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To anyone who says “[Character] is [insert]sexual and everything else is wrong because I said so! uwuwu”

To anyone who says “[Character] is obviously [insert gender identity here], so if you’re viewing them differently, you’re the worst uwuwuwu”

To anyone who harrasses others and/or talks shit about them because they headcanon something differently and thus, want to invalidate these people’s opinions in any way.

you know what i’m tired of? writing made by smaller blogs being ignored by big blogs because other writers are their friends. it’s fine to support your friends, obviously, and you should, but seriously? some of these writers are incredibly talented, and you ignoring them in favor of some middle-of-the-road piece by your friends is crazy. absolutely insane. just because you like someone as a person, or they are sweet, DOES NOT mean they are good. 

and im sorry to say it, but mileven content is all the same nowadays. its all been done, every idea portrayed in slightly different ways at varying levels of quality. write mileven, by all means, but writing the exact same idea over and over is cheap. write something else, for once. write some of the adults. write some of the teens. i guarantee it will still get more notes than someone writing a smaller ship with their heart in it. because you’re friends with the right people.

which is another thing- what is up with the cliques on here? this isnt highschool, guys. people should be recognized for talent, not because theyre your best friend or your groupchat mate. because honestly? some of the writing that goes around on here is subpar. its cheap and its uninteresting, and the themes are boring as hell. but because theyre either big blogs or FRIENDS with big blogs, they get hella notes. and its unfair! it really is unfair. because you reblog these posts tagging them as like “oh my god this is so good im dying, so cute, perfection, your writing is a masterpiece” when its really not. im sorry to say, but some of the most popular headcanons or pieces of writing are really not all that original. and then a smaller blog comes along, and you all ignore it. you say you support artists and writers no matter what and will signal boost, but you dont. you completely and utterly ignore it, and dont even give them a reblog. you KNOW youre a popular blog. you KNOW you have influential friends.you KOW that reblogs are better than liking or commenting on something, tey you do it anyways. if you think writing is good, fucking reblog it. thats how people see content. support small writers, or they wont be writers anymore. 

stop making this fandom into a cliquey mess, and stop posting only what your friends post. its bland and irritating. support small artists.

cuddling is my fave I just finished reading the whole bokuroo ao3 tag

prooudjarra  asked:

Hi!!! Your art is really adorable! (Especially Chibi!Haikyuus and I'm trapped in this bokuaka hell) and I just saw your post about that hp au where bokuto is an animagous and I was just curious about the fic. Is there a fic about that???

hello, and thank you!! :DD (pats your hand its ok im in the deep end of bokuaka hell too) oh wow i wish there WAS a fic! (crying) HAHAHA it’s actually just an au headcanon i came up with! It’ll be nice to write a short fic to go along with it, or maybe a few little comics..? i’ve actually had a few scenarios in my head with other characters finding out etc, and how kuroo almost blotched it all LOL, what do you guys think? xD it’s fun reading some of you guys’ headcanons in the tags! i’d welcome more if you have them!

in the meantime, have some more dumb kids:

featuring akaashi’s fellow Ravenclaw oikawa! (original headcanon here)

since the wait between chapters can be really unbearable sometimes, i thought about sharing some of the things i’d like to see happen in 19 days when it comes to guan shan and he tian!! it’s not a complete list of course, and some of these are highly unlikely to happen, but that’s the fun to imagine stuff and come up with different scenarios, right?? …..right? um, anyway, here they are:

  • this one is something that i saw around a lot and im sorry to be repetitive, but i honestly want this to happen so much, so im just going to write it down until it hopefully happens, which is he tian being really emo about what happened with guan shan, and jian yi and zheng xi realising he is not his usual self
  • i saw this around too, with different opinions, but i personally love it, and it’s guan shan and zheng xi interacting with each other more and maybe becoming friend…..ish?? this is totally biased, because they are my favourite characters, so seeing them together would just make me happy, but tbh i think they would go along pretty well and it’s not something i feel is impossible, because zheng xi already said that he doesn’t think guan shan is that bad, so i could see them becoming, if not friends, at least amicable acquaintances?? [also! assuming he tian did have feelings for jian yi, it would be really interesting to me to see him reacting to zheng xi and guan shan becoming friend-ish]
  • he tian leaving guan shan alone for a while and then not knowing how to act or what to say when they eventually bump into each other again (i’d personally love to see a more dejected and insecure he tian)
  • he tian being jealous of guan shan (but like, the normal kind of jealousy, not the creepy one)
  • he tian going to guan shan’s house (mostly because i think houses have an important meaning) and guan shan being really close to his family (i like the idea of him having younger siblings tbh, it would work as a nice contrast to he tian’s situation)
  • like i said a couple of days ago, guan shan and he tian’s brother interacting, which is something that would be really interesting to me, and im still not sure how i’d like them to interact, but i love the idea of guan shan and he tian being protective of the other in front of him
  • guan shan smiling and he tian going “……fUCK”
  • i hardly think this is going to happen, but i would love to see a drunk scene with he tian and guan shan (im not sure how it could work, but i have ideas)
  • guan shan initiating their second kiss
  • okay, so, i ain’t big on sex because im the acest ace who ever aced, but pls consider: he tian fucking guan shan against those big ass windows in his apartment

this is all i have for now!! i’d honestly love to know what you guys want to see happen between them, so if anyone wants, please feel free to add your list under this, or - since this is already long as hell, sorry!! - to message me, or to make your own post about it (and maybe tag me in it so i’ll be sure to see it?)!!