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professor sprout and madam pomfrey for @rowanthesloth and femslash february

idk if this is what they look like in your head so sorry if they don’t match up, but this is what they’ve looked like in mine since i was a kid and i love them so much <3


“I swear, doesn’t it sometimes feel like we’re babysitting?”


so I finished watching that genocide longplay! …I needed some dorky skelepuns after that, ‘scuse me

eta: oh my god I completely missed the joke that the face steaks were literally just rectangles (this game) so uhhh…let’s pretend they updated them?? :’D

Jealous Bidders

a/n: Man, I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated in months. I’ve been in a slump, and with college around the corner, things have been super hectic  (◕︵◕) 

But anyway, I do hope you guys like this piece! Since I haven’t written in a while, I might be rusty, but thanks for sticking with me this long  (●´ω`●) ! You guys are great :D

Soryu’s headcanon was inspired by this piece by @otomeden. Please check out her stuff. They’re great!  ♥‿♥


          Eisuke was not amused.

          What started out as a simple outing to his private beach became a full-blown volleyball game, courtesy of Baba. His childish competitive streak got himself dragged into Baba’s stupid idea of a 3-on-3 match. The worst part about all this was that his team was losing, and Eisuke Ichinomiya never loses. He, Baba, and Ota have already lost two consecutive rounds.

          Still, what really got on Eisuke’s nerves was the fact that she and Soryu were an abnormally great team—no, scratch that—they were a deadly duo hell-bent on victory.

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Day 1 // Types of Kisses

Happy SoMa Week to everyone!

Unfortunately my contributions will be delayed for a day (or a few days depending on my busy life sched and motivation). But as you can all see, I will be animating for this year’s SoMa Week! (which will take more time omg)

To help a lil Mak out, 1 like and/or reblog = 1 encouragement for Mak!!! I don’t want to stress out on this week, so if you guys want to see more animation from me for this week, please send out your support!

Nonetheless, hope you all enjoy the rest of the week, and have a lovely time!! I’ve seen a lot of art and fics and I will reblog some of them soon after I’ve finished my works.

For now, have all the SoMa kisses w/ some of their cool outfits <3 Tag your fave kiss!




YOU GUYS GIVE ME LIFE -screeching-

Thank you all who came to the stream! ´w` <3 you all are babs <3 also, TimxJack is becoming my new obsession and i need a HOBBY -looks away from the pairing- -grump grump grump- 

Handsome Jack and Timothy Lawrence©Borderlands
-needs to go to bed because damn i gotta get up early-©me

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((Muns plan for this weekend is to get profiles done for Tae, Namjoon and Jimin, like I’ve been meaning to since I started this blog…))

anonymous asked:

Your Rebecca hate is pathetic. You Robert stans are just too blind to see that she did nothing wrong in order to protect your fave. She is in love with him. I want to see you turn down a guy you are in love with.

Oh, wow. Okay. I don’t know if I should even respond to this, but I am in the right mood I think.

First of all, you don’t know anything about me, so don’t assume you know how I would act. It’s insulting.

Second of all, that is your opinion. If you think being in love is an excuse for everything, then okay. I don’t think so. I also don’t think Rebecca is in love with him, but okay.

And yes, maybe my Rebecca hate is pathetic, but it is MY hate. So don’t tell me how to feel or that my feelings aren’t valid. Because again: Insulting.

I hope you have a great day, nonnie, and maybe your precious Rebecca will be on screen tonight. Best of luck.

BY THE PRIMES IT’S THE NEW YEAR. Exciting, is it not?? Come on, ya know it is. Because if it wasn’t obvious 2016 was an awful year and let’s face it, we all know it’s Barry’s fault because he screwed with the timeline and 2016 was the result. Okay, but in all seriousness I met some really awesome people on this site this year, and got to know people more that I had previously known!!! You guys made this year wonderful so thank you!! Let’s leave 2016 behind and welcome 2017 with open arms!! (Unless it too is an awful year than just PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME.)

Below is a list of people who made my 2016 wonderful!! Sorry if I forgot anyone!!! This was last minute-ish. Stay lit guys!!!

The special people:
 @abittangledup // @atmrobber // @backinaflcsh // @basquehoe // @capedfound // @clxopatradenile // @darkrccm (And basically all your accounts) // @dxdger // @enigmatie // @firstwescrvive // @gxfangen // @harlykinns // @i-junketsu // @luxenebris // @nevermaxinecaulfield // @nicknamesaremygame // @notimminent // @ofeterniiity // @ofsyntheticmemories (And basically all your accounts) // @purexpression // @quccnvictoria // @refutured // @sxrdida // @taneleertivanthecollector // @thenameisvibe // @underoosed

The ones who know how to keep it LIT:
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anonymous asked:

I've noticed that in Black Velvet, although Oliver has never called Tobias "Toby" at the beginning he does sometimes think of him as "Toby" and as the novel progresses it happens less and less until it stops completely. Is there some significance to that?

Oh my goodness, I love you guys so much.

Okay. So yes. Yes, yes, yes. This is extremely important (to me, because I love details) in the beginning sometimes, offhand, Oliver will refer to him as Toby when he’s thinking of him. Never to Tobias, because when he interacts with Tobias he sees him as TOBIAS, not as “Toby” the man people think they know well enough to nickname him, the friendly– church going Toby, who is good at baseball and did well in school, who is ever-polite.

Tobias isn’t that man, and I think Oliver feels like when he calls him Tobias he’s disassociating him with his mask.

As the story goes on and Oliver knows more and more about him, more and more that he was right– that Tobias isn’t who anyone believes him to be, he starts calling him solely by Tobias. It separates Oliver and his relationship from the rest, the fact that his full name is almost more intimate than his nickname.