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how about Betty toying with Jughead's suspenders he can't concentrate during class?

I love this oh my goodness! Thankyou so much!

She was so bored, was chemistry supposed to be this boring? She remembered a time when she actually looked forward to coming to this class, well that was all before she got to sit next to her very favorite person and secret love of her life. Jughead jones.

It was fairly obvious that he was daydreaming as well, his chin tucked into his hand and his wavy dark hair dangling over his eyes, what she would give to run her fingers through that mess of waves he hid underneath his hat. Biting her lip, she shook that thought out of her head, her eyes dipped lower instantly catching onto his infamous suspenders. Did she ever mention how sexy she found those damn suspenders?
So hot.

Feeling brave, she reached a hand to his chest, fingering the stretchy elastic, his eyes snapped to hers and he raised a brow with a questioning smile. She just shrugged, giggling softly and running the material under her fingers.

Holy shit, Jughead couldn’t even comprehend what was going on, the beautiful blonde to his right had her hands all over his chest, running those dainty fingers over his suspenders. Was he still dreaming? No this felt much different than his thoughts. This was so much better.
“What are you doing green eyes?” He whispered , catching her eyes, they were sparkling mischievously.
“Just exploring, I was thinking of investing in a pair of suspenders, just testing them out.” She whispered back with a teasing smile.

Gulping heavily, he couldn’t help but imagine Betty in his suspenders,

only his suspenders.

Okay. No no no. These were not chemistry class thoughts.

“Well knock it off, were supposed to be paying attention.” He play glared at her, turning his attention back to the teacher, a task that was nearly impossible when Betty dragged her hand across his chest moving to toy with the other side. “Bets..” he mumbled out, a little more breathy than he intended. He felt her hand pause on his chest right over his heart.

“I’m sorry juggie, am I distracting you?” He whipped his head to look at her and sure enough, she had on the most seductively sexy look he had ever seen.

“What is it that you’re trying to do Elizabeth Cooper?” He choked out.

Dropping her hand to the place where the suspenders connected with the top of his jeans, she raised an eyebrow

“I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about forsythe?”

His hand instantly clamped down to cover the one of top of his thigh

“You’re playing with fire betty Cooper” he whispered again

Pulling her hand away, she brought her lips close to his ear

“Well let’s see who gets burnt first then, hmm?”

Suddenly the sound of the bell signaling next period rang and Betty was sauntering away with a flick of her perfect ponytail.

Shaking his head, he moved uncomfortably in his seat. Looks like he was spending next period in this seat.

Oh game on Betty Cooper

The Joker x Reader - “Broken”

After you got shot in the head you were in a coma for a while. When you woke up you were quite broken and The Joker doesn’t like broken things. Getting rid of you seems like the perfect solution.

The Joker immediately turned when he heard the gunshot. You felt the sharp pain for a split second before you blacked out. J opened his mouth in disbelief, wanting to say something but for once he was speechless. He just stood there, stunned, watching Frost as he killed the security guard being heroic enough to attempt a small rebellion on his own.

“WHAT…THE FUCK??!!” The Joker’s voice finally echoed in the building while stomping towards you. Some of the hostages on the floor whimpered in fear, knowing that it won’t end well after what just happened.

“I thought you were watching everybody!” he pointed at his henchmen, mad as hell, kneeling so that he can turn you around. J saw the nasty bleeding head wound and he lost it:

“Kill everybody!! NOW!!!!” He lifted you and your arms went limp, hanging down on the sides of your body. “God dammit! Frost, let’s go, you drive!!” Blood started soaking his purple coat and he squeezed you closer to him, trying to wake you up.

“Hey, Princess, open your eyes! Open your eyes!“ No answer came and he took a deep breath, grinding his teeth, not even discerning the screams coming from the slaughter happening behind him.

He got in the back of the van with you and realized he wasn’t even wearing a shirt that night.

“Frost, give me your jacket!” he impatiently demanded and wrapped it around your head as soon as he got it. Jonny started driving and the Joker kept on wiping the blood off your face with his bare hands, not realizing he got all over his cheeks and hair too. “Baby doll, can you hear me? Don’t make Daddy mad; open your eyes, hm?”  he kept on trying to reason with you, nervously biting his lips.

