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Waiiiit! You've only ever had one pick up line used on you?! Dramatic gasp. Do your legs hurt? Because you've been running through my head all day! What time do you gotta beback in heaven? Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I was touched by an angel. What are you doing for the rest of your life? Because I want to spend it with you! Was that an earth quake or did you just rock my world? There's something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn't have your number on it.

STOP OH MY GOSH WHO ARE YOU????????????????????

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I feel like w justlex, sometimes alex will send justin a selfie on like snapchat or smth and justin just can't stop gushing over how pretty his bf is and look at that gorgeous smile. And if he can tell alex is having a bad day at school he compliments him and holds his hand to make him smile n alex is a blushy boy.

Okay but no matter what the selfie is Justin screenshots it, and he shows absolutely everyone he sees within the next hour, like ‘oh my gosh, look at him, he’s so cute!’ And he sends Alex back selfies of himself just giving the blonde the biggest heart eyes. And yeah, Justin is actually super clingy and affectionate, and if Alex was having a bad day he would never leave his side. He’d always have his face nuzzled in Alex’s neck giving him soft kisses and just cuddling him

Graduation Imagine
  • It's been a long senior year and you've finally made it to graduation. You're laying in bed, excited to finally start your life. But then you realize; (TC's name) will no longer be your teacher. You get this intense feeling of dread in your stomach.
  • You: (thinking) fuck. I can't believe it's over. How am I going to get through this? It's the last time I'll see him. School isn't the only thing that's going to be over with... Tomorrow is the last day I'll ever get to see his smile, his eyes, his everything. I'll never hear his voice again.
  • You start to panic and you end up falling asleep because all the stress made you sleepy.
  • You wake up the next morning and you instantly remember TODAY is the last day. You get sick to your stomach but you pulled yourself together.
  • You: (thinking) Well today's the day... I should have prepared myself for this. I knew it was going to happen but time flew by so quick. This can't be happening.
  • You get ready for graduation and you look beautiful as fuck. You and your family drive to the school and on the way there all you can feel is your stomach turning. Wishing time would stop or you could relive the last couple of months. When you and your family arrive at the school, you don't want to get out of the car. You just use the excuse that you don't feel good to stay in the car just a little longer. But then it was time to go in. Time to face your reality.
  • You walk into the school and out of all people who could have been standing 10ft in front of you helping your soon to be former classmates, it's (TC's name). You immediately stop and look at him and his eyes lock with yours. He smiles at you but you can't even smile back because you know what is about to happen.
  • You: (to your parent/sibling) oh my god I'll be right back.
  • You run into the bathroom and lock yourself in.
  • You: (thinking) This can't be happening. How dare he smile at me when he knows it's the last day I will ever see him. Gosh, I fucking hate this. How can he be so calm about this? Why isn't he showing any emotions? Maybe all this time I was wrong. Maybe he doesn't like me at all. Maybe I don't matter to him.
  • You start having a panic attack but you hear a knock on the bathroom door. You pull yourself together and wipe the tears off your face. You open the door and pretend like your fine. It's your best friend.
  • BFF: What the hell? What's wrong? Why have you been crying? Are you okay? Who do I need to kill?
  • You: (slight laugh) Nobody. I'm just emotional that this is the last day of high school. I'm really going to miss this place. It's actually over.
  • BFF: Who cries this much over school? I've known you for years, all you wanted was for school to end. Are you sure there's nothing else going on?
  • You: (thinking) Yeah, I wanted school to be over with. But that was before I fell in love with (TC's name).
  • You: ... Nothing is going on ...
  • BFF: I can tell when you're lying to me so tell me the truth, please. I want to help you.
  • You: You'll think I'm a freak or think it's gross.
  • BFF: C'mon if I thought you were a freak I wouldn't have been your friend for this many years. It can't be that bad. You can trust me.
  • You: Fine... I'm in love with (TC's name) and today is the last day we will ever see each other.
  • You: (however many years or months)... I don't just like him. I love him.
  • BFF: Does he know?
  • You: Of course not. He'd never feel the same way about me so why would I risk everything we have and make everything complicated?
  • BFF: Tell him. What's the worst that can happen now? The worst thing that could possibly happen is that he'll reject you but that's his loss. You're an amazing beautiful woman. If he can't see that then you need to find someone who will see that.
  • You: I can't just tell him... He'll think I'm weird.
  • BFF: Here, lets go. We are going to be late if we don't hurry up. We will think of something.
  • You and your BFF go get your graduation gowns from (TC's name). You and (TC's name) make awkward eye contact and you both smile at each other. You and your BFF start walking to where all the other students are.
  • BFF: He totally likes you. I can tell.
  • You: Please don't get my hopes up like that. I don't want to be let down even more.
  • BFF: I'm sorry...
  • -To save time I'm skipping to the part where you walk across the stage to get your diploma.-
  • You walk up on stage and you're more nervous than you've ever been. You walk up to (TC's name) and he gives you the brightest smile ever.
  • TC: (Your name), congratulations.
  • He hands you your diploma and you two get close together so the photographer can take your picture. The photographer takes the picture when suddenly...
  • TC: (whispering in your ear) I know you like me.
  • You: Oh my god what? (Your face turns really red)
  • TC: Congratulations again!
  • You are in shock. You walk off stage and sit back down in your chair.
  • You: (thinking) What just happened? Did I hear him right? Did he just tell me he KNOWS he likes me? What the fuck?
  • The graduation ceremony ends and you're with all your friends and family in the lobby taking pictures together. (TC's name)comes up to your group.
  • TC: Mind if I have a picture with the new graduate?
  • BFF: SURE!
  • You: (thinking)Oh my gosh, why is all this happening? Why does he want to take a picture with me?
  • You and (TC's name)smile for the picture.
  • TC: can I see the picture?
  • BFF: Yes!
  • TC: (takes your phone and sets a reminder to pop up on your phone for 10pm) Awesome picture!
  • Your TC smiles and walks away. You noticed he was typing while he was supposed to be looking at the picture but you can't find anything. So you forget about it. You and your family go home and have a home celebration. There's gifts, cake and family. You are very tired from the stressful day so you cut the party short and get ready for bed around 9pm. You take a shower and put your night clothes on and you get all comfy in bed. You're laying in bed and you feel your phone buzz. You roll over thinking it was another text from someone congratulating you for graduating. But you were wrong. Your TC put a reminder on your phone to go off at this time. You read it and your heart stops for a good minute.
  • Reminder:
  • I've been waiting a long time to kiss you. Come kiss me.(Address).
  • -(TC's initials)
  • ---------------------
  • This was my first ever long imagine so please, give me some credit lol. I tried my best.
  • Main blog - @tcwes

