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George Harrison driving a 1960 Lotus (the one Stirling Moss had won a Monte Carlo race with) at the Gunnar Nilsson charity campaign, most likely 3 June 1979. George is also pictured with his good friend Sir Jackie Stewart. The final two images were auctioned in May 2016 - a photo of George and Jackie, and a letter from Jackie to the photographer, thanking him for it. Photos: screen cap from the “Any Road” video; LAT Photographic; PA; Express; The Saleroom/Maurice Rowe.

The following are George’s recollections of the charity event; I’ve typed them up from Goldmine magazines’s 27 November 1992 issue - it’s a lengthier excerpt, but really interesting: :)

“I’ve never raced seriously myself, but I had a go in a Formula One car, with quite an old 3-liter-engine car. I’d drive round Brand’s Hatch in one. And I drove in a charity for Gunnar Nilsson, a Swedish driver who died of cancer, because I gave the money from the ‘Faster’ single off George Harrison to Gunnar’s cancer fund.

Anyhow, they had this day for the Gunnar Nilsson campaign at the track in England and they asked me to drive this 1960 Lotus, which had won a race in Monte Carlo when driven by the great English driver Sterling Moss. This car had no seatbelts, and because it had been in a museum for 20 years the tires were hard with no grip on them, yet the car was still pretty quick! But they assured me it was just a demonstration run, going round for five laps in formation and then five laps at your own pace. So I said I’d do it.

I got there, and it’s Jackie Stewart in the Tyrrell he won his '73 championship in; James Hunt in the McLaren. Phil Hill in his famous Ferrari. I’m walking to my car while chatting with driver John Watson about the pleasure of the run we’re about to take, and he says, 'You’re joking. There’s no racing driver that goes in formation! As soon as they drop that flag, they’ll all be gone like crazy!’

Sure enough, as soon as the checkered flag fell, the other cars went whoosh as mine puttered along in a haze of smoke! By the time I got to my first lap they were already coming behind me for their second lap, screaming away! Scared me stiff! [wild laugh] But at least I did better than James Hunt, who broke down on the first pass.” - George Harrison, Goldmine, 27 November 1992

From Sir Jackie’s 2006 letter:

“Michael Turner came up to see me today and gave me the photograph that you had taken of George Harrison and I together. I have never seen the photograph before as I can recall, so it is a really nice thing for me to have. Thank you so much.
Ironically, last Tuesday evening, Livvy Harrison came up to have dinner with me and I would love to have shown her that and I am sure she would have been amused and would have also enjoyed it.
Thank you so much for thinking of it.
Helen and I send you our best wishes for a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.”


I’m still into Homestuck and will still be posting After Us sometime this week or the next, but recently I got hooked on this show that got canceled a year ago after only one season, and I had to do something for my favorite character. So I knocked this out in one night and now things can proceed as planned.

Features crew fluff and a pairing that only happened over the course of a single episode but which completely stole my heart. It was terrible and unfair.

Show: Sinbad (a BBC show from 2012, you can find it on Hulu!)
Music: In Memoriam by The Oh Hellos
Relationships: Familial Gunnar/Crew, Gunnar/Lara