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Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam
Words: 1235
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I please get a Gabriel oneshot where he’s the reader’s guardian angel and is secretly in love with her, but then he introduces her to Sam and Dean, and Dean keeps flirting with her and she seems to like it so he gets jealous and starts flirting and showing off to get her attention and it turns into a funny competition, and the reader and Sam know what’s going on but let it happen until the reader has enough and confesses that she loves Gabe? 

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           “Are you ready?” Gabriel asked, appearing in your apartment.

           “I’m ready,” you nodded. You had heard plenty about the Winchester brothers, but had yet to meet them. Gabriel had decided that you needed to meet them before moving into the bunker with them. You were moving in because Gabriel insisted you be kept as safe as possible when he handled important heaven vs hell duties.

           “You’ll love the bunker,” he said, once again talking the place up for your benefit, even though you were actually fine with the plan.

           “Gabe, I’m going willingly, remember?”

           He sighed, “Yeah.”

           “Just snap us there, Candy Angel,” you smiled, using the nickname you had given your guardian angel years before.

           Gabriel laughed and snapped his fingers. You instantly found yourself in a wonderful library you instantly fell in love with, “Wow,” you looked around, “This place is amazing,” you said.

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He Gives You a Present - IM5

**THIS IS KIND OF LATE I’M SORRY but I hope you guys still like it lol :)**


One day you and your boyfriend, Cole, were doing a bit of shopping. You passed by a jewelry store that had a beautiful charm bracelet in the window display.

“Oh my gosh! Cole look at this bracelet!”
“Oh wow y/n, it’s pretty!”
“Ugh but look at the price. It’s $200.”

Cole noticed how upset you looked once you two started to walk away from the window display. You weren’t really into jewelry so he was kinda surprised that you were interested in that bracelet. After shopping, the two of you came back home and you started to put away the clothes that you and Cole bought. Out of complete silence, Cole yelled from downstairs.

“Hey y/n! I think I forgot something at the mall I’ll be right back!”

A few hours passed and Cole still hasn’t come back from the mall. You grew a bit worried so you decided to text him “Hey, where are you?” Until you hear the front door open. You run from the bedroom and down the stairs to see Cole just awkwardly standing there with his hands behind his back and a giant grin on his face.

“So did you find what you were looking for?”
“I certainly did.”

He pulled out a small bag from behind his back and held it out in front of him. You looked at the bag and started to get confused.

“Cole I don’t remember you buying something from that store.”
“Weeeell, maybe you should open it.”

You didn’t ask any more questions and did what he said. You took the bag from his hand and pulled out a small box that was inside.

“Cole, don’t tell me…”
“I bought it for you! I saw your face when we walked away from it and I just thought it would be a great gift.”
“But this was $200!”
“That doesn’t matter.”

You looked at the bracelet and noticed a charm in the shape of a heart hanging from it that said:

“you and me -Cole”.

You instantly put it on and gave your boyfriend one of the biggest hugs ever. You pulled away from him keeping your arms wrapped around his neck and his hands on your waist.

“This is the greatest thing ever, thank you.”
“You deserve it y/n.”

He gave you a kiss on your forehead then continued with the rest of his day while you showed off your new bracelet on Twitter, Instagram, and basically everywhere.


It was your three year anniversary with your boyfriend Gabe and he completely forgot about it. You decided to surprise him at rehearsals with a DIY photo collage in a picture frame that you’ve been working on for weeks. When you pulled him aside from the boys to give it to him he was nothing but confused.

“Uh… Is there a special occasion y/n?”

You grew insanely pissed at him that you didn’t even want to say another word. Before you stormed out after asking him multiple times if he really didn’t know, you overheard Dana say “bro it’s your anniversary.” After Dana helped him out, Gabe instantly ran after you but you were already in your car driving away. He called and texted you all day but you ignored all of them and decided to just hang out with some friends instead.

After hours of being angry at Gabe, you decided to come home. It was already 11 pm so you thought he’d be home by now as well, but it didn’t seem like it once you walked in. Although, you did notice a small box sitting on top of a white piece of paper on the couch.

I know I forgot the most important day of our relationship and please believe me when I say I feel horrible. My calls or texts didn’t seem to get through to you so I hope this will. In a way this is an apology gift, but more towards a Happy Anniversary. I love you.
- Gabe

PS. I love the photo collage”

You started to genuinely feel bad for ignoring him the whole day after reading that note. You opened the box and saw the most perfect promise ring sitting inside. You took it out gently and observed it like it was the most beautiful thing in the world.
Out of nowhere Gabe walked out of the bedroom.

"Oh, hey Y/N.”
“Gabe, did you-“
“Look, I know I forgot our anniversary today and I know you’re probably still mad at me and I’m sorry. Right after you left I spent the rest of my day trying to find the perfect gift and I found that. I have one too so it’s like a matching thing. I also had it engraved- and I know it might not-“

You took your attention from him to the ring and looked for the engraving. The inside had you and Gabe’s anniversary date with a heart next to it.


You interrupted his rambling of an apology and walked towards him.

“It’s perfect. Like you.”

A smile grew on his face and he picked you up in a hug and spun you around. When he put you down he cupped your face and gave you a kiss.


“Hey beautiful! :) I have some bad news… Our trip has been extended for 3 more days so I won’t be coming home tomorrow for your birthday… I’m sorry, I’ll make it up when I get back! I love you”

You were in the middle of getting ready for bed when you got a text from your boyfriend, David. You grew completely upset and
plopped on the bed.

