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I am also a sucker for your top 10 worldbuilding posts so here's another one: top 10 times the media got some TMI on Victor and Yuuri's relationship (and does it include Victor drunkenly revealing they switch to tabloids and Chris' speech at the wedding about where they've done the nasty?)

The wedding was strictly family and friends only so Chris’ speech never got made public (Yuuri would have died if it did!) but there have been several incidents where the media learned a lot more about Viktor and Yuuri than they ever expected.

Top 10 Times The Media Got Some TMI On Victor and Yuuri’s Relationship:

10) Once - when Yuuri was competing in the Four Continents and Viktor was on the side-lines to cheer him on - during the warm up Yuuri was practicing his quad flip over and over to make sure he got it right while Viktor was doing an interview at the side of the rink and the reporter sort of offhandedly mentioned ‘oh, Katsuki has been doing jumps for a while now and he doesn’t even look tired, I guess it must be true that he has really good stamina’ and Viktor just went really dreamy eyed and said ‘yes’ while completely ignoring the interviewer and gazing at Yuuri. And the reporter and the camera man just ended up looking at each other like ‘should we finish the interview or just let him keep daydreaming about his sex life?’

9) During the season after the end of chapter 14 Viktor’s exhibition skate was the Stay Close To Me duet and afterwards one of the reporters asked Yuuri ‘were you ever concerned about doing the lifts during the routine? Were you sure Nikiforov was going to be able to hold your weight or were you worried he might drop you?’. And Yuuri was just like ‘No, I had faith in him and we already knew he could lift me up pretty easily anyway’ which he probably would have gotten away with if he hadn’t proceeded to go bright red afterwards when he realised what he’d said and everyone who watched it was like ‘we kind of really want to know but at the same time we probably really don’t.’

8) After Viktor finally retired he was doing a joint interview with Yuuri and one of the reporters asked him if he was concerned about maintaining his physical condition now that he wasn’t competing anymore because lots of athletes have a hard time adjusting once they stop such vigorous training regimes. And Viktor was just like, ‘I’m sure it won’t be a problem, I’ll still be getting some pretty intense regular exercise even if I’m not training anymore’ and winked at Yuuri and Yuuri started blushing really badly while all the reporters went into minor meltdowns

7) Once they ended up being caught by reporters a few days after Viktor’s birthday when they were out taking the dogs for a walk and it was mostly fine but one of the reporters asked Yuuri what he had given Viktor as a birthday present and they both went bright red and Yuuri sort of mumbled a hurried and fake sounding answer that probably wasn’t even in English and practically sprinted off. No-one ever found out exactly what Viktor’s ‘present’ was but there was a lot of speculation and the general consensus became that Yuuri Katsuki was probably a lot kinkier than anyone ever expected and Viktor Nikiforov was a very lucky guy.  

6) This one came in a series of tweets from a fan who was in an upmarket hotel bar which basically consisted of, ‘oh my god Viktor Nikiforov is in the same bar as I am what should I do?’ ‘He’s sitting alone do you think I should go and talk to him? Would it be weird to ask for his autograph?’ ‘I wonder why Katsuki isn’t with him, it’s the off season I thought they’d be together’ ‘Oh my god I just noticed he isn’t wearing his ring what does this mean?’ ‘He just started to talk to a guy who sat down next to him and he’s being really flirty oh my god.’ ‘Is Viktor Nikiforov having an affair????’ ‘Help, red alert I’ve just seen Viktor Nikiforov in a bar chatting up some random guy without his ring on what do I do?’ ‘Oh wait a minute the guy he was talking to just turned around and it turns out it was actually Katsuki after all. Panic over.’ ‘Wait a minute Katsuki isn’t wearing his ring either, they can’t have both lost them at the same time can they?’ ‘They’re acting really weirdly though and they’re dressed differently too I’m confused but I don’t want to interrupt’ *several minutes pause* ‘Well something I definitely didn’t expect to happen tonight was finding out that Katsuki and Nikiforov are apparently into role play but you learn something new every day.’

5) After being apart for a long time during the skating season they finally reunited at an airport and it was all very dramatic and Viktor ended up kissing Yuuri really passionately for a really long time. And when they broke away Yuuri was like ‘that reminded me of our first kiss, after the competition in Saitama.’ And Viktor was like ‘I did a lot more than just kiss you then solnyshko’ being all sly and flirty and then they both sort of froze as they realised that A) they were in a very public airport which is not a good place to be heavily flirting even if you have been apart for several months and B ) Several people were not so discreetly filming them. And that was how the world learned exactly when and where Viktor and Yuuri got it on for the first time.

4) During the four continents after they first got together Viktor ended up doing the thing in he did in the anime where he tied Yuuri’s laces and kissed his skates while being there to support him. And at that point their public relationship was still only a few months old so while the reaction was mainly positive there were still some assholes who were salty about the whole thing including one trashy tabloid reporter who cornered Yuuri after his skate who was obviously a die-hard Viktor fan and didn’t like him or their relationship at all. And while Yuuri is usually quiet and shy and likes to keep as much about their relationship private as he can because he doesn’t want the world butting in, he also is absolutely savage when he wants to be and after going through so much to finally get together with Viktor he is not willing to take any shit from anyone. So the reporter was being really bitchy and asking questions like ‘don’t you think it’s a bit degrading to make Viktor Nikiforov get down on his knees for you?’ and Yuuri just really calmly said ‘not really, he likes it too much’, smiled and walked away. The video clip of it happening has several million views.

