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Someone save Solas from Miel.


Altertale!Reapertale (AlterReap)
AR!Toriel and AR!Sans



I noticed that you guys liked my human giant women squad. Fortunately for all of us, I also like them. So I drew more. Alex is also here. Rejoice 

High Tensions - Two

Reid x Reader

Six days later… 

Spencer really didn’t know why he’d agreed to the new terms of the bet. 

Well he did, he liked Y/N. A lot. They’d already established that during a drunken game of truth or dare. She was beautiful as well as funny and smart, and they’d become great friends even spending time together outside of work. He’d been surprised when Morgan had posed the question of “If you had to do one of us, which would it be and why?” and she’d looked directly at him and answered “Reid” earning a slight cheer from Morgan. When asked her reasons she’d gone on to smile at him, not seeming embarrassed at all stating that he was “Hot as well as a genius, and given how many books he’d read she was certain he’d know a thing or two about pleasing a woman.”

There was no way he could win now. She was so much more confident with her sexuality and he’d watched her on a number of occasions drive men wild from across the room just with subtle little looks and actions. 

Like now for example. They’d not had much chance to socialise with each other this week due to their case load, but right now she was sat across from him on the BAU jet just casually reading Delta Of Venus by Anais Nin whilst sucking on a cherry flavoured lolly. 

The rest of the team were asleep, the latest case had taken it out of them and Spencer had tried to nap but couldn’t.  

He was attempting to use this time productively so that he could get a head start on his paperwork, but every so often he could hear a soft popping sound coming from Y/N as she pulled the sucker out from between her lips before slowly pushing it back in again, her eyes focused on the page in front of her. 

Evertime he heard that noise his eyes moved to her mouth automatically watching her plump lips gliding over the head of the sticky sweet, it gradually decreasing in size. 

He shifted uncomfortably, his dick twitching slightly and his pants growing tighter. He was tremendously glad to be sat at the table now, sliding slightly lower in his seat to ensure that she couldn’t see what she was doing to him. Y/N’s pink tongue flicked between her lips, swiping over the circular candy as she turned the page of her book and Spencer had to cough in order to stifle the groan that was threatening to escape him.  

He wondered which part she was on, him having read the book when he was much younger. It was well known as one of the most erotic books of all time. 

She finished the sucker, placing the stick and her book on the table face down. She shrugged out of her jacket and opened one of the buttons on her blouse, Spencer spying the tiniest hint of cleavage as she leant forward to grab her water bottle. 

“Is it warm in here or is it me?” She stretched upwards to the air conditioning panel above their heads, her back arching and her breasts straining against her shirt as she fiddled with the settings. 

She sat back down, picking her book back up and continuing to read. A few moments later Spencer heard a low breath coming from her, and glanced up to see Y/N’s face flushing the slightest hint of pink. She cocked her head to the side, moving her hair with her spare hand and exposing her long neck. 

Placing the book down again, she stood up exiting her seat and making her way down the aisle to the bathroom. Making sure she’d gone in, Spencer leaned over and picked up the book, reading quickly to see where she was. 

“When she closed her eyes she felt he had many hands, which touched her everywhere, and many mouths, which passed so swiftly over her, and with a wolflike sharpness, his teeth sank into her fleshiest parts. Naked now, he lay his full length over her. She enjoyed his weight on her, enjoyed being crushed under his body. She wanted him soldered to her, from mouth to feet. Shivers passed through her body.”

Oh dear lord. She was reading that, whilst sat across from him. Really?

He heard the door to the bathroom reopening and he placed the book back down quickly. 

When Y/N returned she flopped down next to Spencer rather than in her original seat. 

“Mind if I use you as a pillow Spence? We’ve still got two hours worth of flying time left and I can’t read that here anymore.” She rested her head on his shoulder before he’d even had chance to respond, and her eyes were closed in seconds. 

Not being able to work with the weight of his colleague against him, he leaned back in his seat and closed his own eyes trying to relax. 

Around an hour later, his eyes shot open. He hadn’t been asleep, just dozing, but Y/N had shifted in her sleep and her hand was now resting on his thigh. Her breathing was quiet but he’d noticed it was slightly heavier than before and he was sure he’d just heard a soft whimper coming from her. 

He glanced round the plane quickly noting that the rest of the team were still asleep. Looking down he could see Y/N’s eyes flickering quickly through her closed lids. She was dreaming. 

