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Hello, friends!

It was requested more than once so here it is: my YouTube channel!

I’ll be posting a variety of content: speed drawing videos (both digital and traditional), tutorials, art tips, drawing challenges, q&a videos in my pajamas, etc. Maybe even a random vlog here and there. And, of course, suggestions are always welcome!

So please do subscribe if this sounds appealing at all :D

And enjoy this simple self portrait speed drawing video!

I never would have guessed Fraxus would be my first ship art on this site, but after I drew Freed today I had too


pinky’s pink hair for anon 💖

pastelroseh  asked:

Ahhh i need help How do you even Draw sans' Fking head EVERYTIME I TRY TO DRAW HIS HEAD IT LOOKSLIKE A PIECE OF TOAST


I’m letting my very short hair grow out literally just so I can do Game of Thrones hairstyles from YouTube tutorials. That’s pretty much my only reason. So if you’re out grocery shopping or whatever one day and see some girl with overly elaborate Daenerys braids, that’s me