oh gosh this was so hard to color

Oh gosh. 

So I thought that @meabhd‘s coloring contest would be a good opportunity to try and learn how to use my colored pencils. it’s so fucking hard for me for some reason?? colored pencils are a bitch. WHAT EVEN IS SKIN TONE.

Anyways I am reading Crooked Kingdom and so I am currently trash for Inej Ghafa and Kaz Brekker. If I have the courage, I want to try and do the amazing cuddling feysand one next. 


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I CHALLENGE YOU *epic music on the background* TO (oh gosh, there’re all these lovely colors, so hard to choose XD) DO THE NUMBER 27 and the inspiration word is: “distance”. I’ll be looking forward to the result! ;)


☆ [“Oh my gosh!! He’s so handsome and amazing and beautiful and-”]

@frigidloki was super awesome and let me color one of his drawings!! the original can be found [here ☆]

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I think I've gone through your entire art tag and can I say? I adore your art. Whether it's realistic or chibi or whatever, it's so good. The lining, the coloring, everything. It's adorable, and you even managed to make the edgelords adorable, holy ship- You deserve 800+ followers, Danny, because you've worked hard at it, and you make good content. Congrats, baby. (and if it ain't too much, tell teeny anti he's a baby and i love him) -Sam xox


Oh my Gosh, thank you so much!!! ;w; This is super sweet i can’t handle it hnnnggggg

I’m extremely glad that you enjoy my art, friend! <3 And i am more than happy to show my guys my progress as an artist every single day. I honestly can’t believe all the support that you guys give me everyday. It’s amazing.

You all just make me keep going every second. You fill me with energy!!!

So thank you. With every single piece of my soul. <3

lil Anti wanted to say hi!

Art Summary 2016

This year was a big roller coaster ride than the year before!

I didn´t improve much but I tried to put more backgrounds and environments into my art by the end of the year. It was challenging and fun! (But I need to pull more variety in colors tho) xD In April I´ve started a HQ!! Doujinshi and I was able to finish this 42 page BokuAka Doujin in Summer. It was a great feeling! I felt proud because I´ve never finished a comic this large. Thank you everyone who ordered a copy! I still can´t believe the huge amount of intrests! >//<

Then…Voltron happened! Oh gosh it got me really hard and I am so excited for S2!!!! Thanks to Voltron I was brave enough to apply for Zines for the first time and surprisingly got accepted in the family zine “The Pride”, a Klance and a Fashion zine! (deadlines are soon /sweats)

This year I had an amazing experience at conventions too! Especially Connichi was a great highlight!!

But during summer there was this huge art block because I fell into a depression. I´ve learned that you don´t need to create perfect art. Art is good when you feel it! This is my next challenge for 2017! I´m motivated to learn and study new things! I want to learn how to create a feeling! Maybe I need to start from zero! Also a storyboard lecture is waiting! 

A huge thank you to you guys for your support! I am so grateful for meeting lovely people this year! ;//_//;) You are one of my motivations to keep on drawing!


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Relationship Status: Single, not looking forward to a relationship until after college/university, graduate school if I go to one.

Favorite Color: Gentle blue, purple, or pink, I can’t choose.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Either is fine, I just use lipstick more for competitions.

Last song I listened to: “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez.

Last movie I watched: I believe “Kimi No Na Wa”.

Top 3 fictional characters: Ahh, that’s a really hard one; especially for someone like me who loves every character and has so many favorites. I’ll go with Sugawara Koushi (definitely), Karma Akabane, Oikawa Tooru. 

Top 3 ships: Oh gosh… that’s hard to choose. I don’t have a lot though. Well I guess Daisuga, IwaOi, and TsukiYama.

Books I’m reading: Well, I read more fanfictions, but “The Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Well that was torturing to fill out.

tag thing!!!

Aaaaaaahhhh ok so i was tagged by @letsprayitwritesitself which is WOW because i love their fics so much oh my gosh!!! Seriously go check them out!!!

Relationship Status: @racetrrack u silly gay

Fave Color: purple!!!

Lipstick or Chapstick: love me some lipstick my dudes!!!

Last Song You Listened To: How Bout A Dance from Bonnie and Clyde!!!! Have i mentioned im in love with Laura Osnes???

Last Movie You Watched: The Light Between Oceans

Top 3 TV Shows: ATLA!!!! um Merlin? and Turn: Washington’s Spies because im a slut for history lmao

Top 3 Characters: fuck this is hard,,, Davey Jacobs deffo rn,,, um Minerva McGonagall and uhhhhh idk i have too many to choose from ok!!!

Top 3 Ships: Javid, Merthur, and i dont watch spn anymore but destiel ok im sorry,,, also i have so many ships 3 is not enough :/

Books I’m Currently Reading: Grapes of Wrath (4 school) and The Lord of the Rings (4 my personal enlightenment)

Top 5 Musicals: Listen so i cant choose this accurately so im just going to list the ones ive been listening to recently! Newsies, Dear Evan Hansen, Bonnie and Clyde, Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, and Spring Awakening!!!

