oh hellooooo

Am I back? 
I am back.

Am I back?
I am back.


*don’t mind me, I am just trying to convincemyself of that*

Wow gosh this feels so… weird? I mean I have been around for like two weeks now, writing a couple stories *cough* angsty *cough* and with love triangles *cough* and that too felt a little weird. For a few days I would just try to find my way around my keyboard again, trying to gain the same ease I had with it in the past. I am close, but still not entire familiar.However, this- getting to actually post something, gosh it feels so…. weird? I don’t know, it feels like I’ve been gone for centuries man! And it was only a few months!

Now my exams’ results came out yesterday- yes just yterday!- and I don’t know if I should be happy or not. I guess we will know by the end of this summer when it will be announced what university we’ll get to be in. But until then I am not going to thinkabout it. I will focus on my stories and what I love doing, so just let me torture you a little bit more this summer- I have a lot of build up stress and pain that I will just let off through my stories!

Alright, so lemme give you a masterlist of what I have already uploaded (which by the way needs updating too!) because there are so many new ones coming!:

Links for every story and imagine I wrote but tumblr obviously let me have only a certain amount of links. So I’ve split it up:

Stories Masterlist 1#
Stories Masterlist 2#

My imagines are a little bit shorter stories, not just gifs, and there are a couple mini-series too! (All links are working trust me!)

Imagines Masterlist #1
Imagines Masterlist #2

So heads up everyone there is… a storm coming and I’d like to say I am not responsible for that but- I can’t help the angst, sorry not sorry!

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also… Dean and the rest of the SPN characters might not be the only ones to get some love these days…

What? Not my fault Hiddles looks so good in Kong or the new Thor trailer! 

Wait- how long has it been since I did a weird crossover au? Oh~! ;)

Shownu’s Thoughts When He Sees You

Request: “Can you do those dot points thingy (idk if it makes sense) on what would go on Shownu’s mind when y/n is his crush and he sees her.” -anon

Hey guys! I hope you guys enjoy this and I wish you all a Merry Christmas ^_^ I apologize for not posting this right away ;-;


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  • boy, this boy’s heart would beating loudly
  • and he wouldn’t stop staring at you 
  • a smile would always be plastered on his face 
  • and he’d always be giddy about the thought of you
  • but then when he sees you in unexpectedly 
  • he wouldn’t say hi to you
  • since he’s a shy boy
  • yes, he’s shy
  • BUT 
  • a lot of thoughts would go to his mind
  • dammit, she’s so beautiful.”
  • “oh, she’s wearing a…. fitting dress–”
  • “a fitting dress?!”
  • “oh god…. no, son hyunwoo, no.”
  • “but damn, she’s so damn fine.”
  • “oh! she’s looking at this direction *looks away* *acts like he didn’t see you*”
  • when you walked up towards him 
  • and greeted him with a smile
  • he’d be blushing so hard
  • that’d it be so freaking obvious
  • “hey shownu!”
  • “h-hey, [y/n]. I didn’t see you there” ‘she’s so pretty’
  • ‘wow, her eyes sparkle’
  • ‘and i didn’t expect her to be this beautiful up close’
  • ‘her eyelashes are long’
  • ‘and her nose is also cute’
  • ‘her hair is naturally brown’
  • ‘okay, don’t forget to breathe hyunwoo’
  • ‘let’s just keep on smiling and nod at the same time’
  • “earth to son hyunwoo, uhm, hellooooo?”
  • “o-oh, sorry… i was just thinking of you– i mean thinking of what you’ll get the boys for christmas” 
  • so smooth son hyunwoo, smooth
  • but then when you leave
  • she smells like apples’
  • ‘and her voice is so angel-like’
  • ‘wait, what am i doing here?’
  • ‘oh yeah, i have to buy some food for the boys.’
  • and he’ll go on with his day thinking about you from time to time

