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10 AUs

1. “We have the same favorite book, and we always check it out from the library. We’ve never met, but the librarians are starting to ship us, and are coming up with ridiculous excuses for us to meet.”

2. “My dog absolutely adores you, and you absolutely adore my dog. Whenever we see each other, the two of you play for a good half-hour, at least. That’s great and all, but what’s your name?”

3. “I was planning on proposing to the person I was dating, but then, I found out they were cheating on me. They don’t know I know, and you suggest I go ahead and go through with it, with a slight twist: I propose to YOU, instead.”

4. “We’re both shopping for the same obscure item. This is the fifth store I’ve seen you at… Want to join forces?”

5. “I’m an actor, and part of my costume is a wedding ring, but I totally forgot I was wearing it. Now you’re yelling at me for flirting with you, and I have no clue how to get a word in edgewise to explain.”

6. “There’s only one bag of my favorite candy left, and you’re about to put it in your cart. Please don’t, seriously. I’ve had an awful week, and I need my candy fix.”

7. “I’ve never actually met the person my sibling is going to marry, but you’re always there at the wedding planning, so I just assumed it was you. But now you’re asking me out? And you’re actually the future spouse’s best friend? Oh, wow, I was not expecting that.”

8. “If you hug me, I will stab you-Oh, my gosh. You aren’t my best friend, you’re a stranger, and you look slightly terrified of me now. Please don’t call the police, I’m not actually going to stab anyone.”

9. “I passed out in a public place, and you sat with me for several hours to make sure no one harassed me? That is both sweet and strange.”

10. “We’re neighbors, and you always hear me screaming about my cooking disasters, and swoop in to save me. I probably should start paying you, honestly.”

Kol Mikaelson | Imagine

Content: Raining surprise + soaked reader.

Warnings: none

You just wanted to buy a small amount of groceries so you’d be able to survive the weekend but then the curse of not owning a car or living near a shop once again haunted you. The rain was, indeed, surpising since it was awfully hot and sunny a few minutes ago. 

You must have done something real bad to always such a bad luck. 

Anyways, it didn’t help debating about what you did, you needed to get home as fast as possible. You could already feel that your clothes were soaking in the pouring rain. Fantastic. 

You almost thought it couldn’t get any worse but then you heard the paper bag for your groceries rip. Obviously, you weren’t the only one getting soaked. 

Before you could try holding it all together, the content of it was already spread across the street. You cursed under your breath and tried not to lose it. You’d love to run away, leaving the stuff behind, but instead, you checked if some of it was still intact… not like the milk can.

You picked the one you could still use and throw them mindlessly in your bag ,the rest landed in a garbage bin.

In the mean time, the rain has increased, the wind was howoling,cold and made you freeze. It didn’t last long and the water had taken over every part of cloth, drippling your skin wet. The rain was so intense that you couldn’t see what’s far in front of you and you didn’t really know where to go.

You just headed in the direction you thought was right as you heard a thunder errupting from somewhere nearby. 

You literally jsut jumped at the roaring sound, almost losing balance and landing flat on your butt. Almost.

“Whoa. Careful.” The person saying this was holding you slightly in balance, an amused tone audible. You also thought you knew him.

As you turned around you looked directly in warm brown orbs sparkling with the right amount of cheekiness.

“Kol?” You questioned. Well. He had a talent for showing up just randomly. 

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anonymous asked:

The hosts watching horror movies with their s/o

Since you asked this on to my ohshc-obsessive blog, i’ll post here, but i’ll answer the other anons who sent me scenarios on this page on my scenario page. (It’s called ohshc-scenarios)

Mwahaha >:) Thanks for the request anon! I love these kinds of questions as much as I love horror movies. (That’s a lot! lol) Hope you enjoy!

Also, hope you don’t mind, but this post is super long!!


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Blooming - A Frozen Fanfic

Here is the completed first chapter.  The sneak peek yesterday ended up being about half of the chapter.

This story is a canonverse romance of Anna and Kristoff following “Frozen Fever.”  The major theme revolves around exploring sexuality as it awakens and blossoms in earnest, and what that means when a partner is introduced.  Because Anna has been isolated for the majority of her life, I’m taking creative license in allowing her to be a bit of a late bloomer.  There isn’t a whole ton of angst here because I wanted to keep the theme fairly straightforward.  The story overall will be rated M, but each chapter may have a different rating.

I have 10ish chapters planned.  I don’t have a proofer so what you’re getting is going to be raw, unpolished, and totally beginner.  Oh, and at least two chapters are going to have some parts that are awkward AF because life is awkward and I don’t want to sugar coat it.  You have been warned.

