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@arabian-batboy said: Can you write something where Bruce comes across Jason in an alley after his resurrection but before Talia took him in & since he couldn’t talk at that time (& because he’s supposed to be dead) Bruce thinks it’s just a hallucination and just leaves him?

It had been a long time since Bruce was afraid of ghosts, mostly because they never left him alone. If this one seemed more real than usual, hey, it had been a rough day.

Always was, this time of year. 

April 27th. Bruce liked to think he was getting better— maybe some year he wouldn’t find himself lurking in Crime Alley on today, the anniversary of Jason’s death— but he wasn’t there yet.

It made sense. How was he supposed to forget Jason? That was what it would take, Bruce knew, to leave the guilt behind. Every time Jason crossed his mind, it all came crashing back: the grief and shame and pain in his chest. 

Flashbacks, sometimes. Hallucinations.

He wasn’t particularly surprised to see his dead son lying on the cobblestones. It was bound to happen today. 

Bruce took a deep breath. It was time for another hell ride through his own subconsciousness. What would it be this time?

Older, he thought— this Jason looked older, the age he would be if he had lived. That was normal; Bruce spent a lot of time imagining Jason alive and growing up. This Jason looked like he had been on the street for a long time, and Bruce could explain that too; they’d met on this spot when Jason was young and homeless. Of course he was remembering that day. 

Bruce blinked away the image of Jason, small and defiant, sprinting towards the mouth of the alley with his tire iron. Who hit the Batman with a tire iron? Jason did. Jason was…

Well, Jason was dead. Jason had been extraordinary— brave, bright, explosive, kind— but he was gone, and the illusion on the pavement was just that: an illusion. A memory. Bruce’s mind playing tricks.

The punishment he deserved. He could feel it beginning like it always did, his heartbeat pounding in his ears, his fingertips, his chest, rooting him to the stone underneath him until he couldn’t run— not that he should run. He hadn’t saved Jason. The least he could do was feel it.

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imagine Reigen and Serizawa’s first formal date. it’s almost a kind of silly idea because they’ve practically already been dating, going out to eat with each other, originally only with Mob as well but eventually just the two of them sometimes. They’re that couple who had practically already been unofficially dating but they only consider themselves y’know, actual boyfriends once Reigen is like, hey do you wanna take this… thing we have a step further. and Serizawa is like yes. yes I do.

so even though they’ve ALREADY DONE THIS and they hang out plenty, all the time, both during and outside of work, Serizawa is all nervous and Reigen is trying to be as charming as possible. They do at least go someplace probably nicer than usual and try to look their best, but they’re both such dorks in different wants, desperately trying to make it what they think a date should be and it’s really awkward. (Serizawa has no experience dating whatsoever, Reigen has some but nothing that ever lasted very long.)

At first they’re almost worried because of how awkward it is, oh shit, will this not work out? What if this ruins our friendship? CUE PANIC. but eventually they end up realizing (maybe with Mob’s help?) that they’re just complicating things for like, no reason, and things can still be the same between them but like also they can hold hands and kiss and, after awhile, move in together and all that.

lol this was in the drafts since 1999
  • Mare: hey I don't think this is really working.... I'm breaking up w/ you
  • Mare: Oops sorry that was meant for someone else
  • Maven: oh ok
  • Maven: wait WHAT

Here’s a little preview for The Unofficial Boneheads Family Portrait. After waiting for so long, I kinda feel like you guys deserve to at least get a peek at what I’ve been working on. So here’s a bit from Part 1.

It’s tiny, I know, but hey, it’s all part of a preview!

Part 2 should be finished soon, and then the final product(s) will be submitted. Hopefully this works in the meantime.

–Jack Anon

Oh wow this is looking great so far! Can’t wait to see what the final version of this is going to look like! ^u^

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Hello, thank you for such a lovely blog! I was wondering whether you had any recs (fic or canon) that involve a character being hurt/sick and just being a BAMF and toughing it out to complete a mission or task and all the while they're getting shakier and paler and less with it but they refuse to give up until they save the day (and then they're allowed to finally pass out). I'm thinking like Out of Gas (Firefly), parts of The Bourne Legacy, Wolverine, etc? Thanks so much!

well, hey there! thank you for being here! ;) i love hearing from you guys so much. for realz. 

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and oh, geez. i’m actually working on compiling a list of fanfiction that focuses on this very thing - along with some other fantastic whumpy fics that are just too good not to share. and as far as tv episodes go, there are honestly so many… hah. 

some of my favs are: 

Stargate: SG1, 1x18 - Jack and Sam are trapped during a mission gone wrong, Jack’s leg is broken, he (more than likely) has internal bleeding and broken ribs, and he keeps pushing through it and ignoring it so he can help Sam figure out a way to get them out alive. it’s delightful; one of my favorite whumpy episodes. 