“Where to, Boss?” Frost shouted, driving so fast he was afraid he will get unwanted attention, the last thing that was needed that night.

“Our doctor, Frosty, where else???!! “ The Joker snapped back at him, irritated about the question. “I don’t care who else we need to get, I want her fixed!… I don’t like…b-broken things…” he muttered the last words to himself, stammering with anxiety, still trying to clean you up.

*** You were in surgery for 10 hours. It was a clean wound, the bullet wasn’t inside: it pierced the left side of your head, above your ear, slightly under the skin surface which was very lucky but still created quite a lot of damage and brain hemorrhage. The best doctors that Gotham’s underworld uses were brought in to help you. J didn’t care about the money they asked or the supplies needed. What was he going to do with all his possessions if his Queen was dead?  It wouldn’t matter, it would be no fun.

The Joker was told there was no way to know when you will wake up or if there will be any nerve damage following your recovery. They didn’t have the courage to tell him you might never wake up. Afterwards, you were taken to the penthouse and one of the spare bedrooms was transformed into your own medical ward. The doctors took turns in coming and checking up on you, changing your bandages, updating your IV medications and the blood tests were coming back pretty good, except for the fact that you wouldn’t wake up.

Since J couldn’t sleep without you, he moved the bed in the master bedroom to your room, this way he could at least doze off for a few hours. All those beeping noises from those machines you were hooked at annoyed him to death but he learned to ignore them after a few days.

The Joker talked to you all the time, sometimes falling asleep waiting for an answer that never came. Most of the times he was answering for you.

* “Hey, Y/N, do you remember when you told me you were pregnant and I panicked, almost pushed you off the balcony? Lucky you told me you were joking before I did it, huh? “ and he started laughing maniacally, ending it with a deep growl, pleased at the memory. “Good times, Doll…”

* “Oh my God, I’m so bored!” He would roll his blue eyes in your face.” Would you wake up, Pumpkin? Let’s have some fun, I’ll take you for a ride. Wanna blow up something? Hmmm? Deal?” J cupped your face, caressing it with his thumbs until he got fed up with that too. “Jeez, Doll, why are you doing this to me?” he would finally rest his head on your tummy, pouting, not liking the fact that you were still like that after 3 weeks.

* “Princess, do you remember when I got angry and I shot you in the leg and you stabbed me? You were soooo pissed,” he snickered, kissing your hand. “We almost killed each other that day.” His crazy laughter filled the room again. “Ahhhh, good times, Doll…” he sighed, delighted at that treasured remembrance.

* J thought you need more tattoos, it was about time he gave you another one. He tattooed “Wake Up” all around your right hand wrist, like a bracelet, and a lot of “I love J” and “Sleepy Head” going up your arm just like bracelet charms . “You like it, Pumpkin?” he brought it closer to your face and when you didn’t react he just replied, proud of himself: “I think I did really good.”

* He pushed the girl he brought from the club inside and she was so scared she was shaking like a leaf.

“ Y/N, if you don’t wake up in 5 seconds, I’m getting a new girlfriend!” J shove her right on your bed. “ 5,4,3,2… 2 and a half…1…one and a half…Doll, come on!!!… Zero!”  Nothing. “Get the hell out of here!” he pushed the girl and she run out of the room so fast she almost fell when she opened the door. “Shit, that didn’t work,” he passed his fingers through his green hair, sulking. Another week went by.

* The Joker brought in a target matt and hanged it on the wall in front of you. He liked to place his gun in your hand, holding it with his, aim and shoot at the target. “Perfect, Y/N, this way you don’t lose practice. You’re such a good girl,” he would kiss your knuckles, smiling and then frowning when he realized you didn’t even know he was there.

* First time you opened your eyes was after 4 more weeks. It was late at night and J was on his laptop,still awake, looking at all the naughty pics you always sent him. He noticed the movement and jumped out of bed, not really believing you’re awake.

