oh hey look I made a gifset

hongsjisoo  asked:

OH, I KNOW! How did you get so into Coups? What made you "fall in love" with him? ♡

i’m sorry for answering this late but i literally had no idea how to respond… like i know how it happened but idk what to say lol believe it or not but i fell in love with him while making a gifset of scoups?? i was like “hey it would be cool to make a gifset of him, let’s look up some fancams and things” and i was watching his personal fancams and i paid attention to him a lot so i could catch the best moments and that’s when i finally started liking him? it’s not like i didn’t like him earlier, i just didn’t look at him that way and one day i was like “yo i think he’s hitting my heart way too hard like OMG i like him a lot” and i started saving his pictures and i even put him as my home screen and started fawning over him and– and it just happened like that, i admitted he’s my bias after a while of crying over my previous biases and a while later i told everyone he’s my ultimate bias and idk how did that happen… i just fell in love with him completely, maybe because of his beautiful eyes, stunning face or maybe just the fact he has such a great personality? or is an awesome leader? who knows? i love the whole him, perfect or imperfect, i don’t care

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