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Case Study {Part I}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Time for yet another series! This time, we’re indulging in my ultimate fave, Bodhi Rook. This is the complete opposite of my Mobster! Cassian AU, so I hope you all enjoy reading!)

Detective! Bodhi x Reader

Plot Summary: John MacArthur was found dead in his home on March 3rd, 2017. His family, especially his wife and sister in law, are emotionally distressed. His neighbor is strangely nonchalant, a former prostitute has been demanding child support, and the weapon is nowhere to be found. New LAPD detective Bodhi Rook has been assigned to this murder, and has been paired up with you, one of the division’s finest. Try not to let your emotions hinder the case, detective.

You got out of your car, jogging past the sirens and showing off your badge to the officers guarding the house. You ducked under the police tape and into the house, spotting Jyn taking pictures of the crime for the forensics department.

You sighed when you looked at the text from Cassian earlier. A new case.

A man was found dead in his home.

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Running Late

@number9isawanker: Okay, but imagine Lena and Maggie are running late to movie night. They arrive to find that Kara and Alex have started without them and are currently acting out an (obviously) previously choreographed dance number to some Disney movie. Can you do something with that?

This was too cute and the inspiration just hit me!

Lean practically runs from her town car to the door of Kara’s apartment building.

One stock meeting had turned into two and then there was paperwork to sign and before she knew it she was running over an hour late for double date movie night. She just hopes there’s still food by the time she gets up to Kara’s, because she is STARVING!

“Hold the elevator please!” She calls out desperately, sighing with relief as a hand shoots out to stop the doors from closing.

“Thank you! The elevator times in this place are so unpredic- Oh! hello, Maggie!” She offers the detective a warm smile.

“Lena,” Maggie tilts her head, taking in Lena’s business suit. “Running late too I see.”

“Meetings.” She groans, cracking her neck. “You?”

“Caught a break in that alien theft case.”


“Thanks, I just hope there’s pizza left.”

“Let’s make a deal, if it’s all gone, we’re going to oder a giant pepperoni pizza just for us and not let Kara eat any of it.”

“Deal. Are you sure you’ll be able to say no to those puppy dog eyes?”

“She can have the leftovers. Maybe.”

Maggie snorts.

They both know she’s bluffing.

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replied to your



“Wh-What should I do..?”

“About what, child? If you truly are innocent, you should have nothing to fear… So why are you troubled?”

“I-I’m just worried people might falsely accuse me! It’s happened to people before.” Nix answered, looking over at Naeva. She had heard the woman had questioned someone already so she already had a bad feeling.. 

oh   ?   are we talking abt what our muses are like when dating people   ?   sweet.   let me chime in with this   :

dirk is a soft lover.   a hopeless romantic.   he loves to hold hands and hugs,   with his fingers running through your hair as you lean into him.   he enjoys long walks on the beach during sunset with a pizza to finish the evening.   he’ll listen intently about your day but careful   !   he might get distracted with how cute you look and miss your point completely.   he’s always ready to admit his faults,   unless he’s right then he’s the embodiment of   ‘ well,   i told you so ’,   but he’ll always take your ideas on board and congratulate you on your findings because wow   !!!!   you really did figure that out huh   !!!!!!!   i’m so proud of you   !!!!!!   ( and yes,   that part in particular is carried on into friendships.   he’ll praise anyone   &   everyone.  he’s extra careful with his partner but not in a way to be condescending,   he’s constantly afraid that he’ll hurt you,   that who and what he is will get you killed,   so each day he’s a bit more thankful that you’ve stuck around and saw past his flaws and the danger that seemed to follow him and not vice versa.   he’ll get lost in your eyes and pick wild flowers that he believes correspond to your personality.   he’ll kiss your forehead and give you words of reassurance that you’re enough on a bad day.   on a quiet day,   he’ll just sit and hold your hand,   a non   -   verbal confirmation that he’s always there.   he’ll let you borrow his leather jackets   &   laugh at your jokes,   even if they’re terrible.   he’ll insist that both his and your souls were made from the same stardust,   and that’s why you’re together   —-   it’s a plan that the universe made.   it was fate.   he’ll ask before he kisses you because he’s scared that he’ll weird you out and he doesn’t really know how to act around you until you’re at least a few months into the relationship,   then he’ll start randomly kissing your cheek   —–   whether it’s to say goodbye good morning,   or what have you.   maybe he just likes doing it.   you’ll never know   ;   feel free to steal one from him,   though.   he’d turn into a blushing mess and think about it all day,   probably. 

These Nights Never Seem To Go To Plan - Chapter 10

A Captain Swan AU FF

Rated M

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, and also on FF.net and AO3)

Thank you all so much for the amazingly supportive and sweet messages, reviews and tags. This is my first multi-chapter fic (and I can count the one-shots I’ve written on about two fingers), and the response has been so lovely and welcoming. 

A happy and safe 4th of July to all who celebrate! xoxo


He’s been shot.

That’s exactly what his detective, Locksley, had said when ten o’clock rolled around. Jones was two hours late for their date and Emma had broken her standard operating procedure of never chasing a man. She called Killian ready to eviscerate him with a speech she had been rehearsing since eight-thirty but a vaguely familiar voice answered instead.

“Sheriff Swan? It’s Robin Locksley.”

“Oh. Hello, detective.” Emma had cursed herself, hoping she sounded less awkward than she felt and significantly more professional. All of the piss, vinegar and scathing retort was put on hold, replaced by no small amount of embarrassment at being caught calling a colleague (of sorts) after hours. “I was hoping to speak with Captain Jones.”

“He’s…Emma, he’s been shot.” Robin was giving her a rundown over the phone as she grabbed her bag and slipped on the pair of fuck me pumps she’d bought for a night out with a skip years before. They went well with the skintight red dress she’d also bought for the same occasion and hadn’t considered wearing again until she decided she wanted nothing more than to watch Killian Jones’ jaw drop when she opened her front door for their first date. In another time and place, she’d be giving herself a little pat on the back for having the ability to break into a dead run out to her car wearing both.

“…taking fire and he was hit trying to move an injured officer outside the perimeter for medical attention.”

Her head swam.

There was more. Something about nicked carotid artery, surgery, still unconscious. When she’d hung up the phone, it had been Emma’s turn to break every speed limit between Storybrooke and Bangor. No slick, racy motorcycle or new(er) truck for her; just a Volkswagen Bug whose steering column had one hell of a shimmy over fifty-five miles per hour, a lead foot, and desperate a need to see Killian for herself.

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