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Mr. Tutor ~Youngjae~ ✎…

Request: Hi! I really love your blog! <3 could you please do a scenario with Youngjae when he is your tutor and he likes you, and you like him too. Kiss :)

Comments: Thank you for liking my blog! I hope you continue to love it & I hope you love this scenario!

“_________, he’s here,” your mother called from behind your door.

         You groaned and flipped to the side in your bed, not wanting to begin the day at all. “Who are you talking about?” you groaned.

         “Youngjae. He’s here for another session.”

         Your eyes immediately widened and you sprung up. “Youngjae’s here?

         You heard her chuckle on the other side. “Yes,” she said. “Now hurry up, don’t keep the young man waiting!”

         “Oh my goodness.” You jumped out of bed and dashed to the closet, desperately trying to throw together an outfit that was comfortable yet appealing. Ever since Youngjae happily agreed to be your tutor for math, you were starting to both get better at math and develop a liking for him.

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