oh hey i made it a week

Translation of “Føler det du føler” (Feel what you feel)

Text message from Isak’s father:

Hi. I’ve bought tickets to the Christmas concert at Sagene church next week, was thinking you and I could bring mom, it would mean a lot to her.

Even (off screen): That’s thanks for letting me use your shower.

Eskild (off screen): Did you use our shower?

Even: I’ve used your shower.

Eskild: T-the hair products aren’t mine, or like, not all of them.

Noora: No, but you can use whatever you wanna.

(Isak enters)

Even: Hey! Good morning!

(kisses Isak)

Even: I made us breakfast. Oh! (brushes something off Isak’s cheek) I hope you’re hungry, ‘cause I’ve made lots of food.

Noora: Yeah, uh, should we..change to…on the..should we go and change at yoga, or.. yeah.*

Even: Oh, you’re taking yoga class?

Eskild: We’re not taking yoga class.

Noora: Yes, we are.

Eskild: Oh! That kind of yoga! Err…yep. Oh, I’d forgotten. We’re going to yoga class now. Water yoga.

Even: Water yoga?

Eskild: Yes, at Bislett pool. So, I think we just have to…

Noora: We just have to go.

Eskild: But please help yourself to cayenne pepper in the freezer, or in the cupboard, right in the middle of the fridge..So..Bye! Yes, bye-bye!

Even: Listen, I didn’t know what you liked so I just made everything. What movie?

Isak: Movie?

Even: Taste this. Is it good?

Isak: Mhm.

Even: The secret is one spoon of sour cream.

(silence, radio playing)

Isak: When I woke up…I thought you’d left.

Even: Hey you, I was only in here making breakfast. And chatting to your friends.

Isak: Does Sonja know..where you are?

Even: Fuck Sonja. We’re not together anymore.

Isak: But last time you said it was over you made out with her two days later, right. It’s not so easy for me to just give a shit about her, Even.

Even: Well, what you need to understand is the thing about Sonja is that she’s so in control. Sometimes I feel like she knows me better than I know myself, because everything she says is true and…that’s what I’m so sick and tired of. I feel that…she can’t feel the things I feel, or think, for that matter. You know?

Isak: It’s only you who can feel what you feel.

Even: And I haven’t felt like this, ever.

Isak whispers: Me neither.

(new song starts playing on the radio)

Even: This song, or what?!

Isak: Huh?

Even: Gabrielle?

Isak: Are you kidding?

Even: No..!

Isak: Oh my God, this is a hashtag, what the fuck..!

Even: What?

Isak: When you’ve found the man of your dreams and it turns out he likes Gabrielle..!

Even: Am I the man of your dreams??

Isak: Well..

Even: Or what..*looks around* are you talking about me? Am I the man of your dreams??

Isak: That what the hashtag is, you know that..!

Even: No, excuse me, you just said I was the man of your dreams!

(they kiss)

Even: Say it again.

Isak: Hm?

Even: Say it again.

Isak whispers: You’re the man of my dreams.

(they kiss)

Isak: It’s shite..!

(Even sings along; Isak’s embarrassed)

Very roughly the lyrics of the song (sorry I guess it doesn’t make much sense in English), what Even sings along to:

Five hot ladies up in the club, we demand: Turn it right up to Heaven!
If there are five hot guys, doesn’t matter, ‘cause there’s no one else I’d rather do this with.
Maybe we’re a bit dirty, but what does it matter when it no longer is day?
Five hot ladies, standing in line, dancing alone, but we do it together.
You get me to so pumped up, and there’s nothing that can deflate me!
You get everything to burst boiling hot, there’s no one else I’d rather do this with!
Five hot ladies up in the club, we demand: Turn it right up to Heaven!…

Guys, sorry this was so late, I was asleep..But what a dream to wake up to!

(And Noora and Eskild’s utterly unintelligible, awkward exit…oh my god 😂  what they say literally makes no sense in Norwegian either…!)