Her lips were slightly parted and he definitely heard the next quiet moan that left her mouth. Fuuuck, what was she dreaming about? The hand that was on his thigh moved higher, dangerously close to his groin, Spencer jumping sharply at the movement.

His jump shook Y/N awake and she pulled away from his shoulder, quickly, wiping her mouth with her hand and smoothing her hair. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” Spencer whispered softly to her.

“No no, it’s fine. I’m glad you did wake me actually.”

“Erm….. What were you dreaming about?”

“Oh god.” She looked embarrassed, “Did I sleep talk again?“ 

“NO!” louder than he’d meant to, "No, you didn’t I just wondered that was all.” He fidgeted again. 

“Good. That’s a relief.” She stood again moving back around to her original seat. 

“So do you remember what you were dreaming of?”

Y/N’s eyes flashed quickly down to the book she’d been reading and then back up to Spencer’s face. 

“I do but I’m not gonna tell you." 

"Why not?" 

She bit her lip coyly, "Because you might have been in it.”

“Really?” Spencer squeaked. “What was I doing?” he coughed, feeling his face flooding with heat. 

Y/N grinned as she leant forward to pick her book back up. “Yep….and there’s no way I can tell you what you were doing to m…….in it,” she corrected herself going back to reading, leaving Spencer to his imagination. 


You hadn’t been asleep. You’d barely been reading the book either. And you’d clocked every single one of his looks as you’d worked that lollypop with your mouth. 

The look on his face when you’d removed your jacket and unbuttoned your shirt slightly was one of sheer wanting. And when you’d gone to the bathroom, you’d seen him grab your book to check what exactly you were reading. 

You’d heard his breath catch as you’d lain with your head on his should, breathing out the occasional whimper to make him think you were having an erotic dream, and the way he’d jumped so quickly when you’d “accidently”  brushed you hand up his leg made you certain you’d succeeded. 

Yes, this was round one to you. You were definitely going to have Spencer Reid begging for it.  

Request: Taking a break

Request: Can you do a hap imagine where it’s in his pov and reader makes him really jealous and he bugs out but the end is smut/fluffy

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by lolsthecat

They were on a break. However, for Happy Lowman, there wasn’t such thing as ‘a break’, they were together or they were not. He wanted to be with her of course, but in the end of the day, it was Y/N’s choice, it always had been. She had said they should ‘take a break’ and, obviously, they had an argument. Happy’s mood had been the worst since that day. People were arriving at the clubhouse for Friday night as he angrily watched them. It wouldn’t be the same without Y/N.

“Give me a beer”, he asked Chucky, who was behind the bar. Gemma was there too and raised an eyebrow at him. Happy grabbed his beer and walked to the door. He was about to walk out when he bumped into Y/N.

“Sorry”, she mumbled and then looked up. Her smiled faded a little when she noticed Happy standing in front of her, “Hap”

“What are you doing here?”, he asked and sounded angrier than he actually was. He was surprised to see her, Y/N had been avoiding the clubhouse since their break up. Happy was also glad to see her, he had missed Y/N.

“I’m came to see my friends”, Y/N creased her brow, “Gemma said it was okay. She told me you and Kozik were in Tacoma”

“We got home an hour ago”, Happy clenched his jaw as breathed in her perfume. It was inebriating and he loved it, “Kozik wanted to get back soon”

“I didn’t know”, Y/N bit her lip, “I think I should go home then”

“Don’t be silly”, Gemma’s voice made them look behind Happy, where the bikers’ queen was standing, “We’ve missed you Y/N. Come on, have a drink with me”

Y/N had no choice, Gemma held her wrist and guided Y/N inside the clubhouse. Happy watched them walking away. Y/N was wearing jeans and a black top that showed her back. He swallowed as he noticed her naked shoulder, where his crow would fit perfectly. His crow. He wished he had asked her before the break up.

They had been together for more than a year. Some thought it was time enough, others said it was too soon, but Happy had fell for her. Hard. And he was sure she was the one. He had thought they were happy together and fear was something Happy Lowman never felt, but he was afraid to lose her. However, he also had hesitated and now he was paying the price. Y/N had walked out his door and he had done nothing to stop her. Happy regret it, he regret it a lot.