Really wanted to draw the three founders of Hyperion. Ended up drawing their younger selves as well. Um… I have no excuse. I really really like how this turned out tho? Maxim’s smile gets me every time. :) Damn are they really fun to draw. :O

Someone should really stop me. Maybe. XD Hyperion people are ruling my life now. help.

Oh my Gosh. Saw the most breathtaking human being I've seen in Months, and like a classic idiot, couldn't stop smiling while asking for his help at a store he worked at, so we just ended up smiling widely at each other, the entire time..

him: “Hello again”

me: *omg stop being adorable im trying not to make it obvious im attracted to you*

It's My Turn to Take Care of You.

Everywhere Hide looked, someone else’s face was smudged or shadowed over. He couldn’t recognize anyone. But there was one figure he would never mistake; it was Kaneki. The raven haired boy’s back was to Hide. When Hide reached his friend and spun him around, Kaneki was crying with blood splattered all over him.

“Hide, help me…” Kaneki whimpered. There were tears running down his face.

With a yelp, Hide took a step back. The blond’s eyes drifted down to his hands. He, himself, was literally red handed.

“Hide…” Kaneki’s voice cracked.

Hide looked up at his friend, but his heart stopped. Before him was a blood drenched boy with white hair and unmistakable silver eyes. His face was void of all emotion.

“Kane-” Hide’s voice stopped working. “Ka-” Try, he might, but his body wasn’t responding to him.

“Why didn’t you help me, Hide? You promised me that you would always help me.” Kaneki’s wounds were beginning to heal. “Where were you, Hide? It hurt a lot. I’m broken because of you.”