“Repay You” [Daveed X Reader]

Prompt: broooooo i love your writing with all my heart!! Could i pretty please request a Daveed fic (lol just pretending he’s still in the cast) with 28 and/or 61 and/or 234? LOVE U ELIZA BABY

28: “do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?

61: “Hey, have you seen the-…oh” 

234: “Meet me on the roof in 10 minutes” 

A/N: I included them all bc I’m trash for Daveed

T/W: it got the teensiest tiniest bit raunchy, mainly fluff

A/U: modern

Words: 2701


Being in the ensemble was tough, like, ridiculously tough. It was essentially non-stop jumps, kicks and spins for two and a half hours, 8 shows a week. The cast and crew of Hamilton were incredible though, and made the pros of the experience outweigh any cons by far. 

It was a two show day, and you were standing just inside the wings of the theatre ready to twirl your way onto the stage for the last song of the show. You bent over and gently kneaded the back of your calf with your fist, trying to stop the dull ache that had been slowly taking over since the Yorktown number. 

It wasn’t uncommon for you to pull a muscle or hurt yourself in some way as a dancer, especially when work was this rigorous. It was annoying, nonetheless, but you straightened up and lightly shook your body out before walking out to finish the first show of the two shows. 

The crowd, as always, erupted into a standing ovation as you held hands with Jazzy on one side and Sasha on the other, standing upright up from your last bow and heading off stage. You congratulated everyone on a good show and made your way to your dressing room to stretch, letting one leg extend in front and the other behind, lowing yourself into the split, resting your stomach on your thigh and forehead on your knee. You heard the door creak open from its ajar position before a booming voice floated into the room. 

“Hey, have you seen the - … oh.” You knew it would be Daveed before the door even opened, as he generally changed out of his costume at lightning speed then came to see you. You unfolded from your stretch to see what had taken him aback. 

“Seen what?” You asked nonchalantly, still confused as to why he was staring at you as you stood up. 

“Does that hurt?” He asked, ignoring your question, as he leant against the doorframe, his hand motioning to where you were just on the floor. 

“Ah, no, not really. After the first twelve hundred times of doing it, it kinda loses it’s pain,” you laughed, reaching to let your hair out. 

“It’s still nuts,” he smiled back at you, pushing himself off the doorframe and leaning back to look down the hallway as someone called his name. 

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a niall oneshot

word count: 8761

warnings: sexual content


You found yourself waiting by your phone at midnight more often than not these days. Waiting for his text. Waiting for him to tell you the coast was clear and it was safe. Safe to finally be together, to be alone. That’s how it had to be. For now.

  hey, you up ?

You jump as your text tone goes off. It’s him. Your heart skips a beat, possibly two as you pick up your phone.

                                       yeah, of course

  come on over then. i miss ya

  the gate will be open. gotta hurry tho      

                                       oh really why’s that?

  cuz i need ya ;)

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Hey Guys! Just a sketch I made - once again at school (mostly). It’s Gorillaz! :D I’m so excited they are getting the band back together! :D I’m so excited! Also I couldn’t decide whether I likde the colourful or the B/W version more… so here - have both.

Oh and btw I recently ( like 2 weeks ago ehm ehm ) surpassed 200 followers! So thank you guys so much! If you have anything you’d want me to draw, feel free to ask ^^

oh y’all i forgot to post abt this but i work at starbucks in a mall and last week this girl came in w her friend and she was wearing a twenty one pilots sweater so i just quietly drew the symbol on her cup instead of her name and then let it go and i heard her get really excited when she picked the drink up but then they walked away and i was like :’) but then like 10 minutes later she came back and was like “hey who wrote this” and i raised my hand and she told me i made her day and awh AWH if you see this ily i hope your week went well come get coffee from me again sometime ok


fortune cookies

Word count: 11k

Rating: G

Summary: Dan goes with Phil to celebrate Father’s Day with the Lesters, and suddenly all his complicated feelings about his own parents come bubbling to the surface.

Basically 11k words of Dan being angsty and the Lesters being wonderful.

Takes place in some vaguely alternate version of summer 2015.