“Well this is great…”

You mumbled before shooting him a text back and saying goodnight. You stayed in the position that you fell into on your bed and slowly fell asleep. The night went by quickly and you were already waking up to morning. As soon as you opened your eyes, you noticed a teddy bear holding a cushioned gift box next to your pillows. You grabbed it out of curiosity then heard something on the other side of you. You turned around on the bed and saw David and his luggage. You assumed that this was all a surprise but you were too tired to say anything before he turned around and saw you.

“Hey Y/N! Do you usually sleep like that when I’m gone?”

Once you knew that you weren’t dreaming you jumped out of bed and into David’s arms.

“By the way, since you already noticed the bear you should probably open his gift box.”

You walked back over to the bed and did just that. Inside were pictures of you and David that have been developed, a CD of a playlist he made filled with your guys’ favorite songs, and random note cards that he wrote on listing everything that he adored about you. On the back of each photo was written the memory of every single one of them. Your smile grew bigger as you looked through each photo and notecard until you came across a picture that was different from the rest. Instead, this picture was just of you.

“David? Why is there a selfie of me in here?”
“Look at the back.”

You turned the photo over and read:
“My favorite picture of you. In my world, your smile does wonders.”

You looked back at David who instantly greeted you a happy birthday kiss and hug. Tired from his flight, he crawled into bed with you and you fell back asleep while he held you in his arms like he would never let you go.


You and your boyfriend Will were having movie night during his week off that he had. You two were in the middle of cuddling on the couch while watching your third movie when he interrupted.

“Oh! I almost forgot.”

He dug behind a pillow on the couch and pulled out a black leathered photo album. The cover was titled “Memories of You and Me”. You were so caught up in your feelings that you didn’t know what to say.

“Will? What is this? What’s the occasion?”
“Well, we basically had one whole day on the tour to do whatever soooo I spent that whole day making this!”

You flipped through the photo album and saw numerous pictures from the beginning of your guys’ relationship to now. He even took the time to be silly and decorate on some of them. While you were still looking through the photos, Will pulled out another photo album from behind the cushion.

“Then in the middle of making that I went out and bought another album just in case we ran out of space in that one. I never realized how much pictures we take together…”
“Will! How many photo albums did you buy?”
“Well, Y/N… I guess it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I told you there’s another one in my suitcase upstairs.”

You laughed at how cute he was and how much effort he put into this. He took the photo album from your hands and placed it on a side table nearby. He grabbed both your hands and looked at you with the most sincere eyes.

“Basically what I’m trying to say through this… Besides the fact that I don’t have a life and spend my free time making a photo album. Is that I never want this to end. I want to keep making memories with you and taking pictures with you and then putting them in photo albums! Y/N, I love you.”
“Will… There’s no one else I’d want to have this with than with you. Absolutely. No one.”

He kissed you on the lips before he climbed on top of you and tickled you on the couch. No matter how much you begged him to stop all he wanted was to hear your laugh that he loved.


“I barely see you and the first thing you do when you come back home is go to a party? Thought we had plans but guess not.”
“Y/N I’m sorry… But I promised my friend I’d show up. Once the party is over I’ll come by, okay?”
“It’s fine. I have to study anyways. Bye”
“Y/N, can-“

You hung up on your boyfriend Dana before he could even finish his sentence. He was gone for a little over a month and his first night back he decided to go to a birthday party instead of dinner with you, which was the initial plan. You came up with the excuse of “studying” when you knew yourself you had nothing to study for. Friday night and it was spent all alone.

You ended up falling asleep, with your earphones in listening to music. As you sat up from bed you felt something dangling from your neck, a necklace that had an outline of a star. You took out your earphones and grabbed onto the necklace out of curiosity. All of a sudden you heard someone behind you. You turned around in bed and noticed Dana sitting on the floor, putting away your clothes in your dresser.


You sat up completely, rubbed your eyes, and called out Dana with a raspy voice. You looked at the clock and it was almost 9 pm.

“What are you doing here?”
“Well good morning Y/N!”

He finished putting away the last stack of clothes and made his way to you. He was about to give a kiss on the forehead but you backed away, obviously still upset that he chose to go to a party.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at a party?”
“Aren’t you supposed to be studying?”
“I asked first Dana.”

He sighed and put his hands in his pocket before he started to explain.

“I couldn’t go to a party and have fun knowing that you’re mad at me. So I decided to just come over instead and hang out with you while you studied buuut… I walked in and saw you sleeping. So I thought it would be nice for you to wake up to a clean room and clothes put away.”

You looked around your room and noticed that Dana really did clean up.

“And the necklace?”
“Ahh, the necklace. Yup, that’s from me too. I have a moon one. I was going to give this to you when I came back. But then I forgot about our dinner, and then the party came up, then you got mad at me, and so here I am.”

You looked at the necklace then at Dana. He looked genuinely upset that you were mad at him. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt that caused him to fall down on top of you. He wrapped his arms under your back while you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Thank you Dana. For the necklace AND cleaning my room.”
“No problem babe. And the necklaces… It’s supposed to be a reminder. I know I travel a lot leaving you behind so I thought having a moon and a star necklace could be a reminder that we’re always together no matter what, since the stars and moon are always in the same sky.”

You laughed at how cute it was and gave him a kiss on the nose.

“Super corny! But, super sweet.”
“You’re not mad anymore y/n?”
“I could never stay mad at you Dana.”