oh graphic novel you are special

there needs to be a scumbag!ninjago meme like

“Gives you shippy feels over evil guy’s brother/evil guy’s ex-wife. REFORMS EVIL GUY.”

“Writes stable, realistic, cute relationship for two seasons. DID SOMEBODY ORDER A LOVE TRIANGLE?”

“Adorable precious babbu is aged up to young adult. CONFLICTED FANGIRLS EVERYWHERE.”

“Eh, this show is alright I guess. TICK TOCK.”

“Who is the green ninja? LOL NONE OF THEM SUCKERS.”

“Surprises you with Green Ninja revelation. HE HAD A GREEN FIVE ON HIS SHIRT THE WHOLE TIME.”

“Oh, you finally got every ninja’s toy? COSTUME UPGRADES!”

“Character’s elderly father is still alive! TIME SKIP.”

“Spends a season unlocking the full potential of cool elemental weapons. BREAKS THEM.”

“Season 3 is only 8 episodes long, so it’s super tightly written! GOOD LUCK WITH THE HIATUSES.”

“Finally! Somebody who understands the weird guy! DIES.”

“Actually, she’s not dead. BUT YOU WON’T KNOW THAT FOR 3 MONTHS.”

“Awesome graphic novel series. PIXAL ISN’T IN IT.”

“One hour specials. EVERY 4 MONTHS.”

anonymous asked:

When it comes to TV Tropes, is it the website itself that you hate or the community on it?


The site itself is basically the opposite of thoughtful criticism, discussion or analysis. Breaking every single thing that ever happens in a TV show, book, movie, graphic novel, video game, or whatever down into a stupid catchphrase and placing it in a little box that allows you to call it out when you see it is totally meaningless.

“Oh, that guy just spoke to his wife! This is a ‘Husband Speaks’ moment!”

“The daughter is having problems with her laptop! This is totally an Epic Progeny Fail!”

What? Who fucking cares? What does any of that shit mean to anyone other than providing a bunch of category-obsessed weirdos a special language they can speak to eachother in while watching a TV show? Winking and nodding because you’re using the same bullshit catchphrase to describe a scene where “guy stands in a room with a coat hanger” isn’t media deconstruction. It doesn’t teach you anything about writing, it doesn’t help you identify good or bad habits in story construction, it’s just another dumb, meaningless internet subculture for people who want a treehouse where they can all wink and nod and speak in the same bullshit pig latin.

The community is worse and the way they foster incredibly creepy, sometimes abusive behavior from site members is disgusting. 

The entire place seems to encourage the idea that the TV shows and movies you consume are part of your personality/identity and it’s perfectly fine for you to become an abusive, frothing, angry shithead at anyone who doesn’t share your opinion on a piece of entertainment product you consumed. It’s sick.

Fuck TV Tropes.