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Are You Okay? (Youngjae)

Thank you so much for requesting :) Hope you like it! I kinda just wrote whatever first came to mind. *I pictured Stop Stop It era Youngjae just because it seemed more present day, hope that’s alright! - K.

“Yah!– I said I don’t wanna go!” you said, gripping onto the arm of the couch as your friend kept trying to drag you out the door. “Come on!!! It’s just a soccer game!” “Nooooooooooo” you yelled back. “It’s a beautiful day out today, how can you even think about spending it at home all day” she said, still pulling on your arm. “Because that’s what I enjoy! Staying home!” you argued. “Come on, I never ask you for anything and all I want is to see those cute boys from the last game” she pouted, “You did say you thought one of them was cute!” “Yeah, but it’s not like he’s ever even going to notice me” “Don’t be such a downer! Get dressed and let’s go… I’ll buy you ice cream afterrrrr” she bribed. “Fine” you said, rolling your eyes. You weren’t actually going because of the ice cream bribe… you really did want to see that cutie from last time.

You and your friend walked a few blocks to the park nearby where they held a weekly pick up soccer game. Anyone was allowed to play; they could play for fun, for competition, whatever suited their fancy. And there was one guy who really caught your eye. You had no idea what his name was but he was all you ever thought about on your way back from the games. You and your friend must’ve arrived too late because the bleachers were completely packed. You two decided to settle and stand on the sidelines. “You don’t think we’ll get hit, do you?” your friend asked, a tad worried. “Nah, I think we should be fine” you replied casually. You heard the referee blow the whistle and watched as all the players headed for the field. You quickly scanned the field looking for him, in no time at all you spotted his blonde hair and felt a smile creep up on your face. You caught yourself and forced the smile down… your friend would never let you live down if she caught you smiling like that over a stranger. As he was walking towards the center, you read the back of his jersey, “Choi” it read. “Choi… huh… well that narrows it down to about everybody” you sighed.

The game was beginning and you were actually getting really excited, you loved watching soccer more than any other sport. You and your friend enthusiastically cheered from the sidelines. “I’ll be right back, I need to use the restroom” your friend said in a rush as she shuffled away. “Oh… okay” you mumbled as she was already out of earshot. A few minutes later, you swore you heard someone calling your name in the distance. You turned your head and looked around, not seeing anyone you recognized. Was it your friend? Who knows. Suddenly all you heard was “WATCH OUT!” but before you could even react, something hard had hit you on the side of your head. ‘Great’, you thought to yourself, ‘I would get hit in the head with the soccer ball. Just my luck’ as you froze, too embarrassed to turn back towards the field.

“Are you okay?!” someone asked, putting their hand on your shoulder to turn you around. You slowly turned to face the person, still in shock from being hit. “Omo… It’s turning red!” he panicked, leaning in closer to get a better look. It was him. THE CUTE GUY. As the slow realization set in, your eyes widened slightly and you felt your face turn red as he got closer to inspect your face. You backed up and he leaned back in surprise at your sudden movement. “I’m so sorry… are you okay?” he asked again cautiously. “Y-yeah, d-don’t w-w-worry about it” you stammered. With impeccable timing, your friend showed up, “Oh my gosh, ‘Y/N’ are you okay?” You nodded at her, partially upset that she left you alone like that.

“Yah! Youngjae, are you gonna play or what?” his team members asked. “Ah… nah, I’ll sit out for the quarter” he turned back to you with a worried expression still on his face. “Let me help you ice it, I’m soooo sorry again” he said apologetically as he led you to the first aid station, “I’m Youngjae, by the way” he smiled at you, causing your face to blush once again. Choi Youngjae… guess it was a good thing I went today… even if I did get hit in the head with a soccer ball.

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Hello! If it's not too much I'd like to request a daddy! GOM noticing that their toddler child who is an exact copy of them, showing a similar personality to one of the GOM! U can pick! Can u make it precious and fluffy? :3 thanks for trying! Ps keep up the good work admin! May tatsuya smile upon you always ;D


Akashi:  His eyes and lips twitched the moment he realized that his son came near him while he was having a game of shogi against himself. He just left the toddler on the opposite side of the room with his new toys minutes ago, and now the baby’s looking at him with a curiosity drawn on his face as he pointed towards the shogi pieces. “Ah, you want to learn how to play this game, I see,” Akashi mumbled before picking up his son. He smiled as he was reminded of his former vice captain during his middle school days and the shogi games they used to play. True, he had always won against Midorima, but he must admit that every single game was worth-remembering. “Don’t worry son, I’ll teach you how to play this once the right time comes…and we’ll play until we grow tired of it.”

