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Domestic ryden part 2.1 because why not

Ryan likes Brendon’s sillinesses. It’s always making him laugh and Brendon’s faces are just adorable. Ryan calls him his beautiful idiot and kisses him softly.
When Ryan acts silly it’s always sweet. He seems so awkward and happy Brendon just can’t help himself and becomes happy too. All he can ever say is that he loves him.

Sassy Brendon is another thing. Ryan doesn’t exactly disapprove. Sometimes it can be irritating when Brendon goes overboard, and that’s when Ryan has to gently remind him he’s acting like a dickhead, but mostly it’s simply sexy. Ryan likes to slap Brendon’s ass or kiss his neck to see him lose his smugness for a moment. Brendon smiles shyly each time.

Ryan’s sass is inherently arousing for Brendon. Ryan looks handsome and confident, even though he’s mostly not fully aware of it. His dominant nature is showing in those moments very clearly and it’s almost arrogance. Brendon sometimes bites his lip unconsciously thinking about them alone. If, at rare occasions, Ryan gets bitchy, Brendon mocks him playfully and gets death glares, but it actually brings Ryan back to normal.

Sometimes, at random moments, one of them just stops whatever he is doing and stares lovingly at his husband in amazement. They stare realizing how beautiful the other man is, how lucky they are to have him.

They like to look at each other doing completely mundane, everyday tasks. It gives them a sense of safety and domesticity. Plus it’s a view reserved solely for them, like Ryan folding laundry or Brendon washing the dishes. It can look cute too. Both of them know each other long enough to feel comfortable even when they know they’re being disgusting like not showering for three days when sick.

Ryan laughs at Brendon straightening his hair, but then does the exact same thing and when Brendon points it out to him he tries to defend himself by saying that he has to since his hair is naturally curly and Brendon’s is straight to begin with. They ruin each other’s hair anyway when making out.

Sometimes they don’t bother with styling and Brendon runs his fingers through Ryan’s hair that begins to curl again. Ryan doesn’t mind. When Brendon lays his head on his lap Ryan plays with the raven strands mindlessly too.

Sometimes one of them is sitting on the couch or in bed and doing something and the other comes snuggling in, so the busy one eventually drops the thing with a gentle smile and they cuddle and kiss like the lovesick fools they are.

Over time Dallon, Spencer, Kenny, Ryan’s Dan, Ryland and Gabe get to know each other quite well, because Brendon and Ryan keep inviting them at the same time. It actually turns into a good gaming club, because even though some of them were not playing games before, they sure as hell like rivalry and destroying the other team becomes the main goal. Eventually everyone they know joins in at some point. The most legendary game is between ‘the tall guys’ squad and ‘the average height, you mutant giants’.

Brendon wears that red tux and Ryan is all like ‘You always looked good in red. That’s so you.’ Brendon starts to wonder which color does Ryan look the best in. Was it purple? Was it champagne? Black maybe? He honestly cannot tell, because clothes are the last things he ever notices seeing Ryan. Then he has an idea. Golden. From that moment on, he buys golden things for Ryan to wear, from little things like rings, to a whole suit and Ryan is reluctant, because Brendon is the one who wore golden before, but eventually accepts it and really looks beautiful.

They both sometimes find each other on the floor playing or cuddling with their dogs and there’s no surprise in that.

The only clothes they are actually able to share are shirts and leather jackets, because Ryan’s pants are like a mile longer.