it has been a pretty stellar summer for me so i would like to do my first every giveaway on this blog! just tiny things since i am a potato w limited funds, but still stuffs! 



  • you must be following me. i will check u.u and if you unfollow right after, you will be banned from all future giveaways.
  • three winners get to pick one of these prizes! ( can be repeats, this is just a small list of what i can afford )
  • must live in the u.s. and be willing to give me your address
  • reblogs only count. but reblog as many times as you’d like.
  • ends august 18th 

good luck! x stormie


ruffled mind, restless pillow

Calum’s religion was cigarettes, Michael’s was art, Luke’s was his job and Ashton’s was sunshine (apparently). They didn’t really think women were something to worship until they’ve experienced their own existential crises at three in the morning.

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part one

things i love in this world


•breakfast when you’ve woken up starved

•the sun peaking through the blinds in the morning

•when you’re feeling down about yourself and someone genuinely compliments you


•letting go of things you dont care about anymore

•coffee mostly iced coffee

•youve perfected your makeup

•long talks with good friends