Happy watched Y/N from afar. She walked around greeting friends and sat between Lyla and Tara on the couch. He barely heard his brothers asking him to play pool. He accepted, but couldn’t concentrate on the game, his eyes kept going back to Y/N. He looked again to the couch where she had been with the girls, but she was gone. Happy found Y/N dancing with Lyla. Her movements didn’t seem so natural and sexy as he remembered, something was bothering her and Y/N couldn’t just let go and have fun. He quit the game and walked back to the bar, asking Chuck to look for an specific song. It was her favorite and when it came on Y/N looked around but couldn’t find him. She spun around with Lyla and finally could dance more naturally.

He enjoyed to watched her, but Happy noticed he wasn’t the only one. A hangaround had been watching Y/N too and the man licked his lips when he finished his beer. He left the bottle on the table and walked toward the dance floor. Happy knew that look, he wanted Y/N and would make a move over her soon. They were on that damn ‘break’, but, for Happy, Y/N still was his girl and no other man would touch her. Happy marched to the dance floor and blocked the man’s path.

“Get lost”, he barked. The man looked up at Happy, smirking. The booze was making him brave.

“Happy?”, Y/N called behind him, but he didn’t look at her. Happy glared at the man until a friend came to help, saying he didn’t want to get in a fight with the Killer. The guy realized who was in front of him and decided to listen his friend. Happy turned around to look at Y/N, who had her arms crossed. She just shook her head and passed by him on her way to the back of the club. She slammed the bathroom door behind her before Happy could reach her.

“He had been watching you”, Happy raised his voice, “He was going to hit on you”

“You should have let me handle it Hap”, he heard Y/N sigh, “I knew I should have gone home”

“Yeah, you should”, Happy mumbled, leaning against the wall. Y/N opened the bathroom door and narrowed her eyes at him.

“Don’t worry Lowman”, she hissed, “I’m going home now”

“No”, Happy grabbed her arm, “That’s not what I meant. You broke up with me and now you show up at the club and… Damn, do you know how much I’ve missed you? You look gorgeous, then you were dancing and I was loving to watch you, but all the men were looking at my girl too. Yeah, I got jealous, you’re MY girl!”

“We’re on a break Happy”, Y/N sighed.

“Yeah, I know”, he whispered and pulled her closer, “I should have said all these things before, maybe you wouldn’t have left me”

“I didn’t leave you”, she looked from Happy’s eyes to his lips as she touched his face, “I needed time to think”

“Think about what?”, he trembled under her touch, Happy had missed it.

“About us”, Y/N whispered, still tracing his jaw with her fingertips, “About where we were going. Where are we going Hap? How long this will last?”

“Forever”, Happy blurted, surprising her and claiming her lips. Y/N melted on his arms and Happy easily lifted her, walking to his bedroom. He kicked the door closed behind them and put Y/N back on her feet. They didn’t stop kissing as she unbuckled his belt and Happy shrugged off his kutte. She whined when he pulled back to take his shirt off. Y/N locked her eyes with his as she took off her black top and opened her jeans. Happy stopped her and gently laid Y/N down on his bed. 

He hovered over her, softly kissing her lips. Y/N cupped his face and kissed Happy back, pulling him closer. His hands roamed down her body, reminding both how good they were together. Happy moved his lips to her neck, trailing a path of kisses toward her abdomen. Y/N caressed his arms and back, breathing faster and deeper. He took off her heels, pulled her jeans off and kissed her legs. He got rid of his own boots and jeans before kneel in front of her. “Baby girl?”, he looked up at Y/N. It was obvious what they wanted to do and he didn’t want to stop, but Happy needed her answer.

“Yes”, she whimpered, “I need you Hap”

He growled and put her panties aside, exposing her. Happy kissed her inner thighs as Y/N squirmed. He slowly ran his finger through her folds, watching Y/N lose control under his touch. He kissed her soft flesh and licked her, savored her. Happy couldn’t get enough of his girl, he was a hungry man, he had missed her and had been deprived from her for too long for his taste. He took his time, sucking her clit and licking her pussy until Y/N was a moaning mess. She bucked up her hips up and Happy pinned her on the mattress. He didn’t stop the oral sex until she was trembling, pleasure taking over her body.

“Oh Happy”, Y/N moaned and caressed his scalp. Happy kissed her thighs and his way up her body. He kissed her, making Y/N taste herself on his mouth. Happy shut his eyes hard when she palmed him over the boxers. He wanted to be inside her, badly. “Make love to me Hap”, she asked, kissing his lips and cheeks.