Hide could only cry as he watched the already broken boy’s soul turn into dust. Kaneki’s pupils shrunk while a sinister smile spread across the ghoul’s face.

“Hey, Hide, I learned some new tricks during my time of torture.” The ghoul cracked his knuckle. “Do you know what it sounds like to have a centipede in your ear? Huh? Do you, Hide?”

Kaneki was swaying and stumbling around while chuckling to himself.

“Hey, Hide, what’s a thousand…” Kaneki was grunting in pain. “What’s a thousand…minus…..” Kaneki screams as a centipede looking kagune thrashed from Kaneki’s back. An ominous looking mask was shrouding the ghoul’s face. “What’s a thousand minus….seven?”

Hide still couldn’t talk. Couldn’t even move. He was frozen.

“WHY WOULD YOU LET ME BECOME LIKE THIS?!” Kaneki shrieks before shooting his kagune towards Hide. “WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?! I THOUGHT I COULD COUNT ON YOU!”

Hide cries out and shrieks. Hide wakes up from the nightmare. His breath was ragged, and his whole body was drenched in cold sweat. His hair clung to his face and neck. It was the same dream that haunted him since the day Kaneki left. It wasn’t this bad before, but once Hide discovered everything that happened to Kaneki, he spends most nights avoiding sleep. Hide doesn’t want to dream about Kaneki’s suffering. Hide bit his lower lip until he tasted iron.

Hide just sits there sobbing silently with his face in his hands. A soft grumble makes Hide jump. The faint brushes of fingertips caressed Hide’s skin. The blond looked over and saw Kaneki fast asleep next to him. White hair covering Kaneki’s eyes.

‘I’m glad I didn’t wake him up this time.’ Hide thought to himself.

The blond runs his fingers through his hair before letting out a long sigh.

'I thought I could count on you.“ The words whispered in Hide’s head.

Tears pooled in Hide’s eyes and fell. The human let out painful and distressed whimpers. He didn’t know how to make the bad thoughts go away. Hide needed Kaneki. He needed him so bad!

The blond scooted close into Kaneki’s arms. The boy nuzzled Kaneki’s neck after giving Kaneki a light kiss. He filled his mind with Kaneki’s scent and radiating body heat. The blond could feel his hair being messed with by Kaneki’s breathing. Hide sighed in relief and satisfaction. He drapes his left arm over Kaneki’s side, and buries his face into Kaneki’s chest. Within a matter of minutes. Hide reluctantly fell back asleep.


Once Kaneki heard the evenly paced breaths from Hide, the half ghoul knew that Hide drifted back to sleep.

Kaneki carded his fingers through Hide’s blond locks while he placed light kisses against the side of Hide’s head. Every time Hide slept, this was to be expected. Each and every time Hide cried out Kaneki’s name desperately only broke more of The ghoul’s heart.

Hide would scream things like, "I’m sorry! Kaneki, I’m sorry!” and “I didn’t know! I didn’t know!” or “Don’t leave! I can still help! I’m sorry!”

Kaneki clung the blond to him securely so he could feel every twitch the human made. He hoped that whatever Hide dreamt, the boy would sense Kaneki right there with him. The fact that Hide believed that he needed to apologize to Kaneki was so mind boggling. As if he had anything to apologize for!

The half ghoul rubbed small circles into the blond’s back and murmured comforting words against Hide’s hair. Anytime Hide wanted to turn over, Kaneki kept him in place. If Hide woke up on terror again, the first thing he needs to see is Kaneki.

The thing that bugged Kaneki the most, was how Hide smiled and laughed it off when Kaneki tries to talk to Hide about it. Hide’s been holding this storm inside and it’s really taking a toll on the blond.

In the middle of Kaneki running his fingers back up to the top of Hide’s head, the blond stirred.

“Kaneki…?” Hide asked with a broken voice.

Kaneki didn’t respond. The half-ghoul just smiled gently. Hide rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. Even in the dark, Kaneki could make out dark circles under the human’s eyes. Hide was still suffering from the previous night terror. Hide’s trembling body was a dead give away to that fact.