3) At one point Viktor and Yuuri were on the beach at Hasetsu and Viktor took a picture of Yuuri in his boxers (they had forgotten their swimming stuff but got too hot and went to cool off in the sea) and nothing else while laughing on the beach. And while 99.9% of the comments were all along the lines of ‘goddamn’, ‘please step on me’ and ‘Yuuri Katsuki with his shirt off is a gift to humanity’ there were a couple off assholes who were commenting on the stretch marks on Yuuri’s thighs. Because he was a naturally chubby kid with a lot of puppy fat and went from that to a lean athletic teenager in a very short space of time so he has them although they’re not that noticeable. And Viktor doesn’t usually care when people are rude to him online because there are always a few shitty people out there but it really pisses him off when someone insults Yuuri. So when someone tweeted him like ‘you’re really hot, why do you bother with someone with ugly stretch marks like Katsuki?’ he responds with ‘I love every part of my boyfriend including his marks. I especially like to kiss them every night when his thighs are wrapped round my head.’ which pretty much shut all the haters up there and then. Yuuri hit him with a pillow for it afterwards but he was secretly kind of pleased.

2) The day after one of the major competitions Yuuri was giving an interview and the interviewer asked ‘now that the competition is over has the tiredness set in yet and are you ready to go home or are you still riding high on the adrenaline from last night?’ and Chris, who happened to be walking past at that moment, was just like ‘well he was certainly riding something last night but it wasn’t the adrenaline.’ Yuuri’s expression after he said it became a popular reaction picture for when someone looks like they physically want to die of embarrassment.

1) The incident I mentioned in a previous ask where a tipsy Viktor ends up getting interviewed by a tabloid reporter when his tongue is looser than usual so when she asks ‘are you the top or the bottom in your relationship’ aka the question everyone else wanted to ask but was way too polite and respectful to, he just winked and said ‘why pick just one.’ And that was how the world found out that Viktor and Yuuri switch.

Humans Are Weird: The Mandela Effect

I guess I’m jumping on this bandwagon.

If aliens thought our normal habits and personalities were weird, imagine how they’d react to the mandela effect.


J'il-rak watched the ship’s two human crew members debate for a few seconds as he walked over. Just as he got in hearing range, Human-Rose stormed off after yelling “You’re hopeless!”
“Human-Steve, what were you talking about just now with Human-Rose?”
“Oh, just arguing about whether it’s Berenstein Bears or Berenstain Bears. It’s Berenstein.”
“I’m confused. What are you talking about?”
After Human-Steve explained, J'il-rak was perplexed.
“You… remember things differently?? How is that possible??”
“I don’t know man, human brains do this sometimes.”
“So your brain just makes up memories.”
“And you don’t know why.”
“That is correct.”
J'il-rak walked away, very concerned and confused. He would have to tell the humanologists about this. If they believed him.
To be fair, at this point what wouldn’t they believe?

Boyfriend Vs Brother

Theo x Reader

“You know she’ll be pissed.” Theo sighed when Stiles refused to leave.

“You think I’ll let my sister go anywhere with you?” Stiles scoffed.

“Oh, trust me she’s been places with me.” Theo smirked as he got out of his truck, slowly swaggering over to the gym where your team was pouring out.

“Theo!” You squealed and skipped into his arms.

“Hey babe, you do good?” He asked as you leaned up to kiss him.

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The Marauder's Map
  • Harry: So you mean this map shows...?
  • Fred: Everyone.
  • Harry: Everyone?
  • George: Everyone.
  • Fred: Where they are.
  • George: What they're doing.
  • Fred: Every minute.
  • George: Of every day.
  • Harry: Brilliant! Now I can creep on Malfoy whenever I want, stalk him, lurk wherever he's going and jump him on every corner!
  • Fred:
  • George:
  • Fred: Oh no!
  • George: What have we done?

8. A First Kiss (from this list)

(not compliant with dark cupid)

i’ve always sort of thought of mari as being the one with experience when they get older, but the opposite is also an interesting concept, tbqh :3c

“H-hey, Chat?”


“You’ve… you’ve kissed people before, right?”

It was such an odd question that Chat stopped and stared. “I mean… I guess so? Why?”

Ladybug puffed her cheeks at him, embarrassed, and tightened her grip on the string of her yo-yo where it was secured to the next rooftop. “Just curious.”

“Oh… ‘kay?”

He extended his staff and primed his next jump, but apparently Ladybug wasn’t quite done yet.

“Can…” Chat glanced over and was surprised to find her fidgeting. “Can I ask when your first kiss was?”

He shrugged, watching her wind and unwind the string around her fingers in not-quite-concern. “Sixteen?”

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Out Goes The Petals | Oh Sehun

— a soulmate au requested by anon
— special appearance of another exo member
— When soulmates meet their significant others, petals would explode from their chests.

One of the biggest plays would happen at one of the most prestigious theatres. You were quite fortunate to land on the female lead, after gaining the confidence to audition, your doubts had washed away after you got chosen for the female lead. The play would happen in a week and you were practicing hard, actions and romantic lines.

“Here he is.” The director shouted, making you slightly jump up from your spot. You slowly looked up to see a handsome man, who was smiling politely at the director before turning his body to face your way, bowing politely.