Stargate: Atlantis, 4x06 - it’s not super whumpy in itself, but John and McKay spend the entire episode losing their memory and suffering from a headache while Ronon and Teyla try to find a cure before everyone on Atlantis forgets who they are. there’s also a lovely infirmary scene in the end. ;) #myfavplace 

Sherlock, 3x03 - this ep is phenomenal. i mean, seriously. i could watch this episode over and over and over again. Sherlock is shot by Mary, and after he nearly dies in the hospital the first time, he breaks out, stages an elaborate scheme to reunite Mary and John and sort the situation out - all while bleeding internally, suffering an extreme amount of physical and mental pain. (he’s as pale as a ghost, too, and he finally does collapse just as the paramedics - whom he called - arrive.) 

Beauty and the Beast, 2x09 - after being shot by Cat in the previous episode (don’t ask; it’s a long story), Vincent spends the entire 45 minutes bleeding, in pain, sweaty and pale - all while refusing to go to the hospital. (that’s also a long story.) eventually, after being drugged, knocked out, patched up, having a blood transfusion and saving Cat’s life, he finally collapses and nearly bleeds out in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. lovely. (there’s quite a bit of Vincent whump here if you’re interested.) 

Dark Matter, 2x11 - Three (Marcus) is shot in the chest while saving Five from her kidnappers, and he ignores his pain - and the fact that he’s bleeding out and barely able to stand up - so he can get her to safety; that’s all well and good until he collapses, unable to get up, and is “captured” himself. we were denied the actual rescue / transportation to the hospital scene, but there is a sweet moment afterwards with him in the infirmary. 

Castle, 6x02 - Castle is infected with a poison that leaves him only 24 hours to live, but, despite the fact that he’s dying, he refuses to sit by and watch - in fact, it’s probably his refusal to sit on the sidelines that saves his life; that, and Beckett’s instincts. he grows weaker, paler, and shakier over the episode, and eventually loses consciousness and collapses. again, there’s no ambulance transportation scene (forever bitter about being denied those), but the hospital scene between him and Beckett after he wakes up is uber sweet. 

Lost, 2x06 - Sawyer’s bullet wound from a previous episode (?) becomes infected, and he eventually collapses, forcing the others to build a pallet and carry him on it. i haven’t seen this episode in a while, so i don’t remember exactly how it plays out, but i remember that it’s quite delightfully whumpy. ;D

The Last Ship, 2x11 - after being knocked down (out?) in an explosion on an oil rig, Tom Chander collapses with a shrapnel wound to his side after ignoring his injuries to get the members of his crew safely back on board the ship. the severity of his injury is really glossed over, and we never hear about it again (#bitter) but the disorientation, collapse and sight of his crew rushing to his side almost make up for it. 

Dark Angel, 1x09 - this one is a little different, but it’s still quite lovely; after being badly injured and confined to a wheelchair at the beginning of the series, Logan beings experiencing severe pain in his back, and is eventually found passed out in his apartment by his bodyguard / friend. after he’s rushed to the hospital and undergoes emergency surgery, he’s unconscious, alarmingly pale and, according to the doctor, won’t make it unless he receives a blood transfusion. (more of my fav whump; it’s just too good. agh.)

anywayyy. i know there are a million more, but these are some of my favs. ;) 


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Hey! I love your work and I wonder how do you write your scripts? I mean... Do you write it like à novel or like a "text of theater"? (I dunno how to say that sorry ^^") I really hope I'm understandable... 😅

Oh yes I understand haha
Well I just put the Name of the characters, the action or expression they’re doing, and finally the dialogues. I try to make the dialogue short, about two lines, so when I make the animation the text won’t take over the screen!

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I read the start of "The Drunk Leading the Blind," and it's already made me laugh and cry/get choked up, and then, Grantaire reading "The Song of Achilles" to Enjolras, that hit me "right in the feels," as they say these days! ;) I'm off to read more but wanted to ask if you are following any sort of timetable/schedule for updating? In any case, well done, and keep up the good work! :)

Oh hey there! :D I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far, thank you so much!

To answer your question there’s only one chapter left. Currently I have a little over 8000 words written for chapter 4 and am in the final stages of writing the, ahem, payoff, so to say (it is rated E after all). I’ve got basically 2 scenes left to write, and then I guess editing everything once it’s complete. It’ll be the longest chapter so far, for sure, but I wanted to have a nice big ending instead of splitting in two. Just a few days more, I imagine, if I can fit in the time to do ficcing in the next couple days! I’m trying not to do much art in the mean time in order to finish it. Considering I started the fic in Sept 2013 I am excited it’s finally time to finish it up, haha.

(from chapter 3) Fic here!