obligatory Pizza Boy au

  • after a long night of marathoning gay movies (frustratingly few were any good), keith and pidge want some pizza, keith fills out the order in his name online but pidge the gremlin puts “send your cutest delivery boy” in the special request box
  • “anddddd send.” “PIDGE WHY??? THEYRE GOING TO THINK I SENT IT” “you spent all night thirsting over that swedish actor and there werent even subs on that movie. you need a boyfriend my dude”
  • 29 minutes and 59 seconds later (still on time, still have to pay, my friend) the pizza arrives, pidge is in the bathroom so keith opens the door and he is faced with, as ordered, the cutest delivery boy the pizza place could offer
  • spoiler alert: its lance and he’s their ONLY delivery boy
  • leaning against the door frame with A ROSE IN HIS TEETH and his cap backwards like a douche
  • “hellooooo, beautif- oh wait youre a guy?? my bad……….hellooooo, handsome”
  • lance is uncontrollably bisexual
  • and long tan and handsome 
  • keith is a raging homosexual and channels all of his inner strength into not letting his voice crack when he pays
  • “so you requested our cutest delivery boy…any other special requests???”
  • “leave”
  • (keith “accidentally” leaves the special request there on all his future orders because DAMN SON THATSA SPICY PIZZA BOY)
  • five deliveries later lance leaves his number on the inside lid of the box
  • i hope this isnt too CHEESY but call me ;) xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • “oh my fucking god”
  • their first date is at lances work after closing, hunk works there too

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*sweatingandhyperventilating* Hi! Wow, I’m so nervous, it’s ridiculous, but I’m a mess cuz you’re SO AWESOME, your VLD Family is my digital ray of sunshine and I’m so thankful… sooo Thank you! ^-^ Also, ikindofsortofwantedtoaskyou if you ever imagined them a few years older?? And thought about the fact that probably at 15 Hunk will be taller than daddy Keith and at 16 Lance’s giraffe legs will grow like jack’s beanstalk?? (1/3)

And while leaving kitchen supplies on unreachable places (for a smol angry bean like daddy Keith) is Lance’s reason of living, they become superprotective of their tiny dad? Like, if waiting in line someone stumbles over Keith, or at an event, a taller man blocks Keith’s view they’ll be ready to overreact and leave Keith like a blushing *indignated* mess. (2/3)

Also: Imagine Shiro secretly adoring how Keith pouts trying to reach things. Plus!! Piggy ride races with Lance holding Pidge and Hunk holding daddy Keith! (3/3)

OH MY LORD THANK YOU <3 AND THIS IS ADORABLE!!! And you know what would be cuter, too? If they still call them like the way they used to!

So Lance’s classmates in high school were having a group study at home and they were in the living room. Keith arrived from work and Lance stood up to hug him and kiss him on the cheek because that was how it had always been.

Lance: Welcome home. 
Keith: *hugs back* Thanks. Where are the others?
Lance: Hunk’s staying late for practice and Pidge is upstairs.
Keith: Alright. I see your friends are here.
Lance: Yeah, should probably introduce you.

Lance’s classmates saw the exchange and they were all wondering who the new person who came in was. So Lance and Keith made their way to the living room. And they all just stare at Keith.

Lance: Guys, meet Daddy Keith. *all smiley*
Friends: Hiiiiiiiiiii! *waves all cutely*
Keith: *smiles* If you guys need anything, just let me know. I think we have ice cream in the fridge.
Lance: What?! But I thought that was for movie nights!!
Keith: *chuckles* I’m pretty sure you can handle sharing this one time with your friends. We can always buy another one.

So when Keith left, Lance sat down on the floor.

Friend #1: That was your DAD?????
Lance: Yeah, why? *blinks*
Friend #2: He looks so young! I thought he was like probably your older brother or your cousin or something?!
Lance: Ahhh, Asians do tend to look really young. I’m a bit jealous.
Friend #3: I thought he was your boyfriend! *laughs*
Lance: *GASP* DUDE!!!! OH MY GOD! That’s just so wrong!!!
Friend #3: *laughs* My bad my bad! But your dad is gorgeous!
Friend #4: I think we are all ignoring the fact that Lance, a 17 year old high school boy, calls his dad “Daddy Keith” 
Lance: *frowns* What’s wrong with that?
Friend #1: You’d think one would grow out of it and settle for a simple “Dad”
Lance: *mouths ‘Dad Keith’* *shakes head* No, man. It just doesn’t feel right. Daddy Keith is Daddy Keith and it will always be that way. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with that. *shrugs*
Friends: *nods* True, true. 

Then Pidge came down and greeted Keith too with a hug and kiss. She saw Lance’s friends and just waved at them, they knew her because they go to the same school. She decided to sit on the couch while trying to finish her boss battle game. Hunk later on arrived and did the same to Keith, then joined Pidge on the couch. Last to arrive was Shiro and when he opened the door…

Friend #3: Holy shit. Who. Is. THAT?
Friends: *all turns towards the door*

Then they all witness Shiro tapping Keith–who was cooking dinner–on the shoulder and giving him a quick peck on the lips.

Shiro: Hello.
Keith: Hello to you, too.
Shiro: What’s for dinner?
Keith: Pesto pasta with chicken. Oh and Lance’s friends will join us.
Shiro: *turns towards the living room and sees them all* Oh, hello! 
Friends: Hellooooo!