He stood up, scanning every person in the room before his gaze landed on you. You didn’t missed the way the corner of his lips curling upwards to a small smirk. “Hello, I’m Kim Jongdae, who will be starring as the male lead. Can I know who will be my fellow lead partner?”

No one raised their hand, as all of them were busy giving him stares of adoration. He was one of the most attractive people you have ever landed your eyes on, no lies. When no one raised their hand, he let out a cough.

“C'mon, don’t be shy.”

Hesitantly, you raised your hand. People turned their heads to look at you then to him. He let out a laugh before he walked towards you, tugging you up to stand. “Well, let’s go practice our lines, shall we?” And with that, he had gently yanked your hand with his before he led you to another practice room.

A few days later, Jongdae had called in, saying he got sick because he got wet in the rain and he wasn’t able to perform. Needless to say, the director was freaking out, throwing papers here and there and mumbling things. You got anxious, tapping your fingers on a table as you watched your director pace back and forth before he halted to a stop. A smile crawled up on his face before he happily shouted.

“I think I know who’ll fit the role!”

And with that, a day later, someone knocked on the practice room you were in. You looked up before walking towards the door, slightly confused as to who would interrupt your practice session. When you opened the door, a tall male came to your view and your eyes slightly widened in surprise. He looked surprised, too.

A minute haven’t even passed yet both of you were glued to your spot, frozen in shock. And before you knew it, pink petals emerged from your chest and into the air. He let out a small gasp as the same thing happened to him, before he hurriedly glanced down to his broad chest. Surprisingly, your shirts were clean as if nothing had exploded from it, except, there were petals scattered on the floor around you.

“I, um, wow.” He mumbled to himself and you blinked back at him, giving him a blank look.

“So, soulmates?” He quietly asked, and you bit back the urge to smile because you were quite happy at this moment. You probably looked a bunch of idiots but who would even care of that thought when you unexpectedly met your soulmate?

“Soulmate.” You gave him a warm smile, in which he happily returned back.

When you were at the stage of the theatre, practicing with Sehun—he introduced himself soon after the incident. A loud shout came from the backstage and your director hurriedly ran to the stage, stopping you and Sehun from practicing.

“Alright! Who met their soulmate? Oh, is it you two?” The teasing on your director’s voice only made you shrink in your spot in embarrassment, but Sehun only smiled.

“Yeah, I met her.”

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  • *A Talon Strike goes wrong and Widowmaker is forced to hide in cover while they shoot at her*
  • Widowmaker: Merde. REAPER , SUPPORT!
  • Reaper: *through the intercom* Well, you got very nice hair, you are a beautiful shade of purple, and honestly, you are the only gal I can rely on on this team.
  • Reaper: *through the intercom* Oh , right.
  • *He jumps down and death blossoms*
  • Widowmaker: *through the intercom* .... but thanks you know, that really cheered me up.

Title: Live a Little

Character: Jude Fisher

Movie: Peace, Love and Misunderstanding

Warnings: Good ol’ slow lovin’ from our loveable hippie! SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

•You’re new in town and very high strung. You meet Jude and he’s determined to show you how to relax. He takes you to the lake at night and convinces you to skinny dip. Smut; slow, very sensual, very sweet. Jude shows you just how good letting go can feel.

Who would have thought that I’d be living in Woodstock, NY, standing on a dock, watching one of the most handsome man I’d ever met, strip down to his birthday suit.

“Oh, um, Jude,” I covered my eyes, but not before I got a peek of his delicious behind.

“C'mon Y/N!” Jude shouted, as he jumped off of the dock.

He made a spash, coming up from under the water, “Live a little.”

Jude Fisher wasn’t a complicated guy. I met him a few weeks ago when I had first moved to Woodstock.

I needed a change of pace and scenery, the city becoming too much for my nerves.

I took one of the biggest steps ever in my life. I left my stressful job and horrid boyfriend. Saying goodbye to the negativity that was bringing me down in life.

I thought that I had conquered the worst of my anxiety, but when Jude and I started to hang out, I was always second guessing myself; over analyzing every detail, making me high strung.

Jude had had enough. He put his foot down and made me come out for a midnight stroll with him.

Over in the grass, he had started a fire in the pit so we’d have some source of light. Then he got a wild hair and decided to jump into the lake.

I admit that his carefree spirit made me want to break the chains of anxiety, but here I stood, over analyzing.

“Y/N,” Jude called out softly.

I jumped slightly, startled by his tone.

“C'mon Sweetheart,” he waded in the water, smiling at me.

Slowly, I removed my clothes, leaving me in my bra and panties. I twirled my finger, “Turn around, please.”


Gah, him just saying that one word did things to me!

Quickly, I took off my underwear and jumped in.

I sank to the bottom, pushing off the lake floor with the balls of my feet. My head broke the surface as I gasped for air, “So cold!”

Jude giggled, swimming over to me, “Look at you living a little,”

“Oh hush!” I said, my teeth chattering.

“Do you want to get out, Y/N?” He asked, concerned at how I was shaking.

I didn’t know if it was from the water or if my adrenaline had suddenly coursed through my veins.

I nodded, swimming to the shallow end of the lake.

Jude lifted himself onto the dock, the fire and moonlight reflecting off of the water that covered his naked body.

Jesus Christ, what a handsome man!

He slipped on his jeans, not fastening  them, mind you, and leaving off his shirt, socks and shoes, “I’ll be by the fire; give you some privacy.”

I watched and waited until I felt comfortable enough to get out of the water. It irked me to no end that I let myself get this way!

