oh hey baby nothing is wrong

Drama Queen
  • Victor: Hey Yuuri, do you hear... Super angsty music playing?
  • Yuuri: You know, I thought I heard crying but the music was so loud I wasn't sure. I'll go check.
  • Yuuri: *knocking on Yuri's door*
  • Yuuri: Hey... Are you okay? What's wrong?
  • Yuri: NotHING! GO AWAY!!
  • Yuuri: I'm coming in!
  • Yuri: No, stupid pig!
  • Yuuri: Aww, poor baby, is it boy trouble?
  • Yuri: *sniffling* ...yeah, Otabek hates me and wants to break up with me!
  • Yuuri: *holding Yuri* Oh... This seems... Sudden. Victor, honey, come up here. Did you know about any of this?
  • Victor: Of what?
  • Yuuri: Yuri and Otabek's problems?
  • Victor: No... They didn't have any problems last I heard.
  • Yuri: He hates me and won't text back!
  • Victor: Haha, he probably just forgot to! I do all the time!
  • Yuri's Phone: *dings*
  • Yuri: Oh, he texted back.
  • Yuuri and Victor: AND?!??!!!
  • Yuri: Lmao, he just forgot. Silly Beka Bear!
  • Yuuri and Victor: *walking away* What a drama queen.
  • *Music and crying resumes less than a minute later*
  • Yuuri and Victor: Jfc
There For You

The sunlight is beaming through the curtains of their hotel room and Jo rolls over onto her stomach, squinting at the rays of sunshine. She rubs her eyes, stretching out in the comfortable king size bed. She still feels sore and she could swear that he bruised her hip the way he had pressed her down into the mattress last night.

After a night like that Shawn would usually reach out for her to cuddle and kiss her all over but this morning the place next to her in bed was empty, comforter tossed to the side.

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DILF- Shawn Mendes

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first imagine on Tumblr. It is 2204 words. Not sure if that’s long or short. I really don’t know what to say 😂 Feel free to message me with any feedback and I hope you enjoy! 

“Daddy comes home today, baby,” I expressed to my almost year old daughter while I bounced her on my hip.

“Aren’t you so excited?” she only replied with cute giggles and two-teethed smiles.

One thing about Avery was she loved her dad more than anything in the world. Anything about him made her happy. She loved to FaceTime with him or just listen to one of his songs. There had been many occasions when she wouldn’t sleep, but I put on her father’s music and she was out like a light.

I looked at my baby, being captivated by her beauty. Sure she was still young, but I could see her looking like her father more and more every day. She had his curly brown hair, the kind that swooped across her forehead, and his beautiful light brown eyes. Avery had Shawn’s smile and his cute little nose. He always said she looked like me and “Thank God because you’re the cute one.” I didn’t agree with either of those statements. I was glad she looked like him. If I was missing him, I had a little mini him around to dull the longing I felt.

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What You’re Expecting, May Not Be What You’re Expecting

Word Count: 1009

Originally posted by vminv

“Are you doing alright?”

“Jimin, you’ve asked me that five times in the past half hour, I’m okay, I promise.” Jimin’s girlfriend shook her head, ignoring the persistent whining from her boyfriend.

“I just wanna make sure,” he said with a pout, wrapping his arms gently around her torso. “After all, there’s more than just you I have to worry about now.” Jimin smiled when he felt her laugh, feeling the vibrations through her skin.

“Jimin, I’m barely twelve weeks in, the baby is just the size a golf-ball right now and I barely have a bump yet.” she put down the book she was reading to look at Jimin fully. She watched him lean his head down towards her tummy, lifting her shirt up to place numerous soft kisses into it. She giggled softly and felt Jimin smile into her skin as she ran her fingers through his hair. Jimin lifted his head, poking his tongue out at her playfully.

“What’ll you think it’ll be?” he asked. 

“I don’t care, as long as the baby is happy and healthy.” Jimin hummed in agreement, sitting back up to place his head against her shoulder.

“I kinda want a girl. A sweet, beautiful baby girl.” he sighed dreamily, reaching down to grip his girlfriend’s hand. “She’ll look just like her mother, I know it.”

“If it’s a girl I hope she gets your chubby cheeks and your beautiful eyes.” she admitted, pecking Jimin’s cheek. He scoffed, shaking his head.

“But you’re so much more attractive babe.” his pouty lips and wide eyes made her fawn and give the man a kiss.

“You’re too sweet to me Jimin.” said man instantly puffed his chest out, beaming at the girl sitting next to him.

“And I’ll be even sweeter when we get to meet our baby. I can’t wait to hold their little hands and feel their soft skin and hold them close.” he squirmed happily.

“Will you still be saying that at three a.m. when they need to be fed and changed?” she raised her eyebrows playfully and Jimin paused for a second.

“With you, it would be worth it.” Jimin watched his girlfriend smile before hearing her phone ringtone go off. She picked it up.

“Mom! How are you? I was actually going to call you tomorrow.” Jimin nodded along. They had both planned to call their parents to break the news about the baby tomorrow, since her bump would be growing soon in the next month or so. Jimin watched her smile fall, her eyes widening in fear. Jimin raised himself up, squeezing her hand reassuringly.

“N-No, Mom, we were planning to tell you tomorrow it’s not like that-.” she paused and Jimin could hear her mother’s shocked, yet hurt voice through the receiver. He sent her a look of confusion and she held up a finger to wait.

“Channel 4?” Jimin instantly lunged for the remote, turning on the TV and switching to the channel.

“In other news, famous idol Park Jimin from the notorious band, BTS, is rumored to be a future father. It’s been over a year since the Hallyu idol announced his relationship to his girlfriend; fans have barely recovered from that piece of information over a year later so imagine their shock at the announcement of the star being a father! An anonymous source told our news-sources that the woman in question was speaking with a friend when they overheard the news of her being an expecting mother! Whether or not this information is valid still remains unproven, but the fans have already caused an uproar on all social media sources! BigHit Entertainment has not released an official statement at this time about-” Jimin switched the TV off, leaning back against the couch in disbelief. He turned to see his girlfriend still on the phone, tears in her eyes.

Jimin moved his hands up to cup her face, shushing her quietly as his thumbs rubbed softly into her cheeks. He noticed her mother’s voice was softer now, an almost inaudible hum compared to the loud buzz from before.

“Thank you for understanding Mom, I’m sorry you had to find out this way…” Jimin sighed along with her, placing his forehead gently against her own.

“I’ll talk to you later Mom okay? I love you…bye.” she dropped the phone, finally allowing the tears to fall. Jimin quickly wiped them away, pulling her in for a hug.

“Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here, I’m here for you. Don’t cry babe, it’s okay. You’re okay, I’m okay, our baby is okay, everything’s gonna be alright.” he ran his fingers through her hair, calming her down.

“I-I’m sorry.” she sniffled and Jimin gently nudged her head up so he could look into her eyes.

“Why are you apologizing? You did nothing wrong.” he wiped her pink cheeks free of tears, staring at her inquisitively.

“But now you have to make a statement, and your company, and the boys will be harassed about his, and oh Jimin, your mother! What’ll she think and the fans and-” Jimin placed a finger on her lips, silencing her.

“It’s okay. The guys know how to handle themselves, I’m sure Bang PD-nim will effectively settle the situation and get the news out of our hair. If i have to make a statement, so what? I’ll tell them the truth. For the fans, the true ones will stay, just like when I told them about us. As for my mother, I will deal with that baby.” Jimin placed a quick kiss on her lips.

“Remember how scared you were when I announced our relationship? Remember how there wasn’t as much negative backlash as you thought? This is just the same way, only with a baby.” Jimin chuckled and he smiled when he saw his love’s face grow lighter.

“Yeah, it just makes me upset someone would do something like that.” she admitted and Jimin gave her another kiss to comfort her.

“Some people are just nosy gossips. We can’t change that, but we’ll get through it together, the three of us,” he placed a hand on her tummy “Because more than anything, I want to be with you and this baby. I want to love you both forever. And no one is going to change that, okay?” he watched her nod his head and Jimin smiled. He opened his mouth to speak when his phone started to ring.

“I think that’s your mother.” she whispered and Jimin sheepishly smiled. 

“Don’t worry, I got this handled,” he chuckled, picking up the phone, “I hope.”

Insecurities (Tim Drake)

Request: Yes!! (I’m wondering if your requests are open? If so can you do a batboy imagine where one of the boys is insecure and y/n comforts him? If not I understand thank you! Can be any boy of your choosing. thank you in advance.)

Warnings: Heart break and angst!!

