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headcanon time! so @deohsogay and i were talking and as we all know, vasquez is a giant fucking lesbian and has been out and proud since she was in high school probably and long story short, her gaydar is off the charts

so OBVIOUSLY she has alex figured out from the moment she steps into the deo. and at first she’s not sure if alex is just lowkey and private but then she realises wow alex does not know that she is in fact a giant lesbian

and this amuses vasquez to no end because alex is the gayest gay to ever gay in the history of gay, and she has absolutely no idea. and after a while it gets to vasquez and she cant hold it in anymore so their conversations go a little like this

‘vasquez i got a new motorbike!’
‘i said yay! how exciting!’

‘vasquez i went to the movies last night and saw this one with kristen stewart in it she’s so cool i really like her’
‘what was that?’
‘thespian! you love actors!’

and when maggie shows up on the scene, you bet your ass vasquez hears all about the stupid, short, dimpled cop with shiny eyes who annoys the shit out of alex and vasquez is like oh my god she has a crush is this what it feels like to be proud of your children and she watches closely at the way alex smiles when maggie is around and she sees the way maggie looks at alex and she’s like ‘i give them three months and theyll be engaged’

‘it’s okay, vasquez i dont need back up, maggie’s coming with me’
‘you are so gay’
‘excuse me?’
‘you sure youre okay?’

ANYWAY so after this back and forth for years, FINALLY alex approaches vasquez one day and is like ‘hey susan did you know that maggie and i are dating and also i am gay’

and vasquez goes OH THANK GOD! and she pulls out this huge fucking scrapbook and it’s called DEOh So Gay: The Gaygent Danvers Story by susan vasquez and it’s literally a scrapbook made up of sneaky photos she took of alex’s gayest outfits and also written down documentation of every time alex said or did something gay and alex is blushing and also laughing because she’s so happy she’s come so far and vasquez is a good friend and also maggie loves it and it sits on their coffee table for the rest of their lives


Ghostbusters! (x)

ch. 1

Bad Habits || Jaebum

Originally posted by jjaenyoung


Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1398

Warnings: none :)

note: i re-wrote this chapter i think 12321 times and idk if i’m completely satisfied with it BUT HERE IT IS! THE FIRST CHAPTER OF MAFIA!JB. hope you guys enjoy it and yeah…. happy reading and take care! -admin

Nighttime had always been the time when the demons came out to play; to bring out the worst in some people.Others may describe the night as downtown being lit up by the neon colors of the clubs and bars, shining on the rain-kissed sidewalks. However, in the night, I could be anybody and no-one would care who I really was.

My heels clicked on the sidewalk as I pulled my jacket closer to my body. As I passed by people, I observed their cheerful behavior and smiled. It reminded me of home of when I used to hang around my friends, laughing my head off like how these people were. However, moving to Korea alone was the result of my smile fading away. I wish I had friends here who I could go out with at night to bond over a drinks or share stories of our past. But all of them were at home and I was alone.

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Okay so @xxtorchxx did the thing, prompted by @bridgetteirish and @reginalovesemma. I’m just finishing what they started. M’lud.

Alex knows that a cupcake isn’t enough, not for Kara’s appetite or for the level of damage to her feelings. It had been tough to choke back revulsion long enough to pretend that the alien frat boy might be a viable option, but thankfully Kara had been talked off that ‘complicated’ subject pretty quickly. She’d all but chased Alex out of the door before midnight, unheard of for their late night gossip sessions.

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How can you stand there?

A whisper from me

Yet, somehow be so far away

In eyes once familiar how stranger I seem

With so many words left to say


word count: 1621

note: requested


He struggled to keep his eyes open as he lounged on the couch. His lanky legs were far too long for the small love seat he was on, so his feet stuck up on the armrest. When he managed to keep his eyes open he looked down to see his wife on the ground. Her arms extended outwards as the little human they created crawling towards her.

She had been trying to coax him to his feet for the past forty-five minutes and she hadn’t made much progress. He almost did it once, she thought, but Shawn thought he really was just trying to grab the toy off of their coffee table.

“Maybe you should take a break, love?” He asked.

“I really think he’s almost there,” She whined in response.

He let out a low chuckle and extended his arm to brush his fingers against her back. He gathered the rest of his energy to sit up from his comfortable, albeit cramped, position. He slid off of the couch and sat beside her.

When he looked up he saw his son take two small steps. His first two. He and his wife looked at each other and looked back to see him stumble backward and return to a crawl.

“You’re the worst,” She said, with a laugh. But he saw a little tear fall down her cheek. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her, pressing a kiss against her temple.


Shawn snuck quietly into the house. It was late in the afternoon and he couldn’t hear his wife anywhere. He crept through the living room and clutched a plastic bag against his chest as he peeked into the kitchen.

He moved further down the hallway, looking around every corner before he turned. Finally, he made it to his destination. The door to his son’s room was closed and he pressed an ear against it. He checked his watch and realized that his son was probably napping.

“Hey, I didn’t hear you come in,” He heard behind him.

He jumped slightly and didn’t turn, “Oh, I just got in and…”

“What are you holding?” She asked, her voice stern.

“Oh, um, this?” He said sheepishly, turning to face her, lifting up the bag in his hand, “It’s nothing really…”

She laughed, “Are you joking? I thought we agreed… no more toys.”

“I know, I know…” He said, rubbing his hand against the back of his neck, “It’s just I saw this one in the window and it looked so cool.”

“Lemme see,” She said, holding out her hand.

He handed the bag to her and she pulled the colorful box out. She read the back and when the corners of her lips turned slightly, he knew he was safe.

“Damn, this is cool,” She said, “But, no more.”

“Okay, okay,” He said, knowing full well that there would be more, “Can I wake him up, I want to show him.”

She laughed at him, nodding, before handing him the box and turning to walk down the hallway, “But, you can deal with him later when he’s overtired.”

He smiled and pushed open the door. He looked over the crib at his little son tucked away. He reached his hand over the railing and rubbed gently against the tufts of hair on his head. When his son opened his eyes and used his tiny fists to rub the sleep away Shawn was sure that he had never felt a fuller heart in his life.


He brushed her hair out of her face and she smiled at him gently. She was exhausted, and he knew that, but he swore she had never looked more beautiful. The newest addition to their growing family resting peacefully in her arms.

They heard a knock on the door and his son came running into the room, followed by his parents. His son jumped around excitedly, finally getting a chance to meet his baby sister. He bounced excitedly next to Shawn who took the opportunity to grab him.

Shawn heard that amazing little giggle and then silence. He looked down at his boy who stared in awe at the little baby wrapped up in his mothers’ arms.

He looked up at his dad expectantly. Shawn nodded his head and he placed him gently on the bed. Shawn watched as his son crawled gently up to his mom and little sister. She rubbed his hair out of his eyes as he leaned down to place a soft and sweet kiss on his baby sister’s forehead.

He looked up at his dad with a wide, and toothless, grin before looking back down. He rubbed his little hand against her forehead whispering, “Hi baby, I’m your big brother, and I’ll protect you forever.”

Shawn was sure that his heart had melted into a puddle.