Aomine: The tan-skinned man was just casually lying on the couch, eyes closed, when he felt some weight on his abdomen which made him lazily open his eyes and grumble something about disturbing his rest. To his surprise, he saw his child smiling at him while holding a small basketball with the both of his hands. Aomine found it quite weird but the way his child smiled reminded him of Kise, not to mention it was as if the baby was challenging him on a game or something. Smirking, Aomine got up as memories of his middle school days and one-on-ones with Kise flooded his mind – oh how the blonde loved having games with him back then – and carried his child to the corner where his mini basketball hoop was located. He thought that maybe this would do for a while, though he’s really getting excited to teach his son basketball soon.

Kise: He was squealing so loud that you had to shut him up. The moment he noticed his daughter was able to finish a mug of vanilla shake Kise prepared for her. It reminded him of his Kurokocchi so much that he wouldn’t stop making a huge fuss about the simple thing. “Don’t worry babycchi! We’ll visit Kurokocchi once daddy’s free and we’ll have a vanilla shake date somewhere!” he chirped as he peppered his daughter’s face with kisses, tickling her eventually. “OH MY GOSH EVEN YOUR SMILE IS ADORABLE LIKE KUROKOCCHI’S!!!”

Kuroko: “(baby’s name), it’s bath time already,” Kuroko mentioned as he finally finished preparing the bubble bath. He frowned when he saw his daughter lying on her back, arms and legs spread wide-open. She seemed to be having some kind of nap and it made him guilty for disturbing her. “(baby’s name),” he whispered as he poked the chubby cheeks of his daughter. His daughter did open her baby blue eyes, but only shut them close the moment she saw her daddy. She immediately turned her back against Kuroko and continued her mini beauty rest, still not ready for bath time. Shaking his head, Kuroko smiled and lied beside his daughter. A smile tugged up to the corner of his mouth as he was reminded of his former light, Aomine. Maybe he could tell his friend about this the next time they meet up at Maji.

Midorima: You asked him to go grocery shopping for tons of stuff since you were busy with your office shit. You also made sure to it that he’d bring your daughter with him since you told him that he’s becoming really busy with the hospital things and your daughter missed his daddy a tad too much. So now, Midorima was contemplating about what cereal to get for his daughter: Cheerios or Frosties. “What do you want?” he asked as he raised both boxes in front of his daughter’s eyes. The baby squealed and pointed towards both. A scowl appeared on the father’s face. “No, no. You can’t possibly finish the both of these in a week,” he explained. To his misfortune, his baby still pointed towards the boxes while she gave him a puppy look, which of course he could never say ‘no’ to. Shaking his head, he dumped the two boxes into the grocery cart. As the two passed by the aisles, Midorima noticed that his daughter kept pointing towards sweets and other junk food. As a doctor, he was totally against this, but the baby seemed to know her daddy too well and was able to make him give in to every single request. “This would be the last!” he whisper-shouted as the baby chuckled, happy that she was able to get what she wanted. He shook his head once again, suddenly remembering Murasakibara in the process. No, just no. He knew he needed to have immunity against that puppy look soon.

Murasakibara: He was having a mini argument with his son about what to bag to open: Lay’s or Doritos. He was craving for nachos and Doritos was the closest thing he got in the food cabinet. However, the titan’s son was pointing towards the bag of Lay’s which somehow disappointed him. “Babychin, let’s just open the bag of Lays’ next time, okay?” he tried to talk his baby out of his so-called cravings, but it didn’t work as he only got a huge pout from his son. Grumbling, he reached for the bag of potato chips from the cupboard and opened it, half-heartedly. This would be the last time, he thought. He reminded himself that his son wasn’t his Akachin, though he appeared to be absolute this time.

Kpop Gif Challenge~~

Every 5th gif

  • Your first crush: 



  • His reaction when you told him you liked him: 


  • First boyfriend:                                             

well…the guy my first crush fucked with great…-.-

  • Your roommate in college: 

pretty roomate~ 

  • Your other roommate: 

cooking MAMA Dodo~

  • Your favorite class: 

english but…school…urg..

  • Your reaction to graduating high school: 

YES!!!…wait…now i have to work…urg

  • Your reaction to getting a good job: 


whaaaat~ oh my gooood~

  • Your reaction to meeting your soul mate: 

*naughty smile* >3

  • His reaction to you: 

shake that ass for me~ >;D

  • Your face when he asks you to marry him: 


  • Who he is:    


Ayo wassup Kress?~

  • Who he leaves you for (at the altar): 


TAORIS! Gosh Kris please do leave me for him! ..otp~                             

  • Your reaction:                            


they are perfect~~ *tries to contain feels*

  • What you do after: 


  • Who you FINALLY end up actually marrying: 


squishy!!~~ djknbkyvkjyv

  • Your life after that: 


…of course! watching my husband, flirting with the guy, my first crush fuckt with, who also was my first boyfriend….THE HELL KAI!