Edit:  Now with links to the other chapters!

Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Chapter 1

Rated T for steamy smooches and thoughts

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schntgaispock  asked:

arranged marriage au !spones really just fucks me up. like Vulcans having all these weird rules for marriage and bones being really confused or mad all the time like 'wait nobody told me there was a sword what the fuck is going on' and it getting to the point where Spock has just decided to screw with him. 'There was a section on this in the text, Doctor. I expected you to be briefed on this.' is said while shoving carrots down bones' shirt.

Bones finally cracks and demands a copy of the marriage etiquette rules off Amanda and she supplies. So he power reads in one night and discovers that Spock has put him through an awful lot of ridiculous shit he didn’t need to do. So Bones starts coming up w his own human marriage traditions to throw at Spock. Bones demands to be carried over every doorway and threshold for a fortnight. He insists Spock be painted blue every other day (the paint takes like an hour to get off, and must be removed before bed). He starts passive aggressively yodeling whenever he and Spock disagree, because betrothed couples shouldn’t fight (this starts more fights). Bones makes life sized figurines of Spock out of whatever he can find around the house (they’re terrifying) and chats to them when Spock isn’t talking to him. He also keeps accidentally injuring and killing the figurines. “Oh gosh I’ve spilt hot oil on Fake Spock 3. Lucky it wasn’t actually you, see, this is why we need them. To practice.” Bones says as he turns and glares and a slightly scared Spock while still calmly pouring boiling oil on the shivering mess of blankets and plates with Spock’s face drawn on. 


This is a sneak peek of the multipart kristanna (canonverse) fanfic I’ve been meaning to write forever.  It’s the very first time I’ve ever brought any headcanon to type.  As a result it’s very rough, probably totally unoriginal because y’all have a HUGE head start on me and it’s all been done, and not proofed by anyone, but after a desperate call from @bulda , I thought, now is the time to start!  My family had a hard hard time last year and I get it.  I do.  So, this one’s for you!

Rated: T for mildly steamy smoochiness

Edit: Oh, right, forgot to say, this takes place immediately after the events of Frozen Fever

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anonymous asked:

when did you meet mark sheppard?? what happened?

Hello there, so I’ve told this story a couple of times to various people in bits and pieces but now that it’s been three days since, I’ve just about calmed down enough to give a fairly literate response *deep breaths.*

Ah fuck that didn’t help *further deep breathing* So on the weekend I was at Asylum 12 in Birmingham and on Saturday it was Mark’s panel and as per usual he was being a right sarky twat, which I love but, also as per usual I was bloody terrified. Anyway I somehow managed to muster up the courage to ask him a question “the accent and gruffness of your voice; how much of it is you and how much of it is put on..?” and instead of just answering the damn question, he got of the stage and I was trembling ever so slightly like oh gosh oh fuck nope please don’t come over here oh god you’re coming over here aren’t you fuck fucking hell what are you doing and he walked up to my face and *in his DEEPEST CROWLEY VOICE I KID YOU NOT HE BLOODY WELL groWLED??? “it’s all put on, darling” and god i could’ve died right there and then and i was like oh god don’t do this to me do you realise what your voice does to me fuck and he just laughed and said “thanks for that love, I don’t usually have that effect on the women” AND OH MY FUCK first of all what a liar, as if he doesn’t know what a deep voice does to a girl??

But yeah, later on I saw him at autographs and he said “calmed down yet?” and i was like no you lil shit i’m still flustered as heck and he just grinned at me… god it was like some strange fantasy loosely based on some fanfiction or other i may or may not have read.. BUT YES THAT IS MY STORY OF WHAT HAPPENED AND I’M SURE YOU WEREN’T WANTING THIS MUCH DETAIL BUT HERE YOU GO ANYWAY!!

kidsinbasements-deactivated2015  asked:

I only know you as the "Bob's Burgers gif maker on tumblr." Say a little something about yourself to remind us all that you're a human being haha

oh gosh I never know how to to talk about myself

well beyond tumblr my time is mostly spent a) watching more tv than I need to b) knitting/cross stitching depending on which craft is handy c) being upset over fictional characters d) being upset over my own uncertain terrifying and unpredictable future e) reading anything and everything f) wanting to pursue creative endeavors g) losing the motivation to pursue creative endeavors h) sleeping

and there’s a slightly more coherent and thoughtful ‘about me’ here [x]

(although honestly 'bob’s burgers gif maker’ probably sums me up pretty well too)