His breath hitched as he was pulled from his slumber. He felt that little hand tugging at the sleeve of his shirt. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness of his room, he peered over the side of his bed.

There she was. Her stuffed bear in one hand, her little fingers clutching desperately to the soft cotton of his shirt, and little tears falling from her eyes. He shot up immediately, fearing the worse.

“What’s wrong, baby?” He said grabbing her and pulling her up against his chest.

“M-monsters,” She whispered into his ear.

Shawn relaxed back into his mattress at the sound of this. Monsters were definitely something he could handle. He gave her a gentle squeeze before wiping away the tears that wet her cheeks.

“C’mon,” He said, softly, “Let’s go get ‘em.”

He maneuvered gently out of bed, to avoid waking his exhausted wife and walked down the hallway. His feet creaking against the cold hardwood floors as he made their way to her room.

He felt her cling tighter to him as they arrived in front of her door. He turned the door knob and switched on the light as they walked into her room. He placed her little feet onto the ground and felt her arms wrap tightly around his leg.

He moved towards her bed and she let go of him, too afraid to take a step closer. He looked back at her before laying on his stomach. He stuck his arm under the bed and felt around for nothing.

“I don’t see anything,” He said to her, “But, I’ll tell you a secret.”

She nodded a little bit taking a few small steps towards him.

“Monster’s aren’t real.”

Her eyes widened as if she had just heard the most interesting news of her short life, but she shook her head slightly, “Are you sure?”

He nodded back at her, holding out his hand. She walked up to him and he picked her up, placing her gently in bed. He wrapped the blankets around her and kissed her forehead before turning to leave the room.

He had only taken a few steps before he heard that five letter word that made his heart melt, “Daddy?” She had whispered timidly.

He turned back to look at her, “What is it, love?”

“Will you stay with me…” She asked, “Just in case?”

He smiled at her and nodded, “Just this once.”

She moved over in her tiny bed and patted the mattress softly. He managed to put some of his lanky body on the mattress, he thought he must look like a giant. He did.

He wrapped his arms around her and he waited patiently to hear her breathing even out. What he hadn’t expected is that he would fall asleep too.

His wife woke up the next morning to an empty bed. She got up quickly and left the room to find her daughters door opened. She peered in to find her husband and her little girl fast asleep. She could hardly contain her laughter.


She came inside lugging several bags of groceries and when she opened the door it was quiet. She kicked off her shoes rather quickly and dropped the groceries on the ground. She called out her husband’s name and then for her son and daughter.

When no one answered she got nervous. That’s when she heard her name called out. She turned to see the closet door slightly ajar and her husband peeking out from behind it. He grabbed her hand and pulled her behind the door, shutting it gently.

“What are you doing?” She whispered to him

“Hide and seek,” He said nonchalantly. She loved this about him. He was the kind of dad to get down on his hands and knees and play with his kids. They were his world and she loved being reminded of it.

His arms wrapped around her waist and he pressed soft kisses against her neck and shoulder. They waited quietly together and then they heard the patter of little feet coming near them.

They were talking to each other, asking where on earth daddy could possibly be hiding because he was so tall. She almost giggled but felt his hand gently cover her mouth, knowing what would happen before it did.

Their little voices got nearer and nearer until she saw the door knob turning. Her kids screamed when they saw the two of them standing in their, so excited to have found both of their parents.

She and Shawn picked up their little ones and spun them around the room. The sounds of infectious giggles overtaking them all. This was the good stuff.

Relationship Goals- Cole Fluff

Request:  May i ask for a Cole imagine? where YN like Cole is a former disney child star,but she stepped out from the spotlight for some time for herself and reunited with Dylan and Cole in college where they started to date The fans LOVE them together( they’re couple goals) and when it’s revealed that she’ll play Sabrina Spellman on Riverdlae, even the cast (also fans) freak out. what do you think?

Warnings: Mild language, fluff.

Notes: btw, J.B. Moranville is the actual producer of the show and Lee (Toland Krieger) is one of the actual directors too :) The scene that she’s shooting is when Veronica and Cheryl have a sleepover, but instead of Veronica, it’s Sabrina (your character) 


My head was buried in a book, at the library of NYU. A tap on my shoulder disturbed me from my intense study. Probably another fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a fan comes up to me and asks for a photo or autograph, but it’s times like this -when I’m stressed for exams- when it’s not a good time to disturb me. I turn around though, and was faced by Dylan Sprouse - my best friend from when we were kids. Dylan, his twin Cole and I were the best of friends -inseparable even- when we were kids, because we were all childhood actors. We drifted apart due to life being thrown at us from all different directions. 

“Dylan! Oh my god! What are you doing here!”, I ask, leaping out of my seat and embracing him tightly. 

“Oh this and that”, he laughs. “Nah, Cole and I study here”

“Holy shit! How did I not know this”,I laugh. 

“Hey, sit with me at lunch? I’m over by the Washington Square Park”, Dylan smiled at me. I nod and agree. We said our goodbye’s and I went back to studying. 

– Lunch –

I made my way to the park area of the uni where Dylan said he’d be. As I got closer, I saw Dylan and a couple of his friends. 

“Ayee, look who finally showed up!”, Dylan laughed, getting up from his seat and embraced me.

“Cole, look who studies here too”


“Cole!”, I shrieked in excitement and embraced him in a tight him. I sat down in between Dylan and Cole and joined in on the conversation they were having with their friends.

– 5 years later –

Cole and I started dating a few months after we re-united at NYU. We announced it to the fans too; they absolutely love and support us, and we’ve been called “relationship goals” a lot. A Majority of our fans ships Cole and I.

Cole is currently working on a new tv show called ‘Riverdale’. The producer, J.B. Moranville, has asked if I would like to play the new character that’s being introduced named ‘Sabrina Spellman’. Of course, I agreed and have been filming for about two weeks. The whole cast and crew even call Cole and I “goals”. When we announced it to the fans, they went insane (in a good way of course). They came up of lots of theories about Jughead -Cole’s character -  and Sabrina getting together in the show, and most of them have even started shipping them.

“Oh, Y/n. Are you ready for the scene now?”, Lee, the director, asked. I nodded and placed myself on Cheryl’s bed and we shot the scene. 

“And cut!”, the director called out. “Take 15 everyone”. I got up and saw Cole and K.J messing around behind the cameras.

“Great job today, Y/n”, K.J smiles and high-fives me. I laugh and thank him.

“Do you get off early tonight?”, Cole asks me.

“Yeah I think so. Do you?”

“Yeah. Do you wanna do something?”, Cole asks. K.J laughs and smirks at us. I roll my eyes and reply;

“Nah, I’m too tired. Sleep is the only thing I want to do”

“Besides Cole of course”, K.J winks. I laugh and agree. 

“Sleep’s fine with me”, Cole says after laughing for a bit. 

After a few more hours, I get dressed into some sweatpants and one of Cole’s jumpers and wait for him to arrive back from set. I heard the door open after a few minutes of waiting.


“In here”, I call from the bedroom. Cole comes in within a matter of seconds and plops down on the bed, releasing a sigh of relief. 