Warnings: food, swearing, family-related angst

Notes: I actually wrote most of this story in November/December of last year, then abandoned it for like seven months, only to revisit it a couple days ago and finally finish it lol.

Dedicated to spider <3

[Read on AO3]


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hey, Mittens! I'm fawning over the 12.15 gifsets and the woods convo with Dean & Crowley just struck me as an interesting kind of implication of how Dean might be processing Cas' barn confession. from him admitting "We've ALL changed." Crowley flatly saying "I don't care about [the girl of the week]," followed by Dean's 'oh shit he said that' expression, leaving a space for [who Crowley really cares about] [which EVERYBODY made clear in their barn!behavior]. "Maybe we rubbed off on you," then

cont. “Don’t flatter yourself,” then we rubbed off on each other. reciprocal rubbage. lmao innuendo aside a moment, if we can read Cas into this, (because they’re both Davy Perez), I feel a sort of vindication at the idea that yes! Cas was changed by them! they were changed by HIM, too. and a lot of how he’s changed is aaaaall him. Don’t flatter yourself, Dean, it’s not all your fault. and anyway softening these creatures can be a good thing. I’m glad Dean heard this. Scheherazade by proxy?

cont. also hahaha they do just MENTION Cas in the middle of that, (now that I’m looking at gifs in the right order), a thank you Dean had had in mind for like– weeks or however long this is after the barn– so clearly we can bring Cas into it! thought of him had been underlying the whole chat, virtue of thank you. and this is also after Crowley mimics the gruff!Dean performance, so Dean knocks it off. I weep, essentially. I’m so glad.


I like this theory.


Underscored by Crowley playing the STOP REPEATING ME game. I don’t know if that has a name, repeating everything someone says in a mocking fashion like that, but when my sister used to do it to me I’d end up yelling STOP REPEATING ME at her and she’d yell it back until mom came in and made us go to opposite ends of the house for a while. :D

Clearly, Crowley’s not engaging in that level of sibling drama. He’s doing it in a friendly, teasing way. More like the way Mr. Mittens and I might do this to each other, gently teasing each other a couple of times without it escalating to the point where anyone’s yelling (or being sent to their room).

(that wouldn’t really work since we share a room…)


I mean, Dean making that entire conversation with Crowley all about thanking him for saving Cas in the first place… sort of makes THAT conversation all about THE OTHER conversation. They exist as a narrative matched set.

We were hoping that Crowley would pull this sort of nonsense on Cas when they were on their Buddy Cop Road Tour early in the season, so it’s nice to see him finally get a chance to annoy Dean, as well :D

So yeah, Scheherazade by proxy. :D

(*cries about why these things always happen because of Crowley* *then feels a lil bad for Crowley* *someone should really send him a fruit basket or something*)

The One:

“Hey Love, I was thinking about giving a dinner. Maybe we could invite your old Pack?” I asked my fiancé and looked up from unpacking all our stuff.
“Hm. If you want now Collage Students in our House who are all crazy and anoying, sure.” Grinning like always I took his hands and kissed him.
“Yeah, I promise you won´t have to tell them you missed them.”
“Oh shut up.” 
Just in this moment Talia started crying and you let go to get her.
“Hey there Baby girl. Momma´s here, Dada´s here and we´re in your new home.” I said and kissed her nose which made her squeak a little.

Derek stood in the doorframe arms crossed with a small smile on his face.
“I love you, you know that right?”
“Good to know, since we´re going to be married.” I smiled and handed him Talia.

About three or four weeks later the House was ready and all baby proof.
Derek was over protecting like he always was and the sweetest dad ever.
He didn´t mind you inviting Sheriff Stilinski and Mama McCall. 
Funny story by the way. 
Talia had a cold and an overacting Derek freaked out and took you to the Hospital and Melissa had night shift. Well the rest is history.

“Baby? Table´s ready, anything else I can do?” Derek asked and kissed my cheek.
“Aw, thank you. Uhm, you could get Talia dressed.” 
“Aye, Captain.” He laughed.

I took a deep breath and smiled. 
This was going to be a great night I knew it as the doorbell rang.