“Jesus, Princess, it was about time! I’m sooo horny,” he whispered in your ear and grinned when he noticed your chest going up and down in a silent, faint laughter.

“…My… poor… baby…” you barely uttered, struggling to reach his pale face and he purred, relieved, firmly holding your shaky fingers on his cheek since you couldn’t do it on your own. “…What…happened?…”


At first, you had a really hard time using your left side of the body. You had bad days and good days. On your bad days you used one of J’s canes to walk around. He used to hide it and watch you struggle, scoffing:

“You don’t need a cane, Doll. Just walk, you’re fine!”

You held on to the wall, fighting really hard to keep your balance.

“I do need it, give it back!”

“Nope,” he simply stated, observing you from the couch until you got to your old room where he still kept the target matt so you can practice shooting again. It almost brought you to tears when you kept on missing; such an embarrassment for a skilled assassin. But it was so hard to control your left hand that kept on trembling. The Joker always sneaked to watch you since you kept the door opened and it made him uneasy to see you were so distressed. And it made him even tenser when he noticed he still liked his broken Doll.

First time you were able to have sex again after your recovery was… challenging. (And to be honest, many more times afterwards.)

He started complaining after 5 minutes :

“Christ, Y/N, your hand is twitching around my neck, it’s freaking me out! Stop it!” and he kissed you again, annoyed.

“Well, baby, I can’t control it, you know that! Especially when I get…excited,” you panted, adjusting your head on the pillow.

“Why are you excited?” J snickered. “Hey, keep your legs around my waist, you know I like it,” he moaned in your ear, kissing his way down your neck.

“I can’t, my left leg keeps on sliding down, I can’t even feel it anymore. I’m sorry, baby,” you arched your back, giggling, amused on how worked up he was about it.

“Can you get on your knees, Doll?”

“I doubt it,” you fakely sobbed, wanting him to shut up and make love to you.

“Can you get on top of me?”

A snarl coming from you gave him the answer.

“Can we do it against the wall?”

You slapped his side, aggravated.

“Jeez, woman, what can you do?!” You covered his mouth, impatient.

“I’m just gonna lay here, ok? That’s all I can offer for now. I’m…helpless so you can totally take advantage of me,” you winked, uncovering his lips so you can kiss him.

“Hmm, I never took advantage of a …ummm…incapacitated person before,” The Joker smirked, suddenly liking the idea.

“Good, because I thought you like challenges,” you laughed, content he is finally satisfied.

“Ohhh, Daddy never backs out from a challenge, Pumpkin,” he gave you that devilish look and pulled your hair while pinning your hands above your head. “This way you don’t freak me out with your twitchy hand.”

“Jerk…” you moaned, lifting your head so you can kiss his Jester tattoo.

“You wait until you see what Daddy has in store for you and then we’ll talk about it…yes?” he closed his eyes, enjoying feeling you again. It made him so ecstatic.


After 3 more months you are better, but not fully recovered.

He tosses his gun on the floor and urges you to get it.

“Come on, Princess, be sexy for me. Bend over and grab that gun! I’ll pay you!” and he pushes the pile of hundred dollars from his desk on the floor.
“Are you serious?” you lift your gaze from your phone, not knowing if he meant it or not. You’ve been fighting a lot recently and his behavior towards you changed.

“Yes, do it,” he hums, putting the map aside and rolling away on his chair so he can see you better.

“ ‘Kaaayyyy,” you do as asked, and half way through your left leg gives out and you land on your knees.

“Wow, that’s pathetic!” he hisses, and you feel your face burning. “Seriously, I don’t even know why I keep you around: you’re crippled, you can’t kill for me, you’re not great in bed anymore and I’m sick of waiting for you to recover. As you are fully aware, I don’t like broken things, hence it’s time for you to go,” J barks at you and you just watch him, stunned.

“W-what are you talking about?! I’m so much better and I am getting better. I AM NOT crippled!” you almost yell, struggling to get on your feet, not understanding what’s going on.

“You’re useless, that’s what you are!” The Joker raises his voice, having a hard time controlling his temper. “I want you out of here!”