Word count: 559 (It’s short, I know!! I’m sorry!” 

Author’s Note: So, I’m not sure this turned out how you wanted it to but I kind of wanted some angst. I’m sorry Tim wasn’t comforted. Also, I used Tim bc him and Bruce are the only males I haven’t written for yet. 

Thank you for requesting this!!! Please request more often this was fun to write!!

Enjoy. Much love, little birds.


Tim Drake was not one that could be easily taken down with words. He was the Red Robin, he was Bruce Wayne’s son for Christ’s sake.

These words were not words he could easily ignore, these words plagued his thoughts.

“Maybe Y/n is only with him for the money. How could someone like her truly be with someone like him? It just doesn’t make sense.” One of his classmates murmured amongst his group of friends.

These thoughts had previously made their way into his head but he always managed to push them out. That was when he was the only thinking it, it seemed as though now more and more people were wondering the same thing. This brought back many of Tim’s insecurities.

As if you knew that he was thinking of you, he received a text from you.

11:48 am:
Hey babe! Do you think we could hang at your place tonight instead of mine? Parents are fighting again and dad’s been getting more aggressive.

He felt bad, but he needed time to think about your relationship.

11:49 am:
Sorry Y/n, I’m busy tonight.

11:51 am:
Oh, okay babe. I’ll see if one of my friends will be able to hang out with me tonight. I love you.

Tim felt dirty, he couldn’t believe he’d just blown you off like that.

He felt his stomach lurch with guilt when he read your text and decided not to reply, he shook away the guilt and went back to doing his work. The school day came to an end and Tim decided to take off, not bothering to wait for you…

As the days went by, all he could do was avoid you. After much debating with his inner self, he decided it be best if you two broke up.

On a Wednesday during your lunch break, he pulled you away from your friends.

“Hey baby!” You grinned excitedly, engulfing him in a warm hug. He didn’t reciprocate your hug or your smile. You knew instantly something was wrong.

“Hello Y/n.” He murmured, his voice low and monotonous.

“Timmy, what’s wrong? You’ve been acting strange.” You look up at him, worry etched onto your beautiful features.

“Y/n, I’ve decided it be best if we break up.” The way he spoke was nothing like you had expected him to, his voice was leaking with confidence, there was no hesitance nor was there any remorse.

“Oh,” You paused, trying to keep your tears at bay, “well, if that’s what you want then ok.” You stepped closer to him and kissed his cheek softly, walking away with your head down. There were so many things you wanted to know, was he seeing someone else? was he no longer in love with you? Had he finally gotten tired of you? You wanted to beg him not to do this but you couldn’t ask him to stay with you if he wasn’t happy.

Tim watched as you walked away, there was no longer any pep in your step and your shoulders were slouched. There it was again, that pang of guilt.

He wanted to call you back and tell you this was a mistake but he couldn’t help thinking that this was best for both of you.

So with a tired smile he watched as you walked away, his heart in your hand.

Twins//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, TwinArgent!Reader.

You sit at the table with Lydia, Jackson, Danny, and Allison. Their conversation doesn’t interest you so you stare off into the distance. Stiles and Scott sit with you, Stiles glaring at Scott when he slips in between Allison and Danny. ​

You drum your fingers on the table, counting down the minutes until lunch is over. Stiles sits beside you, making you look over at him. ​

He gives you and awkward smile and you glare at Allison. ​"So uh…how long have you known Allison?“ Stiles raises an eyebrow.​

“She’s my twin sister. So…I’d say since conception.” You count on your fingers, “Yeah. That’s about right.”

Allison smirks, watching the two of you talk. ​

“Twins. Yep. Twins. That’s right.” He leans back, running a hand over his shaved head. ​

You raise your eyebrows quickly, making a point. You sigh and sit back, letting your fall back. ​

“Bored?” Stiles glances at you.​

“You tell me. I’m listening to two conversations. One about lacrosse and another about a purse.“​

“Here.” He pushes his tray forward and sits a small box on the table.​

You raise an eyebrow and look at him. ​

“It’s a deck of cards. We can play Cheat.”

“You’re kidding.” You grin.

“What?” He begins to shuffle the deck.

“Cheat’s my favorite card game.”

“The more you learn.” He gives you a lopsided smile and you turn to face him.

“So do you always carry cards around in your pocket?” You rest your chin on your hand.

“As weird as it sounds…yes. I play solitaire when I’m bored.”

“Interesting.” You smile.

You play through the rest of lunch, Stiles walking you to your class afterwards.

“Hey, thanks for entertaining me.” You nudge him and he smiles.

“You entertained me, if I’m being honest.” Stiles chuckles, “Hey, uh listen…” He rubs the back of his neck. “Lydia is having a party tonight, and I think Scott is going with Allison…do you maybe want to go with me?”

You nod and smile, “Yeah. I’d love that.”

“I’ll pick you up at 8?”

You nod, “I’ll see you then.”

You lay on the couch, thinking back to your first date with your boyfriend. The boy you spent your high school years with. His hair had grown out of the soft buzzcut and he’d matured. You helped with both, Stiles knew you made him a better person. He was Void, and there was nothing you could do to help him.

“You ready to go?” Allison walks in, Isaac behind her.

“Yeah. I guess so.” You stand up and sigh. “Stiles will be fine.” She reassures.

“I hope so. I really do.” You sigh.

You find Stiles almost immediately, clinging to his side. “Baby, you look terrible.” You kiss him gently, his pale skin cold.

“I know. I know I do.”

You watch everyone fight, feeling helpless. You could go fight and help, but you need to stay with Stiles. He needed you.

You lean up against the wall, Stiles leaning on you. You kiss his forehead, trying to make him feel better as you watch your surroundings.

You hear a screech, your head jolting to the side, “Allison!”

You hear Lydia, your heart stopping when you see her in Scott’s arms. “Alli!” You shout, lunging forward. Stiles holds you back, his sudden strength surprising you.

“Stiles, let me go!” You try to wiggle out of his grip.

“Babe, stop. You’re going to get hurt.” He wraps his arms around your hips.

“Allison’s hurt! Can’t you see that! Let me go!”

You see her go limp and you scream, falling to the ground. You sob, curling up into a ball.

“Y/N.” Stiles drops to the ground, pulling you into your arms. You and Stiles and Scott and Allison were almost mirror images.

You sob, Stiles rocking with you, “I should’ve helped. I should’ve helped fight. That should be me!”

“Shh, baby don’t say that.” He tucks a stray piece of hair behind your ear and you squeeze your eyes shut.

You tuck your head further into his chest, crying. His body’s cold and it only concerns you more. You can’t lose your sister and your boyfriend. You couldn’t handle any more loss. Kate and your mom had already pushed the limits.

“Y/N…stand up. Come on.” Stiles whispers, helping you up. “Let’s go see Allison.”

You walk into Scott’s house behind Stiles. He forced you to come. It was the first time you’d been out of bed in two weeks.

“Scott?” He calls out.

“What?” He sits up from his spot on the sofa, his eyes landing on you. He quickly looks at Stiles, the two of them having a silent conversation. “Can I talk to you?” He jumps up and pulls Stiles to the kitchen. You sit down, looking around quietly.

“I can’t look at her, Stiles. It’s too much. Not now.” You hear Scott trying to whisper.

“She’s my girlfriend and she’s in mourning. I’m not going to leave her at home just because you can’t see her without crying. I get it, you lost Allison, but Y/N did too.”

“It’s too hard, Stiles! What don’t you get about that?”

“I get that it’s hard for her too! She can’t even look in the mirror without crying, Scott. She’s turned all reflective surfaces in her room around. I don’t know what to tell you.”

You didn’t know if he’d noticed. He spent everyday with you, but you’d turned your mirrors around the night Allison died.

Stiles walks out of the kitchen, “Baby girl, let’s go to my house okay?”

You nod and stand up, walking over to him. He takes your hand and kisses it, Scott refusing to make eye contact with you.

You have an incredibly hard time coping, everyone around you being distant didn’t help. It wasn’t your fault you and Allison were identical, you didn’t kill her either. You just wanted to feel better, and Stiles yelled at just about everyone for it.

You sit down at the lunch table everyone falling silent. “Really guys?” Stiles sighs.

No one answers. Stiles leans over and whispers, “Let’s go sit by ourselves.”

“No no no, you don’t have to do that.” Kira says quietly.

“I think we do.” You mumble, standing up.

“You guys..don’t.” Lydia reaches for Stiles, not you.

