oh heechul


Aww.. Baek looks so happy to be on stage with Yesungie :)

Most dedicated ELF; Park Chanyeol.

RyeoSoo :)

Awww.. Kris and Suho look so happy


Xiumin and Sungmin XD Too cute!!

Sehun being adored by Donghae

Suho living every ELFs DREAM

The two cuties again

Chen, I want to be in your position,or Kyu, I wouldn’t mind either XD

Tao dancing with Heenim, they are both too fab!

Baek doesn’t seem to mind xD

Suho, Kyu-biased

Kris, finding excuses to be near his bias

Tao got a bit emotional when SJ won xD

Kris went to a SJ concert xD

Baek happily being dragged away by Hae

Every ELFS wish is to get a selca with a member

And to not have to share that selca with any one elsexD

Then Tao wanted his chance (Poor Sungmin)

What a bonus, they even got Donghae in it!

Donghae Stan

Whispers “I like you more than Tao does” LOL XD

Can i just squeal for a moment <3

Lay is a Donghae biased too xD

I have loved looking over these again, EXO really love Super Junior and that is why I love both of the groups. TBH, groups that love Super Junior are always groups I start to love because if they love Super Junior then they must be really awesome!! xD


“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have any charms.” - Kim Heechul.

The Real Housewives of Seoul

Suho:/having Tea with the girls/ So I have something that I need to tell you guys

Jin:/sips his tea/ What is it? Did you finally send that evil one away? You know…to be fixed and shit

Suho:/laughs/ Ooh no…Its about a certain someone in which we all don’t talk to anymore

N:/confused/ Who?

Key:/flips his hair/ Isn’t it obvious..it’s Kris..Yifan..the one that was bald but now has hair

Suho;/ gives him that go to hell look/ 

Key:/rolls his eyes/ What?

Jinyoung: Wait..are you talking about Heechul?

Suho:/nods/ Yes..i have gotten in touch with him and Invited him over to Join us

Jin:/gasps/ No no no

N; Are you crazy Suho?!


Suho:/in the confession booth/ Hell to the mother fucking yeah I did. Key’s bitching has been getting on my nerves a lot lately. So I figured why not bring out a bigger and better bitch…..Facts

Jinyoung;/looks over at Key with wide eyes/ Hey..maybe ..maybe he’s changed. Once we shunned him maybe he realized what a shitty person he actually was . 

Key; That..is…so..fucking…stupid

Jinyoung:/rolls his eyes/ Have you ever considered that maybe you guys could actually be friends if you would just learn how to set your egos aside

Key:/glares/ Looky here..I am not here for a damn therapy session..you always so damn wise and positive and I’m so sick of it

Jinyoung: Now you look here now bitch I have-

Suho:/stands up when he sees Heechul coming/ HEECHUL

Jin:/chokes on his tea/

N: /shoves a big ass cookie in his mouth/

Key:/ drops his glass/ THE FUCK

Heechul: Hello bitches~

Jinyoung:/nervously/ Hi Heechul…haven’t seen you in a while

Key: Damn Heechul..you look rough

Heechul:/flips his hair as he sits down beside Suho and Jin/ You are still the same I see

Key: But better 

Jin: Soo Heechul you look great..what have you been up to lately?

Heechul: Oh you know Variety Shows and  a couple modeling gigs

Key:/laughs as he eats a scone/

Heechul: I’m sorry..miss piggy is there something funny


Jin:/laughs his signature laugh/

N; So how are the kids doing?

Heechul: All grown and up out of my nest…Finally. They’re all doing great. By the way I heard Ravi’s mixtape not bad

N:/proud mama/ Yes my baby works hard

Heechul: Oh Jin I’m really proud of you and the boys. Your hard work really paid off.

