oh happy birthday my princess


Happy birthday to our lovely, talented, hardworking, beautiful, caring and sweet angel, Seolhyun. Thank you so much for all these years you’ve brought us happiness by being a member of AOA. Never forget you’re loved. You’ve stolen my heart two years ago and I have no intentions to stop loving you any time soon. I’ve no idea what future brings us, but whatever you decide to do, I’ll be by your side, supporting you.  ♡ [insp. 1, 2]

happy birthday @enbyezra !!! have a small hylian and his tall girlfriend

happy 30th birthday, Bella!

An interview with Paperjam’s b-day

So since it was Paperjam’s birthday yesterday I decided to join in the fun cause ya know? mama bird needs to greet paperjam, anyways hope ya like my silly interview with him. (sadly no I did not interview his creator sorry ;-; this is just a fan-made interpretation interview for fun)

C: Hey Paperjam how do you react on anonymous people saying happy b-day to you?:

C: okay?…how about lil’ monochrome?:

C: eheh that’s cute how’s about your beautiful wife Omni?:

C: Give a round of applause to Paperjam everybody! Now who won’t forget a proper greeting from me? A birthday boy deserves a proper happy birthday.

C: HAHAHA ah happy birthday you son of a bitch your the ugliest piece of shit I have ever seen like I mean who wouldn’t freak out at your floating body? Well I would. Here have a gift since it is your birthday and you need to be pampered like a little princess….oh yeah have a HAPPY birthday princess jammy~ now f*ck off from my blog 🖕 (nah just kidding it’s my persona being a total bitch that she is…love ya @7goodangel they’re like long lost twins I swear to god…)

(Now have some credits!)

Paperjam: @7goodangel

Omni: @cereusblue

Monochrome: @skoopskoop

Art: me


Happy 32nd Birthday, Your Royal Highness Princess Sofia of Sweden! b. 06.12.1984

 “[When I think about Sofia] I immediately think about a hummingbird! Because she’s got that swiftness. And she knows what she wants. She’s very clear-thinking. She’s got a big heart. (…) Carl Philip has been lucky to have her.” - Queen Silvia.

Grattis på födelsedagen, kära Prinsessa!

Video source: SVT, Expressen.