“Sheriff, Melissa.” Wow, that was mine, always speaky.
I shook my head and greeted the pair.
“God, Talia grew up so fast.”Melissa said and “stole” her from Derek.
“No. She´ll never grow up.” Derek growled and glared at her little head like that would help.
“Well, she´s a daddy´s girl.” 
John and Derek started talking about kids and growing up.
“Okay, so the stronger gender is about to explode. Can I help you, Y/N?
“No, thanks, so do you know when Scott and Stiles are going to be here?”
“Nah, but I guess they will be here in no time. You know, free food.”
We bursted out laughing when the bell rang.

“Wait a minute! You´re a DAD?” I heard a voice shouting.
“Yeah, so?”

God this was going to be so good.

Hey guys! I made my very first one jar spell tonight! I called it Home sweet Home Because of its purpose. Me and my mom are moving in a new house this week and I thought “Oh what a great idea for a spell”, so here I am, sharing it with you guys.


-Bay leaves with sigils on them (protection, good fortune, success) 

-Cinnamon (protection, prosperity) 

-Coffee (to encourage hard work) 

-Egg shells (to represent the elements) 

-Lemon (purification, cleansing) 

-Peppers​ (courage) 

-Salt (protection, purification, prosperity) 

-Basil (to dispel negativity) 

-Black pepper (protection, purification) 

-Paprika (to boost spell strength) 

-Parsley (wealth) 

-and Rosemary (consciousness)

I Only Want You. (Theo Raeken Imagine.)

Hello love, could you do an imagine with Theo? Idk about what, but something about him being jealous, protective or something fluffy? Or maybe him giving you little marks on your neck and collarbone to show everyone you’re his? 🙈 Love your writing 😻

a/n: I couldn’t think of what to write, so I asked @scoutstilinski and she gave me a good idea! 

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

It was your first day at Beacon Hills, you knew that there were others like you here. You figured it would be the safest place for you to be. You already knew who the Alpha was, you had been talking to him for weeks now. As you saw him and his pack you quickly made your way over to him and introduced yourself. 

“Hey, Scott. It’s me y/n.” 

Scott turned around to look at you.. “Oh yeah, hey. I’m glad you finally made it.”

“Me too! It was a pretty long trip.”

Scott then introduced the pack to you, and you to them. You continued to speak for a few moments. While this was happening, there were eyes on you. Theo’s eyes. He was watching you, intrigued by every move you made. He wanted you, for more than just your supernatural powers. 

Theo’s POV

“Hey, Tracy… who is that girl over there?” He continued to stare in your direction.

“I don’t know, would you like me to find out for you?”

“Yeah, and take Corey with you. He can get some info from Mason.”

Tracy got off the bench and started towards Scott’s pack, Corey automatically followed. She got close enough where she could hear what was going on, but not close enough to be caught. 

“So you are willing to help us, right?”

“Of course I am. If I’m going to be here, I am willing to do anything to stay safe.”

Tracy only got the last bit of their conversation before they parted ways. So she casually walked up to y/n. 

“I see you were talking to McCall and his pack…” Tracy stared a hole into y/n.

“Yeah, is there something wrong with that?” 

“Oh no, of course not. I was just going to tell you that Theo wanted you with us.”

“oh..I don’t know. I’ve heard some things about him..” y/n started but didn’t finish. 

Corey was mindlessly standing there texting the whole time with Mason. Mason of course wouldn’t give any information to Corey. Well not right away anyway, maybe when he knew the pack wouldn’t see who he was texting. 

“Well, y/n. Give me your number so that I can text you or something.” 

“I guess that would be okay, no harm in giving my number.”

Tracy just smiled as y/n put her number into Tracy’s phone. As soon as she handed the phone back, Tracy turned and made her way back to Theo. Corey stood there staring at his phone paying no mind to his surroundings. 

“Uh, hello?” y/n said confusingly to him.

“W..What?” Corey looked up, he was totally in his own world. 

“Tracy left.. just thought I would tell you.”

“Oh, thank you! My name is Corey, by the way. Nice to meet you.” He said with a smile. He then made his own way back to Theo. 


