oh hey gus

how my august went:
  • Me: what a beautiful time of the year!
  • Samuel: hey im a smol boy with a catchy song about being sixteen
  • Me: oh hello there cutie!
  • The Rose: we're new and freshly debuted but we've just made a song that will make you emotional 24/7
  • Me: uhm thank you?
  • Winner: we're back with a new chill summery concept
  • Me: but im still in winte-
  • Me: oh hey gu-
  • Wanna One: hey we're the nations boy group and we're gonna get you feelin so energetic
  • Me: thanks but I'll just take a break right about n-
  • Taeyang: let me just casually upgrade your life with my new album
  • Me: uhm guys
  • NCT Dream: we young
  • Me: uhm... guys please
  • Pristin: WE ARE PRISTIN ANNYEONG again
  • Me: wow hello now can we please sto-
  • VIXX LR: hey we're finally here to crush your souls again
  • Me: guys
  • Hyuna: hey babe *winks*
  • Me: guys pleassssse
  • BTS: here's a bunch of not-a-drama dramas to rip your heart open
  • Me: i cant take this any-
  • EXO: we're bringing back our super powers
“Can someone turn that stupid thing off, please?!”

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Imagine” After Peters fall in CACW you, as Tony Starks daughter, make sure to check up daily on your new friend. Just to keep him company, or that’s what you convinced yourself. But when Peter is hooked up to a heart monitor it exposes his true feelings of you.

Pairing: Stark!Read x Peter Parker

Word Count: 2027

Warning: none? Fatherly protectiveness?

“Dad, are you OK?” You asked your Dad, who was looking very miserable hunched over his desk in the lab. Truth is after everything that went down less than a week ago, you are extremely worried about your Dad. He may be a part of the world’s mightiest heroes as Iron Man, but he is still a man. And you knew he was hurting after most if the other Avengers left him and chose to fight against him, after all he just wanted to do what was right.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine thanks sweetie” He plastered on a smile, but you saw right through it.

“You don’t need to do that Dad; you don’t have to pretend around me. I get that your hurting, after everything that happened with Pepper, and now with the people who you would have risked your life for. Hell, it would be weird if you were fine after all of that.” you spoke softly. Seeing he was fighting the tears back, you quickly rushed over and engulfed him in a hug.

“Dad, I’m not going anywhere. I love you” you tried to comfort him. Your Dad pulled back from the hug and planted a kiss on your forehead.

“You are the best thing that ever happened to me” He confessed, causing you to let out a giggle.

“Thanks Dad. You want to come and see Pete with me?” You questioned. Already you felt bad for not visiting your friend first thing this morning.

“Nah, you go ahead kiddo. I’ll swing by later” He answered. You quickly rushed off to the injury section at the compound. When your Dad first brought in the infamous Spiderman you were first to greet him at your home, and one of the only people who knew about his true identity. Much to Tony’s dislike the two of you grew close, a close factor of that was being the same age, so doing all some things at school. So when your Dad came back one day carrying Peter in his arms and getting him seen to immediately, you were naturally worried. Deciding to take it upon yourself to visit him as often as you can, because you didn’t want him to feel lonely and you genuinely enjoyed your time with him.

“Hey Peter” You called, entering his room, where he was very comfortably laying on his bad.

“Oh hey Y/N, what you doing here?” His voice melodically carried through the room, like a breeze on a summers day. Taking in his appearance, you took time to appreciate the cute boy in front of you. His chocolate brown hair was ruffled, his beautiful deep brown eyes sparkled up at you and his perfect face was staring up at you rather curiously. Realising that you hadn’t answered his question, just starred at the boy you were developing a huge crush on, a blush rose to your cheeks. 

“Oh you know, I always keep my promises and I promised to keep you entertained as a guest in my house, sort of.” You tried to play it off, and he bought it, taking interest with what you had to say.

“You know you don’t have to do that” Peter mumbled, almost embarrassed

“I know, but I want to” You said rather bravely. A deep blush now covered both of your faces.