“Are you serious?!” you ask, furrowing your eyebrows, thinking about his cold behavior lately. That’s why, he’s just sick of you.   “After…all these years?”

He sarcastically grunts, crossing his arms on his chest:

“Is that supposed to mean anything to me?! OUT! Don’t make me repeat myself; you can stay tonight so you can sort out the things you want to take.”

“I…I don’t need anything, I have my own stuff,” you reply, backing out slowly, trying to swallow the lump in your throat and maintain your equilibrium.

“God, you’re soooo pitiful, still can’t control your body. How am I even supposed to be with someone like you?! The King of Gotham needs perfection, not trash.”

You gasp, feeling your heart beating faster and faster.

“I am the Queen of Gotham, with or without you, not trash!”  

“Used to be Queen, Doll, now look at you: just another lost cause. Don’t test my patience, get out of here.” He points out towards the elevator.  “ Awwww, are those tears? You never cry. I told you you’re pathetic and broken, this proves what I just said.”

You shake your head, turning around and limping towards the elevator, tripping on the carpet because your bad leg is misbehaving. You hear him laugh:
“Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! So useless!”

You swallow your tears all the way down when your cell rings. You see it’s your informant and you answer right away:

“When Mister J is going to his “Savage” club tonight, it will be an ambush: Sully’s men; they’ll try to kill him. Pass the word.”

“Thank you, Axel,” you mumble, turning off your phone and placing back in your pocket.

I am not telling him anything, the jerk deserves anything coming his way! You decide as you reach the basement’s garage and the elevator’s door open. Let them kill him.


First thing you do when you get to your apartment is wash away the neon green highlights from your bright red hair. It makes you feel better until the little thoughts pop in your mind: “Are you going to let them kill him?”, “Yes, I don’t care.” “But…it’s J.” “I really don’t care; his men can protect him if they can.” “But…it’s J.”

“Ughhhh,” you cover your face with the small pillow, attempting to erase any feelings you might have from your conscience. “But…it’s J…Come on, it’s J…” the idea keeps on repeating and echoing in your mind until you get up from the loveseat, exasperated.

“Shit, fine, I’m going, just shut the hell up!” you admonish yourself, looking in the mirror. “The asshole doesn’t deserve me…” you conclude, getting the duffle bag with your rifle out of the closet.


You go and place yourself on the top of the tallest building, about half a mile away from “Savage”. You watch everything through the scope, but so far nothing out of place. Your left hand is shaky again and you put so much effort into controlling it you’re starting to sweat. “Not now, please” you reason with your weak side of the body, cracking your neck. Another two hours pass by and you finally see The Joker’s Lamborghini approaching followed by 3 SUV’s.

You wipe your forehead and concentrate more, looking around carefully as he parks and gets out of the car. Suddenly, you see the four men in black suits, wearing running shoes and you know it’s them: Sully’s men trademark attire. They approach from different angles and you wait until they are fairly close to the Joker and his henchmen. They noticed the assassins too and surrounded J, protecting him. He takes out his gun, waiting, and he watches as suddenly one by one they fall to the ground, their brains splattered on the concrete.

He lifts his eyes, searching the buildings around as his goons get him to his car so he can safely leave. Three more assassins start running towards his Lamborghini and you shot again, the last one collapsing right in front of the Joker’s car. He looks up, but he sure doesn’t have the right building you’re on top of. He knows it’s you and bites on his cheek, growling, taking off with his men before the cops show up.

You wipe your forehead, exhausted, resting your head on the trigger:

“I’m not pathetic and broken.”     Did you want to prove that to him or yourself? Probably both.


J drove straight back to the penthouse, laying low for the rest of the night. He gets in bed, trying to sleep and can’t because you’re not there. He looks at your empty side of the bed and moves over, burring his face in your pillow-it smells like you. Another hour and he’s still awake, tossing and turning.

“I don’t like broken things,” he whispers, opening his eyes just to see your items scattered all over the bedroom since you didn’t take anything with you. It really makes uncomfortable realizing he feels the exact opposite of not liking you. Or so he believes.

“I really don’t like broken things,” he gets mad, exasperated, forcing himself not to think of anything.


