doesn’t stop caring entirely?

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Teach Me to Hope (Like I Scarcely Dared Before)

*click through to read on ao3

written by @goldenheadfreckledheart​ | Lexi

prompt: ‘Subtlety is clearly not your forte, asshole.’

word count: 2872

Raven Reyes posted a picture and tagged Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin.

Caption: “My favorite lovebirds.”

Private Message:


       Subtlety is clearly not your forte, asshole.


       I have no idea what you’re talking about.

       actually I do

       and you’re welcome.



       Stop trying to make things weird

       It’s not going to work.


       Honestly the fact that you think my goal is to ‘make things weird’ proves            how oblivious you are.

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Jeongcheol parents AU

Seungcheol: *takes Jihoon to the park*

Seungcheol: *looks down for 0.002 seconds* *looks up* lol where’s Jihoon

Seungcheol: ,,,,,w h e r e i s j i h o o n

Seungcheol: *after hours of looking* oH SHIT JIHOON *picks kid up*

Yoongi: what are you-

Seungcheol: hush Jihoon, your dad’s waiting for us at home


Seungcheol: Lol hey Jeonghan, Jihoon and I are back!

Jeonghan:,,,,,,this is not my child

Seungcheol: wut

Yoongi: Can I go hom-

cefli  asked:

hey dude, so like i finished hs like a month or so ago, after reading it for like three months, and ive been looking at meta. and i like what you have, but its stuff that just been built upon so many times its like starting to read the third book of a series to start with, so basically my request if youd be willing is like where do i even go to start reading on meta?

Oh jeez, well first of all welcome and I’m glad you’re here with us B) Now– that is a good question!


I guess my biggest recommendation for the moment would be Tex Talks, who’s series on Homestuck is fascinating if still ongoing. All four of these videos were absolute game changers in understanding the story, and the project is ongoing but much more friendly to newcomers than my endgame meta on tumblr for sure.


At which point, I have to switch into shilling a little. Rambling about Dirkjake and meta on tumblr is actually a side project to me, and most of the meta I wrote over the last couple weeks was sorta just a small detour I was taking to rebuild my Tumblr platform somewhat. My MAIN project is Homestuck, Explained, a video series where I’m aiming to explain Homestuck to newcomers plot element by plot element, making sure each part of the story is given the thematic grounding and weight it deserves to keep each video saying something fresh and interesting.

I’m back to video editing on that now but I won’t be able to answer everything just yet. Still, people have found it helpful in understanding the early plot elements and a really nice explanatory community has sprung up around it.

The next two recs kinda depend on what you want to learn about with regards to Homestuck.

@sam-keeper hasn’t done much classpect stuff but her work takes a completely fresh and fascinating view of the canon. She woke me up to Homestuck’s gnostic influences and their deep implications, wrote about Homestuck’s history as a part of and effect on hypercomics as a medium, and her books on Homestuck’s ending themes and medium play (”A bodyless and timeless persona” and “A horizon of jostling curiosities” respectively) are nothing short of transcendent. She doesn’t tend to rely on Classpects stuff at all so her work pretty much stands on it’s own I think.




If what you ARE interested in is Classpect stuff then Tex Talks is great, but another good place to get your foundations is probably Bladekindeyewear, too.

Disclaimer though: Inversion theory was jossed by WP to my memory, and even if it wasn’t I don’t really buy into it the way @bladekindeyewear  posits it. Any time you read about a Seer becoming a Witch or something you should probably take it with a grain of salt, in my view. I also think he’s completely wrong about Knights/Pages, who he describes as the Active/Passive ‘Exploit’ Class. I think there’s much more canon backing for the idea that they are the Passive/Active ‘Serve’ class. 

That said I fucking ADORE BKEW’s post on the Blood/Breath Aspect dichotomy, and he did some fantastic work on pinning down the Aspect Dichotomies in general. The physical symbols for each Aspect he points out in particular are absolutely stellar. His post on the Ultimate Riddle and “Do as you Wilt” were also great for understanding the story on a thematic level. 

Anyway here’s his links:




If I were to suggest you start anywhere I’d say probably the Tex Talks videos if only because they’re like been lovingly spoonfed mindfucks and you don’t even have to read. They’re all great though.

