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this new arc is making me questioning so many things.

and this is how I’m envisioning it all.

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a/n: wrote a little something with herman since people were asking for an imagine with him. him going to the army made me feel super emo so here’s this :-) this should also be gender neutral ♡ i hope you enjoy!

pairing: herman tommeraas x reader

word count: 1,3k

warnings: angst & fluff i guess


Herman had left exactly three months ago to go to the army. You felt incredibly proud of your boyfriend for serving his country, but it was hard to keep your relationship when he barely even checked his phone. At first you talked every day, but slowly but surely you two started to drift apart only talking once in a week or two.

You simply missed your boyfriend, which made you feel incredibly selfish since after all he was having the time of his life and it was a once in a lifetime experience for most people.

You hated the fact that you lived in the apartment you two had bought together despite your young age, you hated how big it was for only one person and you hated it the most for all the memories that were in it. The agenda you two had filled out just before he left to mark down the days he’ll be back was thrown across the living room, too painful for you to watch.

From time to time you were about to call him to end it all, ready to explain him that it was too painful to not be able to talk to him or be part of his current life. The thing was, you couldn’t bring yourself to actually do it or to end it by a phone call. You loved him too much to do so, so you ended bottling up all the emotions you had and went on your daily schedule.

Herman obviously was unaware of how Y/N felt, he was glad that he could go home for the weekend for the first time in months. Truth be told in the current state of their relationship he was more eager to spend time in their bed than with Y/N which didn’t feel normal. Their relationship had always been strong despite small fights, but they had never really spent much time apart.

A deep sigh got past his lips, he didn’t know if he was ready to see you again or how he’d act around you. He shook his head in hopes of getting past this sudden feeling of unsureness, opening the door of the small apartment. Much to his surprise the lights were out a rush of worry getting to him. It was unusual for you to be out late due to college.

He quickly took off his shoes and dropped his bag on the hard wooden floor, a small thumping sound coming from the action. Herman looked around the small entrance, noticing the agenda was missing and so were the pictures of you two. He walked to the living room, immediately taking notice of the agenda thrown on the floor. His heart broke a little of the sight of this.

Small sniffling noises snapped him out of his forming state of sadness. The sounds were coming from the bedroom you shared. He felt a little relieved to know that you were safely home. Herman slowly opened up the door, noticing you laying on the bed under the covers.

”Babe?” he softly said, sitting on the bed. You stiffened, you hadn’t realized he had come in or that he was supposed to be home in the first place. You quickly wiped your face with the sleeve of your sweater, lifting the covers off of your face afterwards.

Seeing you made him forget all his previous thoughts and doubts about your relationship, it was replaced with an immense amount of love and worry. You on the other hand did your absolute best to not tear up once again when you saw the face he had. He didn’t deserve to be welcomed home with the sight of his girlfriend crying.

”Hi,” you said your voice hoarse from crying. You coughed a bit in an attempt to make your voice stand out more. He gave you a sympathetic smile, pulling you in his arms to hug you tight. It was and that was enough to make the tears stream down your face again. He was very aware of the fact that you were wetting his shirt, but he didn’t care.

He held you in his arms for a good 30 minutes, just trying to make you calm down so you’d be able to talk together. You pulled away from him, sending him an apologizing look after taking notice of how wet his shirt was.

”It’s okay.” Herman said. His voice was soft and surprisingly calm, despite the situation. He was rubbing your lower back with his thumb as an effort to make you too calm down.

”No, it’s not and you know it too.” you sniffled, before going on. ”We haven’t properly talked in months, I’ve been stuck in this stupid apartment that we got together for months alone. It felt like we had broken up and from time to time I think that’d be the best. You’re having the time of your life and I’m here crying because of you when I know pretty damn well you can do nothing about it. I don’t think it’s healthy for me, but I never can bring myself to break up with you because I love you too much.”

Herman was processing all you had said, feeling really anxious. You wanted to break up? He knew your relationship was going through a rough patch, but he didn’t think it was so bad that you’d want to end it.

”I never knew you felt this way, if I did I swear I would’ve done many things differently,” he told you, his other hand instinctively going to his hair to run his hand through it, only to realize it was too short to do so earning a small laugh from you. ”I don’t want us to end like this, I’ll be back home soon for good and then we can go back to what we used to be. As you said, I love you too much to see this end too.”

You looked up at him, like to confirm if what he just had told you wasn’t a joke. ”What if it doesn’t though? What do we do then?”

