oh hey i made a part two

why not both? pt 2.
  • pairing: eisuke ichinomiya x MC x soryu oh.
  • rating: mature, ofc.
  • word count: ~2800.
  • content notice: somehow spanking made its way into this, idk how that happened ://
  • author’s notes: this threesome relationship is just really important to me?? so here’s part two. might make it into a series of sorts, i’m not sure yet. enjoy! 
  • part one.

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Sam Winchester Masterlist

One Shots

Your Not So Lucky Day
The reader gets cast with a spell, making her clumsy and just be genereally unlucky, like Sam in Bad Day at Black Rock. The brothers have to contain their laughter and have to finish the hunt on their own. Some fluff involved

Why are you so scared?
A letter from Sam explaining why he was/is so scared to love

Earned it
Just pure smut

Sunday Morning
Imagine waking up next to Sam Winchester. Involves smut

Born To Die - Masterlist
Arrogant. Selfish. A bitch. That’s how Dean would describe the reader in this story. She refuses to work with anyone but herself and trusts no one except her own gun. But can the Winchesters crack her? Will they figure out what she’s running away from? Where did she get those scars and who is this Brandon guy?

Sam and the reader are the main actors in a long-awaited Nicholas Sparks movie. Whilst stating in an interview that there was no off-screen romance going on, the tension soon becomes too much and needs to be released.

Cold Hearted Snake
What if Sam stayed cold and asshole-y after he got his soul back? What if he only thinks about himself and his pleasure, ignoring everyone’s feelings as long as he is satisfied? The reader’s suffered enough already to finally put an end to this. 

Your Body Is A Wonderland
Just a short drabble that solely involves smut.

Little Figther
Sam’s daughter is depressed because she isn’t as human as her parents or her uncle. 

Double Check
The reader has been spending a lot of time with the Winchesters, hunting and traveling with them without really knowing each other. This is about to change when Sam finds the readers sketch book. 

I want it that way - Part 1 / Part 2
The reader and Sam share a complicated relationship, that would have made anyone else go insane by now. The weekend visits from Sam aren’t enough for the reader, but her love is too strong to push him away. Plays in season two. 

The paint’s supposed to go where
This is a one shot with the following sentences from the drabble game :) 19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?” / 35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” / 46. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.

Sam is letting his hair grow out longer and the reader (his girlfriend) and Dean tease him constantly, which ends in him cutting his hair.

To do the right thing…
Sam thinks, the only way to keep the reader safe is by breaking up with her. She doesn’t like this idea and protests, which ends in them making up.

The reader spent four months in hell for Dean and can’t seem to shake the nightmares off. Sam, her boyfriend, helps her to calm down. 

Shut up and Dance with me
After a successful hunt, the brothers and reader head to a bar to celebrate, where the they get closer thanks to the song ‘Shut up and dance’ by walk the moon

Dusty Witches - Part 1 / Part 2
The Winchesters and reader go on a witch hunt, hoping to find the one who is turning people into animals. Let’s just say, they don’t get to kill her at the first meeting. 

What she used to do - Part 1 / Part 2
Reader and Sam are in a relationship, as the reader dies after being kidnapped by demons. Happy end guaranteed.


48. “Asking for a friend.. Do you know how to get a foot out of the toilet?”

60. “You didn’t tell me it was karaoke night..”

54. “My mom thinks you like me. Tell her she’s wrong.”

1. “Come over here and make me.”

13. “Kiss me.” /  37. “Wanna dance?”

21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”


Imagine getting a dog with Sam

Imagine cuddling with Sam on a rainy day

Imagine Dean accidentally interrupting Sam and you during Sex

Jared Padalecki

One Shots

I Am Human - Masterlist
He’s one of the two main actors. He’s 28, sexy, charming and funny.
She’s the new girl on set. And she is only 20 years old. She is also the one who stole his heart in milliseconds, just by being herself. Jared Padalecki and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are what you like to call starcrossed lovers, two fitting pieces of a puzzle. But we all know love is not easy. So what happens if their age difference becomes a problem? Can (Y/N) keep working for Jared when feelings get involved? In this story, (Y/N) has to decide whether to let her guards down and open up; she has to accept how love means giving someone the chance to break you into pieces. Will Jared fight with his heart or go with his brain and back away?

Sam and the reader are the main actors in a long-awaited Nicholas Sparks movie. Whilst stating in an interview that there was no off-screen romance going on, the tension soon becomes too much and needs to be released. 