I was a grown ass woman, damnit! All Jude wanted to do was show me a great time. He’d already told me that he was attracted to me; so why was I being such a stuck up bitch about the whole thing?

I sighed, knowing what and who I wanted. Feeling a certain calmness, I picked up his plaid button down and put it on, leaving off my bra and panties.

I walked over to where he sat, his legs spread out wide as he lounged on the homemade bench.

His pants were still undone, the thick hair that trailed all the way down to his groin on full display.

I had left his shirt unbuttoned. As I neared him and he looked up to watch me walk towards him; I could see him begin to twitch in his jeans.

His arms were spread out on the back of the bench, his hands gripping it until his knuckles turned white.

I stood before him, letting him get a good look of my breasts that peeked out from the shirt and my mound, which I found him licking his lips as he stared before his eyes met mine again.

“Y/N, we don’t-”

“I know,” I interupted, “but I want to live a little.” I smiled.

Jude smiled softly, holding out a hand.

I took it, using it for balance as I straddled his lap.

His soft hands held my waist as he looked up at me, “Let me show you how good I can make you feel.”

I felt the heat in my cheeks, knowing it wasn’t from the fire, “I trust you,”

Taking his hand, he ran a finger down my heated cheek; his fingers gently gripped my neck where he then let his hand slide down the middle of my breasts, tummy and to my mound.

I breathed heavily, closing my eyes as I enjoyed the sensation of his hard working hand.

He cupped my sex, his middle finger easily slipping between my lower lips.

“Open your eyes, baby,” he demanded softly.

I blinked, licking my lips as he worked his hand against me.

My eyes widened as I felt his middle finger slip into my entrance, curling just enough to send a quick spark through me.

“Jude,” I whispered, rocking my hips.

Jude thread his fingers in my hair, bringing my face down and kissed me.

His kiss was slow as he took turns sucking on my top, then bottom lip.

He moaned as I rolled my tounge into his mouth when he deepened the kiss. When our tounges connected for a second time, we were slow to let them caress against each other.

He dragged his lips from mine with a wet smack, his nips and sucks wet as well as he made a pathway to my ear.

“You are so wet, Y/N,” he said, his voice husky with want.

“Jude,” I panted, “please.”

He tounged my earlobe, nibbling on it, “You do what you want to, baby. I’m all yours.”

At that, I could feel the anxiety rear it’s ugly head. Over thinking made my brain go haywire. I wanted to touch him, ride him, take him in mouth; but my head got in the way.

Jude grabbed my chin, tilting my face down to look him in the eyes, “Hey now,”

My hand was on the waistband of his jeans, my breathing erratic, “I- I,”

“You trust me, remember?” He was being patient and kind.

I took a deep breath, letting both my hands pull his jeans down his hips. I nodded, earning a warm smile from him.

He brought my mouth back to his, the kiss just as slow, as before.

I ran a finger over his hard length and around the sensitive head, then wrapped my hand around him completely, pumping him with long strokes.

He broke the kiss, resting our foreheads together.

“Mmmm, God, yes,” he moaned, as he continued to tease me, “just like that, baby.”

Nice and slow was the way to go with Jude.

My palm rubbed over the leaking tip of his hardness, spreading down the length of him.

Jude’s breath fanned my face. I watched as he bit his bottom lip, a loud moan escaping him as I pumped him again.

“Jude, can I-” I paused, my mouth dry.

He opened his eyes as his finger slipped from me, only to dip back in and tickle my clit.

“Can you what, Y/N?" 

"Ride you?”

Jesus Christ I felt like a goddamn virgin around him.

“What ever you want, baby.”

Rising to my knees, Jude placed his hands on my ribs, right underneath my breasts to hold me steady.

I held his hardness as I postioned him at my entrance and slowly sank down onto him.

Once fully inside me, Jude slid his shirt from my shoulders exposing my breasts. He put a hand on my ass, the other going to a breast to lift it slightly.

As I slowly moved up and down his thick shaft, he began to leave wet kisses on my breast, gently taking some skin between his teeth to leave sharp nips.

He kissed away the sting, looking up at me as his hands slid up and down my sides, finally resting on my hips as I rolled them.

He licked his lips, sighing as I rode him at a painstakingly slow pace.

I could feel the heat from the fire on my naked back and despite the contrast of that and the cool air, I was breaking out in a sweat, trying my damnedest to prolong our coupling.

With my thighs begining to shake, Jude easily scooped me up, laying us down on the cool grass.

Without missing a beat, he moved over me, gripping my thigh as he held it up on his hip. His thrusts were speeding up as he began to twitch deep within me.

He grunted as I bowed my back on a deep thrust.

I placed my hands on his ass, holding on as his strokes became shorter and harder.

“Don’t… stop,” I panted.

Jude’s hips slapped against my thighs as we came hard. He buried his head in my shoulder, groaning as he filled me.

I gasped for air as soon as my peak began to subside, my chest heaving .

“Holy shit,”

“Yeah… holy shit,” Jude chuckled.

He made a move to roll over, but I held him to me, “No, stay.”

“Don’t wanna crush you, Sweetheart.” He said, still out of breath.

I shook my head, “You’re not, I promise.”

We laid there for a bit, enjoying the sounds of the night and the fire crackling. We were about to doze off when Jude lifted himself from me.

“Want to stay the night with me?” He asked.

