oh heeeyyy

So Corpanga is Riley’s Pluto and Lucaya is Riley’s Pluto…

And if x= z and y=z so x= y?

(Or what I like to call my crazy thoughts on how we should pay attention to Riley’s story, the love triangle is bogus and Lucaya is the Corpanga of the show – and probably not the only one.)

Hold on and don’t ignore this already simply because I’m blatantly and insanely claiming Lucaya is Corpanga. Or because you’ve already heard this before, saw gifsets or whatever.

If you give me a chance…maybe, you’ll see that I’m only a little crazy.

I don’t know if this is a theory. Most of what you’ll hear here, you’d probably heard before. What happened is that I’ve connected a few dots these days (probably i’m not the first one) – famous theories and the show and the writers tweets-and I feel the need to talk about it.

I don’t know if I’m right, heck things may change tomorrow, but I just need to say this and i need someone to hear it

(and talk about it and say their thoughts about it and the circle of life on a fandom and all that jazz)

So this is a three-part rant, considering the length and themes of it ( think of it as small bites of my crazy):

  • Part 1- This is Riley’s story. (Or, we look through a microscope but let’s do it selectively, heh?) (this rant you’re about to read)
  • Part 2- Lucaya as Corpanga ( Or let’s talk about how the writers are sneaky) (x)
  • Part 3- What (the HECK) does this all mean?! (x)

Part 1

So…. we often forget that this is Riley’s story.

Everyone is always talking about the love triangle. Girl Meets Texas comes out, Girl Meets New years (when anything really) comes out and everyone asks R*cas or Lucaya?? R*cas or Lucaya???  Which one will Lucas choose?? Lucaya is better, Rucas is better yada yada yada.

People love saying that the other side of the fandom is “looking through a microscope” when really, if you’re (only) looking at the show through the ships, you are looking through a microscope no matter what ship you choose.

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Best Friend!Series: Drunk Calls Pt. 2 - C.H.

A/N: Thank you for requesting. I was thinking a part 3 maybe? Let me know! Again this is not my picture/gif. I’m starting a Michael preference soon, but it’s not part of the Best Friend!Series. But look out for it! :) Part one <

Requested: yes

Warning: Strong Language

“Y/N!, What are you doing here? Calum said you were studying tonight.” Michael slurred.

“I was, but Calum said he wanted me to pick him up.” he laughed at Michael’s drunken walk.

“Good luck finding him. I haven’t seen him in a while!” he laughed leaving you to wonder his house. 

Michael’s house was full of strangers and it was the loudest it has ever been. The only other time it was this loud was when the guys were all playing games and being obnoxious. You went straight to Michael’s room knowing that he doesn’t let anyone in his room when a party was going on. Knowing Calum trying to hide would probably go in there. Walking in you couldn’t find Calum anywhere and even after searching the other rooms you still couldn’t find him. 

“Oh my god HeEEYYY!” a girl laughed hugging you. “You’re so pretty. Did you just get here? Oh my god this is so much fun!” she jumped from topic to topic. You didn’t know this drunk girl, but you didn’t mind. 

“Do you know who Calum is?” you asked her hoping maybe she could help you find him.

“YEAH! Hes in the bathroom. No one can get in! I peed in the backyard!” she laughed making you laugh because you knew Michael was going to be so mad when he found out.  

You went straight to the bathroom hearing a group of people bickering that they needed to use it and couldn’t. Walking to the door you knocked, but no one said anything. You knocked again and still no answer. 

“Calum?” you asked

“Go away. Theres another bathroom.” 

“It’s Y/N, Calum.” 

He just opened the door and pulled you in the bathroom without saying anything. He closed the door behind you and sat on the floor, his back against the tub wall. You sat next to him and waited for him to start talking. He didn’t say anything and all you knew to do was to hold him. 

“You want to wait awhile before we leave?” you asked him. 

All he did was nod and look up at you with with his watery eyes. Calum never looked at you like he was in this moment. He held the gaze and he wanted to tell you how upset he was but knew it wasn’t a good time. If he were to start talking he wouldn’t know how to stop and he didn’t want to say everything that was on his mind.


He kept quiet. Putting his left arm around you he hugged you tight. His face pressed into your neck. He wasn’t crying that you could tell, but he needed a hug. He needed you to just be there for him and thats what you did. 

Minutes went by with just silent breathing, mostly his heavy breathing. Knocks on the door continue but neither of you said anything. You held him close and run your fingers through his hair trying to relax him. 

“Im ready to leave.” he said not moving. His face still buried in your neck. 

“Okay, lets go.” you made the first move by standing up and opening the door. Calum following you slowly. 

“Shit.” he whispered pulling you back. Confused you waited for him to explain. “Susan. That girl I told you about.” You looked around seeing a blonde scowling in your direction. 

“Come on.” you said pulling him through the living room to the front door. You didn’t care about her or that she was staring at the both of you.

“Hey!” Michael stopped you both, “There you are! I’ve been looking for you!”

“Yep. I’m going home with Y/N. Sorry man.” Calum said not making eye contact with anyone but you. 

“No big deal! Feel better.” Michael said patting his back. 

Calum placed his hand in yours and followed you out of the house. Getting in the car it was a bit awkward. You never witnessed Calum this quiet. Well you have because Calum is a bit quiet at times, but this was different. He was upset and you didn’t know how to help him.

“Drop you off at your house?” you asked not sure if he still wanted to be around people.

“Can I stay at yours?” he asked almost scared you would say no.

“Of course.” You grasped his hand and he didn’t let your hand go. He held on to your hand tightly. 

You both walked into your house and Calum, being at your place so many times, went straight to your room. You went to get a drink for the both of you while he was in your room. By the time you got to your room Calum was already laying in your bed wrapped in blankets. You changed into more comfortable clothes and moved your books off your bed.

It wasn’t the first time Calum slept in your bed. It wasn’t the first time you and Calum slept in the same bed. But it wasn’t until you climbed into bed with him that you noticed he was only in sweats… which usually thats all he did wear to bed, but never when he and you shared the bed together. 


“Yeah?” he was half asleep.

“Do you want to talk about it at all?” 

“Not now. Tomorrow though. I promise i’ll talk about it. I’m just really tired.” you could hear that mix of tiredness, anger, and hurt in his voice.

“Okay, goodnight.” 

“Goodnight Y/N.” he said pulling your arm around his waist making you the big spoon. “I love you.” He whispered on your hand before bringing his lips to it, kissing it softly. 

He wanted to tell you so badly right then, but he didn’t. He didn’t want to tell you when he was drunk even though he was thinking straight. He wanted it to be prefect when he told you exactly how he felt.