oh he's so gorgeous

I watched the Mummy, and Holy Mother of All that’s Good and Pure!!!

TIFF 2017 dates for “The Current War”:    Saturday, 9-9; Sunday 9-10; Wednesday 9-13

(Yes, this post is a blatant excuse to post this gorgeous pic of Benedict & Tuppence Middleton, as Thomas & Mary Edison.  If I had the skill, I’d lighten it so their faces wouldn’t be in shadow…anybody else game for that?) 

I have missed BC at TIFF these past couple of years, for I was wicked spoiled as a newbie to the fandom in 2013 for 12 Years a Slave &The Fifth Estate, and again in 2014 for The Imitation Game. Can’t imagine he won’t put in some kind of appearance this year…fingers crossed!

imagine Viktor arriving at Hasetsu for the first time, getting off the train, off the escalator…and seeing those posters of Yuri in the station. And promptly turning into a complete fanboy and taking selfies with them because YES IT’S HIM HE FINALLY FOUND HIM, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING, OH GOSH HE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM AGAIN HIS SMILE IS SO GORGEOUS while Makka’s barking and jumping around like Viktor is