I leaned up on my elbows, “I’d love to.”

Jude smiled, giving me a sleepy kiss.

We dressed, put out the fire and walked hand in hand to his truck where he drove us to his home.



Couple goals || Julian Albert imagine

His what? (Julian Albert imagine)

Request:could you possibly do a Julian Albert imagine of being Barry’s younger sister who is a brilliant, ambitious, sassy legal aid lawyer who ends up at the CCPD all the time getting information from cases so she runs into Julian all the time and Julian developed a crush without knowing she is Barry’s sister and he finds out?? Please and thank you!


“Barry I got you coffee so you better help me” y/n exclaimed walking into the lab , her voice starling Julian who jumped a bit up in his chair making her giggle “ oh sorry I didn’t see you”

“No it’s-uh- I just thought ehm” he said trying to find and excuse as she were now beside his desk raising an eyebrow looking at him.

“It’s alright to admit you got scared, Mr Albert” She whispered smirking as she noticed Barry walking in the to the lab.

“I though you said you would call before you dropped by” Barry said running to his table looking for the case file y/n had requested.

“Oh I though and I quote you saying ’ I’ve the case files complete for month’ ” she said raising an eyebrow with one hand on her hip and her other holding the coffee holder.

He jump-turned around with a nervous smile “They are down stairs I swear, I’ll be right back” he said before running out the office.

“Idiot” y/n chuckled turning around only to find Julian staring at her hurrying to look down once she caught him “ you okay?”

“Yes of course , why wouldn’t I be?” He asked hurrying back to him computer trying to hide his crush on this beautiful, sassy legal aid lawyer that had been swinging by their lap for about a year now, but of course she was there for Barry and not him and that just added to his reasons for hating Barry Allen.

“You sure you seam a little distracted” she said smirking leaning on his table looking at him over the computer smirking as he looks up at her.

‘Just your mesmerizing beauty’ he said to himself before shaking his head with a smile “ nope just thinking. You and Barry make quite the couple”

Just as she bend over from laughing too much Barry walked into the lab “There you have your files” Barry said raising a questioning eyebrow “what’s up with her?”

“ I just said you guys made quite the couple” Julian said raising an eyebrow at the girl who was now almost laying on ground tear from laughing, just as he said that a second laughter broke out and Barry was now in the same position as y/n “oh what now I really feel stupid”

After their finally stopped laughing , y/n wiped away a fake tear shaking her head" we aren’t dating, firstly I have standards and second he is my brother “

"Wait what?” Julian asked eyes moving back and forth between the two.

“Yeah I didn’t know you had standards” Barry said pretending to raise eyebrow in shock earning himself a smack on the back of the had.

“If I had any standard you wouldn’t be my brother” she said grabbing the filed and walking out the room “ Bye loser, see you later julian”

Just before she could enter the elevator she heard Julian calling her name.

“Your forgot you coffee ” he said handing her the almost empty coffee cup.

“You ran after me to hand me an empty coffee cup?” She asked smirking at him.

“Well yes…not really ” he said rubbing the back of his neck “ would you maybe like to go out for a drink sometime?”

A smile spread upon her lips and she nodded" yeah u would love to"


My only legacy in life is that I wrote one of the first Julian Albert imagines on this site.

Leaving a Pie Unattended (And Other Fineable Offenses)

My second follower milestone prompt: The first time Bitty and Kent said, “I love you.” This gave me a cavity. Enjoy below or on AO3!

(For the potentially un-initiated, this is a prequel to a coffee shop AU with endgame pimmbits. No one plays hockey and everyone but Jack goes to Samwell)

Like most good things, it happens in the kitchen.

Bitty is halfway through a whipped cream topping for his key lime pie, listening to Adam and Justin shout over Sports Center in the living room while he waits for Kent to get out of the shower. He’s got Bey blasting from his tinny iPod speakers and he’s dancing around to the beat and humming along, which is probably why he doesn’t notice that the water’s shut off or hear Kent come up behind him.

“Oh!” Bitty jumps when Kent’s arms wrap around him, his whisk clattering to rest against the mixing bowl. Kent is shirtless and the soft planes of his chest and stomach are warm against Bitty’s back, and Bitty wastes no time in relaxing into the embrace, nuzzling his temple against Kent’s cheek. “Why hello there—Mr. Parson!”

Bitty smacks Kent’s wandering hand away from the whipped cream and Kent chuckles, humming, “Mr. Bittle?” into Bitty’s hair.

“I know you are not trying to steal my pie topping, honey,” Bitty warns, trying and failing to hide the smile in his voice.

“You always make extra anyway,” Kent whines, wriggling himself closer to press up against Bitty’s body. “You wouldn’t even miss it.”

Bitty opens his mouth to retort but breaks off in a squeak when he’s unexpectedly lifted into the air, Kent’s arms tight around his waist to keep him from squirming free. “Kenny!” Bitty shrieks with legs flailing and voice brimming with laughter, “Put me down this instant!”

As abruptly as he started, Kent murmurs, “Yessir,” and suddenly Bitty is being spun around and pressed up against the counter with Kent bracketing him in and, fuck, that’s his sex voice and his eyes are smoldering like if Bitty’s next word was ‘drop,’ he’d do it right there in the kitchen with his roommates sprawled on the couch ten feet away.

Which is why Bitty is a little too preoccupied to avoid the handful of whipped cream Kent smears across his cheek and mouth.