“What are you doing up?” Hide asked the half-ghoul. He didn’t process the situation entirely. Hide didn’t realize that Kaneki was awake throughout the whole episode Hide had. But it was connecting little by little. When it finally all came together, Hide looked up at Kaneki with wide eyes. “K-Kaneki? I…”

“I love you.” Kaneki says not breaking eyes once.

“Kanek-” Hide was blushing lightly at Kaneki’s abrupt confession. This wasn’t a new thing between them, but Kaneki isn’t usually this direct. This wasn’t just a confession though. Kaneki wanted Hide to understand that Kaneki never blamed Hide once. That he still loves Hide.

“I love you.” Kaneki held Hide closer. The half-ghoul rubbed his thumb soothingly against the back of Hide’s head. “So much. I love you so much.”

Hide’s steal wall of angsty emotions was beginning to crack. Kaneki could see it. He could see Hide’s eyes beginning to glisten. Kaneki nuzzles his face in Hide’s hair. The hand in Hide’s hair slid down the the back of the blond’s neck. The other arm was holding Hide securely to him by the human’s waist.

“Kaneki…wait…what are you talk-” Hidems voice was wavering. The tremble in Hide’s lower lip was evident.

“Hide, I love you. You saved me. You saved me. Thank you. Thank you, Hide. Thank you.” Kaneki knew Hide was about to crumble. The ghoul tucked Hide’s head under his chin. He wanted to spare the human’s pride when he cried.

“Kaneki…I’m so…..” Kaneki could feel water rolling down his neck. “I’m so sorry!”

“Shhh, you don’t have anything to be sorry for. You saved me, Hide. You saved me. You did. You did.” Kaneki kept chanting.

This went on for a while. Hide sobbed into Kaneki’s chest while Kaneki whispered praise and love into Hide’s skin. When Hide’s body was beginning to calm down from the spine breaking shudders, Kaneki pulled his face away to look at his beloved friend.

There were fingers attached to Kaneki’s shirt in a death grip. Hide was so terrified of Kaneki disappearing again. When Kaneki moved his face back, Hide whimpered painfully.

“Hide.” Kaneki whispered softly.

Hide looked up at the ghoul. His eyes were red and swollen. The blond’s hair was sticking up in every which direction.

“Kaneki, I’m sorry I let you down. You went through so much. I-” Kaneki cut Hide off by rubbing his thumb against Hide’s lower lip.

“You never let me down. Not once. Even when I wasn’t aware of it, you still had my back.” Kaneki’s thumb slid down Hide’s neck and pulled back the blond’s shirt collar a bit. A faint, healing scar was visible on Hide’s shoulder. “And don’t sell yourself short, Hide. It seems you went through a lot as well.” Kaneki leaned down to kiss the scar.

Hide only held Kaneki closer to him. He needed the reassurance desperately. Wanted to know that everything was okay. But Hide felt selfish for wanting this of Kaneki. Especially when Kaneki needs the comforting more than Hide does.

“I’m sorry.” Hide apologized again. “For making you do this. My problems are small and insignificant compared to yours. I should be comforting you instead…”

“Don’t ever think that, Hide. I’m happy when you let me help you. I don’t like seeing you suffer, especially if it’s so I won’t feel burdened. You always, always, take on my problems. You comfort me when I’m at my worst. You bring me back every time. Now, it’s my turn to make you feel better.” Kaneki never looked away from Hide’s gaze. A few stray tears left the blond’s eyes.

“K-Kaneki…” Hide crumbled in Kaneki’s embrace. “Kaneki. Kaneki. Kaneki. It hurts. Kaneki, it hurts so much.”

“I know, Hide. I know. I’m here, though. I’m here now, so you’re not alone anymore. Hide, I’m right here.” As if to make the words more powerful in their meaning, Kaneki nuzzles Hide’s hair again then rests his forehead against the blond’s. Their eyes are still locked on each other’s. Kaneki whispers his lover’s name. “Hide. Hide. Hide.”

Hide brushes his fingertips below Kaneki’s left eye. Kaneki smiles and cups the side of Hide’s face.

“I love you.” Kaneki says and brings their lips together.

'It’s my turn to take care of you, Hide.’