“I do too” Peter almost shouted


“Um you know, I would do the same for you too.” He played it off, bringing up a hand to scratch the back of his head, face burning as red as his suit. You chuckled in response.

“So Spidey, what do you want to do today?” Today you promised to do whatever he wanted, and as a woman to your word, you aimed to deliver.

“Actually I was hoping of just getting out of this room. It’s driving me crazy” He admitted.

“Yeah, I’ll bet. Maybe we could go to Central Park?” You asked, jumping at the idea of spending the day with this amazing boy.

“Great. I just need to get dressed and then we can head out.” Peter exclaimed.

Not noticing he was only in a hospital gown, you blushed and backed out of the room waiting for him to change.

“Y/N?” You heard Peter call from inside his room

“Yeah?” You pressed your ear up to the door so you could hear him better.

“I a-ac-tually need your help with something” He stuttered. So you gently pushed the door open and were met with a sight that will forever be cherished in your mind. 

A shirtless Peter Parker was standing in front of his bed, tomato red cheeks and holding one of his shirts. Again, taking a moment to admire him, your eyes cast over his perfectly sculpted abs which were scattered with purple bruises.

“I can’t get my shirt on with my arm because it really hurts when I lift it above my head.” He confessed, completely avoiding eye contact with you,

“Um, yeah yeah that’s fine. I can help you” Stuttered you, just as red as the teenage boy in front of you.

Tiptoeing your way over to him you pulled his top out of his head, inwardly chuckling at his Star Wars top. You opened up the head hole and placed it over his head pulling it gently so you didn’t hurt that pretty face. Not noticing how close the two of you were, being able to feel his breath on your face brought you into reality. 

Your eyes met his, who was looking down at you intensely, however unfortunately before anything could happen someone burst through the door.

“Hey gu- Oh my God, Peter why don’ you have a shirt on?!” Tony screamed, you immediately jump away from Peter as your Dad stares down at the poor boy as if he is the world’s worst criminal.

“N-no-othing happened Mr. Stark, your daughter was helping me” Peter stuttered, trying desperately to get out of this mess.

“Then why were two looking like you were about to kiss?” Your Dad obnoxiously announced, resulting in your face and Peters face to blow up red.

“N-no sir I wouldn’t do that to you” Peter assured Tony, but in the process it broke your heart, did he not want to kiss you?

“Well good thing spider, because ‘this’” Your Dad gestured between you and Peter “Is not gonna happen, not ever. So Parker you stay away from my little girl, you hear me? Or I will be telling Aunt May” Your Dad threatened. Angered flared in your chest, you are now old enough now to date who you want to date, no way was your Dad standing between something you wanted for a long time.

“No Dad, you can’t just do that. Peter and I are friends and we were gonna hang out today” You argued back, not wanting to stop seeing Peter all together. You two got on great, and if he didn’t want to be your boyfriend then that’s fine it’s not his fault.

“No Y/N, you are forbidden to see him again! Parker I will get someone to check up on you tonight then I’ll get you a ride back to Queens” Your father ordered, leaving without a say or any chance for you to disagree.

You stomped around in annoyance, then realised Peter was still there. He held a shell shocked look on his face, however when his eyes met yours a sheepish smile was displayed on his lips.

“I-I’m sorry if I caused anything between you and your Dad” He very thoughtfully apologised.

“No Peter, none of this was anyone’s fault except for my over protective father. I mean I can’t really blame him, with everything that’s going on he’s a little all over the place” You excused your father’s manners, trying to push down your maddens at him.

“So I guess I’m leaving tonight then” Peter said glumly 

“Yeah, sorry you didn’t get to go out today” You replied, moving to sit on his bed next to him.