“Oh my God!” Bitty huffs and smacks at Kent’s chest, scrambling to the side to dodge a second assault and only succeeding in getting the topping streaked through his hair instead of his face. “This is sacrilege! How dare you—”

Kent cuts him off with a kiss, lapping the whipped cream from the corner of his mouth and parting the crease of his lips with his sugar-sweet tongue. Bitty melts, sighing quietly and hands coming up to rest against Kent’s bare chest with curled fingers.

A breathless moment later, Kent pulls away. He smirks and says, “You’ve got a little something—” and thumbs a dollop of cream onto Bitty’s nose.

“Oh my God,” Bitty gripes fondly. “You’re such a brat.”

“I love you,” Kent answers, in the exact same tone, and—

It’s almost summer and Bitty has all the windows open to fight the creeping heat and the curtains are fluttering with the faintest breeze and Bitty will remember, years from now, that all of those things were true and still know that he didn’t think about any of them at all.

He’ll remember the little tears springing into his eyes and the way he can feel Kent’s heart pounding in his chest and the sound of blood thrumming in exact time in his own ears and how it almost hurts from the strength of his joy to finally say, “I love you too.”

“Fuck,” Kent says, more a giddy laugh than an actual word. “Fuck, I’ve been waiting fucking months to tell you that.”

“Me too,” Bitty whispers, voice wavering around his smile-stretched cheeks.

Kent presses their foreheads and Bitty can feel him shaking, a soft tremble of relief. “We’re both fucking idiots, aren’t we?”

Bitty laughs, startles the happy tears that have been threatening to fall to finally roll down his cheeks. “Guess so. I love you, though.”

“I fucking love you too, Bits,” Kent answers warmly. “So much.”

They kiss again, slow and soft, and Bitty feels so full he could burst. When they pull apart, Bitty puts a hand up to his hair and grimaces at the sticky whipped cream that’s dried there.

“I need a shower,” he says, glaring at Kent with only a little heat behind it.

Kent slips his hands down to cup Bitty’s ass and lifts him, grunting when Bitty’s legs scramble to wrap around his waist. “I’ll join you.”

Bitty rolls his eyes and points out, “You just took one,” though he’s not exactly about to complain if Kent feels like carrying him off.

“Wanna be near you,” Kent mumbles, pressing a kiss to Bitty’s cheek.

“Oh, you ridiculous sweetheart of a man,” Bitty huffs affectionately. They head into the living room and he calls, “Boys, take the pie out when the oven timer goes off?”

“Foine!” Adam shouts. “Leaving a pie unattended!”

Justin holds his laptop up above his head without looking away from the TV. “You’re up to like, twenty bucks after that lovefest in the kitchen, my dudes.”

Bitty sniffs and tells them, “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” and lets Kent drop him back to the ground.

“C’mon, guys, payday’s not for another week,” Kent complains, hiding a grin in Bitty’s hair.

“That shit’s pizza money,” Adam says. “I’m a growing boy.”

Justin says, “Bro, gross. Literally never speak to me again.”

Bitty laughs and offers, “What if I make y’all lasagna tonight instead?”

Justin and Adam share a brief telepathic communication and answer in unison, “Deal.”

Kent tugs on Bitty’s hand and they flee into the bathroom before they can rack up a fresh round of fines, giggling breathlessly when the door shuts behind them. Kent’s hands are on Bitty’s hips and his eyes are thick with love, and, well—Bitty catches himself hoping he’ll get to spend forever laughing into kisses like this.

Inspired: Yuri Plisetsky x Reader

Request:  Can I request a cute/fluffy Yuri X reader with Yuri meeting someone who started skating because of him?

A/n: I used knife shoes instead of skates because I can.

You watched him from afar, seats at the very back. The place was overly crowded, and you were already happy your father had even got his hands on the tickets at all. You watched the skaters dance on the ice, eyes widened and a bright smile on your face. Your father chuckled as small gasps of surprise left your lips. You could barely see the skaters, but you were still having the time of your life.

“Oh, there he is, honey.” You jumped up in excitement as you noticed your idol entering the rink. But as soon as he greeted the crowd, people  stood up in excitement, and started calling out his name and cheering loudly. The smile faltered from your chubby cheeks as you couldn’t even get a glimpse of the boy.

“Daddy, I can’t see…” You stuttered, a pout on your lips. Your father looked down at you, smiling and lifting you up. He placed you onto his shoulders, so you could see over the crowd. That was when the happy expression returned. You clapped your hands and squealed, watching the young blonde perform his routine.

He was so graceful, and his movements were smooth. He hadn’t failed a single jump, and every time he did jump, you cheered loudly and clapped your hands. But eventually his routine ended, and you watched him leave the ice with a mesmerized expression.

“Yuri Plisetsky, receiving an amazing score, as usual!” The commentator announced and with that, your idol finished his performance.

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Part Of The Family Pt 2 (Steve X Tomboy!Reader X Bucky)

Characters: Steve X Tomboy!Reader X Bucky, Avengers X Tomboy!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mild swearing, drinking, sass


Request: Do u will continue ‘part of the family’? 😶

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

“Hey guys, I have a week off, just telling you so you don’t make me lunch.” You told your roommates and best friends as you got ready for game night.

“Oh OK.” Steve said.