Silence. He seemed to be thinking of what to tell you, but quite frankly his mind was blank.

”It probably won’t immediately, so we will just have to work on it like on the beginning we had to. It has to work out, in the end it’s us. You were here when I got my role in Skam, you’ve been here when I suddenly started to get loads of followers. You’ve always been here for me and I want it to stay like that.” His eyes were fulfilled with emotion, all the best memories of his life were with you.

Your heart skipped a beat at his words. He always knew what to say to calm you down and make you feel silly in the process. You smiled up at him, you admired him a lot at the end of the day. ”You’re too mature for your age when it concerns our relationship.”

”Are you telling me I’m not mature otherwise?” He arched an eyebrow at you, waiting for answers.

”You’re the guy who got kicked out of a playground with your friends.” You chuckled at the memory, that night he had gotten home super pissed about it.

”What can I say, you make me a different person and I like it. I think I’d be in jail by now if it wasn’t for you.” You let out a quiet ’I agree’ making him playfully punch you in the arm for it. You fell on the bed, pulling Herman along in the process so he was now hovering you.

The only sound that could be heard was the wind softly blowing outside. You stared into his beautiful eyes as he did the same to you. He then leaned in to capture your lips into a sweet kiss, pouring every possible emotion he felt or had felt in it. Your lips moved perfectly in sync, his hand trailing down to intertwine your fingers with his. A smile spread on your face, the familiar feeling of happiness when you were with him surfacing.

You were each others home, everything felt so right when you spent time together. No matter how rough things got, you’d always be there for each other.


You know what picture I love? There’s this great one of the two of you. You’re young - I don’t know how old. You’re both holding beers. Gordon’s got these wild sideburns. You both look like - oh man - like look out world.

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Chris actually doesn't seem like a bad person. Do you think there is more to him then what he gives up?

Can you, please, tell me while looking into my eyes that, this boy, isn’t a good person? Please? Because, looking at his face, I can’t see a bad person. 

If you say for me that he’s a bad person, then you have big issues, darling. 

Your dad’s gonna kill me

Imagine you’re Tig’s daughter and have sex with Herman Kozik. 

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“Your dad’s gonna kill me.” He moaned. 

“I’ll kill you if you stop.” The vibrations of his motorbike applied pressure to your clit, you could also feel the denim of his pants gently caressing your thighs. Herman Kozik, a.k.a, your father nemesis was sitting on his bike, as if he was going to ride it. “Herman…” 

“God, babygirl.” He said, pressing kisses down your neck as you arched your back, your white panties on the handle of his bike and your skirt lifted up to your stomach. “Are you feeling how hard you make me?” Having sex in the dessert in the middle of the night? Checked on your list. Kozik’s pants were down to midtigh, his cock out proudly erect, reading for you to sit on it. He lifted you up, ever so carefully, and without hesitation, entered you, feeling you wet and tight, ready for him. 

You both moaned, facing each other. You stared into his eyes, slightly closing them due to the pleasure he was giving you, both of his hands on your waist, pressing ever so tightly, making sure he was going to leave his finger prints there, like a reminder, like a mark. His. 

“Mine.” He moaned, looking at you, moving his hips to meet yours in the middle. You nodded. 

“Yours…” you agreed as the skin slapping was the only dirty sound that could be heard, besides the crickets chirping and the faint sound of a train somewhere far. You closed your eyes, leaning your forehead on his shoulder and biting your lip, almost drawing blood, feeling so dirty. 

How could it feel so wrong, but so damn right at the same time? 

“Oh my god.” You moaned, as he lifted his hips a little, setting you in certain angle, hitting your g spot every time. “Oh god, Herman…” you moaned out loud, throwing your head back when he leaned over, sucking on your nipples above your blouse, making them go hard. “Oh baby, yes…” you were practically yelling, the empty road as your only witness. 

“Mine?” he asked again, going harder and harder, making your boobs jump with every thrust. “Say it baby, i want to hear it..:” you could hear his voice, you knew he was close, just as you. “(Y/N)…” he moaned. “Moan for me, baby…”

“Herman..:” you said in a high pitched noise. “Baby, i’m cumming…” you confessed, grabbing on to his arms for dear life. 