The sound of your cane hitting the wood floor startles you and you wake up, leaning over so you can reach and turn on the lamp. You see The Joker kicking it again, and again.

“Stupid piece of crap!” he shouts, his green hair all over his face.

“What are you doing here?!” you rub your eyes, not glad to see him at all. “Get out!”

He just comes over and yanks at your hand:

“Let’s go, Doll, you’re coming back, I can’t sleep without you.”

“Screw you!” you pull back, upset he broke into your apartment and has the nerve to act like nothing happened.

“Yes, you can do that too, you naughty girl, I know you can’t wait,” he tries to yank you away again.

The evil glare you give him makes him stop and he regains his posture, sighing:

“You’re coming back; you know I can’t sleep without you.”

“I don’t care!!!!” you cover your body with the blanket like it’s going to help any. He sees your watery eyes and decides to drop it.

“Fine, then I’ll sleep here.” He goes around the bed and gets under the blanket, scooting over so he can be close to you. “Now shut up, I have to sleep, I’m tired as hell!” He places his head on your pillow, waiting for you to get down and join him. You watch him with indignation, sniffling, and kick him:

“Get out of my apartment!”

The Joker ignores your behavior and decides to talk with his eyes closed:

“I don’t like broken things…”
“I’m not a broken thing you presumptuous …” you start your rant, getting ready to kick him again when he interrupts:

“…but you’re my favorite thing. Good, I thought that would shut you up,” he grins, forcefully pulling you in his arms as you struggle to escape. “Ahhhhh, I like it when you’re feisty. Queens are feisty…” he nuzzles in your hair for a few seconds then pecs your lips and holds you tighter. “Don’t think I didn’t notice your green highlights are gone. They’ll be back first thing in the morning, got it?”

“You can’t tell me what to do!” you try to make a comeback but he cuts you short again:

“The hell I can’t! Now shut up, I’m so worn out,” he gets your left leg around his waist and holds it, this way you’re glued to him. “There, I know you can’t hold it yourself.”

When you don’t answer he opens one eye and sees you stare at him with that hurt expression on your face that makes him uneasy.

“Stop it, Pumpkin, I really need to rest,” J kisses your forehead and you whimper, upset:

“You’re such a jerk.”

“Pffft,” he scoffs, “is that supposed to be news to me? Now zip it and I mean it,” he scolds you, annoyed.

“Jerk…” you faintly mumble before closing your eyes.

He just smiles, knowing he will finally be able to doze off.



Are you an always sick or never sick schizo? Dark room or bright room schizo? Birds or reptiles schizo? Aliens or cryptids schizo? Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon schizo? Socks on in bed or socks off in bed schizo?

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fave poto fanfics? and/or fave of your own?

Oh, so many! I hope I can list a good amount without boring anyone. I will try to mix the themes and pairings.


Trapped With My Demons by JustBFree5 - E/C. I finished it today. I could not stop reading. My inner E/C is so alive.

More of an Aminta by ConvenientAlias - E/C/R. When it was ongoing it was my happiness to see an update. I love how the characters are portrayed, the ot3, the whole concept.

The Angel of Persia by FantomPhan33 - E/C. I know I mention it all the time. There’s always a special place for the first, right? The first multichapter I read here, the first time I accepted a rec… and the first time I got lost in reading.

Seeing Is Believing by FantomPhan33 - E/C. Another one I mention all the time. This AU is so good.

A Gypsy Caravan by silver_galaxy - E/C. I just love my dramatic children so much.

Gifts and Wrappings by Quiet2885 - E/C. You don’t need to wait for Christmas to read some Christmas fluff.

The Lost Endings: Lon Chaney’s Phantom by WL-CFA - Exactly what the title says. Not only a good fic but also good learning material. 


And I Kissed Her, And She Did Not Die by LikeLightInGlass - All the feelings in this. We all love this scene, right? 

at the end of all things. by Elphie94 - Merik. AU. I am not being biased. This is so beautiful. 

Hideaway by ConvenientAlias - E/R. Again, not biased. I love this creepy Erik.

Burn by Kumon5 - E/C. I find myself rereading this many times.