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OKay but imagine: Tanaka gives Yachi little presents (like keychains and necklaces and little things he thinks she'll like) and Yachi just blushes and kisses his cheek and cant stop smiling for hte rest of the day because gosh, she really has the best boyfriend in the world. Compare that to Yachi giving Tanaka presents, (which I am 99% positive are homemade,) where hE WILL YELL TO THE WORLD HOW SWEET AND KIND HIS ADORABLE GIRLFRIEND IS AND HOW LUCKY HE IS - tora anon


Out-of-character platonic action is the best type of action tbh.

Xedra’s Notes:

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PFFTTTHAHA this is so perfect! Oh my gosh, just you wait, I’m gonna draw this, I love this idea way too much not to :) You’re amazing, thank you so much :D

Best nonbinary experience with a teacher I've ever had
  • Teacher: If you're a girl, stand up
  • Me, afab: *remains seated*
  • Teacher: *gestures at me to stand up*
  • Me: *stays seated*
  • Teacher: If you identify as a girl stand up

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ok but imagine bangtan's dressing up for halloween, but kook sees jimin, and he's just in a white t-shirt, jeans and a beanie so kook goes 'what are you meant to be???'. jimin points to his feet and he's wearing timberlands, and kook's still like '???' (yoongi groans bc are u seriOUS JEON) and jimin smiles and goes 'the handsomest halloween costume i've ever worn, it's called jeon jungkookie~' and all of a sudden kook's face super red :') (it's late and i can't stop laughing about this idea ;^;)


Oh my gosh thank you everyone for making this day just so great! I’ve had a really crappy week and I’m really stressed but thank you so much for everything. Whether it was showing up to the stream, making me laugh, letting me geek out, drawing me things or anything you have done or are doing for me. I’m so happy right now and I can’t thank you enough for it. Thank you for turning my week around!

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Madame Averse, may I be so bold and ask for your age? Because I can't belive that an absolutely beatiful mare like yourself, can be a mother alredy! ( ̄ー ̄)

Olive : “ MAMA ANSWERS ! NOT YOU ! “ >:V

- Averse stares at you, clearly pleased by the compliment -

Mod : “ One day Averse will say something. Maybe …  °3 °

Héh héhéhéhéh ! I received new nice messages about Averse ! I am crying of joy ! I thought Pedro would be more loved than her but actually nope ! 