“Cum for me, (Y/N)..:” he whispered. “So, so fucking tight.” He said. Both of you moaned and after a few more seconds, you came on him, throwing your head back and rolling your hips, the vibrations of the bike making the orgasm 100 times better. Kozik came too, staying still for a few seconds before going almost limp against his bike. You both looked at each other, having that “I just made you cum” smirk, breaking in a fit of laughs when you spent the afterglow. 

You got off his lap, him taking off the condom, wrapping it and throwing it away, joking when he asked you if you wanted to keep it, as a souvenir. You looked around for your panties, finding them in the handle, making you blush. As you slide them on you, you looked at Kozik, smoking a cigarette, blushed and preoccupied. 

“Was i that bad?” you asked, leaning on the bike, putting your jacket on again. He shook his head, grabbing you by your waist and pulling you towards him, your head resting on his chest.

“Not a chance.” He smiled. 

“Then, what’s wrong?” He took a deep breath. 

“Tig would kill me if he knew what we’re doing…”

“What we’re doing?” you asked, lifting your eyebrows. Kozik shook his head, correcting himself.

“Tig would kill me if he knew that we’re dating.” You smiled, caressing circles into his chest. “He’s gonna find out sooner or later. How many times you think you can tell him that your car broke down on the middle of nowhere and how many times do you think i can volunteer to come and pick you up, huh?” He was right. Your father was a perfect, a semi-okay father and all you wanted, but Tig Tragger wasn’t stupid. He protected you; Because after your sisters bailed on him you decided to stay and help him become better. You loved your dad, but you also loved Herman. 

“We have time to think about that.” You said to him, buying him a piece of mind. He nodded, putting on his helmet. 

“Come on, i gotta take you back to charming.” He handed you his spare helmet and smiled as you placed it on your hand. “God, you’re just the cutest with that on.” 

“I’m cuter with nothing on.” You winked hoping on the back of his bike. He started the vehicle and shook his head, smiling.

“God, you’re killing me.”

“It’s a Tragger thing.” 

Request: Kozik’s sister - Part 2 (the end)

This wasn’t included on the request. I decided to write a second part for Kozik’s sister and some followers asked for this too, so…Enjoy!


Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut, language

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He was seat at the picnic table when you left, smoking and narrowing his eyes at you and your brother. Tig looked grumpy, probably still torturing himself for give you a ride. Obviously, it would be bad if Herman found out, but nothing they couldn’t solve on the boxing ring, in your opinion.

You spent the night at Herman’s place, but in the next morning you followed him back to TM. Your excuse was that you were on vacation and had nothing else to do but see if Gemma needed any help. He bought that and said nothing while you walked to the Queen’s office. The garage was already open and Tig was there, mouth ajar as he watched you get closer.

“Morning Tiggy”, you winked and entered in Gemma’s office, not waiting for his answer.

“You are playing with fire”, Gemma hummed not raising her eyes from her work. You sighed and sat on the couch.

“I’m not playing”, you stretched, putting your hands behind your head, “We are adults Gem, if Tig wants me and I want him, so… What is the problem? Herman can bite my ass”

“I hope you can control both, then”, she looked at you over her glasses, “I don’t want any damage in this clubhouse, got it?”

“Got it”, you smiled and got up, walking to the clubhouse to see if Chuck need anything.


The boys left before lunch. You promised to your brother to wait for him there, at the clubhouse, to have dinner together later. You spent the rest of your day with Chuck, going out for groceries and doing a cake. It was almost sunset when the boys arrived, Herman, Happy and Juice not among them.

“They had another job to do”, Tig growled as he passed you in his way inside the clubhouse. You creased your brow and followed him. Tig didn’t notice you, closing the bathroom door behind him. You waited and when he opened the door again, you pushed him inside.

“What the hell?”, he cussed, his back hitting the wall as your hands on his chest kept him still.

“I could ask the same, Tiggy”, you smirked, “Why were you growling at me?”

“What are you still doing around?”, he barked, “You are on vacation, I get it, but you don’t need to follow you brother all day long, every day…”

“You are bothered Tiggy”, you grabbed his wrists, pinning them on the wall, satisfied in see his pupils widen, “You want me, but you are afraid of my brother. I’m tempting you, walking around all day long, every day…”

“I’m not afraid of Kozik”, he hissed.

“Prove it”, you licked your lips, looking at his own. Tig growled again and got rid of your grip, trading places with you, your back on the wall as he smashed his lips on yours.

