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“is there anything else I can get you?”

The waitress asked Jaebum as she stood at the side of his table, her voice dripped with venom and as JB looked up at her his eyes widened. She was glaring at him as if she wanted to slap him.

“uh no thank you”

He replied softly before she turned and stormed from his table, that was strange he thought as he turned his attention back to his date. Fortunately for him she didn’t seem to notice. The dinner seemed to be going well until the waitress walked by again and scoffed


JB and his date both looked up at her to see her glaring at him yet again.

“what was that all about?”

His date asked but JB simply shrugged his shoulders. He began to think back, was she maybe one of Jiwoo’s exes? Did she think he was Jiwoo?

“I have no idea, maybe we should just get out of here”

He sighed as he dropped his napkin onto the table. Just then the waitress stormed over to the table again, picking up a glass of water she tipped it over his head drenching his hair and shoulders. JB leapt to his feet splattering and cursing in shock

“I just thought you should know your boyfriend here has two other dates in this very restaurant right now while he’s here with you and he’s had the nerve to sit with each of you while I serve him”

Jaebum couldn’t believe what he was hearing, how the hell could he be on three dates? Then it clicked

“Hey bro, fancy seeing you here”

Jiwoo! Jaebums jaw was clenched tight as he glared over at his brother who had just made an appearance beside his table with his arm slung over his girlfriends shoulder

“Oh my god! Twins”

The waitress was now red faced and stuttering as she looked between the brothers. She knew she’d made a huge mistake.

“triplets actually”

Everyone spun around to find Joowon and Y/N standing behind them, he had a huge smile on his face but Y/N looked confused to see JB and Jiwoo.

“what the hell is going on?”

Jaebums date finally shouted as she looked between the brothers. The waitress was in tears now as she watched JB shake his wet hair out. It really didn’t help that they were all wearing similar shirts.

“I just came to mess with you guys, I heard you were both bringing your dates here and couldn’t pass up a perfect opportunity”

Joowon chuckled which earned him a slap to the back of the head from Y/N

“You asshole, you said you were treating me to dinner. I’m sorry Bummie I had no idea what he was up to”

JB sighed as he rolled his eyes at his brother, the first date he’d been on in a long time and his brother had to come along and ruin it.

“this is ridiculous! I’m leaving, JB please delete my number. This is too complicated dealing with your brothers and all this mess”

The triplets and Y/N all stared in disbelief as Jaebums date stormed past them and out of the restaurant, he was not expecting that.

“I am so sorry! Please don’t report me, your meals on the house okay just please”

The waitress began pleading with Jaebum and even though he was pissed he simply nodded and pushed past his brothers, too upset to even argue.

“Come on Y/N let’s get out of here”

He sighed as he tugged his best friend along with him.

“You’re an asshole Won, but I’m glad she poured water on him and not me”

Jiwoo chuckled as he followed them out.