“I’m sick and tired of you guys treating her like a leper. She’s a twin, I don’t know what you expect.” Stiles rubs your lower back as he chews them out.

“I mean..she looks just like her. It’s just hard.”

“And you don’t think it’s hard for her? She lost her sister, someone she’s known all her life. Since conception, Lydia. She has to go home to her dad and sit in an empty house because she’s lost three family members to this town. So maybe all of you should think about how hard it is for her. Sure she’s Allison’s identical twin but she’s my girlfriend, and I’m not going to let you treat her like that.” And with that he stood up, guiding you away from the table. You held back tears, squeezing his hand tight.

You sniffle quietly and he turns to look at you, catching your tears falling. You hadn’t even made it ten feet away before you started crying. “Oh, baby girl…” He pulls you into his arms, kissing your forehead. You lay your head on his shoulder and he puts his hand on the back of it, holding you tight.

“What did I do wrong?” You pull back and look up at him.

He wipes your tears away, “Nothing. You didn’t do anything wrong.” He kisses you gently. “Nothing at all.”

You feel your friends’ gaze on the two of you, burning a hole in your heads.

“Hey.” Scott calls, Stiles turning to look at him.

“What?” He says somewhat angrily.

“Come sit down.”

“You made my girlfriend cry, I don’t want to sit with you.” He shakes his head.

“Stiles, let’s just sit..okay?” You squeeze his wrist.

“Okay..are you sure?” He asks and you nod. You both sit back down, the table feeling slightly less awkward.

"I’m sorry.” Scott says quietly. “I’ve been so caught up in how I’m feeling that I didn’t consider your feelings.” Scott nods at you.

“I understand.” You nod, looking down at your hand intertwined with Stiles’.

“I’m still here, and I’m glad I am. I’m sorry if I make anyone uncomfortable.” You shrug.

“You don’t. We’re just being assholes.” Scott sighs.

“It’s okay. I get it.”

Stiles nudges you, sliding a pack of cards your way. You giggle, a lopsided smile on his face.

“Cheat?” He bites his lip and you turn to face him, grabbing the deck to shuffle it.

“Of course, Sti.” You grin and he leans forward, pecking your lips as you shuffle.

Big finale

Originally posted by fcukyeahriverdale

Archie Andrews x reader

Summary; You are really insecure about yourself but Archie shows you how beautiful you really are

Warnings; talk about insecurities, anal

A/N; requested by @superisatomboyuniverse, I hope you like it!

Being the schools it girl had it’s pros and cons. It was nice to be known and respected but sometimes the attention was too much. Sure, you had tons of likes on your instagram pictures but when people started to point out your flaws on your selfies, you really regretted reading the awful comments.

On the outside, you were Cheryl’s best friend but also Betty’s best girl before Veronica came to Riverdale. But on the inside, you were really insecure about everything, sometimes you even doubted if Cheryl really was your true friend or if the boys just wanted to go out with you because of your school fame. Either way, no one knew who you really were.

Sitting with Cheryl and her ‘minions’ in the school cafeteria, you felt really tired. You had been up all night, trying to distract your mind from the horrible date from last night when the guy had tried to get you to bed. You weren’t a virgin or anything, actually completely the opposite, but you just didn’t want to get that kinda reputation, especially when the guy was a total jerk.

Not bothering to listen to Cheryl’s speech about how pink isn’t a good color on her, you took out your phone to scroll through your comment section on your newest instagram post. It was a bikini selfie from a few weeks ago when you were on a vacation with Cheryl in Spain.

Everyone was being super nice, saying how you had an amazing body and how beautiful you are. But there were a few mean comments and one stood out to you.

‘cover your belly rolls you fat ugly bitch!!’

You had to reread it a few times to let it sink in.

You knew you weren’t ugly or fat but every time you looked in the mirror, you thought about losing weight, it wasn’t true, it was just a bad habit.

Suddenly feeling extremely uncomfortable in your skintight little dress, you tried to hide your stomach with your hands. No one had noticed your sudden change in behavior but you needed to be alone for a moment so you quickly took of the the closest private area you could think of, which was the boy’s locker room by the football field. It was lunch time so you doubted anyone would be there, and you were right.

Walking to stand in front of a mirror wasn’t a good idea as you saw your figure and you felt a single tear rolling from your eye. You felt angry at yourself about caring so much what other people thought and it made another tear roll down. Getting frustrated about almost crying for such a stupid thing, you turned around to walk back to the cafeteria and forget about the whole pointless thing.

A scream escaped your throat when you saw Archie Andrews standing in front of you.

He had been a friend with you ever since you had moved across the street from him when you were about 13 years old. He was the sweet but sexy boy next door and naturally, you had a crush on him but never acted on it due to your insecurities. He was the only person in the world that you had almost told about your insecurities but had decided against it.

“Oh my god, what the shit Archie?! You can’t just sneak up on people like that!”, you shouted at him, quickly wiping your tears away.

He started to laugh but it quickly stopped as he noticed your slightly red eyes.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s wrong baby?”, he questioned with a worried look as he grabbed your hands. His nickname for you made your heart flutter.

“Nothing Archie, don’t worry about it”, you told him, refusing to look at him.

“Don’t be silly, I know you. Now tell me what it is”, he demanded with a smile, lifting your chin to make you look into his eyes.

“I just, I… Do you think I’m fat or ugly?”, you blurted out, feeling scared about his answer.

“Oh my god”, was all he said and chuckled and you felt your heart sink as you closed you eyes.

“You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, as cheesy as it is, but it’s the truth”, he continued and your eyes flew open.

His words were echoing in your head. You and Archie had always been extremely sweet towards each other but never had he said anything like this.

“Uh, thanks”, you said, not really knowing what to say.

“Why would you think any differently?”, he asked.

“It’s just… Some people are saying mean things and it’s really gotten to me over time and I can’t shake the feeling that everyone’s just faking being my friend and I know I’m overthinking it but I just feel so insecure”, you finally confessed to him.

You were slightly surprised when Archie pulled you into a hug. You slowly wrapped your hand around him and leaned into him, feeling safe in his strong arms.

“You shouldn’t care what other people think. I know people can be mean but you’re not made to please everyone else, just you. You are the best version of yourself and that’s all you should be”, he said as he pulled apart to look you in the eyes again.

“I know but it’s hard when people are telling you how bad you look”, you sadly said.

“I don’t know who the blind people are that’s been saying that to you because you have the sexiest and most amazing body I’ve ever seen”, Archie said, a small smirk creeping onto his face.

The air suddenly felt thick and you felt hot under Archie’s stare.

“And anyone would be lucky to have you”, he continued, bringing his face closer to you.

Now that you had confessed to Archie, there was nothing stopping you from finally telling him how you felt about him.

“Does that include you?”, you asked with hope.

“I was hoping it would mean only me”, he said quietly, placing his hand around your waist, pushing your bodies together.

“And what would you think if I told you that it does?”, you asked, getting only inches apart from his lips.

“I guess you’re gonna have to find out”, he told you before he pressed his soft lips against yours.

You kissed him back with hunger. Somehow he had made you forget about everything else and now it was all about him.

The kiss started to get heated as he started to lower his hands on your as and you pushed you crotch against his.

“I want you”, Archie whispered in a raspy voice.

“Take me”, you told him and he instantly lifted you in his arms and backed up against a wall.

Now feeling extremely horny, you wanted him to fuck you right there and now, not caring that you were in school.

He let you down to remove his jacket and shirt and went to unbuckle his pants, clearly wanting the same as you. You pulled your dress done with ease as he had removed his pant now completely.

“Holy shit”, he huffed out, staring at you almost naked body.

You smirked at him as you pulled you bra off and he was instantly attacking your boobs with his mouth. You gripped tightly on his hair as his mouth skillfully played with your nipples.

“Your tits are fucking amazing”, he said as he took your hand and pulled you away from the wall to push you to lay down on a bench. He then grabbed the hem of your panties and pulled them off, revealing your soaking wet pussy to him.

“You’re perfect”, he told you with a half-smile half-smirk on his face. You didn’t have time to answer anything when he was already kneeling between your legs and spreading your lips apart to put pressure on your clit with his tongue.

“Oh my god, Archie”, you moaned loudly.

He just hummed against your pussy and inserted a finger in you and curled it to rub against your g-spot. You were so blinded with pleasure that you couldn’t even form a word.

Stopping all the wonderful things her was doing to you, you frowned as you looked at him.

“Why’d you stop?”, you questioned.

“It’s time for the big finale”, he said with a smirk as he pushed his boxers down, revealing his, big, hard cock.