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z-sans  asked:



feels just like the first time (frank castle)

Originally posted by gradytraviis

(omg this got so long but what can i say……i am a sucker for that sweet, sappy frank castle. i always headcanoned him as kinda mushy and soft, and when he gets a crush one someone, it’s sooooo sugary-sweet. he can’t stop himself. he’s a big lover!! i love him so much oh my god.)

(warnings: food, swearing, an excess of fluffiness and sweetness)

(part one here, but not super necessary for context! it’s just frank on a date with the girl that caught his eye :’D)

The second she arrives, Frank jumps to his feet, carnations held in a deathgrip by his side. His face flickers between his attempt at stoicism and a smile, because, God, she looks so pretty.

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“Stop Staring.” Warren grumbled lazily.

You jumped out of your dream like state and blinked twice. “I-I’m not.” You lied, cheeks flushing.

“You are. I can feel you staring.” Warren nearly growled out.

“Why don’t you ever want me staring at them?” You said a feeling of anger washing over you. “I’m sure other girls got to stare at them, why can’t I!”

“Don’t start, Y/N. Please.”

“Why not warren? Why can’t I admire how beautiful you are?”

“Because they’re not beautiful!” Warren screamed, turning to face you. “I’m not beautiful.” he said softly.

“Oh but Warren. Warren, baby you are. Every time I wake up next to you I’m breathless and I just can’t help but stare. Is this because you got burned? Warren I don’t give a damn about your burnt wing. I think your wings are beautiful ether way. I think you’re beautiful ether way.”

Warren looked down at you, all traces of anger gone. “Really?”


“Repay You” [Daveed X Reader]

Prompt: broooooo i love your writing with all my heart!! Could i pretty please request a Daveed fic (lol just pretending he’s still in the cast) with 28 and/or 61 and/or 234? LOVE U ELIZA BABY

28: “do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?

61: “Hey, have you seen the-…oh” 

234: “Meet me on the roof in 10 minutes” 

A/N: I included them all bc I’m trash for Daveed

T/W: it got the teensiest tiniest bit raunchy, mainly fluff

A/U: modern

Words: 2701


Being in the ensemble was tough, like, ridiculously tough. It was essentially non-stop jumps, kicks and spins for two and a half hours, 8 shows a week. The cast and crew of Hamilton were incredible though, and made the pros of the experience outweigh any cons by far. 

It was a two show day, and you were standing just inside the wings of the theatre ready to twirl your way onto the stage for the last song of the show. You bent over and gently kneaded the back of your calf with your fist, trying to stop the dull ache that had been slowly taking over since the Yorktown number. 

It wasn’t uncommon for you to pull a muscle or hurt yourself in some way as a dancer, especially when work was this rigorous. It was annoying, nonetheless, but you straightened up and lightly shook your body out before walking out to finish the first show of the two shows. 

The crowd, as always, erupted into a standing ovation as you held hands with Jazzy on one side and Sasha on the other, standing upright up from your last bow and heading off stage. You congratulated everyone on a good show and made your way to your dressing room to stretch, letting one leg extend in front and the other behind, lowing yourself into the split, resting your stomach on your thigh and forehead on your knee. You heard the door creak open from its ajar position before a booming voice floated into the room. 

“Hey, have you seen the - … oh.” You knew it would be Daveed before the door even opened, as he generally changed out of his costume at lightning speed then came to see you. You unfolded from your stretch to see what had taken him aback. 

“Seen what?” You asked nonchalantly, still confused as to why he was staring at you as you stood up. 

“Does that hurt?” He asked, ignoring your question, as he leant against the doorframe, his hand motioning to where you were just on the floor. 

“Ah, no, not really. After the first twelve hundred times of doing it, it kinda loses it’s pain,” you laughed, reaching to let your hair out. 

“It’s still nuts,” he smiled back at you, pushing himself off the doorframe and leaning back to look down the hallway as someone called his name. 

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One of Those Girls

Here ya go @gingie4life hope you like it!