“Yes”, he breathed and pushed his boxers down his legs. Y/N spread her legs for him, gasping when Happy pushed inside her in one thrust. They looked inside each other’s eyes and he stopped to give her time. 

“I missed you”, Y/N whispered and kissed him. Happy fiercely kissed her, sucking her low lip as he pulled out of her.

“I missed you too”, he confessed, sliding inside her again. Y/N welcomed him, wrapped her legs around his waist and held Happy close. He moved slowly, taking his time with her, making love. Each thrust took them closer and closer to the orgasm; Happy held back until he feel her close too, “Are you coming baby girl?”

“Yes”, she whined and moaned louder.

“Yeah, I can feel it. Come with me, come on”, Happy’s words were enough to make her let it go. Her walls clenching around him were enough too; Happy hid his face on her neck as he came too. Y/N whispered his name and kissed his shoulder, caressing his back. He didn’t want to leave her, Happy wished they could stay like that. Still inside her, he held Y/N close and laid down with her, her leg around his waist. She tried to move and he growled, “Stay like this please”

“I’m not going anywhere”, Y/N said and kissed his chest.

“Really?”, he traced her spine with his fingers, “‘Cause I’m so sick of this break up thing. I want you back”

“I want to come back”, she admitted, but Happy heard the hesitation on her voice.

“But?”, he tilted his head back to look at her.

“But, to be honest, I need more Hap”, Y/N sadly looked at him, bringing her hand up to cup his face.

“You need to know if we’re gonna last”, he kissed her palm and locked his eyes with hers, “I just told you Y/N. Forever”

Y/N blinked a few times and took a deep breath, “Are you serious Hap?”

“Yes”, he rested his hand over her shoulder, “I want my crow right here”

“Your crow?”, Y/N’s eyes widened. Happy smirked and kissed her.

“I want you to have it and I should have asked you a long time ago”, he confessed, “Say yes. Please”

“Yes”, Y/N smiled and kissed him. Happy held her tighter; he would never let her go again, that time apart were the worst days of his life. “Happy”, she giggled when he nibbled her ear and he loved to listen that sound again, “Should we take a break? I mean, get something to drink”

“No”, he grunted and moved to be on top of her, “I hate taking breaks”

“Yeah”, Y/N moaned when he leaned to suck her breast, “I hate that do”

Lapdance (Cheryl x Reader)

Prompt: Could you do Cheryl x female reader but like at a party the reader is dared to give Cheryl a lap dance and it goes from there?

Song I used: Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls

A/N: I would have had this out earlier but I had a bit of a spider situation (OMG IT WAS SO BIG HOLY SHIT RIP) Anyways, this is one of my first fics like this so please bare with me and let me know what you think!


Tag List: @cherxnica

Lapdance (Cheryl x Reader)

It all started with Reggie opening his mouth.

Cheryl had made us all play “Never have I ever” and the topic of Lap dances came up.

“(Y/n) gives the best lapdances holy shit.” He raises his drink your way as you roll your eyes. The rest of the room cheers to that.

Then it came out.

“I’ve never had one before.” Cheryl’s rang through the room.

“Dude. (Y/n), You should give her a lapdance.” One of the other jocks suggested.

Her face went bright red to match her hair as you instruct Reggie to bring you a chair.

“You’re in for a treat, Blossom.” You whisper to her as you push her into the seat.

The room cheers you on when your song comes on.

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kiwi-4  asked:

Request: Sasuke meets Sakuras parrents, and Sakuras dad is not that happy about the thing that's going on between sasusaku -perhaps post redemtion journey and before sasusaku travelling :) Btw i love love love ur writing! :D <3

Sorry this took forever, but I hope you enjoy it! ♥ and thank you for requesting and I’m glad you love my writing! It really means a lot to me :)

“Uchiha, you say?”

Sakura could feel her stomach churn after the food had set and her eyes switch from her father to Sasuke, her heart beating rapidly within her chest.

“Yes, dad. We’ve gone over this. Sasuke Uchiha,” she could hardly form the words due to her tongue going numb with pins and needles. Sasuke only sat with his perfectly straight posture and expressionless look.

Although, Sakura could see right through his beautifully dark and violet eyes that life sparkled within once more. He wasn’t on a journey for revenge, or redemption. He was home with her, and willing to work on things for the sake of their new born relationship.

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has this been done yet?