Hhéhh éhéhhéhéh ! I can’t stop smiling ! Thank you so much ! “   (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Jack Gilinsky fanfic Part 1 "I want to get off!"
  • I was on the boardwalk with my friends down the shore going on what looked like the most scary roller coaster I have ever seen. And let me tell you I do NOT like roller coasters, but my friend had forced me to go on and said I would love it after I got off. We weren't able to sit next to each other because of this annoying group of girls who were making this huge fuss and this made me even more scared. I was screaming back to y/f/n and saying I wanted to get off acting like a five year old this is how scared of roller coasters. She scream back, "Y/N, you'll love it, plus I don't think you can get off now." And with that the ride started moving. This was horrible and you had to go up this huge hill before the ride even started. I started crying I wanted to get off I was scared out of my mind. That was until the person next to me who I hadn't noticed grabbed my hand and said,"Don't worry you'll be fine." I didn't really make eye contact because I had my eyes shut the the whole time but he was muscular I will tell you that. The roller coaster was was so scary but kinda fun Y/F/N was right, but I feel horrible because I probably just cut off the circulation in the boys next to me hand. As I got off the ride I looked and turned to see the boy who was sitting next to me was gorgeous, a Greek god, he was Jack Gilinsky.
  • I can't believe this I just went on a roller coaster with jack gilinsky the boy who I obsessed over for about a year now. He was even the lock screen on my phone. I had to say something I had just traumatized him, so I spat out,"Sorry about that. I was a LITTLE scared. Can I repay you in any way I feel horrible!" He responds while smiling that amazing smile I have only seen in pictures and said,"Don't worry about it I thought it was cute. But there is one thing you can do..."I blushed hoping he wouldn't see."What would that be?" I said feeling a little more confident now. "Just let me buy you an ice cream cutie." JACK GILINSKY JUST CALLED ME A CUTIE WHAT IS HAPPENING. I had to keep my cool though."id like that." And with that he held his hand out for me to take and I did intertwining out fingers together we walked to the nearest ice cream shop on the boardwalk. I ordered your favorite ice cream and jack took out his wallet and paid. We started walking and talking. "So how long are you here for?" I said nervously. "The whole summer me and my buddies rented a house down here. How about you?" "The whole summer too!" I replied as happy as I could be being that the boy I had only dreamed about was staying on the same island as me for the whole summer. " I have been coming here since I was born my great aunt owns a house on 24th street." I said feeling more comfortable now. "No way! My house is on 26th street!" I can't believe this was happening right now. I smiled in reply. "What is your name I never got it?" Said jack "Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N." You said as he replied,"well Y/N you have ice cream on your face." he said smiling at me. "Oh my gosh!" I said blushing out of embarrassment. "Don't worry I got it." He said as he put his thumb right by my lip as we stared into each other's eyes he started leaning in and so did I until you hear,"Watch the tram car please." And we stepped to the side.
  • The tram car I hated that thing it always chanted watch the tram car please where ever it went it was the little car that charged u 3.00$ to drive you in the boardwalk, and now I hated even more because it just stopped me and JACK GILINSKY FROM KISSING!!! "So what do you want to do now?" Jack asked snapping me out of my thoughts. "Umm why don't we walk further down the pier." I said and jack agreed. We played lots of games and I had lost all of them. Then we passed the big thing that you had to hit with the mallet and if you hit it hard enough it would ring the bell at the top. Jack started walking towards it and I giggled because somehow all boys felt that to prove their manliness they have to ring the bell on this thing. He handed the man the cash and said to me"think I can do it Y/N/N?" "I don't know you have to be really strong to do this" I said taunting him. He took the mallet and smacked it down and it hit the top and jack got a stuffed bear and a plastic trophy. He gave me the bear and kept the trophy for gloating reasons. We walked towards the second piers rides and got on the Ferris wheel. While waiting in line jack pointed to another crazy roller coaster and said," I know Y/N wants to go on that next." "Shutup!" I said and smacked his arm making him laugh. We got on the Ferris wheel and jack was staring at me. "Do I have more ice cream on my face?"I said wondering why he was staring. "No. You just look really cute right now." He said smiling then started leaning in so did I, and then are lips were pressed up against each other and it was amazing he's lips were so soft they just kept me craving more. I pulled away and jack scoched closer to me putting his arm around my waist. I rested my head on his chest. This night couldn't get any more perfect.
  • "Hey can I get your number Y/N so we can hang out again I had so much fun tonight?" "So did I." I said taking his phone and putting my number in it and sending a message to myself so I had his number. "Thanks so much. Do you have a twitter?" He said nervously. "Yeah here I will search for you so it's easier." I said taking his phone and finding my name I clicked follow and gave him back his phone. He started looking at my profile and the follows you sign popped up already. "Ahhh your a fan aren't you?" He said smiling. I blushed and nodded my head in response. "I better get going." I said "Let me walk you home it's really late." Jack said taking my hand and we started walking off the pier. He walked me to my house and once we got there we both looked at each other until he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said "I had so much fun can't wait to see you again." "So did I thanks for the ice cream and bear sorry about your arm by the way."
  • "Oh I didn't even feel it." He said and walked away.
  • I went inside and got ready for bed not being able to stop thinking about tonight. I laid in bed and my phone buzzed it was a message from jack. Oh my gosh he probably hates me I thought and unlocked my phone so I could read the message it read: Goodnight gorgeous I had so much fun tonight 😘. I locked my phone and went to bed smiling because I had just had the best night of my entire life.
  • Part 2??? Give me input was it horrible? Too long?? Too short?

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Hey, Zoey! I just wanted to thank you again for battling me (SameFormula) on Showdown. Legitimately the most fun I've had on there in a LONG time. I can't stop smiling, oh my gosh.

It was a pleasure!

Thank you for helping me test my teams too, definitely have a few tweaks in mind thanks to you!

(To everyone else: I’m on Pokémon Showdown for at least 30 minutes a day, so if you see I’m on, feel free to challenge me, you can try and rock the Jailhouse Six team!)