Tag 9 people you want to get to know better: I’m going to tag the newsies discord squad, theyre a bunch of losahs i love them!!! @racetrrack @moonlightorpoetry @smackjelly @bentylershook @benfankhauserrr @spotsies @screamingnewsies                              @jewish-davey-jacobs  @gayjackkelly

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ok ok ok soooo first, what size is most of your work? (like a general estimate) and for the watercolor stuff, how do you get your coloring to be so precise/seamless? I've tried watercolor but its always blending together :/ and I'm guessing you're had a lot of practice drawing the boys, but what is your all time most important tip for drawing people and really capturing them? sorry if these are vague, you can be vague too! i get that the last one might be hard to put into words. THANKS SO MUCH

I work on 9x12in mixed media sketchbooks (canson), and 6x9/7x10. Coloring wise, it depends on what kind of look you’re going for. If you want to avoid blending your watercolor, you have to let the layers dry. I had a teacher who had us use blow dryers in class once. Another trick is that when you do layer, you don’t want a ton of brush strokes. You don’t want to rub your top layer into the bottom layer, so you have to be delicate. ((And oh gosh  /////// no no im not seamless sobbbbb))

Drawing wise— I’ve always sort of had a knack for breaking down shapes, but it’s something that I have to practice. When you look at anyone’s face, you see the shapes that build and put it together. Seeing them and using shapes to draw– not so much the features– helps a ton. Also it helps if you lean to the illustration side that you use selective features. i.e. nose shape, lip shape, eye shape. small specifics so you don’t over whelm the gist of who you’re drawing. But this is used in realism too, so its up to you how much likeness you’d like to use.

So i made a quick drawing of Dean, hoping to explain. I took terrible photos as i went, so here we go—-

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As of me postin this neither of these ladies are confirmed for hyrule warriors so I totally get dibs on trying my own hand at redesigns

ok but the funny thing is I drew those gauntlets on Nabooru before Ganondorf’s official design was released and in the end all I did was color them gold

in general Nabooru’s design was hard cause I wanted to go for ‘badass dark knut angry Nabroru’ and on the other I could not make pink work with that armor so I kept her clothes black

Medli was just a matter of adding more detail to a pretty plain (but adorable design oh gosh I love Medli so much)


“Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei!

The winner will be Hyotei! The winner will be Atobe! The winner will be Hyotei! The winner will be Atobe!  The winner will be…!”


Cristina loved nothing more than taking her daughter out to the park, especially on the bright summer days when they could have a picnic together. Henley, the bright five year old, loved sports, especially ones that involved her brightly colored princess frisbee. As she and Cristina played, Henley threw a bit too hard and ended up hitting someone who was sitting nearby. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” Cristina quickly apologized, running over to them.


After watching “Dragon Games” I felt like doodling some Raven and Apple but once I started sketching Raven I thought it’d be nice to sketch in her dragon Nevermore but I decided to try my hand at redesigning her even though I am not good at drawing beasts so I tried really hard to make her look ferocious but instead I ended up with a giant chicken and even worse it was going to be a simple messy linear sketch but then I started adding texture around the eye which led to some very lazy shading and before I knew it I was slapping on color and this shouldn’t have taken so long and aw man I just realized I totally forgot to draw the other joint in the wings oh my gosh what am I even doing?

tldr; weird doodle of Raven and Nevermore from Ever After High.

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Are Kaelyn and Lucy as genuine as they seem on the internet? I've always got a stuck-up vibe from them. Lucy seems very full of herself and over-confident and Kaelyn appears quite arrogant. What are they like in person?

Oh gosh! Yes they are so genuine! What you see, as far as being genuine goes, is entirely accurate. The vibe you feel like you get as far as “being stuck up” or “arrogant” goes, is completely wrong! I’m not saying this negatively towards you or anything, I understand that it’s hard to see people’s true colors through the internet and through other peoples takes on them but no Kaelyn and Lucy were absolutely perfect in every way. Nothing about them is fake, or forced, and definitely not stuck up or arrogant in the least.

A little behind-the-scenes tidbit: they were nervous about the event! I think y’all see them as these youtube sensations (which they are) but you forget that they’re human! None of this has gotten to their heads, and in fact, I think they still have a hard time believing that people enjoy them as much as they do. And keep in mind, all of this WITH people sending anonymous hate, leaving hateful comments, and being disrespectful and rude. And they STILL push themselves out of their comfort zones to be close with the people who love them and want to be included. They don’t have to include anyone outside of their relationship in their lives, but they do, and they do it for everyone who benefits from it and enjoys it. It takes guts, and it takes an insane amount of bravery to put yourself, and your relationship, out there like that, WITH all of the critics watching your every move. 

If ANYONE is wondering about this, please take it from me! Kaelyn and Lucy truly care about every single one of you, and they love that you’ve allowed them to be close with you, even if it’s through videos and tumblr. They are the most humble people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I honestly felt like we were friends by the end of it all.  

I could go on and on about the wonderful people that they are but I’ll wrap it up with simply; Incredibly humble, incredibly genuine, and incredibly generous. 

I commissioned the ridiculously talented/professional/all-around lovely Charlotte to draw my Joan Shepard! Best Christmas gift to myself ever <333

i meAN LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THIS IS im gonna die look at that soulful beat-up but still tough and not giving up expression and hER NOSE and the colors and textures oh gosh this is on every wallpaper of all my electronics i am like this close to printing it out and stapling it to my face

in short THANK YOU CHAR ;;