oh gosh her hair.. her everything

I started writing a Noctis and Luna enemies AU, just for fun (and because I was bored–really wanting to go to bed, but also wanting to write some Noctluna)… but I feel like it’s coming out more sexual-tension-esque than anything else.


It’s because Noctis is attracted to Luna, and there’s just no denying that.

He’s all like, “Oh my gosh… This girl just referenced the one book I actually read for fun in my life. She also does this thing, where she fidgets and fixes her hair like I do. And her speech actually didn’t make me hate Niflheim even more, even though I loath everything about them and what they stand for. Plus, she’s hot.”

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes…

If I ever even finish it. 

And if I do, it’ll probably never even see the light of day.

Okay so we all know Alya is determined enough to find out Ladybug’s identity by holding her textbook hostage (seriously, where was Ladybug even keeping that thing) and also by cutting out a picture and holding it against her classmates to compare, right, yes?

What if Alya downloaded one of those face swap apps to swap her classmates’ faces onto Ladybug’s body and Adrien asks to see (he couldn’t resist) just as Alya was about to do it with Marinette, so Adrien holds up the phone to Marinette and its her face with Ladybug’s body, yeah?

And Marinette kinda smiles awkwardly but Adrien is kinda frozen for a second because it’s a perfect match - the frame, the build, the hair style and color, the eye color, oh gosh, the gentleness in her eyes, even the freckles…everything is a perfect match

And now his friends are concerned and Adrien is shaking his head and says its nothing before passing the phone back to Alya.

And he can’t get it out of his head because the clumsy, sweet girl behind him is his Lady and he had once said he would recognize her anywhere.

And he didn’t and he’s so awkward during patrols later and Ladybug is just like “whats up with you kitty?” and Chat is fumbling for an answer and he tries to recover, “oh, i didn’t know you were so concerned, Princess”

Except he has only ever called Marinette Princess and Ladybug his Lady, so Ladybug has wide eyes now and kinda chokes out, “what” and Chat is freaking out and theyre just staring at each other awkwardly on top of the roof of some building

“How did you…I mean…what?”

“I-It was a slip of the tongue, my Lady” Except he can’t lie to her. “The face swap app…the one Alya had, I mean….”