Let her go
A one shot inspired by the song Let her go by Passenger and the following requested drabble numbers:  
2. “I need you to forgive me.” / 56. “I want to come home.”

Bittersweet - A Jared Padalecki Story - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Epilogue
A complicated, but bittersweet love story between Jensen Ackles younger sister and Jared Padalecki. After a rough start that almost ruined all chances of them ever becoming a couple, they fight for their love. / Completed

Mango and Vanilla 
Jared needs help applying a face mask. Some fluff and kissing! 


Imagine meeting Jared on the set of Supernatural and falling in love

Castiel’s Masterlist

Dean’s Masterlist

Other Supernatural Character’s Masterlist

The Flash Masterlist

Bucky Barnes x Reader Laughter

Warnings: slight smut

His pounding thrusts made you groan with pleasure. Your walls had clamped around him, your nails digging into his back. The climax was ever so impending and he couldn’t stand it any longer. The two of you rolled over, so that you were on top. His hands gripped your hips, helping guide you against him. Your own hands skimmed upwards on his chest. Every bit of you he needed; every inch of you he craved; every part of you he wanted. And just as you were both about to come together-

“Hey, Buck, can I borrow-OH MY GOD!”

You had rolled off the bed and Bucky went down (HAHA IT’S A PUN GET IT) too. Steve stammered out apologies while Bucky pulled out from you and scrambled to grab a blanket. He immediately covered you up while you hid your flushed, embarrassed face in his chest. “Steven, get the fuck out!” Bucky yelled. Steve scrambled back, covering his eyes and clumsily shutting the door.

Bucky released a deep breath. “Oh, my god, I’m so sorry,” he muttered in your ear, climbing onto the bed. You stood up, the blanket wrapped around you and your face covered. Your body shook and Bucky was launched into a panic. “No, no, no, no, don’t cry,” he said gently, pulling you into a hug. He lowered the blanket from your face and was a bit shocked to see you weren’t crying but laughing so hard you could hardly make a sound.  Your eyes were closed shut, cheeks red with both embarrassment and humour. “The look on your face,” you gasped out, pointing a finger to him. “And the look on his face was just-” You broke down again into a fit of giggles. Bucky covered his mouth with his hand, chuckling at you. He didn’t think you had ever looked more beautiful then now, your hair messy, hickies on your shoulder, and a wide smile on your kiss-swollen lips.

AN: It’s just a drabble, oops. 

anonymous asked:

Oh god wet dream part 3 where she lets him see her naked and tells him it's only fair she sees him too or something (I KNOW IT'S CHEESY AF)

I made such an embarrassing happy sound when I read this prompt lmao 😅 Once again I made it too long and I’ll probably have to do another part!

part 1 part 2

You wait by Dylan’s locker after class, smiling when you see him, “Hey, you want to do something?” He nods, “Sure.” The two of you head outside and you drive back to his house. He grabs some snacks and you sit on the couch together. After you’ve been watching TV for a while, you glance over at him. “Hey… was your dream hot?” Dylan starts coughing, choking on the chip he was eating. You pat his back worriedly, then rub your hand over it with a smile. “Tell me,” you say softly. “Y/n-” he blushes, shaking his head, “It’s weird.” You raise an eyebrow, giggling, “Did we fuck or something?” “Oh my god!” he blurts out, getting off the couch. You laugh softly as you follow him, “Oh, come on! You have to tell me!” He puts the chip bag on the counter, not looking at you. You take his hand, giggling as you pull him close. “Dyl,” you pout slightly, looking up at him. He sighs, blushing as he looks at the ground. “Yeah, okay? We did.” You grin a little, squeezing his hand, “Was I any good?” He laughs, shaking his head, “Yeah, you were… you were great.” “What position?” you ask. “Y/n-” Dylan mumbles, shifting uncomfortably. You just smile up at him and he sighs, “You were… on top.” “Oh wow, I was riding you?” you ask in a slightly breathless voice, both of your eyes widening. You accidentally let the teasing act drop and your real emotions took over.

You let go of Dylan’s hand, looking away quickly. He’s watching you with a stunned look, not sure what to say. “I should go,” you murmur, starting to leave the room. “You were begging,” Dylan says quietly. Your heart starts beating a little faster, turning to him with a soft laugh, “What?” His eyes are fixed on yours, hesitantly taking a step forward, “You begged for it.” You swallow, licking your lips, “I did?” a soft, high voice escapes your lips without your permission. Dylan’s heart is pounding rapidly. This is so out of his comfort zone but the look on your face makes him want to tell you everything. He nods, glancing at your lips, “It felt… amazing.” You breathe out quietly and his jaw clenches as you move a little closer to him. “Then what?” you ask, watching him shyly. “You told me you were gonna… uh…” You blush, “You made me come?” you whisper, his eyes burning into yours. Suddenly, Tom walks into the room.