“I didn’t really want to go out, I just wanted to spend the day with you” He replied almost instantly, then slapped a hand around his mouth, almost in disbelief that he had just admitted that to you. Chuckling you spoke softly,

“I wanted to spend the day with you too, I don’t just make my promises to anyone” Much to your dismay you were interested, again, but this time it was JARVIS, telling you that your Dad requested to see you in the kitchen. Quickly jumping off of Peter’s bed muttering a see you later you made your way to your father

The one thing you hated most in the world was upsetting your father. But that is what you always managed to do. Tony was upset that you were growing, very fast, all he wanted to do was protect you from the big bad world and from nasty teenage boys who only think with their downstairs brains. He just couldn’t think that Peter was any different for your sake, because the one thing that he can’t stand in the world is you being upset 

“Dad, one day I’ll have a boyfriend and you are going to have to accept it. Wouldn’t you rather me be with someone you know is a good kid rather than some punk ass hole who always shows up to school late?” You questioned, trying to make him see reason, however Tony was having none of it.

“Peter is just getting checked up, I’m going to have a word with him and you can say your final good bye, OK?” He made out like he was doing you a favour.

“Fine” slamming back into the chair, you waited for your father to let you see your friend.

“Thank you for this opportunity Mr. Stark, I really appreciate it” Peter mumbled, avoiding eye contact with your father at all costs.

“No thank you for helping me, even though you aren’t my favourite person right now, you were a lot of help.” Tony admitted, squeezing Peter’s shoulder.

“Sorry to interrupt, just need to do the final checkups” A nurse entered and hooked Peter up to some machines. Including a heart monitor, where the slow beat of his heart began echoing through the room.

“Well then, Y/N is out waiting for-” At this moment the once gentle beat of Peter’s heart began to furiously pick up its pace causing everyone in the room to turn to him.

“U-u-umm Mr. Stark its-” But before he could continue you opened the door and walked in, bored of waiting outside.

If everyone e thought Peter’s heart couldn’t get any faster, they were amazingly disproven. His heart rate was now going so fast that no one could comprehend what was going on. Worried that there was something wrong, you rushed over and grabbed his hand, again causing eh speed of his heart to increase.

“Can someone turn that stupid thing off, please?” Peter rather embarrassingly pleaded, his cheeks stained red. Realisation dawned on your face as you starred curiously at Peter. You were what caused Peter to get nervous, it was you that made his heart beat just that little bit faster, much like how he did it to you.

Acting before you could think about your actions you leaned over and kissed Peter right on those dreamy lips. Responding almost immediately he kissed you back. Finally!

“Eh-uh” Your father coughed. Being brought back down to reality, you had just kissed the boy you like in front of your Dad who had forbid you to see him! Oh what a mess,

“Look, I don’t like this. But Peter I can see how much you like my daughter and as long as you promise not to hurt her, this will be OK oh and also remember I am Iron Man, so you know” As your Dad gave you his approval you pulled both of them into a group hug happy that your Dad was happy for you.

“Don’t worry Mr. Stark, I will protect Y/N always, I am Spiderman” Peter joked back, oh he was going to fit right in.

Fill in the Blanks - Gus (4/5)

Ever wonder how Gus knew in 1x09 that Waverly was interested in a certain sheriff’s deputy? Here’s a drabble series attempting to fill in those blanks. Or in the alternative: four times Gus McCready thought Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp were perfect for each other and one time Gus was finally proven right. 

Pts. 1, 2, 3.

Pt. 4 takes place pre-1x07.

“Just how many of these do you need exactly?” Gus asks as she picks up a green satin throw pillow with a large red star in the center, one of about a dozen pillows of all shapes, colors, and sizes in Waverly’s shopping cart. She twirls it between her hands, marveling at the number of tassels that could fit on a small, cotton-stuffed square.

“Enough to make the Homestead, you know, homey,” Waverly replies, snatching the pillow from Gus, dropping it back into the basket, and checking off the item in her notepad with the swipe of a tiny pencil. “Everything’s gotta be perfect.”

“For Stephanie Jones?” Gus scrunches her face up, like she just caught a whiff of cow dung, and pushes the cart behind Waverly, its ungreased wheels squeaking softly. “You barely even like her.”

“Don’t be silly, Gus,” Waverly says, leading them down an aisle filled with party decorations. “Of course I like her. She’s my friend. I mean, I am in her bridal party.”

