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Can you write an Andy Biersack imagine where you ‘hate’ each other but are secretly crushing on one another? My name is Julia. Thank you!!
- jj-says-hai

ME: I changed the little secret thing in a way… And I don’t like using names in imagines… I think I’ve done the name thing once but never again… I want everyone to enjoy my imagines!!!

I was looking at Andy on the couch playing batman on his phone. What a dork. I was only there because I was their merch girl and I needed the money.
“Dude what the hell are you looking at?!” Andy exclaimed and I snapped out my trance.
“Shut up! I’m still trying to figure out.” I said back with attitude and Andy rolled his eyes.
“Ya know what…” Andy began.
“Whoa hey!!! Save the arguing for later you guys.” Ashley said walking in between us stopping the tiny argument.
“Yeah no matter how entertaining it is. We have a show to play and you have shirts to sale. So come on.” CC said drinking the rest of whatever was in his cup and we all headed out the tour bus.


Hearing the same old songs I heard for the last few days was getting pretty boring.
I was selling shirts and all kinds of other merchandise. Just sitting in the background at the merch table with Kristine. From where we were, we could never see the show, just hear the music.
“Hello?!” I was snapped out my little boring daydreaming. I saw a fan looking at me stupidly.
“Oh yea sorry sweety… What can I get you?” I asked nicely and she nodded.
“Yes I’d like that shirt.” She said pointing out a black shirt that had a BVB symbol on it.
“Here you go.” I said giving her the change.
“Y/N Joey showed up… You can take the rest of the show off.” Kristina said and I smiled. This rarely happened which gave me time to watch the show.
I walked to the side of the stage and watched the band. That made me smile. I loved watching them have fun onstage.
It kinda made touring with this band worth it.
All of a sudden my attention was on Andy. I watched as he moved around on the stage singing and having fun. He looked hot.
Wait… What?
Did I just think that? Oh no… Oh no no no… This can’t be happening… Do I like Andy?!


“Y/N what happened to you? We missed you at the after party.” Jinxx said as the rest of the band entered the bus.
“I just wasn’t feeling it.. Ya know?” I replied. I watched as Andy walked in. Dammit Y/N you must NOT like him. Chill out!
“Man forget about her. She’s a party pooper. She would’ve killed our vibes anyway.” Andy said rudely and I didn’t sweat him.
Andy sat next to me and went on his phone. I wasn’t really one to go to sleep so I did the same.
As time went on the entire bus was asleep except for Andy and I.
“When are you going to sleep loser?” Andy said to me without looking up from his phone.
“Does it matter? Since when did you keep tags on my life schedule?” I asked with a sly grin.
“I don’t know… Since when did you start looking at me like that at shows?” Andy said with a chuckle. My cheeks lit up.
He got me on that one.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said trying to act like I was still focused on my phone.
“Bullshit. You were starring at me like a piece of cake.” Andy said finally looking at me.
I didn’t say anything, I just looked at my phone.
“Oh yeah… You could stop playing as if you’re on your phone. You’ve been scrolling down at nothing.” Andy laughed and sighed.
“Damn you Andy you’re such a dick. I hate you… But I like you. I’m confused.” I said putting my face in my hands.
Andy’s laughter filled my ears.
“Aye I’m pretty damn hot. It’s not like you’re the only one… It was just a matter of time.” Andy laughed cockily.
“Fuck you.” I said loudly with a giggle.
“Aww don’t feel SOO bad. I kinda like you too. No matter how lame and irritating you could be.” Andy said and I laughed a little.
“Smooth Biersack… REAL smooth. I’m going to bed. See you in the morning. Asshole.” I said standing up.
“Yeah whatever dumbass.” He replied and I realized this was how our ‘relationship’ was going to be. I kinda liked it that way.
My own… Hate/Love relationship with Andy Biersack. I can really get used to this…