You went on with the day like any other day, going to your classes and being over it already. It was only the first day and you hated it. Luckily you had Scott and the pack to keep you company. 

Your phone started buzzing in your pocket. You thought it would be Scott telling you to meet up after school to go over some serious pack stuff, but it was Tracy. 

Hey, y/n. Meet me after school in the library. Okay? It read. 

You texted back saying that you would. What harm could Tracy do to you? She didn’t seem to hate you or anything. 

The long school day ended and you decided to go meet up with Tracy. You made your way to the library, and as you entered there was no sign of her anywhere. Then all of a sudden you felt a hand on your shoulder, turning around thinking it was Tracy you were in shock to see that it was Theo. 

“I didn’t mean to startle you, y/n.” His voice was calm. 

“What are you doing here? I got a text from Tracy…”

“I told her to text you, I wanted to talk to you myself.” 

“Talk to me about what? Joining your pack?”

“No, actually I just wanted to talk about you for a moment.”

“Me? What about me do you want to talk about?”

Theo just looked at you and smiled. He walked closer to you until you were backed into the wall. His smile widened. 

“I want to talk about all these feelings I’m having about you, even though I don’t know you.”

You just stood there confused. Staring Theo in the face.

“I feel like we have this strong connection, y/n. I don’t know what it is. I do know that I want you.”

“But Scott…” You started, but he cut you off before you could finish..

“What about Scott? This has nothing to do with him. I’m not here trying to get you to join my pack, I want you to just be with me.”

“I..I don’t know, Theo. I just got to this place.”

“That is understandable. I’ll let you go home for now, I’ll be seeing you again.”

Theo smiled at you again, and you made your way out of the library and back home. 

You’ve only been home for a few hours, but you can’t seem to get Theo off your mind. His smile was burned into your brain. What was it about him that wouldn’t let him leave your thoughts?

A few weeks had went by, you still haven’t seen Theo since the whole library thing. Yet he was still on your mind. Maybe Scott wouldn’t mind if you were to hang out with Theo.. as long as it wasn’t “pack” stuff. There wouldn’t be no harm in that, you thought to yourself. 

You felt your phone buzz, it was an unknown number. 

Meet in the library? 

You knew it was Theo, who else knew about the library other than you two… Well Tracy probably did, but you had her number so you knew it wasn’t her. 

You went to the library, you scanned your surroundings. There he was sitting at a table in the back, looking right at you and smiling. You smiled back at him, that was your first instinct. Maybe he was right, maybe you two did have a connection. 

You started walking towards him, he jumped off the table and came towards you. As soon as you two were close enough to touch, he grabbed your stuff and threw it onto the ground and started kissing you. You soon fell deep into his kiss and kissed him back. His hands were racing all over your body, and you let him. 

Soon you was against the wall, just like you were when you first met him in the library. Only this time his lips were on your neck, and his hands up your shirt. At this point you wouldn’t care if anyone saw you two. Theo’s lips made their way back to yours, he kissed you one last time before pulling away. 

“You feel the connection too, don’t you.?

“Yeah, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

“Now you don’t have to stop, I’m yours.”

“But what about Scott…”

“He doesn’t need to worry, I don’t want you for my pack. I just want you for me.”

Barron hears the commotion and rushes to the room:

- What’s up? What happened?

Bristol: The stupid cat…

He stops what he is about to say as Terra shoots him a cold look. He knows his sister does not approve of what he did. Why in the world does she always have to be so good?

Bristol: I tripped over the cat. But it’s fine now.

Barron: Oh, really? Well, be careful, you two. 

Terra: Hey, Dad? When is our next lesson with Sage? I want to show her my last made potions, because I think I’ve made a few mistakes.

Barron: Next week, but don’t worry too much about it. She did tell you it’s natural to be making mistakes at your age, after all. And you’re doing fine. As is Bristol, he just needs to focus a little more.

Terra: Oh, he focuses, alright. Just not on the right things.