“Big indeed”, you smirked and he offered a hand to pull you up.

He pushed you face first into the lockers, not hard but enough for you to get more excited about his roughness. He lined his cock against your entrance and was about to push in when you interrupted.

“Wait!”, you yelled.

“What, what? Are you okay? Was the push too hard?”, Archie asked with a little panic in his voice.

“No, I liked it but could you, uh, fuck me in the ass?”, you awkwardly chuckled, letting him know about your kink.

“Oh my god Y/N, could you be anymore perfect?”, he said as he moved his cock to your asshole.

He started to slowly push it in and after a moment, he had fully entered you. He was clearly waiting to give you time to adjust but he didn’t know you liked it rough.

“Archie, fucking move! I want you to fuck the shit out of me!”, you almost yelled at him and realized what you said.

“Not literally of course”, you laughed and he burst out laughing too.

“Anything you want, Y/N”, he said as he started to fuck you hard.

Both of you moaning loudly and starting to feel out of breath, you felt yourself reaching your orgasm. You thought it would take a moment longer but when he snaked his hand around your waist and pushed two fingers in your leaning pussy, you couldn’t stop the loud moan-like scream that flew from your mouth.

“Fuck yes, baby!”, Archie yelled as he came with you. He pulled out and went to get you some paper as your his cum was leaking from your anus.

Getting dressed and ready to head back to classes, you needed to ask him a question.

“So will you be the Ron to my Hermione?”, you asked with a smile.

“After that, I’ll be the Potter to your Malfoy”, he smirked and kissed you.

Tall, Smart, and Handsome

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: A hunt frustrates Sam and makes him feel like he’s not smart enough. You set out to prove him wrong.

Word Count: ~1,130

Warnings: insecure!Sam, fluff, Sam appreciation <3

A/N: Written for @idreamofhazel‘s traits of Sam challenge! My trait was Sam’s intelligence. I loved this challenge, focused around all things Sam. Amazing idea, thanks for letting me participate!!

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There he was again, sitting in the library of the bunker, books spread across the large table in front of him. His brow was furrowed as his eyes skimmed the pages, desperately seeking answers. He rested his knuckles against his forehead as the other hand flipped and held the pages, long fingers trailing along the words as he read them. You watched from the doorway, but when you noticed his leg shaking in frustration, you stepped into the room and quickly made your way to him.

“Sammy, what’s wrong?” You stood next to him, resting a hand on his shoulder.

“Huh? Oh - oh, hey baby. Uh, nothing. I’m - I’m fine.” His eyes flitted to you very briefly before concentrating on one of his many books again.

“Don’t lie to me, Sam.” You walked to the other side of the table and sat down across from him.

It was like he barely even noticed your presence. Sam did this every time he researched. He would get caught up in the lore, so determined to figure everything out on his own. It was one of the many things you admired about him. He made it look almost effortless, figuring out the most difficult of cases with help from no one.

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The Goal (Ethan Nestor X Reader)

It was once again that time of the month, the only that had the team would get really giddy about. Charity live streams. But Ethan was unusually hyper and that says something. He’s always hyper. “Ethan what’s wrong with you?” Kathryn asked as the blue haired boy who was fiddling with cameras and wires for the stream. He looked up with sheepish smile, “Wh-W-hat are you ta-talking about?”. Kathryn didn’t say anything further just turned to her seat and looked for more charities to call. She knew something was up, she was close to Ethan and was confused on why he was acting so strangely. When she turned back around to see why the room had fallen silent she seen Ethan with a strange look on his face, almost anxiety but zoning out at the same time. The last time she seen him this nervous was when he started bringing (Y/n) around. But that was years ago, they’d been dating long enough, so whats going on? “Hey-Hey-Hey!” (Y/n) said in her usual happy tone. She was fine, unlike Ethan, who wasn’t in his usual characteristic self. (Y/n) didn’t really acknowledge it, she was being as productive as possible to get ready for the live stream. (Y/n) was editing a video for Ethan and Mark, giving the team a little bit of a break. Then she moved to more of the set up area making sure everything was hooked up in the right spot. She was slightly confused seeing the wires wrapped up in knots and not plugged in all the way. This is Ethan’s job! He’d never been this careless when it comes to set ups. She sighed thanking herself for being paranoid and did double checks. Amy and Tyler walked in with some food just as Mark was about to let Chica out. Mark had silently been observing the blue boys actions. As he past Amy he gave her a quick kiss before warning about how Ethan was being. “Hey, Ethan is being very…strange today, just thought you should know”, all Amy did was furrow her eyebrows and lightly nod her head before making her way over towards Kathryn. “So do you know what’s wrong with Ethan?” Amy whispered to Kathryn as she slid into the seat next to her. Kathryn shook her head before hanging up the phone. “Guys, Homes For Our Troops, approved our request for the live stream” she called for everyone’s attention so they could start doing more live stream giveaways, and planning on what to do. Ethan once again, didn’t really know what to say or do, he really wasn’t Ethan. Of course he threw out idea’s but the were more repeated requests, that had already been done or he’d just play on his phone. "Hey (Y/n) can we talk to you for a second?” Amy motioned her over. So when she finished adjusting somethings she came over. “Hey whats up?” Ethans girlfriend smiled. Amy and Kathryn exchanged glances, Kathryn spoke up, “What’s wrong with Ethan?”. His girlfriends smile slowly melted away at the question. “What? He was fine this morning” her eyes averted their attention to Ethan who was half listening to the conversation about the live stream. She shook her head before looking back to her friends. “Why are you asking me this?”. Kathryn huffed out a sigh “He just isn’t Ethan today he walked in hyper and bouncing off the walls, then he got really spaced out, his emotions are everywhere” “We’re worried” Amy added. (Y/n) shook her head “He was completely normal when he left this morning”. “I’ll see what’s wrong though and get back to you on that. Thanks for letting me know”. The girls nodded their heads with sad smirks, letting (Y/n) attended to her boyfriend. “Hey baby whats up?” she cooed sitting next to her boyfriend. He jumped not expecting her to plop down next to him. “What?” he said shocked. (Y/n) furrowed her eyebrows “Is everything okay? Kathryn and Amy said you haven’t been yourself and I just wanted to know if you were having an off day or not feeling well”. “D-don’t worry about it. Oh its, its nothing to worry about” he stuttered his face turning pink. “Eth, what’s going on? You know you can tell me” her hand gently rested on top of his. “Don’t worry about it” his voice all of a sudden stern causing the room to fall silent. Ethan has talked in a serious tone, but rarely has he ever, and as far as the team knew Ethan never talked to his girlfriend like that before. Not saying thr couple didn’t have tiffs and arguments, it was just no one was expecting it, especially (Y/n). She licked her lips, “Okay, love you” and with that she walked downstairs to let Chica back in, Tyler quickly following her. “Hey whats wrong?” Tyler asked when he reached the bottom of the stairs. (Y/n) turned around and shrugged her shoulders. She wasn’t angry or anything, she was worried, and when she heard his tone of voice, she knew something was up. “Don’t worry, its probably just an off day” Tyler said being logical. “Do you have any idea what this could be? I mean he was perfectly fine this morning when he left or was I not paying enough attention?” she started questioning everything as she let her friends dog in.

