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Once, and only once, Geoff made the mistake of sending Ryan and Jeremy out on a job that required stealth. A job he wanted taken care of quietly, without witness, secrecy not quite vital but ideally to be done without links back to the crew.

Honestly it was a reasonable pick; the Vagabond was a ghost when he wanted to be, and Jeremy was pretty decent at flying under the radar. Or at least he had been, before he joined the FAHC. Since joining though, where blending in isn’t a matter of life or death and Jeremy had the freedom to be whatever he wanted to be, he’d become kind of. Loud. Bright, in your face, unapologetically jarring, a goddamn eyesore more often than not. It’s not that he couldn’t be subtle, it’s just that he kind of refused to be.

He’d probably have toned it down for the job, never one to mess up serious work, but Geoff had gone an paired him with Ryan. Ryan whose thoughts on following orders were iffy on a good day, who never could resist a bit of good old fashioned wanton destruction. Theres something sort of malleable about Ryan; not innocence or naivety, not ignorance, but when a request aligns itself with his interests he’s never been all that great at turning it down. It’s what has him playing along with all Gavin’s vicious games, what get him leaning towards explosives with Michael or high speed chases with Jack.

It’s what sees him on this job with Jeremy, only moments after splitting up and already watching wisps of black smoke rising from the building they’d been sent to infiltrate. Ryan knows he should tell Jeremy to reign it in, knows Jeremy would if he asked, knows this whole covert plan of Geoff’s was still salvageable if he works quickly enough. Ryan has a sniper rifle in one hand and a rocket launcher in another, has Geoff’s disapproval on his mind and Jeremy’s laughter in his ear; with two distinct paths Ryan has to make a choice. It’s really not a difficult one.

By the time they call Geoff to check in the news choppers have long been circling, gleefully broadcasting the growing damage. Crumbled walls and leaping flames, a vicious firefight and daring escape, absolute carnage and all with the utterly unmistakable figures of the Vagabond and Rimmy Tim caught slap bang in the middle. One might argue that the whole secrecy deal was kind of a bust at that point.

Geoff was having kittens, spluttered rage restricted by the phone that could not witness his wild gestures but making up for it tenfold as he howled down the line all dickheads and assholes and biggest mistakes of my life. He’s clearly caught somewhere between temper, long suffering resignation and utter disbelief at the sheer level of their disobedience, though the anger certainly wins out when Jeremy pipes up, downright chipper without a hint of remorse, Mission accomplished boss!

i love the fics where one universe’s ryan is swapped with the ryan of another universe and then shenanigans ensue because obviously that’s not ryan he’s trying to murder everything in a two-mile radius

but i also get a kick out of the concept that achievement hunter ryan is just so goddamn weird that nobody notices anything’s amiss for, like. a while.

so like maybe minecraft mad king ryan is swapped out with regular ryan, and when he returns everybody’s like, “oh, hey, you’re finally back!”

and ryan’s like, “how’d you know it wasn’t me? was he trying to enslave you all or something?”

“well, yeah, but we thought that was just you, like. method acting.”


“ryan, last week you threw knives into the wall.”

“then how the hell did you know it wasn’t me?”

“oh, michael brought in donuts and you didn’t want any.”

Love Through the Hate

pairing: lams

modern middle/high school AU

request: anon: Please Make more fanfics. If you need inspiration I will freestyle for you. Okay It would be a Lams. John Laurens dad would hurt John because he’s gay. Alex will comfort him. Good Luck I don’t mean to be needy but, It has been a while since you made a fanfic and I am happy with all your new followers (You deserve them) Yeah so have a nice day.

word count: 2015

warnings: homophobia, hitting, does it count as physical abuse? if someone getting hit triggers you please don’t read

a/n: well i’ve been not productive about this blog lately. whoops. IF HOMOPHOBIA OR A FATHER HITTING HIS SON BECAUSE OF HATE IS A TRIGGER FOR YOU DO NOT READ. please, take care of yourself first.



“John, how come you never have me over at your house? Like, for dinner or whatever?”

John fidgets in his seat, picks at a loose thread on his sleeve, drums his fingers on the table, leans back and looks at the clock, does everything he can to avoid answering Alex’s question.

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Ghostbusters! (x)


Gotta make traditions if your immortal, kinky bath sex on Valentines day is a good one

Also headcanon for this AU, After a bunch of years, Danny doesn’t really keep a track of the days or months or years anymore (it’s all a bit of a blur to him), Vlad keeps a track of that kinda stuff

Danny handles the moral business and stuff yo


Edit: OOp i didn’t add their power glow thingo around their phones, but i think the fact that those boys got good enough with their powers to float things around is obvious right?