“Relatable”. Cole laughs at my statement. 

“Let me go get changed and then we can cuddle”

“Sounds good to me”, I smile at him.

Alone Together [j.j.]

Request: ‘Time Waster 4 was soooo good!! can I request a Jughead x reader where she also has to look after herself and had a tough job and Jughead does everything to get her out of it?’ - @nooneshoney

Alright so I tried to stick to the idea, I really did. But I kinda switched it up, hope you don’t mind. :)


Fear. It is something that has always been around. It tends to curl up inside of you, bothering you until it consumes your thoughts and is the only thing you think of as you lay in bed trying to fall asleep.

(Y/N) (L/N) had plenty of fears. She had a fear of heights (’they’re dangerous!’ she’d always claim), she had a fear of spiders (’anything with more then 6 legs shouldn’t exist!’), and she even had a fear of losing all her friends.

But the thing that she feared most of all, was failure.


Growing up, (Y/N)’s parents would always tell her that she was meant for greatness. Or at least, she was up until the day her parents’ marriage started falling apart. All she remembered was a fight, a slap, and her mother leaving and vowing to never come back.

Left alone, her dad turned to alcohol and all of a sudden, the wealthy (L/N) family fell from grace. The (L/N)’s company was under (Y/N)’s mom’s name and apart from a monthly check for $500, they hadn’t heard from her since.

Having grown up wealthy, the split left (Y/N) very shaken. She no longer had everything handed to her on a silver platter, a full ride to an Ivy League university no longer guaranteed. Money was short, the check only barely covering the rent on the small apartment that (Y/N) and her father had moved into.

Her life was falling apart.


Six months after the split, one of (Y/N)’s worst fears came true: she was failing her precalculus class (A/N: idk if that is the usual math for sophomore year but that’s what I took). The pressure was getting to her.

Seeing as the monthly check was only paying the rent, (Y/N) had decided to take up an after school job at a small business in the south side of Riverdale. It was a hectic schedule and she was struggling a lot more than she’d like to admit, but she couldn’t let any of her friends find out about her situation. She didn’t want their pity.

It was a Monday morning when another one of her fears came true: she was losing her friends. It had started when she walked into the school only to find Jughead and Betty waiting for her by her locker.

“Hey guys. What’s up?” she had asked, squeezing in between them to get to her locker.

“We were wondering if…” Betty trailed off, nudging Jughead.

“…if you wanted to join the Blue & Gold,” Jughead finished, shooting Betty an annoyed look and stepping away from her.

“Sorry guys,” (Y/N) had smoothly replied. “I’m pretty busy after school these days.”

“Doing what?” Jughead had questioned. “You quit the River Vixens and last time I checked, you don’t have any other extracurriculars.”

(Y/N) froze slightly before composing herself and turning around. Jughead noticed her weird behavior.

“Yeah I have some extra credit work to do,” she smiled. “It’s gonna take me a while. Sorry.”

Betty leaned into Jughead as (Y/N) walked away. “Something’s up with her.”

Jughead nodded in agreement.


The rest of the week passed without incident and neither Betty nor Jughead asked (Y/N) about her weird behavior. Friday however, was a different story.

“Hey (Y/N),” Veronica said as she approached the (H/C) girl.

“Hey Ronnie!” she had smiled back.

“So it’s movie night tonight and it’s your turn to bring Pop’s,” Veronica wiggled her eyebrows.

(Y/N)’s smile faltered. “Oh Ronnie, I can’t go today.”

Archie, who had come up behind (Y/N) to surprise her, stopped in surprise.

“What?” he asked in disbelief. “(Y/N/N), you’ve never missed a movie night.”

The girl looked down at her shoes before shrugging, “Something came up Arch. I’m sorry.”

Veronica and Archie stood together as (Y/N) walked away. As she turned the corner, they were joined by Betty and Jughead.

“So what’s up with her?” Veronica asked, trying not to sound too concerned.

“You guys noticed it too?” replied Betty.

“How could we not?” exclaimed Archie. “She’s never acted this way before. I mean, missing out on movie night?”

“We have to find out what’s wrong,” Veronica said.

The three friends grew silent at Veronica’s words, thinking of a plan. All at once, they turned to Jughead, who was distractedly staring down the hallway where (Y/N) had disappeared from.

Feeling their stares, Jughead turned slowly.

“Oh no. I am not getting involved in your little plan.”

Betty, Veronica, and Archie all smiled at each other.


The smell of alcohol reached (Y/N)’s nostrils before she even opened the door to the apartment, only getting stronger when she managed to unlock it. She quietly made her way to her room, not wanting to wake up her father who was sleeping on the couch (he had quite the temper), and quickly changed into her work uniform.

“Where do you think you’re goin’?” the slurring made her father’s speech nearly unintelligible and (Y/N) felt her blood run cold at the sound of it.

“Work,” she muttered, turning around.

Her father stood before her, bottle of his favorite drink in hand. He leaned heavily against the wall and it didn’t take a genius to see that he was heavily inebriated.

“Why? You should be doing homework, not wasting time like the failure you are,” he stumbled forwards with every word, approaching her as though he was a lion and she, his prey.

(Y/N) felt the tears stinging her eyes but willed herself not to cry. “I have to go dad.”

She made her way out the door only to be stopped by a loud sound next to her. He had thrown his bottle at her. Flinching, she grabbed her bag and ran, ignoring the drunken slurs her father called out after her.


“Oh dear, what happened to you?” Gladys, (Y/N)’s boss, asked as she walked into work.

Chuckling, (Y/N) answered, “I work in the south side Gladys. Shit happens.”

Gladys flinched at her use of profanity but laughed lightly. “You really should be more careful (Y/N).”

(Y/N) swallowed heavily before looking away, feeling guilty for lying to someone as amazing as Gladys. Gladys gently ran her hand over (Y/N)’s collarbone, which was now marked with a bright, angry cut, courtesy of her father’s liquor bottle.

“What happened?” Gladys asked once more.

Maybe it was the stress of it all. Or the feeling of not being perfect anymore. Or maybe it was just the fact that Gladys was so damn kind that (Y/N) found her tears falling, sobbing when Gladys gathered her up in her arms. Gladys was the only one who knew about her situation. The only one who didn’t judge. They stayed like that for a while, pulling apart when they heard the bell jingle, indicating that someone has just walked in.

“C’mon he’s giving you another chance dad,” a boy’s voice called out.

“Gladys!” another voice called out.

“Dad just listen-”

“No! He fired me. I’m not going to crawl back to him- Oh hey Gladys.”

The bickering pair quieted down when Gladys and (Y/N) stepped into their view.

“FP! What brings you here?” Gladys asked, smile on her face.

(Y/N) stayed behind the counter. ‘FP? As in Jones? What’s he doing here?’ she thought to herself. He hadn’t come around in a long time. She surreptitiously glanced at his companion, gasping when she recognized Jughead. Quickly, ducking under the counter, she racked her brain for an excuse to leave early.

She could faintly hear FP and Gladys’s conversation, but she could clearly hear the footsteps wandering around the shop. She felt her eyes widen almost comically when Gladys called out for her.