“(Y/n), you trust Ethan right? If he says not to worry about it then you shouldn’t. He’ll tell you eventually. Doesn’t he always?” Tyler explains. He did have a point, Ethan wouldn’t hide anything from her and he always told (Y/n) whats going on. So it might be an off day and the two would most likely talk about it tonight at home. She nodded her head and gave Tyler a hug. “Thanks”. “Anytime”. When the two climbed up the stairs. The live stream had already started. “Thanks for the heads up?” (Y/n) joked as her and Tyler disbursed to other ends of the room. But instead of going to sit in the open spot next to Ethan she sat down on the floor so she could be with Chica. Ethan shrugged it off, he had something on his mind. Something that he would say sooner than later. He knew it would be blurting out by the end of night. “Well we have a few people still trickling in but our goal for tonight is for a charity called Homes For Our Troops, and our goal 45k for the men and women who served for our country…” Mark explained as the couple slowly zoned out of the explanation of what the livestream would be about. They questioned about the long day ahead of them and the intresting conversation that would be given back at the apartment. (Y/n) jumped when Chica’s tail swooped into her face. The team laughed, except for Ethan. Who himself jumped back into reality and saw (Y/n) rubbing her eye. He snaked his way off the couch to sit next to (Y/n). “Are you okay love?” Ethan asked. You werent expecting the nickname “love” to come out of his mouth. It was so bizarre and un-Ethan. “Y-Yeah, I’m fine” (Y/n) said as she turned towards Kathryn asking if there was anyway we all could play Mario Kart. No one denied the idea. Ethan was the only one who didnt answer. Was she still upset with him? Nothing was said between the two, and fans started to notice. Especially when they started pulling up fan art. “Why isn’t Ethan and (Y/n) talking?” “Is the little blue boy sick?” “We love you (Y/n)” Ethan took notice quicker than his girlfriend and forced the blue boy everyone knew and loved out. “Just a little spacey guys nothing to worry about”. “We didn’t get much sleep last night” Which was true Ethan and (Y/n) had been coming up with theories for the video game Little Nightmares and talking about gow excited they were to play the new one when it comes out. But the chats mind went south and straight into the gutter. Mark turned to look at the chat and squinted “What did tha– Ethan!”. Catching his attention he snapped his head to the chat along with (Y/n). “Oh, ew! Guys no, no, no! We didn’t–” the couples faces were burned from the embarrassment. (Y/n) buried her face into the side of Ethan’s neck as too avoided the camera. “Well they seem normal now” Amy whispered to Tyler who just nodded. The stream had been going on for a few hours now, and everyone was being their usual self–everyone was laughing and sharing funny, cringy stories and playing games. The team was a quarter of the way to the halfway point. Amy and Kathryn knew this was the “dead point”. Which means this is where the donations go limp for at least an hour or two. When he heard Tyler asking a few times about donating he knew what was going on and so the blue boy spoke up. “Hey guys so I’ve got a secret and I’ll share it with you when we get the halfway point”. This excited the livestream and donations started up again. But left the team confused so out of curiosity Mark donated 100. Everyone knew Mark wouldn’t stop a live stream until they got at least half of their goal so Ethan’s bribery worked somewhat. “So if this stream ends up crashing, we don’t get a secret?” Kathryn joked. “Don’t joke about that!” Ethan whined a bit, causing everyone to chuckle. Making Ethan flush pink and quietly leave the room for a moment before coming back up with water. (Y/n) walked over towards the girls and decided to look at the fan art and scroll through twitter and just help get ready for the giveaways. “Hey Eth?” Tyler said causing Ethan and Mark to turn and look at him. “We’re halfway”. Amy had over heard that and repeated to the other girls that they were at the halfway point, actually a little over it. The blue boys face went white as if he was not ready to say anything. (Y/n) walked over and sat on the arm of the chair her boyfriend was sitting on. “Ethan…” She said with caution. He looked up at her, causing everyone to have worried looks. Ethan wanted to talk, he really did but his mouth wouldn’t open. He knew there was no going back now, he was scared at what could happen next when he blurted out his secret. So he looked down at his hands and sighed before standing up and looking directly in her eyes. “I love you,” Ethan blurted out and causing the room to remain silent, he wasn’t done - it was obvious by the way he ended his first sentence. “Before we were friends, I thought you were cute and I wanted to get to know you. When we were friends I loved you then and I knew I wanted to be with you and when we started dating I was so happy that someone like you would ever want to date me and now as the years go by I forget a little more at what my life was like without you. I don’t know what I would do if one day I woke up to not having you by my side. You’ve made my dreams come true these past few years and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything…” he stated. (Y/n) nodded her head lightly with a barely visible smirk on her face. “Now would you please do me the favor of making one last dream come true? Would you please marry me?” She started to feel her eyes getting glossy and she knew if she were to say anything her voice would be shakey. So she nodded happily and flung herself into his figure, her arms locked around his neck. Her body started to shake from the tears she had held inside. Ethan gripped ahold of her tightly as if he let her go she would vanish into thin air. When she let go she finally found the right words to say. “You’re a dream come true blue boy” and ruffed his hair. Before leaning in for a quick lovingly kiss.

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Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Future
Genre: Fluff

A/N: Hello lovelies! I’ve had this written for a while, but it never seemed like the right time to post it. But here you go, enjoy.

As always, reviews are more than encouraged, because as you know (if you know me a bit), us writers tend to have a lot of self-doubts. :) 

I recommend listening to Daughter by Sleeping At Last while reading. It’s what inspired this story.

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/plump lips/ park jimin imagine

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summary: you never kissed a stranger but things are about to take a turn

words: 1.134

dancing, drinking, partying all night was something that you liked doing every once in a while. it was your way of releasing all the stress you had gathered up from the past week. you didn’t really have a busy life but school was a big part of it.

“y/n want another shot of something?” your friend yelled from the other side. currently you were at a table with your friends and some random guys you had never seen before. they offered you to pay for the drinks so you agreed. i mean who wouldn’t want free drinks right?

“yeah, get me whatever!” you yelled back taking a sip of some sort of hard alcohol.  

after a couple of drinks you were drunk. this happened pretty much every single time you came into the club. but you still haven’t had enough. 

 "y/f/n hahaha biiitchh i’m gettting moreee , you want anythin?“ you half yelled but your friend was busy making out with a guy so you just left and went to the bar. 

 ‘omg that guy is so ugly lol’ you thought to yourself as you were passing by sweaty bodies all dancing and girls grinding on guys. making out was something you were all about but you had never done this with a random stranger in the club like your friend was doing it. to you it seemed pointless, making out with someone who you won’t see ever again. 

 "two beers please” you said to the bar tender and he nodded grabbing two black beers from the fridge removing the caps and placing them in front of you. he gave you the bill and once you payed you started making your way back to the table. but the journey was soon over as you bumped into someones back so hard that the beers shattered and spilled all over your dress, the beer was in your hair too and it stuck on your skin.

 "oh yuuuuck" you yelled in disgust forgetting that there was someone right in front of your eyes. you didn’t bother looking up since you were soaking wet having the whole dress drenched in the alcohol. 

 "you stink.“ someones voice said. you looked up but still kept your hands on the dress not knowing what to do with it. it was a guy. a very handsome one actually, he had black hair and a very soft angelic face. 

 "you think?” you said back in a annoying way and bumped into him trying to walk away but he grabbed your wrists, making you face him.

 "hey i’m sorry it was a joke.“ he said slowly moving his hands up your arms giving you goosebumps all over your body with a slight smirk.

 'no’ you thought to yourself 'no i’m not doing this’

but there was something about him that made you want him. as soon as he touched your skin it sent shivers down your spine but you were trying to push those thoughts away since you didn’t come to this club to make out with strangers for the next couple of hours. 

 he still had his hands on you while staring into your eyes and didn’t move at all. you stared back at him slowly analyzing his face, his eyes, his nose, chubby cheeks all his features, and then you stopped on his lips. those full plump lips and every once in a while he would bite his bottom lip. barring his teeth into it. 

 'oh fuck it’ you said grabbing his face and pushing your lips onto his. he at first didn’t kiss back so you pressed your body into him not caring that your dress was still wet, and then he finally started kissing you back. he put his right hand on the small of your back, with the other one he moved your hair back behind your ear and moved his lips to your neck sucking on your sweet spot. "ahh..” you moaned and he smiled into your neck slowly tracing his tongue across the spot that he kissed before. you could feel the heat from his tongue slowly getting on your neck and every once in a while he would kiss you back on your lips. slowly tugging on your bottom lip and biting it. 

 you pulled away for a second completely out of breath still keeping your hands on this boy looking somewhere down on the floor. 'what did i just do’ you thought when the boy lifted your chin up so that you were looking at him.

 "you okay?“ he said and you nodded smiling back at him. he then put his hands on your back swaying himself and you slowly into the beat. but you didn’t feel like dancing. you just realized what have you done, kissed a random guy, and you said to yourself you wouldn’t do this. what made you change your way of thinking so quickly was probably because you started sobering down and the alcohol wasn’t in your system anymore.

 "i need some air” you said putting your hands away from him and practically running outside of this club. why was this even such a big deal to you is not like you had sex with him or anything. it was just a stupid kiss. 

 "warn me up if you are going to run away like that from me.“ you heard a voice behind you but you just stood there not looking his way.

"hey is there something wrong? did I do anything?" 


 "then what is it?”


 "you don’t fool me, I can see it in your eyes that something is up, spill baby doll I don’t bite.”

 "but you do.“ and gave him half a smile

 "there! you smiled” he said coming a bit closer to you trying to take your hands into his but you quickly pulled away from him.

 "are you afraid of me or something? i’m not going to hurt you trust me.“

 "i’m fine don’t worry about it stranger”

 "oh right how dumb of me, i’m Jimin what’s your name?“

 "y/n.” you answered very shortly still thinking about what you have done. part of you liked that you kissed this Jimin guy but a part of you wasn’t feeling right about this. 