“Oh, y/n, nice to see you,” he smiles, getting himself a drink out of the fridge. Dylan looks away from you, biting his lip. “Hi, Mr. Klebold,” you say softly. “Do you want to go listen to music?” Dylan mumbles, watching you cautiously. You nod, saying goodbye to Tom and then following him up to his room. Dylan starts messing with his stereo as you sit on his bed, watching him. “Hey, Dyl?” you ask quietly. “Yeah?” he glances back at you. “Have you ever seen a naked girl in person?” He drops the CD he’s holding and picks it up with a blush, “Uh… no,” he mumbles. “Would you want to?” you ask softly. Oh god, yeah, he thinks. “Sure, I-I mean, a lot of guys would, probably. Uh… yeah.” You nod, “Oh… yeah, I’ve never seen a boy naked, either.” He looks back at you and you smile faintly, “This might sound crazy…” Dylan raises his eyebrows, knowing exactly where you’re going with this. Oh my god. “Would you want to, um,” you blush, looking down, “You know…see…” “Yeah,” he says a little too quickly, his heart pounding. “Now?” you ask softly. “Dylan, your mom’s on the phone!” you both hear Tom call. “Uh, what about tomorrow?” he asks, blushing. He’s actually making an appointment to see his best friend naked. You nod, “Tomorrow.” You get off his bed, “I’m going to go,” He nods, staring after you with a dumbfounded look even when you’re gone. Tomorrow, he thinks with disbelief, shaking his head.

Small World

@rav3n20 said:
Hey, I was wondering if you could do an AU when Sam’s at Stanford, and he meets the reader, and he doesn’t know she’s a hunter? And then when Dean comes he remembers her from a hunt he did a while back? Thanks!

Word count: 1,441

Warnings: none

A/N: This was a really cool request! I made the reader a part of the swim team because I’m a swim teacher and coach :) I feel like there could be a part two to this one- let me know if you want it! Enjoy lovelies…

You were in the zone. For once you’d actually managed to get a lane all to yourself, and you were revelling in it. The pool was where you came to relax, to clear your mind. Ploughing through the 3 mile session your coach had given you in a lane all to yourself, it was heaven on earth. As you completed another lap, executing a quick tumble turn and launching straight into the next 160ft, you collided head on with another swimmer. You broke the surface, ready to give whoever it was a serve for swimming on the wrong side of the lane. Your concentration was shattered and that made for an even feistier version of yourself.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! It’s my fault, I was on the wrong side I guess. I’m new to this whole thing, I’m really sorry. Are you okay?” the stranger babbled.

Your anger nearly melted away when you saw the intruder was an incredibly handsome guy. Nearly, but not quite.

“What the hell?! Come on, it’s not hard. You drive on the wrong side of the road too?” you berated him, both of you treading water.

“I’m really sorry, I’ll go find another lane.” he replied, starting to swim to the end of the pool.

“No, no. Stay.” you offer. “You’ve already messed me up, may as well stay here now. Besides, I don’t want you screwing anyone else up. Just stay out of my way.”

With that, you ducked under the water again, and swam away. You finished your session half-heartedly, always managing to keep one eye on the other swimmer in the lane. Mentally, you corrected his technique the whole time. He was a competent swimmer, but wasn’t trying out for the team anytime soon. Thank god for that, you’d never concentrate in training ever again if he was there. Your temper having cooled, you could truly appreciate the shirtless figure in the pool with you. Handsome didn’t even start to cover it. Leaning against the lane line at the end of the pool, you admired his muscular arms pulling through the water until he’d nearly caught up to you. Just in time, you jumped out of the pool, collecting your things and nearly sprinting off to the change rooms.

The whole time during your shower, you argued with yourself. To ask him out or not? Getting dressed, you ran through possible conversations in your head. You needed a serious self-pep talk on the walk out of the change rooms. As you looked around the pool deck, you couldn’t see him anywhere. He must’ve left. You had spent a very long time in the change rooms, trying to pluck up the courage to talk to him again, and now your chance was gone.

As you walked out of the Stanford University Aquatic Centre, you spotted him sitting on a bench outside the building, a book in his lap. The sound of the door closing caught his attention and he looked up, smiling when he saw it was you. He stuffed the book in his back pack, slung it over one shoulder and walked over to you.