“If you say so,” Gus mutters under her breath. Truth be told, Gus likes Stephanie Jones even less than Champ Hardy. While Waverly’s ex is a dimwit, at least he isn’t a mean-spirited, vapid dimwit like Stephanie, who bolsters her insecurities with barbed put-downs of her so-called “friends.”

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Preference #3: Another boy walks in on you two

Sammy: “Sam,” you said as he kissed up and down your neck, searching for your sweet spot. “Hmmm?” He hummed against your skin, sending chills down your spine from the vibration. “The guys are downstairs,” You breathed out,. “We’ll be fine, just don’t be loud,” Sam mumbled against your skin, gently sucking on it. He tugged as the hem of your shirt and pulled it off of you. Sammy softly pushed you down onto the bed as he got on top of you. “Your shirt needs to go,” You said to him right before his mouth attacked yours. You could hear the boys watching tv and talking as things started to get heated up. Your fingers traced over Sam’s abs and stopped right above the waistband of his boxers. You smiled into the kiss knowing what you’re doing to him, “Don’t tease me, (y/n),” Once he spoke, you slid your hand into his boxers and started pumping his shaft, “Fuck, (y/n)” Sam moaned into your neck, “I need you. I need you now,” Your hand was removed from his boxers as he pulled them off, along with yours. “Shit, Sammy,” You moaned as he thrusted into you. Almost seconds into it, you heard the door swing open, “Hey gu- oH MY GOD, SHIT, SORRY, OH MY GOD,” You let out a yelp as Jack stood in the doorway, “Fuck, Jack! Don’t you know about knocking?!” Sam yelled throwing the sheets over the two of you. “I’m sorry! I’m leaving!” Jack said quickly said before shutting the door. “Talk about a mood killer,” You said a smile dancing on your red face. Sam let out a small laugh before putting his clothes back on. 

Jack G.: “Jack,” You said standing in the door way of the connected bathroom. You tried pulling Jack’s attention away from his phone, but you were failing. “Jack,” you tried again but nothing. “Jack Gilinsky, look at me right now,” You said, putting your foot down. It took a few seconds before his eyes finally raked over your body. You were in your favorite black and red lingerie set. “Shit, babe,” Jack smiled as he made his way towards you. His hands instantly gripped your hips as yours hung around his neck. “You look sexy as hell in that,” Jack growled in your ear, kissing your skin right below it. Jack kissed up and down your neck before his lips finally collided with yours. One of Jack’s hands moved to your ass as he lightly squeezed it, earning a moan from you. “Jump,” He said against your lips. You did as you were told and wrapped your legs around his waist. Your hands tugged at the bottom of his shirt before pulling it off. Jack moved the two of you over to the bed and sat at the edge. ”God you’re so beautiful,” He whispered as he took the top part of your lingerie off. His palm massaged your breast while his lips left love bites all over your neck. You let out a small moan, enjoying every bit of please. You grinded against Jack’s crotch making him instantly hard. Jack fell back on the bed, pulling you with him. You palmed Jack through his jeans, teasing him as much as you can. You were getting ready to unbuckle them when the door flew open, “Yo Jack you re-” You instantly covered your chest and buried your face into Jack’s shoulder, “Oh shit….sorry man!” You heard Nate say before running out of the room. “Oh my god, that is so embarrassing!” You say before the door opened again. “Oh and (y/n), nice rack,” Nate said. Jack threw a pillow at him but he closed the door right before he could get hit.