Babysitting PT2

When Cynn saw Prince, she knew she would gladly babysit for the Turners. She smiled sweetly for Mrs. Turner while Mr. Turner’s eyes secretly ran all over her young body, sexy now in a tight little t-shirt and a brief miniskirt. The Turners had heard from the Prossers that Cynn was a very reliable babysitter. She never let boys into the house.

“So, you’ll watch Annie and Kitty until we get home?” Mrs. Turner said.

“Oh, yes,” Cynn said with a big smile. “I’d be glad to.”

“We’ll pay you the same as the Prossers,” Mr. Turner said, trying to keep his eyes off of her jutting young tits.

“Sure,” Cynn chirped happily. “That’ll be just fine.” Her eyes darted to the dog lying on the floor in front of the TV. “What’s your dog’s name?”

“Prince,” Mrs. Turner said. “He won’t give you any trouble. He’s big, but he’s a pussycat.”

Cynn could see that he was twice as big as Max. Was his cock twice as big? That was all she wanted to know about him. She decided to find out just as soon as the Turners were gone. She locked the front door, checked on the kids, found them fast asleep, then returned to the living room and found the dog watching her every move. She stood over him with legs apart and tits pointing hard in the tightness of her t-shirt. She smiled at him.

“I hope you’re friendly like Max,” she purred.

Prince’s ears perked up at the sound of her gentle, kind voice. His big brown eyes glistened at her. His tongue lolled out of his mouth. It was big and thick. Cynn liked that. Just the sight of it made her pussy wet between her curvy thighs.

As the dog watched, she slowly lifted her miniskirt in front and stroked her pussy with one hand.

“Do you lick pussy?” she asked him.

The animal just stared dumbly at her, looking from her pretty face to her moving hand, curiously. Cynn held her skirt way up on her flat belly and used her fingers to arouse her cunt. She spread her feet farther apart and hunched her hips forward. Her fingers danced over her pussy-fuzz and cuntlips. A fingertip teased her clit and she moaned as sexy feelings filled her cunt. She rubbed her pussy until her fingers got wet.

“Let’s see if you like pussy-juice,” she laughed.

She leaned down and put her wet fingers to the dog’s snout. Prince sniffed, then licked at her fingers as if she had offered him a treat. Cynn laughed sensuously and let him lick her fingers dry.

“Want more?” she cooed.

She rubbed her pussy again and dipped her fingertips between her cuntlips into her pussy. They came out drenched, and she let Prince lick the juice off. This time he licked harder, as if he really wanted the liquid. Cynn liked that. Sure that he was hooked now, she stepped back to the recliner chair behind her. She sat down on the edge of it and opened her pretty legs widely. Then she drew her little skirt way up and exposed all of her horny young cunt.

“Here, Prince,” she cooed sweetly. “Come and get it. Want more pussy? Here it is. Come on, boy.”

Coaxed by her voice, Prince got to his feet and approached her open legs. His eyes followed his nose right to her sweet cunt. Cynn smiled happily and leaned back in the chair. She stretched her knees farther apart.

“Here you are,” she purred, patting her pussy. “All the pussy you can eat.”

Prince sniffed her juicy little cunt for a moment, then swiped his big thick tongue at it. Cynn jerked when his raspy tongue hit her quivery little clit. It was stiff and sticking out already, she was so horny.

“Ewww, good boy,” she breathed hotly. “That’s it. Lick Cynn nice. Mmmmm, you lick good. That-a-boy. Lick it. Lick Cynn pussy!”

Turning on to the young girl’s hot cunt, Prince started lashing her crotch with his big tongue Cynn purred and moaned and whimpered as the huge hunk of wet meat slapped and slurped against her cunt.

“Your tongue is so big!” she gasped, carried away by the thrill of it. “Ummmm, you can lick my pussy any time!”

Horny out of her young mind, she drew her pert knees up, held them apart with her hands, and watched hotly as the dog licked his tongue up and down her sweet cunt.

“Ewwww, that’s nice,” she whispered. She dug her heels into the chair and clasped her knees tightly as she humped her pussy up and down, up and down, in a sexy rhythm. The doggie-tongue was turning her on something fierce. It had been a week since Max had licked her cunt, and Prince’s tongue was bigger and stronger than Max’s.

“Uh-uh- uhhh,” she grunted like a little animal as she humped her pussy for the dog’s licking, lashing tongue.