Then they all turn towards Lance.

Lance: That’s my Daddy Shiro.
Friend #2: * in disbelief* I can’t believe this.
Friend #3: I don’t know who’s even lucky here? Your Daddy Keith or your Daddy Shiro? That is one insanely good looking married couple.
Friend #1: I’m actually blushing just looking at them. IS THAT WEIRD?
Pidge: *chuckles* You should’ve seen how my friends reacted when they visited. They were all fangirling over our Daddies.
Lance: *laughs* Oh my god. I remember that one. 
Friend #2: Is it always like this?
Hunk: *smiles* They’re adorable aren’t they? One of my friends legit have a crush on Daddy Keith and another one on Daddy Shiro!
Friend #1: You three are so lucky. *sniffs*
Lance, Pidge and Hunk: *looks at each other* Yeah, we really are.
Friend #1: I want to be adopted to this family 
Lance, Pidge and Hunk: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellooooo, there!!! Is anyone still following this blog? 😝😝 I’ve been slacking lately, I know. I knew graduate school would be hard, but I didn’t know it would be this time consuming!

Anyway, I’ve got a new ficlet written, and I just want your opinion… Do you want it tonight or tomorrow?

P.S. Chapter 10 of Alla Prima is in the works. If anyone was waiting for an update, you won’t have to wait much longer… Maybe a week or two…


New photos of Jamie at the St George’s Hill Golf Club. [June 28th]

gordonsmart: “Delighted to announce the Blazin’ Squad reunion tour is on! Here we are, 15 years on. Time hasn’t been kind to all of us. Kenzie, front middle, has got a decent gig in movies. As for the rest of us…. great day with the sensational @steviemartini teenage inspiration @jamie.theakston and the percolating lighthouse @martin_bayfield. Rare photo of @thommo_surrey not being the tallest man in the picture, but still a hunk. World class carry-on with Jamie Dornan too, what a cracking lad. Thanks @mcsaatchise@mcsaatchimerlin @mcsaatchilondon Thanks for the pic @jamie.theakston.”

mariahazzard: “Oh hellooooo 50 shades 😻 #workperk #50shades.”

BTS when they see you at the beach with your guy friends

How would Bts react to seeing you at the beach with all your friends….. Most of them boys XD

Jin: “Honey, what are you doing breathing the same air as these peasants? Put your clothes back on, we are going home.”

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Jimin: *doesn’t notice, is too busy looking at your body*

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J-Hope: “Oh HIIII FRIENDS of Y/N. I’m so PLEASED to meet you oh hahah”

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Jungkook: *in his mind he has knocked them out 3 times each*

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Rap Monster: “I think I’ll be fine” *admires his arms*

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Suga: “You said you were going out with friends… these are GUYS… DId you know that they are guys? You did… Oh…”

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A/N: None of these gifs are mine. Creds go to their owner


Peter: Is this thing on?! Oh, it is! HELLOOOOO! I finally reach big eyebrows’ domain after a long travel–

Arthur: I told you no recording in my office!

Peter: *Whisper* Right now our specimen is being a grumpy butt. I’ll record more when we get home from work.

nicomilligan requested: Can you do a fluffy one shot where the reader lives at the bunker with Sam and Dean but she has a crush on Gabriel. And one day he finds her in her room crying ans she tells him she ran away as a kid because her parents split up and it’s her greatest regret. Then she says she’s afraid to love because she don’t want to fall. And says “I’m afraid of heights.” And Gabriel replies “I’ll catch you.” Then they kiss. I’d very much like that. 

Word count: 1377

Author: Mars

Warnings: Tears, fluff, mentions of being malnourished (Is that even a warning? Idk)


Annny who, I hope you like it! 


You had been hunting with the Winchester’s for a while now, going on six years. They had found you one day in an old barn while they were hunting vampires. You were huddled there, in something that barely resembled clothing, shivering and thin as a stick. Sam had been the one to pull you out of your frightened, dazed state. You were barely an adult then, but the brothers had taken you in. Dean had fed you well, nursing you back to health slowly. When he had first made you a hamburger you had wolfed it down faster than he had ever seen any human eat.

And then you promptly ran to the bathroom and lost your dinner. You still weren’t ready for real food then.

The Winchesters became your family after that. Nursed back to total health, and then given a room, and clothes, and you spoke to actual people sincerely for the first time in years. They were your older brothers, you were there when Dean went to Hell, and when Castiel came and “raised him from Perdition.”

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