“(Y/N/N) dear! I need your help!”

There was no avoiding this. Taking in a deep breath, (Y/N) carefully got up and made her way over to Gladys.

“Hey (Y/N/N),” FP grinned as he saw her. “Glad to see you’re still around.”

“Hey FP,” she replied.

“Oh (Y/N),” Gladys said. “FP finally brought his boy around. He’s your age.”

(Y/N) felt her stomach twist as FP called Jughead over. All her hard work was going to be lost in a matter of seconds.

“Hey Jug!” FP said loudly. “I wasn’t you to meet on of the best workers I’ve ever met.”

Jughead looked uninterested as he hummed, looking around the shop with curiosity.

“This,” FP continued, “Is little miss-”

“(Y/N)?” Jughead interrupted as his eyes landed on you. FP and Gladys looked at both of them in shock.

“Hey Jughead,” she weakly replied.


“So she was working in south side?” Betty asked skeptically. Jughead nodded.

“That’s nuts. Why would she be working there of all places?” Archie questioned.

Jughead breathed in deeply before looking around to see if anyone was close enough to overhear. “So apparently…”


Jughead told them everything. The way she had looked at him (like a deer caught in headlights), the cut on her collarbone (concerning everyone), her quick getaway (with tears running down her face), and most of all, all the information he got from Gladys (’Of course I’ll tell you. Maybe her friends can help her.’).

“Well Jug,” Archie said, breaking the silence. “Looks like you did go through with our plan after all.”

They all glared at Archie.


(Y/N) was having a good day. She hadn’t gone to school and he father was out doing god-knows-what. She had the apartment to herself. Or at least she did, until she heard a knock on the door.

Jughead felt horrible. What kind of friends had they all been? Not once had they noticed (Y/N)’s struggles, they were always too absorbed in their own problems. They all felt guilty but Jughead felt that he should be the one to talk to her, since he had found out first. Nervously, he breathed in and knocked on her apartment door.

It swung open to reveal a disheveled (Y/N), still in shorts and tank, with a messily placed Band-Aid upon her collarbone.

She glanced at him and proceeded to shut the door, only for Jughead to stop it with his foot and push his way inside. They stood face-to-face for a few minutes, studying each other cautiously.

“C’mon,” Jughead broke the silence, brushing his fingertips along her injury. “lets go get this cleaned up.”


(Y/N) sat nervously on her bed, trying to stay still as Jughead cleaned up her injury.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” he whispered. She looked away.

“You guys have so much to worry about with Jason’s murder and Archie’s things and Veronica’s dad-” she was cut off.

“But that’s not nearly as important as this,” Jughead continued. “You should’ve told us. We could’ve helped.”

“How?” (Y/N) asked. “You already live with Archie. Veronica and her mom are housing Polly and frankly, I don’t think the Coopers like me very much.”

Jughead stayed quiet, carefully applying a new Band-Aid after making sure that the cut wasn’t infected.

“You should’ve told us (Y/N/N),” he finally said.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” she waved off his words. “We had more important things to deal with Jug.”

Jughead felt his heart break at her words. “No we didn’t (Y/N). You are important. We care about you. You should’ve at least let us know.”

You are important.’ Jughead’s words replayed in (Y/N)’s head, bringing tears to her eyes. Jughead gathered her in his arms as she began crying softly.

“Thank you Jughead,” she whispered. “For everything.”

Jughead found himself admiring her strength. “Don’t keep things from us anymore. Please.”

She nodded. They sat in silence for a few minutes until Jughead noticed (Y/N) had fallen asleep.

“Good night,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to her head as he made sure she was comfortable in his arms.


When Archie, Betty, and Veronica arrived a few hours later, they were pleasantly surprised to see Jughead lying on (Y/N)’s bed, asleep, with the (H/C) girl curled up in his arms. Quickly snapping a few pictures (because ‘ohmygod how cute are they’) they decided to let them rest, setting up camp in the living room and waiting for them to wake up, vowing to never let any of their friends go through hard times alone ever again.


Yeaaaa, I didn’t know how to end this and it’s more of a core four x reader than just Juggie. I’M SORRY!

I hope it’s alright and that it met your expectations.

Also asks/requests are open and if you wanna be on the tag list just tell me :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


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shyjimins  asked:


a hint of magick

jikook | rating: t | request | 2.5k | ao3

Jimin wonders who thought it was a good idea to teach Taehyung how to make potions. Especially potions that messed with people’s emotions.

a/n: idk how this turned out because i don’t usually write fantasy au’s from scratch, but i hope you enjoy it!! :3

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Beautiful (M)

Request- Hi can I request a scenario where you came from the US and went to a fan meet in Korea but didn’t know how to speak Korean and when you get there everyone in the fan meet was surprised but namjoon just goes up to you and have a thoughtful conversation! Thanks. 

A/N- OMG! This is way later then I said it would be… I’m so so sorry, love. I hope you like it x  

This scenario contains mature and sexual themes. You have been warned! 

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You were finally in Korea. You had come such a long way from how to go to a fan meet. Some said you were crazy, wasting money, but why would that matter to them. It was your not there’s. You had always wanted to meet BTS. Their songs always spoke to you. They were so full of passion and meaning. Capturing your attention. So when the opportunity presented itself, you took it. 

Yeah, you didn’t know the language, or know anyone in Korea. But that meant nothing, You were here to see seven sexy as fuck men, and get there new light stick.. that vibrates. You were making your way to the venue, you left early so you could walk around the city, taking in its beauty. You dressed to impress for the occasion. 

Sitting in your appointed seat, you couldn’t understand anyone around you. No one being able to understand you either. You felt lonely, almost regret your decision. Until the seven men walked on stage. You were waiting for your turn to go up, quietly, as you couldn’t talk to anyone. You felt a little stupid for coming. You were only going to meet them for two minutes and that was it. 

It was finally your turn. Walking up to the first member, Jimin. Then V, Jungkook, Jin, Suga and J-hope. Each one of them had made an effort to talk to you, but it was mostly hand holding and smiles. Not that you minded though.. On to the last member, Rap Monster. 

“Hey, it’s so nice to meet you.” You say, looking up at him. He has a smirk on his face. 

“I was watching you today.” He states. 

“Oh, really?” You ask. Out of all the beautiful girls here today, why would he be watching you? 

“Yeah. Well, for starters..” He takes your hand in his, his thumb smoothing over the skin on your hand. “You’re probably the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. NO, sorry, the most beautiful. And you looked sad. A girl as pretty as you shouldn’t be sad.” You blush at his words. He’s leaning in closer to you. “You can’t speak Korean, right?” He asks. 

“No.” You managed to say. 

“That must be lonely. Are you here by yourself?” He asks, smiling down at you. You just nod your head. “Well, that’s good, cause that means your free tonight.” Namjoon lets go of your hand and takes your phone out of your other hand. He types something into and then you see his phone light up. 