Nate: You straddled Nate’s almost naked body, grinding against him. “I’ve missed you so much,” he said to you as you kissed and sucked against his neck, searching for his sweet spot. Quickly, Nate flipped you over. “It’s all about you tonight,” he said as he laid kisses all down your stomach. You felt yourself getting wet as his face inched closer and closer to where you needed him most. “God, Nate. Hurry up already!” You said. In one swift movement Nate discarded your panties and threw them to the side. His thumb rubbed your clit as he plunged two fingers into you. You let out a slightly loud moan as Nate’s movements got faster. Your hands gripped the bed sheets as you moaned “Shit, Nate,”. You were overwhelmed by the pleasure. Just as you were about to reach your high, you saw Jack stumble in. You let out a yelp as you threw the covers over you and Nate. “Um….” as all Jack said as he furrowed his eyebrows. “Sorry, have you seen Nate?” He asked looking back and forth from you to the bump at the center of the bed. You tried your best to form a coherent sentence but found it difficult with Nate still pleasuring you. “Uh, w-who? Nate, o-oh no. Sorry,” You quickly said hoping he would leave. Jack scratched his neck and back out of the room, shutting the door on his way out. When you took the covers off, you found a sly grin on Nate’s face. “I hate you,” you said quietly before getting out of bed and throwing on your clothes. “Oh come on, babe,” He said grabbing your waist and pulling you into him, “Let me finish you off,” Nate bit his lip, knowing full well it made you weak in the knees. “Fine,” you said, attacking his neck, “But if Johnson comes in again, your ass is getting it,” you said while taking your shift off again and starting where the two of you left off.

Jack J.: You and Jack were having a movie night at your house with the other boys. You were sitting on Jack’s lap since the other three took all the comfortable seats in the room. As the movie got less and less interesting, you decided you were going to have a little fun. You lightly grind on Jack’s crotch and then looked up at his face to see his reaction. At first, you didn’t think it phased him but then you saw his jaw was clenched. Not entirely satisfied with the response, you grinded down a little bit harder. Jack’s warm breath his the back of your neck and he tightened his grip around your waist and whisper, “You need to stop that, (y/n). You’re driving me insane,” You let out a small giggle and he pressed a soft kiss against your neck. Once more, you grinded against him, making him want you. “Well, this movie is boring. I’m going upstairs,” You said jumping off of Jack’s lap. You made sure to sway your hips, knowing fully well Jack was watching. It only took seconds before you were upstairs and stripping off your clothes. You were only in your undergarments when the door swung open, “God, (y/n), you’re such a tease,” Jack said as his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you into him. His lips connected with your neck, leaving soft kisses all over. Your eyes fluttered closed, enjoying the pleasure being given to you. You turned around in Jack’s arms, “I love you so much,” he said as his hands met your ass. You bit your lip knowing it drives him insane. Your lips collided with Jack’s. His hands moved to the back of your thighs, silently telling you to jump. Your legs wrapped around his hips and your fingers tangled in his hair. As things started to get heated, the door opened up, “Hey where do you keep the popcorn?” Sam stumbled in asking. You pulled away from the kiss as both you and Jack looked at your Sam, “Um….this isn’t where you keep the popcorn,” he said, looking back and forth of you and Jack. He slowly backed out of the room, leaving you and your boyfriend alone once again. The second the door shut, you couldn’t help but let out a laugh

Sam Wilkinson Imagine for anon

Finally some alone time with Sam. We never get any alone time anymore, we’re always with the boys. The boys are over right now but we managed to sneak away. We’re at Sam’s and all the Magcon boys just came back from tour so we’re all having a sleep-over. Sam and I are his guest bed-room while the rest of the boys are running through-out the house, not noticing were gone. Sam and I are cuddling just enjoying the moment.
He broke the nice silence with “Babe, I really do love our alone time together. It’s never an awkward silence it’s a peaceful silence.” He said kissing the top of my head. I turned around in his arms so I was so now facing him, chest to chest.
“Sam, you’re so cute” I say kissing him softly. He then grabbed both sides of my face with his big hands, and kissed me passionately. I straddled his lap, and started to grind my hips into his. Hearing his soft moan in the kiss is so comforting, and it’s ben so long since I’ve heard it. It drives me crazy. I couldn’t help but take off his shirt to expose his toned chest. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I was wearing a sexy black bra. I started to kiss his neck, which I knew drove him crazy. He flipped us over so he was on top of me, and started to kiss me roughly. He bit my bottom lip, he knew I loved that….and just as things were getting heated, Jack G walks in.
“Hey gu….oh my god this is awkward..” he said as I searched for my shirt
“GET SOME GUYS!” Taylor said behind them
Soon enough all 9 were at the door laughing at us being caught.
“I’m sorry babe…I forgot to lock the door..” Sam said into my ear
At least we got SOME alone time….