Those are the three people who pretty much laid the foundation for my own approach to Homestuck from a mechanical understanding standpoint (i’d also credit @what-the-fuck-is-homestuck‘s character analysis from, you know, a character analysis standpoint as being foundational to me.) So those are my BIG RECS.

But if you’re really interested and want even MORE…

I haven’t been able to keep up with every single Homestuck theorist out there, so I don’t know how useful they all are in understanding the canon, but @theworstpersonintheworld gave me the ‘Serve’ verb and I think he’s got some really good ideas, and while I haven’t read through all of @dahniwitchoflight ‘s writing I have found her writing on Denizens pretty interesting and compelling and her writing on Aspects and dualities seems pretty good and solid, too. And @blindrapture wrote some great stuff on Caliborn predicting the ending of Homestuck–and seemingly the audience’s reaction to it as well. 

There’s also @analytic-chaoticism and @wakraya (who wrote a gr8 piece on Act 7) who seem to be the biggest names I’ve seen hazarding theories about Hiveswap, if you’re into that. I’m probably missing people because this is a big umbrella because Homestuck is fascinating and massive and we’ll never be done digging. 

Sorry I made this so long btw.


Fall Out Boy Challenge - song that makes you cry: What A Catch, Donnie

You know when you’ve had that friend who just think’s they’re a loser, and you know they’re not a loser? And you just kinda want to be like, “Hey idiot.” Yeah this song’s about that guy.

        - Pete Wentz (on Patrick Stump)

Badass? Or Sweetheart? (Andy Biersack Imagine)


All week seemed like there was something up with Andy. We would walk down the street and his chest would be forced out, his back straight, and his beautiful blues eye almost always had a glare in them. It was strange, never have I ever seen him act that way. Yesterday, he posted a selfie on Instagram of him looking all bad ass, which I’m not gonna lie was very sexy, but it was so strange. But the weird thing is I’m not the only one who’s noticed him acting this way. Ashley texted me earlier today.  

Ash: Hey Y/N, I’ve got a question for you

Y/N: Yeah?

Ash: What’s going on with Andy? He’s acting different? Like he’s trying to be tough and a badass, which don’t get me wrong isn’t bad, but it’s just strange.

Y/N: I was just wondering the same thing Ash. Idk what’s gotten into him, it’s like he woke up and just decided to act like that.

Ash: Oh, okay. Well if you can figure it out, like us know. 'Cause know it’s freaking out Jake, Jinxx and CC a little bit.

Y/N: okay I will. Talk to you later Ash

Ash: K Y/N

After that conversation with Ashley, I went to look for Andy. He was in the living room watching what looked like some action movie.

“Andy? Babe?”

He looked over at me and raised an eyebrow.


“Can I ask you something, without you getting mad?”

“Sure?” Andy said unsure of why I asked if I could ask him a question.

“I love you, I want you to know that. Also I’m only asking this because I’m just confused and so are the guys. What’s going on with you?”

“What do you mean Y/N?” he said with a slight annoyance in his voice.

“I mean, like why are you acting a like a badass? What made you want to start being tough? I mean, you are already a tough guy and everything, but what made you start wanting act like you, I don’t know, like you’re the shit? You know what I mean?”

“I don’t know what you mean. But if you’re talking about me acting like I just don’t give a flying fuck anymore, or how I’ve been carrying myself, it’s honestly just how I’ve been waking up and the mood I’ve been in. Does it bother you? Or scare you?”

“No, I guess not. I mean it is kind of sexy, but it’s also kind of creepy, because you're acting like it when we are alone, and I guess it’s just that I’m used to you acting all sweet and caring. But I mean, I don’t know, I’m just a little confused.”

“Well Y/N, all you need to worry about is the fact that I love you and I’m not trying to scare you. Okay?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Now I was more confused than ever about how he has been acting. I guess we’ll just have to play it out and see if he ever goes to back to the sweet and caring Andy that we were all used too.

~~Three Days later~~

I had just gotten home from work. Walking into the house, it was quiet, too quiet actually. Normally Andy would have been blasting KISS or some other rock band through the stereo, or watching TV with the surround sound on. 

“Andy? Hun, I’m home.” I called down the hallway

“Andy?” I said walking into our bedroom.

