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I can’t believe Boueibu’s first episode was an ✨ actual love story ✨

amazing ♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

The other day she passed some guy
With little or no class
“Hey, he called as he walked by
“You have a nice… Bottom”

What the heck is wrong with you?
She wanted to retort
Maybe she would’ve used the real word too
But that answer wasn’t the ladylike sort

And when she gets an unsolicited pic
From some random dude
She shouldn’t say, well that’s a little disappointing
That would just be rude

A lady always uses a substitute
Then she flutters her eyelids and tries to bewitch
All the boys who think she’s, oh so cute
But if she were to curse, then she’s an angry female dog

It seems so gosh darned confusing
For men to get so I’ll be blunt
She’s not here just to be amusing
And your being a meanie face

So stop freaking-
Oh cranberries, has that word been approved?
My apologies for speaking
Please let that mistake be excused

Hey, at least it wasn’t the F word
You know the one that meninism rhymes with
Because a woman who says that is being absurd
Doesn’t she know misogyny is just another fundamental myth

She knows that foul language is unladylike behavior
And here’s a list of words she would never ever say:
No, equality, no, I don’t need a male savior
I’m good enough, no, I’m beautiful, still no, and equal pay

The list doesn’t end there, it just continues to grow
And honestly, she knows this is flipping insane
So she’s finally ready to say heck no
When a man tries to define a lady for his own gain

And the next time she’s told by some jerk
“it’s not cute when you swear”
She just looks at him and says with a smirk
“I don’t fucking care”

—  Language

Ahh, it’s Storyshift AU!

Oh my gosh, so I finally checked out this AU, and it’s like….Seriously amazing!!!. If you haven’t yet, go check it out, it’s soo good! @ut-storyshift

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