Prince pressed his snout into her crotch and slapped the hell out of her pussy with his thick tongue. Her juices flowed nicely now that he was licking her cunt steadily, and Cynn moaned with increasing passion. The sexy pleasure filled her young mind and she almost swooned. She leaned back in the chair, kept her knees far apart, and lifted her t-shirt up in front. She tugged it way up to her chin, baring her ripe tits. Her naughty hands grasped her tits and she tweaked her pink nipples until they were hard with pleasure. She moaned softly, as he fucked her cunt with his the doggie-tongue, and mauled the hell out of her nice tits. Her blue eyes grew heavy after a while, and she panted for breath as Prince’s big tongue whipped her pussy into a horny frenzy.

“Ohhh, I’m gonna cum gooooooood,” she murmured.

She could tell by the way Prince was licking her cunt so hungrily that she would orgasm wildly. And she was right. The doggie-tongue lashed her quivery clit again and all of a sudden all hell broke loose deep in her heaving young belly.

“Oh!” she shrieked.

Her whole body went taut for a few seconds as she shuddered and shivered in the deep chair. She squeezed the life out of her tight young tits and screwed her wet pussy viciously against Prince’s relentless tongue.

“I’m cumming!” she cried.

She raised her cute little ass up off the chair and thrust her pussy into the dog’s snout. It banged there and sent a sharp thrill all through her young body. Prince licked faster, and she came like crazy.

“Oh, ohh, ohhh, I’m… I’m… I’m cummmiiinnnggg!” she squealed happily.

She clenched her tits and fucked her horny pussy fast against the licking, lapping tongue as she came. Prince licked his tongue harder into the pussy, jerky pussy in front of him. The more he licked, the more hot cunt-juice he got, and he wanted that now. Going for her pussy-juice like it was a treat, he slapped her cunt fiercely with his tongue and drank all the cunt juices she could produce. And she produced plenty. She threw her head back and squeezed her tits and fucked her horny pussy faster and faster as she came. Wave upon wave of sexy pleasure rushed through her young body and her pussy creamed endlessly. Great rushes of hot juices coursed through her pussy-channel to her cunt-mouth, and Prince licked it all out of her. The more he licked, the more she came, until she was a writhing, humping mass of hot female flesh.

“Ohhh, Prince!” she gasped, cumming like crazy for him. “You lick pussy better than Max! Ewww, eat me, eat me, eat meeeee!”

She loved getting her pussy licked, so she abandoned herself to the heady pleasure the doggie-tongue provided. It was a mind-boggling orgasm for her, and she enjoyed every second of it. To get the very best orgasm she could, she thrust her trembling hands down between her thighs and used her fingers to pry apart her cuntlips. She pulled them apart and pushed her cunt at the dog’s snout. Prince’s tongue delved into her open, pink pussy, and a series of electric shocks coursed through her belly. She came and came and came.

Her clit grew thicker and more sensitive, like a big girl’s, and each time Prince’s thick tongue hit her clit, she had to let out a shriek of joy.

“Oh!” she cried, humping her cunt faster for him. “Ew! Oh! Um! Yow! Ew! Wow!”

With each outburst, she jerked her wet pussy forward, and the doggie-tongue stung her clit. The sharp thrills made her cum even more, and she couldn’t get enough of the intense pleasure. As far as she was concerned, this was the best feeling a girl could get.

“Ohhhh, why didn’t I think of this sooner?” she panted hotly, her pretty head lolling from side to side as she came wetly.

Prince slurped her pussy steadily, drinking all her cunt-juice like he was lapping water out of his dish. The sensations he created in her cunt made Cynn moan and fuck her pussy for him. The more she humped, the more he licked. Cynn was in seventh heaven.

“Ohhhhh, howww gooood,” she moaned as his big tongue assaulted her crotch, cunt and clit. “I never dreamed it could be like thisssss…”

She gripped her tits again and teased her stiff pink nipples as Prince went on licking his tongue into her cunt. She squirmed and twisted in the chair, horny out of her young mind and hungry for more. Enjoying her newfound pleasure completely, she slumped in the chair and surrendered her body to the licking, lapping dog. Her eyes closed lazily and her mouth fell open as she panted for breath. Her tits hardened and jutted beautifully in her trembling hands. And her hips and ass quivered and twisted as her pussy creamed and juiced and flooded wetly.