 "sweet name, anyway want to grab another drink or something?“ 

and then you spilled it all out

 "no…listen Jimin i’m sorry about the kiss, I shouldn’t have done that I..I was drunk and wasn’t thinking straight um..I..have to go i’m sorry..” you said and started running away from him into the dark street and you ran and ran until you were so far away where he couldn’t reach you anymore.

 pt.2 anyone?

oKAY but imagine the boys reactions when you had a bad day and feel like total ass


“Are you feeling okay Jagi?????”

“Jin, I’m fine really, I just don’t feel that great. I had a bad day”

*Runs to get cool cloth for your head*

*runs to get hot compress*

*Makes you soup really fast*


*puts 10 million blankets on you*

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*sees you being all grumpy*

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“Today was so bad, I want to sleep for 3 years”

*Grabs your wrist and leads you to the bedroom for a nap*

“Oh me too. That’s a great plan”

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“Jagi, are you okay?”


*pulls you into a giant hug and strokes your hair*

“I’m gonna order us pizza, then you tell me what’s wrong, ok?”

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“Oh hey baby girl! How was your d-“

*sees your death stare*

*backs away slowly*

*comes back over and wraps you in a fluffy blanket*

“Does someone need attention?”

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“Y/N… is something wrong?”

“hmm? oh, it’s nothing Jimin, I just had a bad day”

*pulls you into his lap*

“Jimin! What are you doing??!?”

*starts rubbing your back and massaging your shoulders*

“I’m making my baby feel good, now tell me what happened today”

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*Sees you’re upset*

*walks up behind you and gives you a warm back hug and smiles into your neck while giggling like a giant floof*

“Lets go get ice cream, Jagi!!!!!!”

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“God, today sucked! I just want to die!”

*forgets what words are*

*forgets how to fucking bREATHE*

*walks to you carefully and slowly wraps his arms around you*

“…did you want to talk about it?”

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93. "I Believe in You" [GOT7] Jackson

Originally posted by jackseunie

Genre: 100% Undoubtedly fluff [because besides the occasional angst, It’s all I can write)

Word Count:638 words

Admin: Tae💚

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Sun and clouds

x Kim Taehyung

  • Fluff (+ Very subtle smut; Dirty talk + stripping)

Being away from each other has it’s ups and downs just like sunny vs. cloudy days. Taehyung goes away on tour for a month and it’s the first time you two spend a longer time apart from each other and not seeing someone you normally see every day has it’s struggle. Like when clouds cover the sky for days, so long you notice how much being able to see the sun actually matters.

Warnings: Very cute boyfriend.

Words: 2.8K | Masterlist | Read on AO3

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He sneaked away in the middle of the night, making sure not to wake you up as he tip toed over the floor to pack the last items in his suitcase before getting picked up by his manager.

You said your good byes the evening before, Taehyung insisting that you shouldn’t wake up to wave him off.

He zipped the zip of the suitcase and put on his shoes, as he reached out to the door handle he hesitated. His hand missed the handle and he let go of his suitcase, walking back in to your shared apartment. He carefully opened the bedroom door and walked over to your side of the bed, where you were laying, deep in dreamland. He gently brushed a few strands of hair away from your forehead before leaning down and kissing you softly on your temple.

You woke up bright and early the next morning, well rested and in a good mood. Normally you would’ve spooned up behind Taehyung if he had not done so to you first but you were alone in the big bed. You sighed, remembering you wouldn’t see him for a month. Not seeing a person you normally see every day for a longer sudden time can be very discomforting. You stretched your arms out and sat up in bed followed by a brush through your hair with your hand. You looked over to your nightstand to grab your phone and noticed a small folded piece of paper. You smiled in anticipation thinking your dorky boyfriend had done something dorky again, and indeed he had.

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Experiments (Leo Valdez Fluff)

Summary ~ Confess your feelings then get jealous, you confuse me?

Words ~ 1174

Request ~ Yes

I sat in the science labs after school, looking from the test tube to the book. I was suppose to have this experiment done for today, but with me being the procrastinator I am I didn’t. Luckily Mrs. Dodds said I could stay behind after school and finish it. I sighed knowing I was missing one chemical. I went to the back of the classroom opening the chemical press trying to find some hydrochloric acids. I picked up the bottle making my way back to my desk looking down at the label until I walked into what felt like a wall. I looked up to see my best friend Leo.
“Hey Leo” I said instantly smiling.
“Hey Gorgeous” He said sitting beside me. My stomach fluttered at his nickname and at the same time I felt a knife go through my heart. This crush was getting out of hand at first I could control the butterflies, the smiling, the blushing constantly, the almost fainting when the hugged, cuddled and kissed my cheek, but I am losing control more and more everyday.
“Hello Y/N, are you listening to me?” I snapped out of my daydream and looked over to see Leo raising an eyebrow at me.
“Sorry what did you say?” I asked.
“I said are you going to Nico’s party tonight?” He laughed.
“If I can finish this experiment in time to go home and get ready in time, I will be defiantly be there” I said pouring out some of the hydrochloric acid on to different rocks.
“I’ll stop distracting you” He laughed and sat on the desk behind me looking at his phone. After 20 minutes he was already bored so he decided to annoy me.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Y/N” He kept poking me.
“Leo if you don’t stop I will pour this acid over your head” I warned. “Just go back to looking at your phone”
“But you are distracting me from my phone” He whined.
“How am I distracting you?” I said turning around.
“Dat ass” He laughed. “I mean could you drop a pencil and pick it up” He kept laughing at his stupidity.
“Shut up” I said shoving him but he caught my hand and pulled me close.
“Haha very funny Leo, come on let me go” I said even though I was loving the closeness and the smell of his cologne. He didn’t release me, he just moved his hands and wrapped them around my lower back.
“Come on Leo, if I don’t finish the experiment I can’t go to the party” I said looking down, I didn’t dare look at his face because God knows what I would do.
“Y/N” He whispered.
“Look up”
“I could look at you if you let me go” I laughed. He moved one hand to my chin keeping the other one on the small of my back. He tilted my chin up so I was looking into his eyes.
“I want to try this experiment” He smiled before pressing his lips to mine. I was shocked but I made sure that I was kissing back. If he decided he didn’t like this ‘experiment’ I was going to make sure that I remembered this kiss. He pulled away slowly placing his forehead to mine.
“I think these two chemicals have a lot of chemistry” He smiled.
“I concur” I laughed.
“I like you Y/N a lot. I have for a while and I didn’t want to risk the friendship, but I decided that a kiss with you was worth it even if you don’t like me back”
“Leo I have been falling for you for 3 months, if I never get to kiss you again I will cry”
“Well I don’t want to see you sad” He smiled pressing his lips back to mine.
“Be. My. Girlfriend” He whispered between kisses.
“Of. Coarse” I whispered back. He pulled away from the kiss and wrapped his arms around me hugging me tight.
“How about we blow off the science and go help Nico set up for his party” Leo suggested.
“Sounds good” I laughed grabbing my school bag.
Leo dropped me home and told me to meet him at Nico’s when I was ready. I took a shower and got changed into some party clothes which wasn’t mush different to my normal clothes, maybe a bit more fancy.  http://www.polyvore.com/chill_hunter/set?id=148690191
I walked to Nico’s house and let myself in.
“Nico where you at?” I yelled. He came out of the kitchen with a smirk on his face.
“Hey Y/N” He said wiggling his eyebrows.
“What?” I questioned.
“You banging my bed friend” He winked.
“What? All we did was kiss”
“Yeah but I can see into the future and your getting the D” He joked.
“Shut up Nico I came to help you set up for the party”
“Okay sorry go turn on some music” I walked over and pressed play on his ipod and immediately 'Wiggle’ came on.
“OH YEAH BABY” I heard Nico scream from the kitchen as he ran into the sitting room, which he had moved all the furniture out of for the party.
“Come on Y/N, you know what to do” He said pulling me over to him as we started dancing.
When the song finished I gave Nico a hug laughing, I looked over his shoulder to see Leo frowning in the doorway. I ran over to him.
“Hey Boyfriend” I smiled.
“Hey” He said walking into the kitchen. I followed him confused.
“Leo what’s wrong”
“Nothing” He said opening the fridge to get a drink.
“You’re not regretting kissing me are you” I said almost on the brink of tears.
“What” He said shocked..
“It’s okay I should have seen it coming, you’re you, I’m me, it wouldn’t have worked” I said turning and running to the bathroom. I started taking deep breaths, as much as this was like a knife to the heart I didn’t want to ruin my make up and leave here looking like a raccoon. I heard someone knocking on the door.
“Occupied” I yelled slightly. But the knocking continued.
“I said, someone is in here” I said opening the door slightly. There stood Leo frowning, he pushed me into the bathroom kicking the door closed behind him. He pinned my against the wall smashing his lips against mine.
“I would never regret this, you are everything I want and I finally have you. I just got a little jealous of you and Nico, but I know now that, that was stupid because he may be allowed dance with you, but he can’t kiss you or hold you like this because you are mine” He smirked.
“Say that again” I whispered as leaned back down.
“You. Are. Mine.” He said in between pecks.
“You better not be having sex in my bath tub” I heard Nico shout through the door.
“Shut up Nico” We shouted at the same time, before looking at each other and laughing.