“I spent your number to me and you have mine. We can meet up tonight, I have a day off tomorrow.” He winks at you. Your hearts racing. Namjoon touch was intoxicating. You didn’t feel this with any of the other members, just him. His gaze was filling you up with excitement and lust. It was a holiday after all and he could speak English. 

Namjoon leans down to whisper in your ear, “I’ll see you later, beautiful.” And with at you leave and head back to your hotel to freshen up for tonight. You felt like you were dreaming, or crazy. How was it possible that the Kim Namjoon, rap God want to hang out with you. And he called you beautiful, like what? 

It was eleven. You thought Namjoon wouldn’t want to come now. He just isn’t. You wonder why did he gave you his number. To be nice? But he could have just left it at Beautiful. Your getting ready for bed when your phone goes off. You jump over your suitcase to get your phone, on the bed side locker. A message, from my lover. Who the fuck was that? 

My lover- Hey baby, I’m sorry I took so long to text you, I was working. But if you give me your hotel name, I’ll be there in five ;) 

Your heart begins to race, Its Namjoon. 

You- Okay, (hotel name and all that jazz) 

My lover- See you soon :) 

You try to fix your self as much as you can. Rushing around your room to clean it. You were a mess on holidays. You hear a loud knock at your door, shit. You smooth down your hair and walk to the door. Taking in a deep breath and you open it. 

“Hey, baby.” Namjoon greets you. He’s wearing a black adidas track suit and a black cap on backwards. He was stunning, you swear you were dripping at the sight. He raises his hand up, holding a bag. “ I brought the best food in Seoul.” He smiles, showing you his adorable, yet sexy dimples. You smile and step a side letting him in. 

“Thank you.” You take the food from him, as he makes himself comfortable of the sofa. You sit a bit away from, nervous. Opening the food he had got for you. You both dig into the food and chat, about random things. 

“So.. back home, do you have a boyfriend?” Namjoon casually slips into the conversation. You both are laying on your bed recovering from your moutain of food. 

“No, I don’t.” You giggle, you look over to him and he’s smiling like a school boy. He looks back at you, his smile gone his face gone serious. 

“I’m glad.” You smirk. 

“And why would that be?” You ask. 

“Because if you did, I couldn’t do this.” Namjoon leans over and cups your face, smashing his lips onto yours. Your eyes flutter closed, staring to move your lips against his. Namjoon brings you closer so your straddling his hips. His hands are on your thighs, digging his fingers into the skin. Your hands are on his neck and in his hair. You pull away breathlessly. His forehead is on your, gazing into one another’s eyes. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Namjoon asks, his eyes full of lust and content. 

“Yes.” You whisper against his lips before reconnecting them. This kiss is passionate and full of new love. Namjoon was like a drug you didn’t want to let go of. How could someone you just met be so controlling of your body. He’s making you roll your hips onto his hardening bulge. Your grinding down on his, his hands are playing with them hem of your shirt. And it’s off. Namjoon moans. 

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful. Since I seen you walking through the park this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And then you were at the fan meet, it’s just my luck.” He flips you over, unbuttoning your shorts peeling your shorts from your body and throwing them away. Namjoon stops when he looks down at you. 

“You’re not wearing panties. Y/N, you’re not wearing panties.” Namjoon stares at your dripping heat. You sit up pressing your lips to his. 

“I know, now fuck me.” You are shocked at how bold you have gotten. Namjoon smirks and grabs your legs and pulls your heat to his face. He licks up and down your slit, kitten licking you. Your a moaning mess, with his skillful tongue in between your thighs. “Fuck, Namjoon!” You moan loudly. 

“That’s right, baby. Let the hotel now whop is making you scream.” He smirks at you. He starts to lick you again, putting two fingers into you at once, stretching you out. You moan louder. Just as your about to come he pulls away. 

“Hey! What are you doing?” You whine. Namjoon chuckles, taking his jumper off to show off his toned torso and then his pants. He wasn’t wearing boxers. “Namjoon, you’re not wearing panties.” You giggle, Namjoon jumps back on the bed beside you and pulls you on top of him. 

“Ahh, yeah this really sexy girl gave me a boner earlier and it was just to uncomfortable to wear any panties.” 

“Ahh, that happened to me. I met this really hot guy and He made me so wet, I couldn’t wear my panties, because I’d ruin them.” You smirk down at him. You reach behind and unclasp your bra. Setting your breasts free. Namjoon started to play with your hardening hips. He smiles. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He places a strand of hair behind your ear, he keeps his hand to your face, bringing you down to connect your lips. You ease yourself down on his shaft, both of your moaning. He sure is big, stretching you out. 

“Fuck, Namjoon you’re huge.” He smirks and starts to fuck up into you, making your place your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself. You start to bounce on his dick. Moaning so loud the whole hotel could probably hear the both of you. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight. God, you’re amazing.” Namjoon pants out before flipping you both over. He’s on top now, fucking into your hard and deep, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. He grabs your hands and licks them with his holding them above your head. He leans down and kisses up and down your collarbones and your neck, leaving purple and blue bites up and down your neck and chest. 

“This feels…. amazing.” Your eyes are rolling back in your head, arching into Namjoon. You could feel yourself beginning to cum. “N-Namjoon, I-I’m cumming.” Namjoon brings his mouth to yours. 

“Cum for me baby.” And you do, clenching around his hard member. He lets out a string of curses and empty’s his seed into you. He rides out both your highs, before collapsing on top of you. Both of you are panting and chest to chest, your erect nipples on Namjoon. He pulls out of you and cleans you up. He pulls the covers over the both of you and the pulls you into him. He kisses the top of your head. 

“That was the best sex I have ever had.” You giggle. 

“Me too, baby.” You look up at him, his eyes are sad. Hes tracing circles on your back with his fingers. “I don’t want you to go.” 

“I don’t want to go.” 

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I’ll always look after you - Jughead x Reader

Request: A Jughead x Reader where the reader gets drunk and Jughead looks after her

Word count: 1533

Warnings: drinking, divorce? and dead parent…

A/N: Hey guys! I’m catching up on requests then will start making Addicted part 4!!! Also I kind of trailed off the course sorry Anon :( I hope you like it anyway!

As you sat with your friends at your regular booth at Pop’s, your conversation was disturbed by a smiling Cheryl, you all turned your heads to her and she spoke enthusiastically, “Party at mine tonight, I expect you all to be there” She smiled while tilting her head and walking away.

“Well I guess our nights plans have been sorted for us” Archie said with a chuckle, “Are you all planning on going?” “Of course, Archiekins, who would miss a classic Cheryl Blossom party?” Veronica said, “Right Bets?” she turned to the blonde who just smiled and agreed, then the eyes were on you and Jughead, you raised your eyebrows and smiled, “Why of course I’ll be there”

The gang looked shocked, you hated parties almost as much as Jughead, but due to recent events, you decided that you’d try one out. Recent events being you had just realised that the feelings you had for Jughead weren’t just friendly, you liked him, hell you could even say you loved the boy. He had been your rock through everything, your parents divorce, your mum leaving the small town of Riverdale, your dad going off the rails and drinking all day and night, then his liver failure which lead to his death. He had always been there for you, but you were now scared that if you told him your feelings he would not return them and end your friendship, so basically, a night of drinking was in order.