You tangled your fingers on his hair as he lifted one of your legs, wrapping it around his hips. You ground on him, feeling the bulge on his pants. You smirked and bit his lip, making him pull back, touching it as he looked at you.

“Damn girl”, he grinned and you took off your shirt, exposing your breasts to him. Tig buried his face in them, kissing as his hand slid inside your pants. You spread you legs more for him, letting Tig touch your clit, slid his fingers through your folds.

“Tiggy”, you whined, feeling your legs weak. He licked a path from your cleavage to your chin, nibbling your jaw and earlobe. You reached his belt and let his pants fall, grabbing his cock, making him groan on your neck. He was hard on your hands.

“Fuck! This will be quick girl”, he grumbled as you kicked your jeans off. Tig lifted you, his fingers putting your panties aside. You guided his cock to your entrance and moaned as he lowered you on his length. Your walls were stretching for him, taking his big cock.

“Jesus!”, you bit your lip, your arms tight around his shoulders as Tig pulled out slowly before slam again, “Tig!”

“Shh…Everybody will hear us”, he laughed, his fingers digging on your thighs, as he thrust deep again. You covered your mouth, trying not to moan too loud. You felt like a doll in his hands, Tig putting your down and pinning your hands on the sink as he entered you again, from behind. You let your head fall between your arms, biting your own skin as you whined.

“Oh right there Tig…Harder!”, you begged and he obeyed, making hard for you to hold on the sink or stand still. You were so wet, he was sliding easily in and out your pussy as you were getting close, feeling the electricity down your spine and your walls pulsing.

“Are you coming for me baby girl?”, he was panting, the sound of bodies slamming against each other filling the bathroom, letting obvious for anyone out there what you were doing inside.

“Yes”, you whined and he slapped your ass cheeks, making your press your lips together not to scream, “Please Tiggy”

“Shit, I’m close…Now, doll, cum, cum for me”, your body responded to him, your legs trembling as the orgasm run down your body. You felt Tig pull out of your, his warm cum on your ass cheek as he groaned and cursed, “Damn it”

You were breathless, as he cleaned your body and his hands. You were expecting him not even to look at you, but Tig turned you around and kissed you tenderly before put his clothes on again. One more kiss and you were ready to go.

“He doesn’t need to know”, you looked at Tig before open the door.

“No, but I don’t care”, he shrugged. You laughed and opened the door, leaving the bathroom. You only had took two steps when your brother appeared on the hallway, casting a shadow.

“Shit”, you cursed, praying for Tig not leave the bathroom, but you weren’t so lucky, the door opened behind you.

“Shit”, he said too and you looked at him, at the same time as Herman growled.

“Oh I’ll kill you!”, he marched down the hall way and you rolled your eyes, walking to him, putting a hand on his chest.

“You are not killing anyone, Herman”, you huffed, annoyed, “I was consensual”

“I don’t care!”, he yelled, but that not scared you anymore, you were not longer a kid, “I’m so gonna beat…”

“I SAID…You are not gonna beat or kill anyone Herman”, you said, pushing your brother away. He frowned at you, “I’m an adult and I fuck whoever I want”

“Watch you mouth”, he pointed a finger at you, making you just roll your eyes. He was breathing heavy as he looked from you to Tig, calmly leaning on the wall behind you, “He is my brother”

“I don’t care”, you smiled, using his words against him, “Listen…I don’t have time for this. You can solve this on the boxing ring if you want, in a fair fight, not in the middle of the hallway”

You turned around and grabbed Tig’s hand, pulling him to the dorms.

“Where are you going?”, Herman shouted.

“Enjoy my vacation!”, you shouted back, “I won’t be back in Charming for a long time, gotta enjoy while I’m here”

“First and last visit, sister”, your brother were still yelling at the hallway.

“We will see brother”, you grinned, pushing Tig inside the room, “We will see…”

The End


Yeah, writing smut is not my forte, I hope this is okay, I did my best!

Twelve days. It had been twelve days since the club had sent Kozik to Tacoma to straighten some stuff out with his old charter, and five days since you had seen your old man. You wandered into your kitchen to pour yourself a glass of wine, checking your watch for the fiftieth time that hour. He’d called you early that morning to tell you he was heading home, but it was a long drive, you knew it would probably be a few hours before he arrived home, especially if he stopped back at the clubhouse before heading back to you, so you took your glass of wine back to the living room and started flicking through the channels, deciding to kill the time by watching an old action movie you’d seen a thousand times before.