Jin:/smiles/ Ooh thanks..its been quite the journey but like anyone can reach their goals as long as they try and work hard

Heechul:/smiles as he nods/ And Jinyoung I see you and your acting skills.making me all proud and shit..you keep doing you boo boo

Jinyoung:/smiles shyly looking down/

Heechul: And Suho, You are such a strong person. Being a single and all..I can’t imagine what all you had to go through..but I am so proud of you for coming through so strong 

Key:/coughs/ He’s an alcoholic~ /cough/

Suho:/flips him off as he hugs Heechul/ It’s been rough but i’m doing just fine

Key:/points at them laughing while looking at the cameras/ Are y’all seeing this shit

Heechul:/pulls away and looks at Key/ I would ask what you’ve been up to..but apparently nothing really

Key: Hah..look here you pitbull… I don’t know know why you’re here all of a sudden but you’re not about to take me down. 

Heechul: Says the one who’s hair extensions fell out when he was getting down and dirty with his boo

N : Oooh no she didn’t

Key: Bitch I still looked sexy.. You the one who be taking out your extensions looking like splice

Heechul: Oh hell no bitch

Jinyoung: Not this shit again..CAN I GET SOME VODKA

Jin:/laughing his ass off/ SHE DID THAT

Key:/smiles at Jin/ Yass bitch I went there.. this hoe trying to bring a bitch down and I wasn’t having that with her bald headed as-

Heechul:/throws his tea at his face/

Suho:/gasps because damn/

Key:/wipes his face/ YOU WHORE /jumps over the table and tackles Heechul/

Jin:/screams because tf/

Jinyoung:/Downs the bottle of vodka/

Security:/ runs in to break up the fight/

Suho:/ in the confession booth laughing/ Karma’s a bitch

Super Junior appreciation post

Let’s just look at how these “boys” (technically adults butttt…nah)  evolved to men shall we?

Kid Leeteuk

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Man Leeteuk

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Kid Heechul

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Man Heechul

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Kid Yesung

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Man Yesung

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Kid Kangin

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Man Kangin (tho he will claim he was always THE man)

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Kid Shindong

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Man Shindong

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Kid Sungmin

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Man Sungmin

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Kid Eunhyuk (Ma ultimate love)

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Man Eunhyuk (Also my ultimate love…just love him sooo much!)

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Kid Siwon

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Man Siwon

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Kid Donghae

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Man Donghae

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Kid Ryeowook

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Man Ryeowook

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Kid Kyuhyun

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Man Kyuhyun

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THESE MEN ARE MY LIFE!!!!! LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH! And lets’ be honest they are just as cute now as they were before….just a smudge sexier thats all!

I mean look at these dorks

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Long story short I love them, and yes I love SJ-M and Kibum and Hanging too!! But I get sad when I think about the strife with them so that’s why I didn’t focus on em. But despite all that Super Junior continues to be the most genuine, awesome, funny and all around great band that I’ve come to know and love. SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING!!

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baekhyun: [on knowing bros] [about sehun] you know what they say about a man with a big nose

literally all of exo:

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For my sister to tell me about a post an EXO-L made on Tumblr saying that EXO deserved the black suit comeback instead of Super junior and saying it was just the tea makes me so freaking mad. Do you really have to be that greedy? Doesn’t your group get enough from SM? Even though Super junior and others have been on the company longer and were the reason SM is one of the biggest companies to this day?

I’m confused as to why you had to try to snatch something like this away from legends. that completely deserve it for their FREAKING 12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Girls generation got treated like trash for their anniversary. I bet you would be going the f**k off if it happened to EXO. Think before saying Sh*t like that. Stuff that sounds absolutely idiotic that should not be on the internet should be thought about. before being typed down alright?

Remember who set the path for EXO alright honey? I’m an EXO-L and an ELF and I personally love EXO but I would NEVER. EVER disrespect anyone saying they don’t deserve something that they clearly do. because everyone works hard alright? EXO came back two times this year not even that far apart but you want them to come back? How f*cking selfish and disrespectful are you to EXO?

Lol you clearly don’t care about their health because all you want is to prove to everyone that EXO is the best

By the way this was NOT towards all EXO-L’s. I consider myself an EXO-L just not one of the ratchet one’s or one of the ratchet one’s of ANY fandom I’m apart of


What Happened To Super Junior 2017 Highly Anticipated Comeback? Why The Boys Deserved Better


Kim Heechul: ‘Love conquers any age and all nationalities’

Me(An Intellectual) : 


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