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Stuck in the Middle (with who?)

A/N: Rewrite of episode 12.12. Stuck in the Middle (With You), with a twist.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: If you watched the episode, you’ll live.

Word count: 3.8k (Oops)

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5:20 PM

“Dean.” you tried to get your brother’s attention as the waitress was trying to take his order. Even with you shouting across the table from him, he still wasn’t listening.

He finally looked up, reading the waitress’ name tag before asking her, “Mandy, that short for Amanda?”

You chuckled a bit when she looked at him with the most I’m so done face and replied, “Duh.”

You looked back down at the menu, quickly trying to figure out what it was that you wanted to order, because even though you’d never admit it, you took longer than Dean. You zoned out for a moment as you looked over all of the diner’s breakfast items, before deciding on scrambled eggs with bacon, and a side of syrup. When you looked up at the waitress, she’d been looking to the right of you, directly at Castiel.

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34 for andreil?? (No rush of course 😊💖💖)

34. “The way you flirt is shameful.” (sorry this took two weeks ahhajkha)

“Can you hold this for me?”

Andrew stares contemptuously at Neil’s outstretched hand, annoyed but hardly surprised to find nothing in it. 

“Josten… that’s just your hand,” Andrew says, slowly as if to make it easier for Neil to understand.

“Astute observation.”

Andrew chooses to ignore the comment for Neil’s benefit.

“Are you asking me to hold your hand?” he says after a pregnant pause.

“And if I am?” Neil challenges, holding Andrew’s skeptical gaze. 

He never gets the chance to reply because, just then, Kevin bounds into their room, muttering about freshman shirking practice and Aaron’s lack of motivation. Andrew tries his best to ignore what just happened. 

The next day, it escalates. 

They’re on their way to the Court when Neil looks up from his phone, his attention snapping towards a recklessly driving Andrew. 

“Hey Andrew, are you words on a page?” Neil asks. 

“Why the fuc-” 

“Because you’re fine print.”

There’s approximately five seconds of silence out of pure shock before Nicky, in the backseat with Aaron, starts coughing violently in between fits of laughter. Aaron, for once, has nothing to say besides a resentful ‘let this car crash’ glare at no one in particular. 

“Jesus Christ, Neil, what the fuck!” Nicky chokes out, hand clutching his side as he gasps for air. Aaron continues to stare blankly into the abyss. 

But Neil is still watching Andrew for his reaction, none too surprised to find the absence of one. Andrew keeps his eyes on the road, not even sparing a glance at Neil to acknowledge him or his pick-up line. 

Yet, it continues. 

N: “Are you a magnet?”

A: “….”

N: “Because I’m attracted to you.”

Matt: “Neil, that only works for metal…”

N: “Are you google?”

A: “Neil.”

N: “Because you’re the answer to everything I need.”

Nicky: “Do you even know what google is?”

N: “…” [ nervous laughter ]

Until, two weeks after its began, Andrew breaks. 

Pressed against the locker room shower after yet another terrible (”Do you play exy?” “Sadly.” “Because you’re a keeper.”) pick-up line, Andrew finally gives up.

“Why. The. Fuck. Do. You. Keep. Saying. Those?”

“Saying what?” Neil replies with all the faux innocence of a man walking out of a brothel. 

“You know what I mean.”

“Do I?”

Andrew huffs uncharacteristically, hands still gripping the front of Neil’s t-shirt. Neil looks down at Andrew’s hands before grinning devilishly up at the goalkeeper. 

“Hey Andrew-”

“Oh no.”

“-wanna know what my shirt is made out of?”

Andrew all but jogs out of the locker room, but still hears the echo of ‘boyfriend material’ follow him onto the court. 

THE ELLEN SHOW: Chapter 17

The Ellen Show Master List

<< The Previous Chapter 

As my breathing faded out I could faintly hear the buzzing of a phone somewhere, but I ignored it because I was still panting from the pleasure Shawn’s fingers had just provided me.

“Jesus,” I swore breathlessly.

Shawn lips resting on the centre of my chest curled into a smile. Slowly he planted kisses up into my neck and on my jaw, he was inching close to my lips and I turned away with a smile. The past few minutes we had struggled immensely to not kiss on another, it was a greater challenge than expected. The back of Shawn’s neck must have been sore for every time I had the urge to kiss him I had grabbed into the softness of his neck.

“Please never wear lipstick like that again when I see you.” He smiled on my jawbone.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” I chuckled.

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Wrapped Around, pt. 2

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 8044 words

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Smut

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Part 1 | Part 2.5

A/N: Surprise! I can’t thank you all enough for the love that part 1 received! (I read all the tags on the reblogs and i just love you all ok) I hope you guys enjoy this part too (: My smut skills… it’s a work in progress so I hope you bear with me friends. 

You wake up to 15 messages from Solji, all of them in caps. Half of them is just her keyboard smashing out her frustration and the other half is her calling you a few choice words for lying to her. You laugh as you scroll through all of them and decide you would call her later to explain everything.

You sigh, as you take a hot shower to wash off the layer of grime that had settled on the surface of your skin from being in that sauna of a frat house. As you soap up your body, you shudder when you remember the way the man had pressed himself against you and you shake your head to rid yourself of the image that had imprinted itself deep in your mind.

First party of the semester and it was an experience to say the least… you wonder if it was a sign… or perhaps a punishment for failing your new semester resolution. After your shower, you decide to bury yourself under a pile of books to keep your mind from wandering again.

Despite the disaster that was the frat party you’re glad that at least one good thing had come out of it. You grab lunch with Taehyung as promised and you spend most of it throwing fries at each other rather than eating. The slight downside to meeting him is only that you realize you haven’t fully gotten over your slight crush on him. As long as you don’t sleep with him again you’ll be fine, you think.

“So tell me, what happened with Jessica? I thought you were in love,” You say the last part while clutching at your heart dramatically and Taehyung scowls at you.

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Just Friends - part 2

In the morning when I open my eyes, Jared’s arm and leg are flung across me, nearly suffocating me. I try to ease out of the bed but he tightens his grip around me, pulling me closer.  “You’re not going anywhere.” He mumbles, nuzzling his face against my shoulder.

I sigh and reach for his hand, intertwining my fingers with his.  “Are we really doing this?”

“Sleeping? Yes.  Shhh…” Jared mumbles.  “We’re not doing anything else, remember.  You made me promise last night.”

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prompt: “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”

for @marvelfangirl354 - thank you so much for all your support! and I’m so sorry about how ridiculously late this prompt is omfg it’s been weeks if not months D:

Ryan’s stomach churned nervously as he and Gavin walked down towards the beach. Out here away from the city, the night sky was filled with brilliant stars that lit their surroundings with a bluish glow, and the sea air was fresh and salty, sending an exhilarating thrill through him with every breath he took.

Beside him, Gavin stumbled. He’d tripped on a piece of driftwood as they stepped from the rocky stairs onto the sand. Ryan grabbed his arm and steadied him.

“Don’t wear sunglasses at night,” he chided. “You can’t see where you’re going.”