A bottle of wine later and you were still waiting for your old man, checking your watch every couple of minutes and glancing at the door every time you heard anything that sounded like it might be an engine rumble.

And just when you were ready to fall asleep, you finally heard the click of a lock, as you turned to see the front door open.

“Babe?” Kozik called out, throwing his keys on the table by the door and dumping his bag on the floor in the hallway.

You jumped out of your chair, running to the front door, almost slipping on the tiles and practically falling into him. “Missed me?” he joked, steadying you as you looked up at him and brushed your hair from your face.

“Maybe,” you replied, smiling as his hands slid down your arms and settled on your hips, “why? Did you miss me?”

“Yes,” he said, stepping closer you you, gently pushing you backwards, “you’ve been drinking.”

You bit your lip,”just a little bit, I got bored of waiting for you,” you replied, your hands settling around his neck.

You gasped lightly as your back hit the wall behind you, and Kozik leant forward, his lips finally meeting yours. You had missed him, you’d missed him a lot, and you’d definitely missed this. You’d missed his kisses. His fingers pressed hard into your hips and he pushed closer towards you, his mouth moving towards your neck as his hips pushing against yours, and you could feel him even through his jeans.

His hands slid round to your ass and he easily picked you up, carrying you from the hallway to the bedroom, his strength still impressing you even after years of being with him. He dropped you down onto the bed and quickly pulled off his shirt, leaning forward to kiss you again before pulling your shirt off too.

Before you had a chance to register how cold it was in the bedroom with no shirt on, Kozik was on top of you, holding himself up with one hand as the other clumsily worked on the button on your jeans.

Your hands joined his, pushing his jeans down then helping him push your jeans and panties down too.

“You good?” he said, his eyes on yours. You nodded, then gasped as he entered you, thrusting gently as his mouth met yours again.

You moaned against his lips as he quickened his pace, pushing deeper, until he was grunting with each thrust, barely kissing you anymore, his face coming to rest against your neck, his breath hot against your pulse point.

“Oh god, Herman”  you breathed as you could feel yourself reaching your release, one of your hands on the back of his head, your fingers tangled in his blonde hair.

A few thrusts later and you both came, breathing heavily against each other. Kozik waited a few moments, catching his breath before he rolled off of you, staring at the ceiling.

“How was Tacoma?” you said, once your breathing had finally calmed.

He laughed, pulling you closer to him, you rested your head against his chest. “Shitty,” he replied, “it’s always shitty without you.”

In the show’s fourth season, Tyrion Lannister stands accused of poisoning his nephew, King Joffrey – an act which inexplicably has him facing the death penalty rather than being awarded a largish cake. Realizing that he won’t get a fair shake in court, Tyrion demands trial by combat and enlists Oberyn Martell (the “Red Viper” of Dorne) to act as his champion against Gregor Clegane (the “Mountain”). In the ensuing one-on-one battle, Oberyn easily brings Clegane down and begins taunting him while standing, in retrospect, way too close. In what is objectively the grossest scene in Game Of Thrones, the only-mostly-dead Mountain rallies his strength to grab the Viper’s foot, topple him to the ground, punch his teeth out, and then use his head like a watermelon in a Gallagher routine.

But hey, at least the Mountain left Oberyn’s balls alone. That’s more than can be said for poor Guy of Steenvoorde, who died during a similar trial by combat in Belgium way back in the year of our lord 1127. Guy stood accused of being one of the conspirators in the murder of Charles, Count of Flanders. Guy submitted to single combat against Herman the Iron – which, incidentally, is what we just renamed our cat. Much like Oberyn, the fight began in Guy’s favor. Being equally matched swordsmen, the two resorted to a full-on armored WWE grudge match which saw Guy sitting atop Herman, bashing his face in with his iron gauntlets. Oh, but Herman thrived on face punches: He reached under Guy’s mail coat, locked onto his balls, and with his free hand, threw Guy across the arena, “breaking open all the lower parts of his body.” The newly neutered Guy screeched that “he was defeated and was going to die,” which may very well go down as history’s most monumental understatement.

5 Gruesome ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scenes That Happened In Real Life

spoilery cursed child thoughts!!!!

- it has been nine years and ten days since i have had a brand new harry potter book in my hands i am very emotional

- seriously there will be spoilers like i’m just going thru the book so bye bye if u aint read it yet

- also i have literally heard nothing about this so if some spoilers are well known i didn’t know!!

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