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flyera ⇾ cyjproject

EEEEEK ik what you might be thinking… smh jj project ended an era ago… well, no, jj project will live on forever hfhfhf just kidding but uhh yeah just some changes to keep things Fresh y’know sdfjkf idk i hope this is ok i thought it was cute but i will probably go back to flyera sometime soon but yeah,, hi

i have secured the url oh-hello-its-me-the-silly-pringles-girl and will be auctioning it on friday to the highest bidder or you can “buy it now” for 45 dollars and 1 can of silly pringles

They actually learn to love Halloween, because Cas gets to hand out candy to all the kids and Dean gets to dress up

tumblr is kind of wild cos? i have all these acquaintances/friends but i know zippity zap about them?? like maybe their gender and face but probably not their name. just their URL. “oh hello drumline-jesus! i know you for your jokes and being a pretty good person but nothing else! irl we would be strangers!! how is your day?”


carves a z into your chest and cartwheels off into the sunset

Moffat Appreciation Day 2014 - A Review

A list of personal favourites and my own contributions.
* signifies those which were outstanding even among the outstanding posts. Everybody was amazing.

My own contributions:


Favourites from the Appreciation Day:

And on to the Countdown…

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