“But Ryan, lovely Ryan, we’re going to make a shady deal and these provide maximum shadiness,” Gavin chirped. He’d grabbed Ryan’s arm and was clinging to it. “Shit, sand’s hard to walk on.”

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Jack of Hearts (Chapter 1)

Fandom: Now You See Me

Imagine/Prompt/Chapter: Imagine meeting the Horsemen and liking Jack.

Warning: None

Word Count: 1670

(This is pretty lame, but I just had to get something out as chapter one. I have more ideas based off of this, so stay tuned! Its only chapter one!)

Ever since Jack Wilder faked his death and the other three Horsemen vanished into thin air, the four had laid low. Henely actually left the group, saying that she was going stir crazy living in hiding like they were. So, she moved to some remote country and restarted her life. After that, Dylan wanted to search for someone to replace her. Daniel insisted that they didn’t need anyone, that the group was fine how it was, but Dylan fought back and said that the group had to be complete.  And the only way to do that was to find a fourth Horseman.

The faux FBI agent, Dan, and Merritt spread out across the country in search of their next big thing. Merritt found you at a show in New York City. You had taken one of the stages with a death defying escape act that left even him impressed. He found you backstage and asked if you wanted to join a magician group called The Horsemen. You had given him a confused look and said you had no idea who the Horsemen were. This kind of ticked Merritt off, so he put you to sleep and took you off to the apartment.

“Merritt, what were you thinking?!” Dylan angrily snapped when Merritt got back to the apartment and Skyped the other two. “You kidnapped an escape artist! You’re an idiot! If she finds out about Jack, she could get out and expose us!”

“I know that you’re worried about that, but once she knows who we are, I’m sure that she will stick around. And I know your underlying problem with this. She’s an escape artist and your dad couldn’t escape his last trick. It hits a bad nerve in you. But dude, that was years ago. Let loose. We’ll be here once you’re home.” Merritt clicked the call closed and woke you up from your deep sleep on the couch. “Alright. How do you not know us kid? Everyone knows us.”

“The Horsemen?” You asked with a small chuckle. “I know all about you guys. I’ve studied your tricks. I just wanted to see what you would do if I said I didn’t. Looks like I got a free ride and an invite into the group.” You flashed him a bright smile and stood up to stretch.

“Hey hey hey, there is no official invitation until everyone else is here. Dylan is the leader of us all, Dan Atlas is after that. And neither of them are here. So just slow yourself down Fancy Pants.”

“Hey Merritt, when are-” You turned around, and there stood Jack Wilder. Oh wow….. He was even hotter in person.“Who’s this?”

“Y/N. Soon to be fourth Horseman.” You smiled and shook his hand. He smiled and shook your hand. “Nice to finally meet you. I’ve been wanting to meet you since the accident.”

“Wait, how did you know I made it out of the accident?” Jack asked, giving Merritt a ‘what the crap dude who is this?’ look. “I mean, before just now obviously.”

“I’m an escape artist. It wasn’t hard to figure out that you didn’t die.”

“Escape artist? I wouldn’t mind testing those skills.”

“Calm yourself down Jack of Hearts. I just got here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get a good look around this place.” You flounced off, leaving both the boys just standing there and watching you move about the apartment. It was nice. Two bedrooms, bath and a half, living room, nice kitchen. Hmmmm…. Staying with them might get interesting, but you could make it work. If nothing else, the couch was pretty comfortable. You could handle that. And, not to stereotype the guys, but you doubted their cooking abilities. You could make your way around the kitchen pretty well. You’d all eat well with you around. It was a cozy place. Definitely somewhere you could get used to living. It could be a lot of fun.

You wandered back into the living room where the two guys still were. Merritt was leaning against the back of the couch while Jack was screwing with a deck of cards in one of the armchairs. He riffled through the cards, then one send one up in the air, only to catch it and stick it back in. Merritt was on the phone with someone. His conversation was hushed with whoever was on the other end. Probably Dylan. Or Atlas. The time read 5:17. Food. Food was a good idea.

“Anyone want to eat?” You asked, your words more directed at the master of cards than the hypnotist. He was still preoccupied by the phone call.

“Yeah actually. Take out Chinese sounds awesome right now.” Jack smiled. “Kung pao chicken and white rice.”

“Um, you’ve got this all wrong. You’re ordering. I’ll go pick up. You can’t be seen in public and I’m not going to do everything around here. Boneless spare ribs and fried rice.” You winked at him and went to investigate the drink situation in the kitchen. What you didn’t see behind you was the interaction behind you. Merritt looked over at Jack, and a wild smile turning up the card slinger’s lips. He pulled his phone out from his pocket and dialed take out by memory.

“Dyl and Atlas be home in time to eat?” Merritt nodded. Jack put the phone to his ear and placed their typical order, but with your order added this time.

You went out the door once he hung up and ventured down the streets to collect dinner. New York was a beautiful city. Why in the world famous magicians trying to lay low lived in one of the nation’s biggest cities, you had no idea. But it worked, so you weren’t going to question it. You had only made one wrong turn on the way to the right Chinese restaurant, which was quite an accomplishment. The order was ready when you got there, being handed off to you when you handed that college aged boy behind the counter the money. It took you a shorter time to get to the apartment this time. No turns were missed so it was easy.

The living room was fuller when you walked in. A lanky, long haired man was sprawled across the couch and a man with curly hair and a very obvious pacing problem occupied the room. J. Daniel Atlas and Dylan Rhodes. Daniel was spinning coins in his fingers when you walked in.

“New girl went out and got dinner? I like her already.” You set the bag down on the coffee table and watched as they all dug through like they hadn’t eaten in days. Ugh, men. You rolled your eyes, sat on the couch beside Jack, and just waited for them all to finish. But, Jack took you container out and handed it over to you. You smiled and thanked him, then grabbed a fork and dug in. Oh man……. It was the best Chinese take out you had ever had. Sooooooo good…..

“Merritt says you’re an escape artist.” Dylan said, leaning against the arm of the couch. Would you mind getting in a straight jacket? After you eat of course.”

“I don’t mind at all. But yes, food first.”

You and the other Horsemen chatted like normal people, about normal things. The guys got to know you, and you got to know them. Favorite things, like movies, books, foods, and music. At some point, Jack scooted closer to you so Dylan could sit. Was it necessary for their legs to be touching? No. But, was it still nice? Oh yeah. A noodle ended up being thrown at Daniel, who in turn pelted Merritt in the face with a (sauceless) piece of sweet and sour chicken. Things escalated from there. Everyone was covered in various Chinese take out foods in a matter of no time. Nothing like professional magicians and an FBI agent pelting food at one another.

By the end of it, you had rice sticking in your hair and splotches of beef and broccoli sauce all over your shirt. It had been fun though. Merritt and Atlas started cleaning things up while you and Jack threw away empty containers. Dylan disappeared off to who knows- oh there he is! With something white in his hands…. He holds it out to you and you realize what it is. A straight jacket.

“Do you really just keep these hanging up on coat racks?” You teased just a little, but stood up and slid your arms in. “Jack? Want to give me a hand.’

