oh gumball

What if

try to imagine if Tom the demon, Marshall Lee and Bill Chiper were like best friends or something like that and spend the day talking about their baes and stuff and Marco, Gumball and Dipper be like *facepalm* 

please someone actually draw it i’m dumb i can’t

at first I decided to watch this cartoon just in jest. that was really naive of me 

Rob is so cute and precious it hurts (I know he became a villain BUT HEEEYYYY THAT IS EVEN BETTER)


Made a buncha drawings of Larry in a dress after watching the episode The Money (which I saw last month, but decided to post this today). I have no excuses except I thought it was cute.


“Books Are Violent” from “The Blame”

Gumball: Everybody read a book, wreak havoc across the nation. Come on just have a look, there’s such violent inspiration.

Egghead 1: “Lord of the Flies” is a book each parent cherishes! The feral kids survive, but the one with glasses perishes!

Tobias, Carmen, Leslie: [Attack Egghead 1]

Darwin: If you want more blood and guts give Shakespeare’s plays a try. [Felicity trips over Darwin’s shoes] In “Titus Andronicus,” a mother gets her son served up in a pie.

Billy: [Spoken] You did this to me mother!

Banana JoeLegends, myths and fairy tales, will make their readers shriek and wail.

Sarah: [Screams and falls unconscious]

Penny: “Red Riding Hood” is pretty bizarre where a wolf dresses up as a girl’s grandma.

Patrick and Mrs. Fitzgerald: [Scream]

Alan: I’ve read Greek myths just like you sir, when they get beheaded like Medusa.

Gumball: And I read “Tortoise and the Hare,” a tale of torture and despair! [Points finger at a hare and a tortoise, spoken] FIGHT!

Darwin: [Spoken] You haven’t read that one have you?

Gumball: [Spoken] Er, no.

Tobias: If you read Dicken’s “Oliver Twist,” you’d shut the library door and lock it! [Steals Harold’s purse and Jackie’s necklace] It’s all about these homeless kids who learn how to pickpocket!

Felicity: Okay I get it, that’s enough! Fiction should be banned!

Gumball: But history books are just as bad! Perhaps a rap will help you understand! Juke, hit it.

Juke: [Beatboxing]

Gumball: [Rapping]

It’s just words, words, words.

Cover to cover.

Bound with a spine, word to your mother.

But books are the same, every story to video games.

They’re just as gory.

Romeo, oh Romeo.

[Gumball and Penny hold empty glasses and pretend to drink out of them]

Gumball: [Rapping] Romeo is your homie-o.

[Gumball and Penny pretend to be dead]

Gumball: [Rapping]

To be or not to be,

That’s the question for a G.

“Huck Finn’s Adventures” by Mark Twain.

All these books are driving me insane.

So who should really get the blame,

Are books as bad as video games?

  • *The Wattersons are separated at the mall. Nicole finds Anais.*
  • Nicole: Anais! I’m so glad I found you first! You are the voice of reason among raving lunatics!! Where are the others?
  • Anais: Well, I think Darwin’s still holding the door…
  • *cut to Darwin holding the front door open for shoppers*
  • Darwin: You’re welcome!...You’re welcome!...You’re welcome!…
  • *cut back to Anais and Nicole*
  • Nicole: I know! The others??
  • Anais: Oh. Well, Gumball didn’t have enough money for that massage chair, so he said it would be cheaper to buy stuff to make one, so Dad, Granny Jojo and I followed him to try and stop him, but he kept yelling at Granny Jojo saying she had no say in the matter ‘cause she’s broke, so she got mad and ran away, and Dad followed her 'cause he thought she’d get got by strangers, and when I told Gumball we had to catch them so you wouldn’t get mad, he called me a ripoff artist for some reason, kicked me in the shin, and ran off. So I don’t know where they are.