Geoff Johns: i have a vision of bringing DC comics back to their former glory and it’s going to be a lot of work because things will change, characters we loved will finally return, a bunch of convoluted events will take place, but i can do it. i know these characters, i’ve handled them well before. let me write the introduction to rebirth

DC: oh man that’s great but hey, just a pointer though, you said the introduction and like, man, listen, rebirth sounds great, it really does, the new 52 fucking sucked, but it’s a lot of work and we’re not sure the rest of the writers will be able to sustain—

Geoff Johns:

  • me: okay i have a physics final in a few days that i need to pass so i can actually gradua-
  • BTS: hey have you heard our new album yet
  • BTS: here, have some FIRE
  • BTS: oh and we brought back the prologue ver of butterfly
  • BTS: did we also mention the run ballad ver aka your slow painful death and all our other remixes
  • me: ... gdi fam, you right
  • me: i'm sorry i ever thought those things
  • BTS: it's okay, we forgive you
  • me:
The more things change...
  • Me: Ohh, it's so great that Brian has moved to LA and quit his job so he can work on NSP and Starbomb with Danny! This means Dan can finally take a break and get some rest! YAY!
  • Me: And hey, it's super nice that Arin's writing some songs for Starbomb this time around! More rest for Dan! WOOHOO!
  • Dan: Hey, guys, here's a new Skyhill song and we might do more sometime if we feel like it!
  • Dan: Oh, and we're doing a tour with TWRP.
  • Dan: And a couple gigs in random places, because TWRP.
  • Dan: And I'm still doing Grumps.
  • Dan: And Steam Train, when there are new episodes of King's Quest out.
  • Dan: Oh, and here's a cover album we wanted to do because reasons.
  • Dan: And we're also fucking off into the desert to shoot videos and shit. BRB LOL
  • helga: hey rowena wake up
  • rowena:
  • helga: ROWENA WAKE UP
  • rowena: whOA what okay what
  • helga: godric and salazar are up on the astronomy tower together
  • rowena:
  • rowena: oh my god
  • helga: I KNOW
  • rowena: do you think they're
  • helga: finally realising the underlying sexual tension and unspoken mutual respect in their relationship and resolving their petty differences on a romantic starry night?
  • rowena: i was just going to say "on a date" but being really specific about it works too
  • helga: sorry i'm just excited
  • rowena: it's okay so am i
  • helga: i mean, maybe this means that we can all finally get on without arguing with each other over snakes and staircases!
  • rowena: hopefully. i bet they're having the most wonderful talk...
  • [at the top of the astronomy tower]
  • salazar: you SEE? you fucking SEE?
  • godric: no dude i don't see
  • salazar: HOW? HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE?
  • godric: i don't know what else to tell you. that constellation just flat out is not at all shaped like a snake
  • salazar:
  • godric:
  • salazar:
  • godric: it looks more like a lion
  • salazar: i will push you off this tower

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Dean wasn't almost date raped? Did I miss something? Sorry, I'm totally caught up, it's not like I've missed anything so yeah, what?

In the mid-season finale, Cas is upset that Claire hates him so Sam and Dean take him to this bar and they talk. Dean tells Cas that the role of a father is not being liked. It’s to raise their child right. Here’s how it went: 

Sam: Hey, uh, tell him about that time in New York.

Dean: Oh Yeah… Yeah, okay so, ah. We were working this haunting in Long Island, and me and Sam begged the old man to let us go to the city, for once.
Sam: He had this thing about New York; too big, too loud, too dirty.
Dean: And he hated the Yankees.
Sam: Big time, yeah.
Dean: Some how we convinced him to let us go. So we all go, we all you know see the sites and ride the subway, eat too much pizza, the whole nine. By about midnight Sam and Dad are zonked, and I figure ‘screw it, I’m going to CBGB.’
Sam: CBGB is…
Castiel: I know. It’s where the Ramones and Blondie got their start.
Sam: Right, wow. Anyway he was way underage at the time.
Dean: So I get there, I sneak in, and it is nuts. I mean people are drinking, and they’re smoking, and they’re snorting whatever. There’s a 500 pound guy on the stage with mohawk just screaming. My mind is blown I don’t even know what to do. Then this girl walks up, and she’s ‘Hey why don’t come over sit down with me and my friends at this table,’ ‘yeah, alright.’
Sam: Yeah and they get him drunk. First time.

Dean: But not fun drunk, I’m not quite sure what was in that stuff, but the room starts to spin, and I feel like I’m going to puke forever. Right about that time, I hear him. ‘Dean Winchester.’ My old man, I don’t know how but he found me. And now I’m really freaking out, because he’s just standing there not saying anything, and I look around everyone else is freaking out too in fact no one is looking him in the eye, then finally this one guy with like a safety pin in his nose and a ‘kill everything’ tattoo looks up and he says ‘sorry sir.’ Yeah, ‘sorry sir’ heh. John frickin’ Winchester. Castiel: He saved you.

Dean: Yeah and you know what he got for that? Me whining about how much he embarrassed me. Me telling him that I hated him. But then he stopped and turned around looked at me and said, ‘Son, you don’t like me that’s fine. It’s not my job to be liked.’
Sam: ’It’s my job to raise you right.’

Dean: And he did. ~ Clara ~