“Uh, yeah sure.” He agreed with a smile. The straps were all fastened tightly, leaving you standing there basically hugging yourself.

“You have two minutes. Starting….. now.” Dylan hit the 'start’ button on his timer on his phone and watched you struggle to get out. Straight jackets were nothing. Honestly, it felt more like an insult to your abilities than anything. You were capable of a lot more. But, it was understandable that there was only so much you could do in this little apartment. The jacket was off in 1 minute and 17 seconds. Plenty of time to spare.

“Now, since I’ve proved that a few straps can’t hold me back, do yourself a favor and look up my real stuff on YouTube. I’ll be in the shower.” Not giving him a chance to argue, you turned on your heels and went to the bathroom to shower off. Dylan did just that while you showered, watching videos while Jack helped the other two clean up. He kept sneaking glances to the bathroom door, his mind not leaving you. There was a certain kind of spunk you had that he really liked. The others noticed, but didn’t say anything. And they wouldn’t until they were sure that you both had feelings for each other.

Baby Don't Like it-

If you’re going to use it please credit me!

Thank you for being patient!

I hope you like it even though I think it’s shit!

Please request more!!

You wore your tight fitted dress, Black Heels and let your silky hair loose. You touched up your make up before you decided to go. You had a high status party to attend. You had your eyes on one man and one man only, unfortunately for you, he already had a woman he was with, they weren’t really official but everyone knew they had something going on. His Name was Johnny, Johnny from NCT.

Naturally you attracted other men, but you only cared about Johnny’s attention. Of course you have met him a few times, at his place for lunch, met at cafés, but nothing much happened but flirting.

As you went in the massive hall, you flicked your silky hair to the side exposing your left side of your neck and your shoulder. You clearly got most of the attention and you swayed your hips from side to side. You had an obvious smirk, some woman scolded their boyfriends for looking at you. You went to greet the NCT members.
“Hello Boys” you smile
“You look beautiful Y/N” Taeyong said smiling…
“Thank you…” you smiled back
“Wow, that dress looks beautiful on you” Taeil complimented you
Then Johnny came with his Lady next to him, you could tell just by his eyes how he admired you.
“Wow” he said and his what you thought was his girlfriend raised an eyebrow.
“Hello” You lightly bowed at the two
They said hello back…

The party lasted with small talks and with obvious flirting with Johnny which his girlfriend didn’t like. The NCT boys noticed, they didn’t really say anything but laugh at the obvious flirting and Johnny furious girlfriend.
It was time to go home, since it was a little late…
Johnny decided to take you to your car “You must be cold” He said
“Ohh, a little but it’s okay” you smiled
“Here, take this Y/N” he gave you his blazer
“No it’s okay” you insisted
“No, I can see your goose bumps! You can give it back to me the next time you see me” he said
“Are you sure?” You asked
“Yes” he smiled
“See you” you said while biting your lip
“Bye” he winked at you.
You drove off and you could smell his scent on his blazer, it did keep you warm.
“Why is he so sweet to me, when he has a girlfriend?” You said to yourself as you sighed after.
You finally made it home and rested.

A week went by and you still haven’t returned johnny his blazer and you thought it was just right to visit his place and give it to him.

You wore Black Skinny jeans and a nude silky top…
You texted him in advance and Johnny said it was okay for you to come over.
You finally made it to his place and you waited as you rang the door bell.

“Hello Y/N…” he smiled “I was just waiting for you” he said
“Hey…” you smiled “Oh, here! Thank you so much” you said
“I even took it to the dry cleaners for you” you smiled
“How thoughtful” he said, as he looked at the neatly packed bag.
“Please… come inside” Johnny said
“Wow, you’re place is nice” you said as he went into his kitchen to pour you a glass of wine.
“It’s big right” he laughed “yes, massive” you said
“Where’s your girlfriend?” you asked
“Girlfriend” Johnny laughed
“Why are you laughing?” You asked
“Because I’m not sure if she holds that status anymore?” Johnny sighed
“What why?” You asked
“reasons” he said
“Oh…” you said and then he came closer to you and rubbed your cheek with his thumb.
“Baby… is it me? Or are you doing something to me?” Johnny asked
“It’s not just you johnny” you said nervous
He kissed you, you were shocked.
After processing what happened you kissed him back. It was a long heated kiss.
“Johnny stop she’s going to come back any time soon” You said
“I like it when we get closer and when it gets risky” he smirked and continued to kiss you
“Johnny” you moaned his name as he started to rub your sweet spot. He kissed your kneck and made it down to your chest, from this point he took off your top and bra and sucked on your breasts and played with them. He took off your jeans and continued to rub you…
“Johnny stop this…” you continued moaning…
“When I’m with you…. danger seems like a good thing” he said as he kissed your body…
“Johnny she could come here any moment” you couldn’t help but moan in pleasure…
“The truth is…” Johnny said and then paused and made it to your sweet spot…
He looked at you and smirked
“My baby don’t like it when you come around” he laughed
“Then stop this Johnny” you rolled your eyes back in pleasure as he stuck one finger in you and slowly pumped it in and out…
“You’ve been in my fantasies” Johnny said as he put in another finger and continued to pump inside your sweet spot making it more heated.
You couldn’t help but moan in pleasure, your body also stared twitching.
“I love the…” he didn’t let you finish your sentence off… but he knew what you meant…
“I love it, love it love it too” he said and then started licking your sweet spot making you even more wet.
“Baby…” you moan.
“But you know…” Johnny pauses and then licked you up again and then said
“My baby don’t like it when you come around…” he said
“I … I know but I’m about to cu…” he didn’t let you finish your sentence and grabbed you to his bed room.
“I’m not finished baby girl…” he said as he continued to eat you out… he pumped his fingers even faster and you finally came. You finally got your breath.
“My turn” you said as you laid him on his head.

You took off his boxers to reveal his erected member, “I’m going to be friking honest” Johnny said as you pumped his member… “I’ve always wanted to be inside of you” you looked at him and licked your lips “I’ve always liked you baby girl” he said
“Shut up and let me pleasure you” you said as you started to lick the tip of his member and then put the rest of it in your mouth.
You bobbed your head up and down on his member making him moan your name “Y/N, I’m about to…” you continued to go faster and faster till he couldn’t hold it in anymore and came in your mouth.
“Baby…” he moaned…
Then he pushed you down on his bed and put his thick member in you, you let out a light moan.

He went in slow and then increased his speed “fas… faster” you moan
“What baby girl?” He asked
“Faster johnny” he went in faster, making the beds creak, making you two sweaty! You could hear the skin slap on each other
“I’m about to cum…” you told johnny
“Me… too” the bed creaked even louder. The faster johnny went the louder your moans got.
“Mmmm, Johnny I’m … cumming” you couldn’t hold in longer…
you both came, Johnny kissed you and laid next to you on his bed.

“I’m going to text my ex” he said
“What?” You ask
“I mean, what will be my ex” he laughed

He texted her a break up text, she called him a dick and now you and Johnny are dating.

I guess you’re his new baby.


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