I enter the doorway and see Andy sitting criss-cross on the floor, with Crow in the middle of his legs, petting and kissing the top of his head. I quickly get out my phone and took a picture of them. I smile, while I post the picture to Instagram and Twitter. I added the comment “Badass? Sure. But in reality he’s nothing but a big loveable guy with a big heart. I love you babe :*” 

I put my phone back into my pocket and spoke up.

“Um, excuse me. I would like some kisses and hugs too, Andy.” I say, smirking at him. 

He looks up at me, and smiled. 

“Crow buddy, get up.” Once he says that, Crow gets off of his lap and walks out the door.

“Come here Y/N.” he says, grabbing my hand and pulling me over to him.

“Is my Andy back?” I asked. 

“I’ve always been here babe.” he replies, looking down at me. 

“That’s not what I mean. What I mean is the ‘badass’ Andy gone for now?” 

“For now.” He says laughing

“Good.” I say, I start to smirk and push him to where the back of his legs brush against the foot of our bed.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing.” With that I push him on to the bed, where we cuddle, share a few kisses, and just lay there whispering sweet things to each other.

me @ myself: Aww man I need to work on this HuntetxHunter Big Bang!

my brain: Cool. Open the document.

me @ myself: the.. the.. d-document?

my brain: Yup. To start writing, you need to open the document. It’s on Google. Type in Google.

me @ myself: It’s.. It’s uhhhhh… Fuck. Uhhhh. Right, but I think I’m hungry? Or also–hey look at this cute post on tumblr. Oh man, yeah, good stuff.


me @ myself: fuckkkinnnnnn uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??!?!??!

makoman295  asked:

Oh my gosh I've been looking everywhere for that Paper Mario Font that you used for you 1000 followers post. May I ask what it is or where you got it?

funny, it’s actually not the usual Paper Mario font…or at least for dialogue! For in-game text, the font to go with is called Hey Gorgeous. I got it a while ago, though, but I’d imagine it’s still floating around somewhere on the interwebs…

as for the other font, that one there’s New Super Mario Font U. It’s the standard font used for most Mario titles and in-game since Super Mario 3D Land.

hope this helps!

Dancing isn't my thing. \\ Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by umma-jr

Characters: Yugyeom x Reader (Y/N) 

Genre: Fluffy clouds & Angst 

Summary: Dancing is something you believe you really need to work on. Your hard work has really come with great rewards. 

Enjoy this cute little story I thought out of my head! 

You’ve been a trainee at JYP for the past year and a half and you were randomly told that your team was planned to debut in less than 6 months. Shocked but excited, all the feels were out and you felt ready to face this challenge…..

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Mother/Gay Daughter

GD: “Hey mom, look at this picture I took with my classmates!”
M: “These guys seem cute, do you like them?”

GD: “Wait a sec, I’m typing a text to [guy]”
M: “How do you know him? Do you like him? Is he into you? Are you dating?”

GD: “Yeah, Harry Shum jr is pretty”
M: “Is he your celebrity crush?”

GD: “Oh my God!!!! This actress is soooo beautiful!!! I love her soooo much!!”
M: “I love her male counterpart”

M: “My friend Massi just posted pictures of Ibiza, he’s so lucky to be there…”
GD: *uninterested*
M: “… with his boyfriend!”
GD: *100% more interested*

M: “Yesterday I saw two girls with dyed hair in an undercut and flannel shirts tied around their waists, you would’ve loved them!”
GD: “Mom, they were lesbians”

M: “Why do you never dress femininely?”
GD: “Lemme tell you a couple of things about butch culture”


He’d been working on the new player model for a while. He had been running the risk of copyright infringement, especially considering the money he was making off of a GTA based outfit. So the new mask was a must, and the fans seemed to have taken a liking to it.

When he was presented with the actual mask, he couldn’t keep the grin off of his face and was excited to share it. His brand was really starting to take off, and he knew that his fans would get a kick out of the fact that he could look like his in-game character in real life.

Within minutes of the picture being posted, he had hundreds of retweets, and even more likes. His phone was blowing up with text messages from his friends, and he was laughing so hard that the vision in his mask had started to blur enough to cause him to pull it off to regain his sight, and breath. 

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