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Snapchat ~ crazey_jadey

notes: i think everyone in the ih fandom supports big brother kazui

disclaimer: disclaimed

Ichigo comes home to the smell of dinner, baby powder and cleaning wipes. 

Oh, and a pouting eight year old. 

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Influenced Father - Part 2

REQUESTED BY ANON: Please tell me that you’re making a part two for Influenced Father? It was really good!

Part 1

You’re five years old mind doesn’t understand anything of what is happening right now. You know that something bad was happening to your father, this is what Uncle Sam told you. He went off one day, and came back with your father, dead in his arms and you froze at the sight. Uncle Sam ordered you to go to your room and you did.
Then, Sam left, of course bringing you with him, to go and search for something, he never wanted to tell you what.
Now, nothing makes sense, when Sam came to see you and talk to you, he said that your father was missing and alive.
“But, Uncle Sammy! He was not moving and he had blood” you cried out “it has been two weeks”.
“Hey, hey” Sam takes you in his arms “I’ll get your Dad back, I promise. But, you have to promise me that you will stay in your room until I said so, okay? I left you some homework and some of your favorite movies, okay? I’ll come and get you for lunch”.
“Okay, Uncle Sammy” you said wiping your tears.
“Your father didn’t die” Sam lied “he was just in a bad shape, but I will make him better”.
You run off to your room and close the door behind you, but you are curious. You saw something was off with Sam, and you want to know why, you also don’t believe a word he said.
You run out your room and go to the library, in the millions of books you hope one day to read. You see your father, tied up on a chair in a weird looking room, your Uncle Sam using a syringe with some weird red stuff in it, and he injects it in his arms, making your father scream.
“No!” You scream running to him.
But Sam is faster and catches you before you can get closer to Dean.
“What are you doing here?” Sam asked angrily.
“You’re hurting Daddy!”
“(Y/N)?” Dean looks up at you “baby-“
“Don’t talk to her” Sam growled and takes brings you out of the room.
He brings you back to your bedroom and sits you down on the bed.
“What did I tell you?” Sam asked sternly.
“To not exit my room” you answered ashamed.
“And what did you do?”
“I exited my room… but Daddy… I want Daddy!”
You start sobbing and through yourself in his arms.
“I told you that I was going to bring him back… just give me some time, okay? Anyway, now it’s time for you to go to bed”.
You nod and lay down in bed, you are already showered and in your comfy PJ.
“Goodnight, kiddo” Sam kisses your head and exits the room.

The next day, you did everything Sam told you. Though, trying to do some homework when you are scared for your father, it’s hard.
Suddenly, the lights goes off, making you scream and you hide under the bed, something Dean always told you to do if something happened.
Not even a minute later, the door of your room opens.
“Uncle Sammy!”
You get out from your hiding spot and run in his arms.
“Hey, hey, it’s okay, it’s okay. I need you to hide in our special place, can you do that for me? And do not get out of there, okay?”
“What is happening?”
“I got it, okay? Now go”.
You nod and go in your closet, where Sam had discovered a special trap that Dean doesn’t know about. You get inside and find the flashlight and hide in the corner, your legs up to your chest.
For you, your father is everything and you always thought he never could get hurt and that nothing could happen to him, you were wrong.

An hour later, you stopped crying, no more tears left to cry. You stare at the door, your light flashing it.
“Daddy” you whimpered.
As on quo, someone knocks.
“It’s me kiddo” you hear Sam “password is I lost my shoe”.
You run up to the door and open it, though, you get scared once you see your father.
“Hey, baby girl” he smiles in a way you know he is himself “it’s okay now, I’m feeling better”.
“Daddy!” You start crying once again and hug him close.
“Oh, baby girl” he kisses the top of your head “I’m so sorry, I love you so much”.
“I love you too Daddy”.
“Now, you want to show me that school stuff?”

Spencer Reid x Reader

Title: Reading is for Sleep

Characters: Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Aaron Hotchner

Word Count: 1,109

Warnings: Mentions of nightmares

Summary: The reader can’t sleep without reading to Spencer

A/N: I’ve been working on this literally since I started the show, I’m about to start season three very excite!! Also sorry no one asked for this lol 

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Your fingers tapped impatiently against the worn cover of the book. Sighing you ran your hand through your hair and picked up your phone off of your nightstand. You dialed Spencer’s phone number and waited even more impatiently for him to answer. Suddenly you worried you shouldn’t have called.

What if he didn’t want to talk to you? What if he thought you were annoying? What if- your train of thought was cut short.

“(Y/N).” You smiled at the sound of his voice.

He didn’t sound tired, which was good, maybe he would actually want to hear you read to him. It was a habit the two of you had picked up just this month. Spencer and you had been dating going on ten months, and it has been the happiest time of your life. Recently though the nightmares he had been having less and less trouble controlling had gotten worse and to soothe them one day he asked you to read aloud to him. You have been reading to him every night ever since.

You loved it, not only did it chase his nightmares away it also helped you sleep. You had always loved reading, but never out loud, until now of course. For some reason, you loved whispering to him until your voice went hoarse and you could barely keep your eyes open. Maybe it was that you knew how much he loved the sound of your voice, no, it was how the reading made you feel. It made you feel like it was only you and Spencer in the world, in the world the book created.

“(Y/N)?” He repeated.

“Oh, sorry baby spaced out there for a second.” You laughed quietly.

You could hear the smile in his voice, “Not a problem, is something wrong?”

“No, no, nothing like that. I was just wondering if you wanted me to read out loud. I know it’s not late for you yet, but it’s getting there for me. I’m just having some trouble sleeping and I think reading to you helps me too. It’s cool if you don’t want to, I mean-“

“Hey, you’re rambling; it’s quite odd to be on this side of that equation.” He laughed softly before continuing, “Read, please. I could use a nap anyway.”

“Ok”, you smiled and laughed softly before picking up your book from the nightstand beside you. After a few chapters, you could feel your voice getting heavy, you could feel the strain to keep your eyes open, and you could even hear Spencer’s breathing beginning to even out.

A smile wormed its way onto your worn out features,” I’m going to head to sleep now, love.”

“Goodnight, sleep well. I’ll be back by the time you wake up, I love you.”

“I love you too Spence.” You murmured sleepily as you hung up and placed your book and your phone on your nightstand. You felt your eyes close and you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of him coming home.

Spencer POV

He couldn’t deny your soothing voice had made him a little sleepy, but unfortunately, you didn’t read long enough to put him to sleep. He knew you called because you couldn’t fall asleep so he didn’t mind you fell asleep way before him.

“Who was that, pretty boy? You got a girl now?” Derek’s unmistakable voice sounded from across the jet.

Spencer felt a blush creep up his neck and reach all the way to his ears as all eyes were on him. “Uh-Uh,” he stuttered helplessly he had been so caught up in your voice that he hadn’t even thought of his team members sitting around him.

“Leave him alone Morgan,” Hotch spoke sternly effectively shutting Derek’s mouth. “Now, who was that?” Hotch’s face softened and he smirked slightly.

“(Y-Y/N)” Spencer stuttered, silently wishing he could laugh this off and play it cool.

“So she has a name. So how long pretty boy? When did ya meet this one?”

“Oh, um I m-met her two years ago I think. W-we’ve been together uh for about ten months.” Spencer sighed rubbing the back of his neck and closing his eyes. It was true it had taken him an entire year of pinning after you to confess, and when he did it was pretty pathetic. At least in his mind it was.

The wind played with your hair ruffling it and splaying it out across your shoulders. Spencer gulped loudly, you looked so beautiful standing there. With your black dress that was decorated with a vibrant floral pattern and your bare feet in the grass. You had your shoes in your hand, they were flats but you argued you loved the feeling of the grass between your toes.

