oh goodness this is adorable


“Well, I promised a dance to a Sylveon earlier, but I understand you’re on a mission to dance with a lot of Pokemon and he’s a little late, so why not? Just be careful I don’t accidentally knock into you; you’re a small little thing and I wouldn’t want to hurt you!”

“… Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a Pokemon like you before, either. Are you a relative to the Pidgey line or… Spearow’s, maybe?”


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Oh goodness the sketch of jock Kara and punk Lena is adorable. Most unexpected couple at school but also the loveliest~

I’m so weak for this douhuawhalwf ಥ_ಥ


Hardison and his cute hat in The Future Job


That hand tho. [x]

And Jared mirroring that adorable scrunched up nose? Too cute.

We know Jensen had a serious case of heart eyes during this but Jared in that third gif… It was right after Jensen’s adorable nose scrunching, so I guess Jared’s all of us in that moment. 





An ADORABLE Keisuke Koumoto dancing to Kiss Him Not Me’s "Kagayaki! Tokimeki! Every Day ☆".

I can’t believe my eyes!!!


└ Seriously old man! You CAN’T look THAT adorably cute when owning up to members!

Cr: VS Arashi 02.02.2017

youngjae is the embodiment of light like he just radiates this feeling of warmth and comfort and he’s absolutely the cutest being alive like he’s always smiling and it’s the cutest thing ever especially whenever he imitates the otter photo or looking at photos of coco, videos of coco, coco standing in front of him can you tell how much he adores coco and his laugh oh my goodness it has got to be the most melodious sound i’ve ever heard and whenever he laughs, the members laugh, i laugh, everybody laughs because its just so contagious and how he’s always thinking about the fans like even when he fell sick, he was more concerned over the fact that he couldn’t perform for them instead of taking rest and how bright his expression turns whenever someone compliments him for his voice or whenever they bring him an otter toy or whenever somebody mentions coco his head whips around so fast it looks like he’s about to get whiplash and how you can tell how much he loves music how passionate he gets whenever he sings especially those high notes and how serious he gets when he’s dancing and how his eyes light up when he’s on stage, especially when he hears the fans sing their songs like he’s an actual angel that deserves all the love

Five Times Sherlock gave John a Pebble and One Time John Returned the Gesture

Description: Sherlock isn’t good with words, so he decides to tell John his feelings the way penguins do, by bringing him pebbles with different meanings. John catches on.

Review: I read this description and I couldn’t resist. Sherlock courting John the way penguins do? Adorable. Oh my goodness. This was the cutest thing. John loves the little gifts Sherlock gives him, but it takes a while for him to realize what they mean. Very good if you’re looking for a fluffy fic to make you smile.

Rating: General