oh hey! that's me

  • me: actually opens up & shares genuine feelings w/ someone extensively for once, putting myself in a vulnerable position
  • them, concerned, already starting to use that soft & measured voice ppl use when speaking to frightened animals: ..oh.. hey, that's--
  • me, avoiding eye contact, immediately overcome w/ nausea, pulse skyrocketing, speedwalking my foolish ass towards the nearest window: gotta get going now!

Replace Plus Extra Chapter 14: Christmas Miracles

What if the Generation of Miracles were Santa?
Kagami: *snore*

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Peaceful mornings at the Skywalker residence. Sorry I was too lazy to google a more legit prosthetic.  EDIT: This is way too late and probably futile, but for the record, this comic takes place in a domestic Earth AU.

I’ve spent my whole life going by an abbreviation or nickname, but the sweetness of these hearts and the causes they support encouraged me to embrace the femininity of my name…

plus, since Odette’s announcement i’ve been feeling feminine af so i’m running with it

I wanted to go up to one of my usual spots - Bellow’s Pipe Trailhead - to see if the Trout Lilies I saw budding there the other day had bloomed yet. On my way I saw these little signs posted along the side of the road that all said “Camporee” with arrows leading up to the trail. “What could that be?” I thought just before rounding the corner to see the spot, usually devoid of all but one or two people at peak hours, now filled with a solid, impenetrable wall of campers, tents, cars, and a veritable legion of small children and, presumably, their chaperones.

All I could do was awkwardly come to a screeching halt and do a three point turn in the middle of the road to head back.

Why I love Afram!Stingy: Just shows up out of nowhere, and asks if you wanna see what he owns.

So… I’ve been seeing a few headcanons/idea’s and I have one for you.

Maui being a clingy sleeper.

Such as, anything (not immediately dangerous, I imagine) comes within reach he will nab it in his sleep and just cuddle and hug it, and no matter what the *coughvictimcough* subject cannot escape.

Just a cute little thing I thought you might like to think about.
(And even cuter is Moana being the clingy sleeper and Maui being unable to get out of it because Wow this girl has a strong grip)

Not gonna lie, the first thing I thought of when I read this is, why would he do this? Well, it’s not like he had anything else to hold on to when he was a child. No parents, no toys, just his hook. Makes sense he’d get attached.

On a happier note though, I’m sure that makes for some hilarious scenarios for the people of Motunui! Imagine someone wandering through a coconut grove early in the morning and stumbling across their patron demigod clinging to the underside of a tree like a glorified koala. Snoring loud enough to shake the trunk.

They’d probably go get Moana immediately. “Hey hey look what Maui’s doing he looks so ridiculous”, and then it would become a village-wide inside joke. It’s debatable, whether or not Moana ever fills him in. 

That’s such a cute idea when it involves Moana though. Because he’s a demigod, he doesn’t need much sleep, right? So maybe one night Moana wakes up and she can’t move and she turns face-to-face with some really horribly fish-smelling odor and it takes her a little while to be like…that’s Maui. 

I didn’t think even Maui slept???

He’d be hilariously mortified when he woke up, but hey. It’s nice to know he trusts her enough to fall asleep around her.

actingwithportals replied to your post “That’s it: I’m moving to Bellevue Washington when I finish my studies….”

Sign me up!

boi il start looking for apartments! …I wish. 


Okay, so I was tagged by @musicalmiranda to upload my lock screen, my latest selfie, and the last fic I read (highly recommended reading some of @hamilton-canyouimagine. Meg’s a v talented writer !)
So this is the part where I tag people, but I have no clue who’s done this. So, if you’ve done it, please ignore me I’m sorry. @jemcolins @cookydoe @childof-olympus @starboydiggs @lafeyettegunsandships

annoying mbti conversation #1
  • person: Hey, I took the Myers-Briggs test!
  • me: Oh, that's cool! What did you get?
  • person: Well, I got [type]. But then I took it again and I got [different type]. I guess I'm just a mix between the two! Haha!
  • me: *eye twitching* I have to go...

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