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Hey! I just finished ch.9, though I've seen spoilers for the entire game and know roughly what happens. Up until now, Prompto and Noctis have always seemed inseparable and very close. It's made clear that after what happens (SPOILER ALERT ----------) to Luna, they aren't as close for a while and keep their distance. Next time we see them together in the train, it says "several weeks have passed". How do you see their interaction in those weeks? It must've been so hard on both of them. Take care!

Oh gosh, well I think that at first Prompto tried to cheer Noctis up like he usually does, he started out by giving Noctis a bit of space because Ignis told him to, and he knows Noctis pretty well so he respected that. He tried to draw him into games or just light conversation, but Noctis was withdrawn and Prompto started just sitting next to him quietly. Then he tried to talk to Noctis, just a little, about how he was feeling. Noctis couldn’t handle it, didn’t know how to process his emotions into words that weren’t edged with anger and guilt and “it should’ve been me”. He lashes out, not badly, not attacking Prompto directly, but more, “I should’ve been stronger, i can’t afford any more distractions! She didn’t have to die if we-If I’d been…I need you to leave me be.” Which Prompto reads into as he’s a distraction that has cost Noctis, as his inability to be there on time to help, as it being his fault for not coming to Noctis’ side or protecting Ignis. They end up only talking in passing or just sitting quietly for minutes when they aren’t moving. It’s what makes Noctis’ accusation of the train harder for Prompto to take, why Noctis’ voice breaks on his name, why “Were you worried about me?” is even a question. Noctis is made of guilt and desperate need for time that he doesn’t have and Prompto is a broken heart trying to heal his best friend in hours of borrowed happiness alright?

See you on the other side...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY JANE!!!! we are only three thousand years late but here it is at long last, Hannah and Mari’s birthday gift to you, you most wonderful and excellent human. you deserve only the best things in life, and we hope you enjoy this, love

       … … . .

“Hey guys, Percy here. I have some news…” Percy shifted in his plastic office chair as he looked into the familiar big eye of the camera perched on top of a few of his housemate’s books on his desk (he really needed to buy a tripod already). “So it’s been just over two years since I made this channel, and I woke up this morning to see that I’ve now got one million subscribers! which is absolutely insane and I can’t believe so many of you tune into me talking to myself once a week.”

“Oh come on, man. You know why they love you.” His roommate, Jason decided to roll into view on his wheelie chair at that moment, not totally unplanned. He grinned charmingly into the camera.

Percy rolled his eyes. “And here to celebrate my joining of the million subscribers club, is Jason. Cue jazz hands.”

Jason made a meek attempt at jazz hands.

“Dude, that’s terrible.”

“I’m not a jazz hands kinda guy,” Jason protested.

“What kind of person do you have to be to be a jazz hand kinda guy?”

Jason scratched his chin. “I don’t know…Piper?”

Percy nodded. “Piper does love the jazz hands. Anyway, we’re here celebrating my amazing achievement. And because - as my good friend Annabeth likes to say - my imagination stems from a pea, I have failed to come up with an amazing way to celebrate. But here’s a little montage of my videos over the past two years which, yes unfortunately include the very embarrassing early years.”

“So embarrassing.” Jason shook his head.

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Were you dead or homeless?

Been seeing a few things floating around about Nico meeting Magnus for the first time and going “the fuck?” this is my contribution to that glorious idea.


“Hi everyone.” Annabeth yelled entering the battle arena where Jason, Percy, Nico and Piper had gathered to chat out.

“Oh hey Beth!” Piper said.

“Wise girl!” Percy yelled sprinting down to hug her. Nico laughed, Annabeth had only been gone for a couple weeks.

“Hey seaweed brains.” Annabeth chuckled ruffling his hair. “I want you all to meet someone.”

“Okay?” Nico said and the rest of them made their way out of the stands while Annabeth dragged another guy with longish blond hair from the entry way. Nico squinted at him in confusion.

“This is my cousin Magnus.” Annabeth introduced.

“Hey.”  Said everyone besides Nico who was still squinting at him in confusion. Magnus was squinting at Nico too.

“The fuck are you?” Nico burst out after everyone said hey.

“Why do you look familiar?” Magnus shot back.