Spencer loved you. He had figured that out only recently when he had woken up in a cold sweat, sobbing and babbling. He called you, and you made your way to his apartment immediately even though it was three in the morning. As you held him there, rubbing his back and whispering soothing words to him he realized how much you cared. He realized how much he cared.

And now with you looking so pretty and the day being so wonderful he felt a slight surge of confidence. A confidence that left him almost immediately after he opened his mouth.

“(Y/N), I need to tell you something.”

“What is it Spence?” you smiled and turned to him, your face becoming more serious but still smiling.

That’s when the confidence left him and he basically became a stuttering mess and you had to piece together what he was saying while coaxing it out of him. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of his life, no matter how cute you said it was until you kissed him. All emotions left him when he felt your lips against his own, only you, you and his undying love for you that is.

“You’ve kept us in the dark for ten months!” Derek exclaimed mocking hurt and clutching his chest.

Hotch smiled clamping a hand over Spencer’s shoulder, “I’m happy for you.” Spencer smiled at this, relaxing a little bit as Derek nodded in agreement.

“I’ll pester you with questions in the office when Garcia can be there to help me. Get some sleep Reid, you have a lady waiting for you.” Derek said and Spencer smiled nervously at the thought of the never-ending questions that he would inevitably have to answer.

He smiled slightly. He could worry about that later, for now, he wanted to sleep, and as he fell out of consciousness he smiled knowing he would dream of you.

  • Julius Caesar: I have escaped from Hell and altered reality so that I am alive and ruler of the world with Xena as my faithful Empress. Nothing can possibly go wrong now.
  • *Xena and Gabrielle lays eyes on each other*
  • Xena: Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I think you're my soul mate, so destroy reality to avenge me, maybe!
  • Gabrielle: Baby, you don't even have to ask.
  • Julius Caesar: Oh, come on!
Baby Series. Preference #1 You find out you're pregnant

(A|N Yes this is a repost but that’s not important. Anyway. FIRST PART OF THE BABY SERIES *confetti falls from ceiling*
Bellamy Blake:
Bellamy walked into the medical wing and his eyes immediately landed on you. You were talking with Abby when he same over. He grabbed your hands. This morning you had thrown up yet again like you have been for awhile now. 
“Are you okay?! Is she okay?!” He asked as he squeezed her hands. Bracing himself for the delivery of the news that you only had days to live-
“Bellamy…there’s…we need to talk…” (Y/n) bit her lip as Bellamy nodded. Abby patted her shoulder with a warm smile before walking away. 
“Are you dying?!” He whispered with tears in his eyes. He brought her into a hug.
“It’s okay. W-we can make these last few days the best anybody could ask for-hell I’ll even-"
“What?! No! Bellamy I’m…I’m pregnant.” She whispered a Bellamy gasped. He pulled away with big brown eyes. Pushing back tears of joy from spilling. 
“You’re…we’re…we’re going to have a baby?!” He whispered as tears threatened to spill. She nodded as a grin made its way to his lips. 
“I’m so excited! Oh my god-I’m gonna be a dad!” He cheered as he peppered kisses all over her face and neck. She giggled. He made his way to his her small bump. 
“Hi baby. It’s me…your daddy…i can’t wait to meet you…you’re gonna be so loved baby…” He sniffed as tears spring into her eyes. 
“We’re gonna be the cutest goddamn family-oh my god! We have to tell Octavia!” He shouted as he scooped her up and sprinted to find Octavia.
"OCTAVIA! I’m gonna be a father! And you’re gonna be an aunt!”
“Bellamy-don’t fall over-”
“Who put this damn log here?! 
John Murphy:
"What the hell is wrong with you!?”
“How can you flirt with him in front of me like that?!”
“Dammit Murphy I wasn’t flirting!”
“Oh yeah?! Maybe I should just go!”
“Don’t you dare leave me John Murphy!”
“And why shouldn’t I princess?!” John screamed as tears pooled in your eyes. The next sentence came out like word vomit. 
“I CAN’T RAISE THIS BABY ALONE MURPHY.” Murphy froze. (Y/n)’s eyes widened as she burst into sobs. Her back hitting the wall behind her as she slid down it. Pulling her knees to her chest as she stared at the forming bump with sadness. 
Murphy was still. He…he was going to be a dad? Someone was going to look up to him? He slowly walked over as he slid next to her. Bringing his arms to pull her into his lap. She didn’t object. He rested his chin on her back as he rubbed her back. His shaky hand resting on the small bump. 
“I-I’m not going anywhere…I’m not gonna leave you. I love you.”
Jasper Jordan:
Jasper stared at (Y/n) as she walked back through the gates of the camp. His eyes dropped to the small 2 month bump that was her stomach. He sprinted to her as tears filled her eyes. She had been in Polis making peace, he of course protested strongly but it caused he young couple to become in a fight. She told him only minutes before that she was pregnant. Now here she was again. Glowing. Her bump the size of a small bowl. Only about 2 months along 
“You’ve gotten so big…I missed you so much…god I’ve missed you two.” He cried as he squatted to press a kiss to her bump. She let out a breathy laugh as she wiped away tears. 
“We’ve missed you too…” She cried as he enveloped her in a hug. 
“I’m never letting you both out of my sight again…” He whispered as they held each other close.
"So. Jasper Jordan. Heard you got my little girl pregnant.” Jasper’s eyes shot open. He turned to meet disapproving eyes. Jasper’s face went pale white and he collapsed to the floor as your jaw dropped in shock.
“Marcus! You broke Jasper!”
“I have to keep my little girl safe, (Y/n) Kane.”
Monty Green:
Monty watches as (Y/n) left the medical wing once again one morning. She had been sneaking away every morning for a few weeks now, and always acted weird when he kissed her.
“(Y/n). What is going on?!” Monty stepped out from beside the opening. She jumped as she gasped. Monty rubbed his neck sheepishly.
“A-Ah…sorry I scared you…” He blushed. She shook her head.
“Monty-I…” She whispered as tears filled her eyes.
“Hey hey hey…what’s wrong?! Why are you crying?!”
“Damn hormones.” She whispered as he pulled her into his arms.
“Period?” He asked quietly. She froze.
“Honey. A period is nothing to be ashamed of! It’s normal and I understand-”
“Every women goes through it I mean-”
“Monty it’s not my period!” She groaned. He stopped talking and looked at her. Furrowed brows before it hit him.
“You! Oh my god-You! We’re pregnant-There’s a baby! We’re having a baby!” He screamed excitedly. She giggled as he stared at her stomach. Poking it in awe.
“My sperm made a baby!” He muttered.
“Okay Monty. Don’t go into shock-”
Monty’s eyes rolled into his head as he collapsed onto the ground.
“Damn it Monty.” 
Lincoln stared at (Y/n). She had been avoiding him all day. 
“What is going on (Y/n)?! what did I do?!” He begged as he walked closer to her. 
“Is it something I said-”
“I’m pregnant okay?!” She snapped as his eyes widened. It darted to her stomach. A small bump. 
“I guess I have been for awhile…just found out today.” She whispered. She burst into tears as she clung to Lincoln. Lincoln held her close. Cradling her head. Pressing a sweet kiss to her forehead. They both knew it would be hard. Especially now they were on this hell hole of a planet where people died in the blink of an eyes. 
“We’re gonna be fine…we’re gonna be okay…we’re gonna have this baby…a-and we’re gonna watch them grow…I’ll be damned if i let anybody hurt you two okay?!” He whispered as it dawned on him. 
“I’m gonna be a dad…” He smiled. She couldn’t help but smile at his excitement. It was going to be difficult. But when you weren’t alone. 
Roan laid in his make shift bed. His stunning girlfriend came in and noticed his form on the bed. 
“Hello my prince.” She whispered nervously. 
“Hello my princess…how was your day?” He asked as he took note of her nervousness. 
“G-good.” She sat on the bed. Back facing to him. His large hands reached and traced her spine. She jumped. 
“You’re nervous…why is that?” He asked in a gravely voice. 
“Speak, my gona-”
“I’m pregnant.” She blurted as she turned to him. He raised a brow. 
“Is that all?”
“Y-you’re not angry?!”
“And why would I be my gona? We are going to having a little warrior.” He (surprisingly) smiled as he tucked a wavy lock of her hair behind her ear. 
“They will be tough…head strong…just like you my beautiful princess.”
“Hopefully they won’t have your temper.” She giggled warmly. 
“Hopefully they will not have your wit, my love.”