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How would the 2Ps react to seeing Luciano getting his butt kicked by a pissed off small person below 4'11 after provoking them willingly and probably deserved it? Cause, we all know that he's deep down, a immature screaming knife child.

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“OH DA MN THAT GIRL CAN FIGHT GET BURNE D LUCI”: 2p America, 2p Germany, 2p China, 2p Canada.

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“Oh my, that took an unexpected turn.”: 2p Romano, 2p Prussia, 2p England, 2p Spain.

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“Hmm. Pretty impressive.”: 2p Japan, 2p France, 2p Russia.

Bonus: 2p Italy

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OKso me and @dabruzzy were coming up with some hilarious mother ideas including one where Duster’s mom is basically literally duster with boobs 

I mean I had to get rid of the facial hair too but STILL

@dabruzzy made the coolest artwork of Nana living in a Yanopi that is basically my favourite thing ever and we were going to upload these at the same time but I was busy but STILL HERE YA GO

… if anyone asks it was dabruzzy’s idea *hides*

Pearl has a major Snape complex

I just realized it
She was in love with the mother, resents the father for taking her away even though she was never hers to begin with

And she must keep the son safe because he’s the last bit left of what she used to love, even though she still resents him on some level.


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̩̳̯̟͖t̠͚h͙̳͕̘͔̳̙i̦̹̜͕s̪ ͉wo̬̦̯̫r̝̦l̼̫̮d̜̲̝ ͓̝̦͔̜̜̳
̥͎̹o͙̤͍f͙̬̞͉͎͍ ̯̟͔̤̞o̱̗u̞̱͉̬r̩̥̠͍̺̳̻s͇?̻

TG scenery appreciation post~