“Ohhhh, Prince,” she panted. “What a good dog you are! Ummmm, now I wanna do something nice for you!”

Rather dizzily, she struggled up into a sitting position and peered down over her jutting tits at what Prince was still doing to her pussy. She shuddered with rapture as more thrills passed through her cunt.

“Golly!” she gasped. “You’re enough to drive a girl crazy!”

She giggled and got to her feet, a little unsteadily, and moved her pussy away from the licking dog. She dropped to her knees and kissed Prince’s head. She told him he was a good dog and stroked his sides with her hands. He licked at her tits because they were right there to be licked. Cynn moaned a little and let him lick her naked young tits. Her nipples hard under the lashing of his tongue. She held her t-shirt way up and watched as he lapped her tits.

“What a nice dog you are!” she laughed hotly. “You’ve got me so horny! Come here… let me see your cock!”

Prince at first didn’t understand what the horny girl wanted of him. When she tried to push him over, he resisted. Cynn pushed harder, until finally he got the picture and slumped to the floor on his side. Cynn rolled him over even more and gazed hotly at his hairy cock-sheath, his prick half out, thick and red.

“Wow,” she breathed. “You are bigger than Max!”

Her hand flew to his balls and cock and Prince then knew what she wanted. He was all for it. His prick extended suddenly out of its protective sheath, much to Cynn delight. Her blue eyes widened. She liked his cock a lot.

“Mmmmm, you have a nice one,” she purred.

She caressed his hot balls for a moment, then milked his thick, burgeoning cock. Just a few strokes of her gentle hand made it big and strong. His hardon throbbed in her fist and she smiled pleasantly as she jerked on it.

“It’s so big,” she breathed.

Mesmerized, delighted, happy, she started jerking the dog off. She sat on the floor and snuggled closer to him so she could watch his prick shoot. His cock enlarged considerably and filled her playful fist nicely. She moaned as it grew hotter and stiffer in her jerking hand. It excited her to see a dog-cock get nice and big for her. So she jerked it faster.

“I’ll make you cum like you made me cum,” she promised.

With that, she gripped his cock tightly and whacked the hell out of it. Giggling from time to time, she watched his prick throb and jerk in her fist as she milked it and pumped it for him. Prince groaned and grunted, and Cynn knew he was going to shoot his hot cum. She was eager to see that happen. She laughed sensuously and jerked harder on his rigid prick. His prick thickened in her fist. His cockhead opened up. His balls tightened up against the base of his cock. He uttered a strange noise that made Cynn giggle again. She knew he was horny now. He looked like he wanted to fuck. His haunches started humping. Cynn blue eyes glazed over with lust as she pumped his prick for him. This was the moment she had been waiting for. She lowered her head and watched starry-eyed as the doggie-cock erupted in a series of violent jolts. Huge wads of thick cock-cream came spurting out of Prince’s thick prick. Cynn jerked his prick faster, laughing erotically as he shot his cum-load for her. Big spurts of white cum shot out of his cockhead onto his chest. Cynn stared hotly and felt a funny feeling deep in her pussy.

“Ohhhh, wowwwww!” she cooed, watching his dick jolt and jump in her fist. “You cum a lot!”

The big wads of cum fascinated her. When he was finished shooting his load, she caressed his prick. And with her other hand, she touched his pool of cum.

Her fingertips dipped into his cum and she felt it carefully. It was warm to her touch and slimy and creamy.

“How sexy,” she purred, feeling his cum again. “This is what you make baby dogs with.” She examined his cum for several moments, smearing her fingertips through it. Then she was gripped by an urge to taste dog-cum. Her lips parted and her pink tongue slipped across her ripe lips. She swallowed nervously, then lifted her fingers to her mouth. With a shiver of excitement, she licked at her fingers with her saucy little tongue, and tested his cum.

“Ummmm,” she purred, “that’s nice.”

Her eyes lit up and she licked her fingers clean, then dipped them again into his cum and licked them clean again.

Her eyes fell to her hand still on his stiff cock. A naughty thought assailed her young mind. She was shocked by it.

“Golly!” she rasped, surprised at herself. “I think I wanna suck your cock!”

She drew away from the dog’s body, a little afraid of her thoughts and secret desires. They were alarming. She sat back and stared at his throbbing red prick. Her tongue ran across her dry lips. She swallowed nervously again.

“Jeez,” she breathed, shuddering a little, “I can’t do that! You’d better lick my pussy again before I change my mind!”