No one noticed. Mostly because you made sure no one would. Nick always made sure to hit you in places no one would see, at least not until long after the marks were gone. You were usually more careful, but it was hot and you didn’t want to wear the long sleeve in a building that’s AC wasn’t working. You sigh and pull your hair up off of your neck and put it into a high ponytail.
“Hey what happened here?” Hotch asks touching just above your tank top between your shoulder blades. You jump slightly at the contact, even though his finger is soft against the bruise.
“Oh,” you give a forced chuckle, “It’s from sparring. My partner and I got a little carried away.” You lie keeping your attention on the paperwork in front of you.
“Who was your partner?” He asks sounding angry.
“That’s not okay.” You turn toward him and give him a bright smile.
“Hotch I’m fine.”
“Okay.” He says gruffly, and you’re not sure that he’s convinced that you’re actually okay.
You keep catching him looking at you from his office all day. Like he’s checking up on you, and it’s putting you on edge. It’s only when Rossi comes down and gently touches your arm that you realize that they know. The thought terrifies you.
“Hey come to Hotch’s office with me.” He says softly and you balk.
“I’m really busy Dave.”
“This isn’t up for discussion.” He says and you sigh then head to Hotch’s office, Dave following closely behind you.
“What’s going on?” You ask dropping down on the couch in Hotch’s office. This is the couch you sleep on when you’re unable to go home. Dave shuts the door then leans against it with a soft sigh.
“Is Nick hitting you?” Hotch asks cutting directly to the chase and your mouth drops open. Both profilers study you and you drop your head into your hands, this isn’t happening.
“How long?” Rossi asks.
“A few months.” You admit. They know, it’s no use hiding it now.
“Why didn’t you come to us?” Hotch asks quietly, the hurt evident in his voice.
“It’s not something I’m proud of.”
“But it’s us.” Rossi protests, “You can tell us anything.”
“It’s not that simple.” You say, the tears slipping down your cheeks. Hotch seems to realize that you’re crying before Rossi does. He stands from his desk then sinks down onto the couch next to you.
“Tell us.” He mutters wrapping a strong arm around your shoulders.
“It’s not that often. And it’s usually my fault, sometimes I don’t communicate well and he gets worried. He’s scared that something is going to happen to me when I’m gone so he gets stressed and angry when I don’t communicate.” You explain and you’re pretty sure Rossi growls.
“None of this is your fault.” He tells you sounding angry. “He doesn’t deserve you. He doesn’t love you.”
“He-he oh god.” You sputter before bursting into tears. How could you have been so stupid? You feel Rossi sit on your other side and he passes you the hanky he keeps in his pocket. They just let you cry for a few minutes. Hotch holding you closely and Rossi holding your hand.
“How can we help?” Hotch asks.
“Can you bring me home?” He tenses next to you before you can explain. “I need to get some things and if I go alone he’s not going to let me leave without a fight.” Hotch relaxes and nods.
“You can stay at my house.” Rossi says gently, “For as long as you need.”
“Thank you. Both of you.”
“Let’s go get your stuff.” Hotch says giving you a gentle squeeze before letting you go.
The two men keep close to you as you pack up your things. Nick comes home halfway through and is just as furious as you expected him to be. What you didn’t expect was the ferocity that your two friends would defend you with. When Nick takes a swing at Hotch it only takes two hits for Nick to be on the floor and under arrest for assaulting a Federal Agent. Hotch lets Rossi escort him to jail and he brings you to Rossi’s.
“Why didn’t you bring Nick to jail?” You ask as Hotch punches in the gate code.
“I was too pissed.”
“Oh. Thank you Hotch. For everything today. I never thought I’d be one of those girls who needed to be rescued but I’m thankful you and Dave had my back.”
“We’ve always got you. Always.” He says pressing a gentle kiss to your temple.
“Thank you Hotch.” You whisper, “Thank you.”


Warning/s: smut-ty (don’t be disappointed in me lol)


Summary: Peter is absolutely in love with you and you take it to the next level

Character: Peter Pan

note: first smut so no hate lol it’s not even that smutty

“Pan! Look at this!” Y/N yelled as she jumped around, holding a dead bird. Peter ignored the dead creature and frowned at her.

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me Peter, not Pan.” He said sadly. Y/N’s eyes widen as she realized what she has done. “I’m sorry, Peter! I forgot. I swear. I just got a bit excited.” Y/N blubbered. Peter hated seeing her frustrated this way so he shushed her.

“Shh, Y/N. It’s alright. Peter smiled when Y/N smiled at him.

“Oh, right!” Peter exclaimed. “Come here. I’ll fly you to somewhere breathtaking” Peter offered a hand towards her and she held it. Pan smiled, flying up to the sky with the girl he loves. “This is beautiful!” Y/N exclaimed, looking down at the trees that they’re passing by.

“Wait until we get to our destination” Peter smirked.

It took awhile but the two of them reached their destination and landed smoothly on the ground. Y/N looked around and saw a waterfalls and on the opposite side, there was a table for two with food already placed on it. Y/N clapped her hands and hopped around as Peter watched with admiring eyes. Peter walked over to a chair and pulled it out, motioning for Y/N to sit. Y/N grinned and obliged. Peter sat down and held Y/N’s hand that was outstretched on the table.

“You’re being extra cheesy today” Y/N giggled. “Shh. I’ll do the talking this time so just listen.” Peter shushed her and she nodded. “Okay. Y/N. You know that I love you, right?” She nodded in response. “I love you more than anything” Peter said and began eating. Y/N did the same thing, started eating too.

When the two of them were finished, Peter led Y/N behind the waterfalls. “Wow” Y/N awed in amusement when Peter snapped his fingers, candle and rose petals were scattered on the floor.

“Peter, what’s all these fo-“ Y/N was cut off when Peter started kissing and sucking on her neck. Y/N closed her eyes and sighed in satisfaction and pleasure. A bed appeared out of nowhere as Peter smirked and pushed Y/N on the bed. Y/N looked up at him with admiration which caused his heart to falter.

Peter attacked her mouth with his, earning a moan from her which only made him more aroused. Peter removed her top and kissed her stomach. He removed her shorts along with her panties, leaving her only in her bra. Peter removed his clothes, making himself bare in a matter of time and attacked Y/N’s lips again. Y/N moaned against the kiss as she unclasped her bra and threw it on the ground.

Peter looked at her in admiration as he trailed kisses from her stomach, to her neck, and back to her lips.  Peter’s erection was now poking her entrance.

“You’re so beautiful” he whispered as he entered her and pulling back slowly, letting her adjust. Y/N moaned and hugged Peter’s torso as he continued to thrust in and out of her.

“Peter” Y/N moaned. Peter’s speed perked up when he heard her moaning his name. He placed his hands beside her head and pecked her on the lips. The two of them reached their peaks as Peter kissed her lovingly.

“I love you” Peter smiled.

“I love you too” Y/N pecked him and snuggled closer to him, cuddling until the both of them fell asleep in each other’s loving arms.