“Ohhh no.” Nico said raising his hands in the air and turning away from Magnus. “Nope nope nope I’m out.”

“No you come back here why do I recognize you!” Magnus said jogging after Nico. Nico stopped and turned back around.

“Why are you dead!?” Nico half yelled gesturing franticly.

“Well that’s a personal question.” Magnus said dryly. “Because I died if you must know.”

“But you’re still dead.” Nico objected. “You didn’t come back to life you’re still dead how are you here?”

“Were you homeless.” Magnus asked completely ignoring Nico’s question.

“Now look who’s asking personal questions!!” Nico yelled holding his arms out as if presenting Magnus to the world.

“Ya well I don’t think I know you from being dead.” Magnus pointed out sarcastically.  

“Oh my gods.” Nico said covering his face with his hands. “Yes I was homeless.” He said exasperated.

“Thought so.” Magnus said looking to pleased with himself. “I probably saw you on the street somewhere, or at a shelter.”

“Okay now that’s out of the way explain to me how you’re both here and dead! Usually if I want dead people around I have to summon them! It’s rare that they waltz in and ask me if I was homeless.” He said finally matching Magnus’ level of sarcasm.

“That’s fair but it’s a looong explanation.” Magnus said still sounding smug. “And you’re friends’ll want to know to so can we go back to them so I don’t have to explain it twice?”

“Fine.” Nico said, already resigned to this new level of weird his life had just reached.

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Jimmy, can you tell us a joke

CLYDE: Hey Jimmy, somebody wants you to tell a joke.

JIMMY: Oh, alrighty then.

JIMMY: Did you hear about the guy who bought a donut at the donut shop last week?

JIMMY: The baker said that all of the donuts were ha-and crafted.

JIMMY: And the customer replied: Well, I didn’t think you made them with your d-d… I didn’t think you made them with your… with your d–… I didn’t think you made them with your d-dick!

CLYDE: Hahaha that’s a pretty good one, Jimmy. Thanks.

JIMMY: No pr-roblem, Clyde.

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Hey hun! Just wanted to drop in and say you're gorgeous and I adore your blog :D <3 have a lovely night!

Oh my gosh. I love your blog SO much, so this coming from you has literally made my entire week! :,) Thank you so much! You’re literally so beautiful inside and out! I love your writing as well!!

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Your blog is one of my favourites and I just had to tell you. When I come home from work and Ive had the worst day, I know I can come on here and see loads of positivity and Mike and Harvey and your passion for them is just a gift, please never change!


Wow I’m crying y’all get me feeling some type of way I swear lmfao

This is one of the nicest things, oh my god???? Like my blog is just my happy place and it’s the one thing I love because it helps me ignore real life which is a real issue for me a lot of the time so to have such a happy distraction is a blessing to me, but the idea that other people like it is madness to me, lmao. Bc I just ramble and obsess and cry and to me, it’s all fun but I can only imagine how insane it looks to everyone else hahaha.

But this is really really sweet and I’ve always said I love the Marvey fandom the most, everyone is the nicest and always so real and I’m very grateful to have stumbled upon it.




in search of clothes that would fit into the breakdance AU @starrycove 030 just a casual look haha’ oh and i made a few reeeaaally embarrassing videos too xD was to lazy to put my lenses on sry about that..! BUT this is probably what i’ll wear at SOLACON in Karlstad next week!! >FOR THOSE OF YOU IN SWEDEN<

 BONUS-gifs below 

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Four Weeks pt. 2 (Mino)

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Part One [X]

-week two-

Finally going into your 2nd week, all the homesickness you felt was gone. You were able to enjoy every second of each day without missing your mom, dad, and brother… So far at school you’ve made a few friends and actually met one out for coffee, it’s safe to say you’re having a great time and don’t want it to end.

“Hey are you free later?”

You jumped slightly at the males voice. No matter what, Minho always seemed to be able to sneak up on you, “Oh uh, I-I believe so.” Luckily you don’t have to do much homework.

“Then would you wanna go see a movie with a few of my friends and I?”

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