She threw herself back on the carpet and stretched her pretty legs wide apart. She called to Prince and coaxed him to eat her cunt again She pried her pussy-lips apart with her finger and invited him to lick her cunt-mouth. Prince found that… and her clit. Cynn went wild on the floor.

Late night thoughts -Ethan

This is inspired by Kehlani’s song “Everything is yours”

It’s 2 a.m and I can’t sleep, my mind has been all over the place, not in a bad way though. I’ve been thinking about Y/N for the longest time, she’s been in my mind all day. Her and I been dating for six months now but every time that I look at her it feels like the first day I fell in love with her, she’s so beautiful in every aspect. Her luscious soft lips that melt me with every kiss, soft silky hair, a perfect smile, the melody that escapes her lips every time she laughs, her body-oh her beautiful body that she feels so insecure about but it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I want more of her, I want to discover places not everyone has ever seen of her, something…..exclusive. I don’t want to rush things, I’ll just let it happen naturally but I can’t help myself when I think like this. She’s everything to me and I want to show her how much I love her in every way. Even in that way. Fantasies fill up my mind all day, not like it bothers me, it’s not just anyone that has that effect on me. I wonder if she thinks the same, I hope she does, that’s how love works. I dream of the day that I’ll get to kiss every part of her, whisper how much I love her, how grateful I am of her, I want her to scream my name, I want to leave love marks all over her body, make her reminisce that special day. Make it feel like a honeymoon over and over again, till death do us apart.

anonymous asked:

I just found that blog and already enjoy your writing very much! Are you taking prompts? If yes, then: body swap between neurodivergent and neurotypical person. It would be so exciting, to see that story in your style 💖

It’s taken me a while to get to this prompt! I didn’t want to take it lightly since I’m neurotypical. I talked to one of my friends who’s neurodivergent, so hopefully her help allowed me to do this prompt justice!


Ashley wakes up well-rested with the memory of falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow the night before.

This is her first clue.

The second is the alarm blaring next to her head, a constantly increasing BRRR BRRRR BRRRR sound. It’s annoying, but not painfully so, not like nails in her head, and she’s just…irritated. That’s all.

Her third clue comes when she sits up and sees her best friend Sera across the room.

“Sera…?” Ashley asks and then stops. That wasn’t her voice. She looks down. This isn’t her body. “Oh. I’m Sera.”

It’s not common–though it’s not uncommon either–to switch bodies. Typically kids grow out of it around 12, they stop coming home in their friend’s body, stop charging down the stairs to announce to Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so that their kid will be home soon, they switched last night, no worries, is that breakfast? 

What is uncommon is the fact that Ashley switched. Switching requires a close bond, being on the same frequency as the other person, and she’s definitely not on the same frequency as Sera.

Or she didn’t think they were.

“We really are friends,” she says out loud, surprised. There’s none of the instinctive fear rising at the thought, no inner voice saying that she’s probably reading this wrong, nothing. She just feels…warm.

“Sera?” Mrs. Henderson says from outside the door. She has to raise her voice a little to be heard over the still-blaring alarm. “Honey, are you okay? Your alarm’s been going for a while.”

Ashley stares at the door, speechless. The alarm is loud, painfully so, but she’d still heard Mrs. Henderson. The alarm had almost faded when she focused on Mrs. Henderson’s voice. Normally she would have had to turn the alarm off to sort out all the input, she might have even had to sit quietly for a while just to get the sound out of her head, but this body had prioritized it instantly.

Instinctively, Ashley wraps her arms around herself, but, instead of being comforted, she’s just…wrapping her arms around herself.

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Camp Qween (Trixya) - Matilda

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic. It’s a teenager/camp AU with lots of queens, but is definitely about Trixya. Let me know if you like it! I’m excited to write more! I also have a drag queen blog goodnightcourtney Thanks!

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Alice told me what she’d seen of Carlisle and his family. I could hardly believe that such an existence was possible. But Alice made me optimistic. So we went to find them.”

“Scared the hell out of them, too.” Edward said, rolling his eyes at Jasper before turning to me to explain. “Emmett and I were away hunting. Jasper shows up covered in battle scars, towing this little freak.” He nudged Alice playfully— “who greets them all by name, knows everything about them, and want to know which room she can move into. When I came home, all my things were in the garage.

—  I forget how sassy Edward is in the books.