“Hi.” He smiled, showing off a perfect set of pearly whites. You were getting really embarrassed about yelling at him before.

“Glad I caught you. I just wanted to apologise again for messing you up in the pool before.”

“Uh, no- that’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I shouldn’t have gone off at you like I did. Sorry about that.” you managed to spit out. Steeling yourself, ready for rejection, you continued.

“Actually, I was thinking maybe I could buy you dinner to apologise?”

He smiled even wider, and your heart rate rose even further.

“I’d love to but…”

Your heart stopped. Here it comes, you thought.

“But my cars in the shop right now. Is it alright if we take your car?” he finished.

“Of-of course we can. I’ll pick you up at 8?”

“Sounds great.” He scribbled on a receipt he pulled out of his back pocket and handed you his number.

“I’m Sam, by the way.”


“Lovely to meet you, Y/N. I’ve got to shoot off to the library now, but I’ll see you later.” And with another smile, he turned and left.

A grin of giant proportions spread across your face and there was a spring in your step as you strode away.

You sat opposite Sam, at a table in a little diner a few miles off campus. Sam had insisted on buying dinner, despite you protesting that you had in fact asked him out. Conversation flowed easily between you, nothing too personal, but it was nice enough. Sam looked great and you couldn’t help but lose yourself in his deep hazel eyes. Sam was reaching across the table to take your hand when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out and checked the screen.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N, but I have to take this. I’ll be right back.”

Sam excused himself from the table and walked out the front of the diner. You thought you heard him refer to the caller as Dean, but you thought nothing of it. Finishing your coffee, you took the chance to check out the game scores on the TV screen behind you.

Sam nearly jogged back to your table a minute or two later.

“I’m so sorry about this, but that was my brother. I’ve got to go, it’s a- a family emergency.”

Usually you’d be suspicious about a family emergency call in the middle of a date, but Sam’s flustered manner seemed quite genuine.

“Thank you so much for tonight. I had an amazing time. I’m so sorry that I’ve got to leave like this. Can I call you later?”

“How are you getting back? I drove you here remember. ” you asked.

“I’ll get a cab, it’s fine.” Sam brushed it off.

You pulled your keys out of your pocket and jingled them at Sam.

“No you’re won’t. I’ll drive.”

You pulled up at Sam’s place that he shared with a few other seniors off campus, like you did. A black Chevy Impala was parked on the curb, but you couldn’t quite make out the figure leaning against the hood. You figured it must’ve been Sam’s brother. Both you and Sam got out of the car, and he hugged you goodbye.

“Thanks for tonight, Y/N. I really enjoyed it. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Sam’s brother overheard and walked closer to you.

“Y/N?” he said, in a familiar voice.

“Dean?” You hadn’t seen Dean in a long time. He had helped you and your Dad on a hunt a few years back. Now you started putting it together. If Dean was here, that means Sam is Sam Winchester. You’d never met him before today, but your father talked about the Winchesters a lot.

“What are you doing here?” Dean asked you.

“How do you know Y/N?” Sam asked Dean at the same time.

“I was on a date with Sam when you called him. We had taken my car out, so I said I’d drop him off.” you answered Dean.

“And my family are hunters too, Sam. Dean helped us out on a case a few years back.” you said to Sam.

You hadn’t exactly run out on the life, like Sam had, but you weren’t expecting to meet another hunter at Stanford off all places. Let alone Sam freaking Winchester! Sam didn’t look to happy about it all either. Dean broke the thoughtful, and slightly awkward, silence between you.

“Well good. There’s a case here in town. And I need a hand. Figured I knew a pretty good hunter in town. Turns out I know two. Anyone in to gank some monsters?”

“A case? What happened to the family emergency? You said something was wrong with Dad!” Sam spluttered.

Dean scratched the back of his head.

“Well, Sammy. Would you have come otherwise?”

All Dean got in reply was a scowl from his brother, so he asked again.

“Who’s in for a little hunt?”

You smiled a little. If you were being honest, you’d missed the life, missed the excitement and the adrenaline rush. What harm could one little hunt do?

“I’m in.” you say.

“Good.” Dean replied, and you both turned to Sam expectantly.

“What do you say Sam? Coming along?” Dean prompted his little brother.

“Fine.” he conceded. “But just this once. And only because I want to keep an eye out for Y/N.”

You raised an eyebrow at Sam, feigning offense.

“Winchester, don’t worry about me. Just try and keep up.”