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[request] [scenario] oops

(the first of many posts !! this sounds choppy bc i wrote this over the course of 3 days lol) 

Title: oops

Member: jeonghan ft. mingyu & wonwoo

Genre: fluff 

Word Count: 934

“Oh, you were coming over today? You didn’t tell me - I would’ve come back sooner,” Jeonghan murmurs, unlacing his shoes. He places his shoes by the hundreds of pairs littering the area by the full shoe rack, and makes his way towards you.

“Mhm,” you hum back, eyes never leaving the TV. “Gyu recorded the newest episode of Master Chef.”

He leans over the top of the couch and kisses your cheek, lingering close for another on his lips. However, you’re too focused on the cooking competition and busy squeezing Mingyu’s arm in anticipation to notice your boyfriend, so he pulls away, unsatisfied.

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Joon Ho, A to E

A famous film director gets close to four women who are unknowingly dating the same man. Things get tricky once the man in question discovers her little game and starts inserting himself in her life.

Let’s Get Married - Kim Mingyu Fic

Part 1

Total words: 1956

Type: Fluff? Marriage AU? 

Summary: Dating is all fun and games until your best friend suggests that you and him should make a pact. A pact to get married at the age of 30.

Creds/Inspired by WongFu, We Got Married, person who suggested the fic

Blind dates are basically the epitome of dread and anxiety. Who exactly trusts their best friend in setting you up with their friend?

“He’s hot do not worry” or “Girls practically wait in line to date him”, is actually not reassuring or truthful coming from a guy himself. Who actually knows if he’s hot, or even a good personality, or even remotely okay to date? Surely, not me. Everything is so difficult, you could not even know the person’s name or see their picture. Thanks Mingyu, thanks so damn much.

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