The Couple Downstairs by violentdarlings - E/C/R. Modern AU. This is another first for me, the first I read for the ot3 and the first modern AU. It’s special.

The Nameless by RobberBaroness - 1989. I mean it’s one of my favorite versions, and my favorite part of it, and my favorite concept. Why not?

From Bondage to Broth by ConvenientAlias - E/C/R. If you asked me to choose just one oneshot it would probably be this one. Seriously, I can’t express my feelings for it.

Historical Interludes by ponderinfrustration - I am happy that I can exist in a world where this exists. 

Collecting Dues by ConvenientAlias - E/R. Creepy Erik is really the best. 

Shades by my_daroga - Know when you love all the universe of the story, and not only some characters?

Meeting You At Last by CopperGoogles - E/C. Fluuuuuuuuuff. What do you mean, this is my favorite setting and I would read a hundred fics of it?

The Knife by instantxkarma - Raoul-centric. I don’t read enough Raoul fics, specially not ones in which he is shown as the brave and loving man he is.

What the Persian Never Heard by Shealteal - What do you mean this is not actual canon directly from the book?

Well Woven, Slightly Worn by ConvenientAlias - E/C/R. You may have noticed a pattern…


Devil’s Little Face by AmadErik - E/C + family. This is sweet and heartwarming and at the same time realistic. It’s forever a fave.

Phantom Letters by RosemaireLuna - OCs. This is an unexpected love, really not the kind of fic I usually read. But. BUT! I mean, everyone saw my reblogging spree, and maybe I have told the whole story to someone not even in this fandom, and maybe I think of it all the time…

From myself? Currently I have only two favorites:

Night Terror - E/R, post-LND. I think it shows the bit of progress I made since I started writing again and I am very happy with it.

Lot 665 - It is a part of my april fools collection. It is from a headcanon of the 2004 movie that I have since I watched it in september (which is what brought me here) and that will stay with me forever

I also have a lot of good stuff in my tags, fic and ficrecs, and also in my pocket


Do you ever just get really bored in class so you just doodle on your notebook and come up with either really good shit or really silly weird ones that you hope no one would ever see?

why are haikyuu episodes so good oh my god

like Knb will sort of bore you if you’re not that invested in the team or if the descriptions get too much, Free! isn’t really about the sport lol, but Haikyuu is always fast-paced and peppered with light-hearted fun and humor. 

I really think Haikyuu is the best sports anime just because of the atmosphere it produces.

Like ok, it can be really funny and adorable and you really fall in love with its characters and that’s excellent.

But there are those moments where things just get really intense and it’s like a death match struggle between two equally relatable teams. 

It’s just-gah-best sports anime, sorry Yowapeda. 

I Don't Care

I love your writing! I was wondering if you could write one shot of you being sick in bed with a cold. While Dan has to take care of you? I’ve been sick in bed for a while and watching all his videos. And that makes me feel better.

Sick buddies! Hope you’re better Hun xxoo


There really was no nice way to put it… You felt like crap.
You had plans to hang out with your best friend Dan today but you had woken up with a blocked nose, itchy throat and horrible headache, aka, a cold.
You groaned as you rolled over and buried your face into a pillow. Why did this have to happen? Especially when you were meant to be hanging out with Dan!

In great timing, your phone began to ring and Dans caller ID glowed on your phone screen.

“Hey” you answered, your voice croaky.

“Did I wake you up?” Dan questions

“No, I have a cold. I’m really sorry but I’m going to have to cancel on today” you inform Dan.

“Don’t be sorry! Go back to bed and get some rest. We can hang out another time okay?”

“Okay, thanks Dan. I’ll talk to you later.”

“No worries, bye” Dan says before hanging up.

About an hour later there is a knock at your front door. You groan, disliking the idea of having to move. Slowly you make your way to the door and open it, which only reveals Dan, stood with a sorry smile and holding two bags.

“Dan, what are you doing here?” Your ask

“Here to take care of you obviously.” He states before walking past you, into your home.

“Go back up to bed, I’ll be up shortly” Dan instructs you as he heads to the kitchen.

“Okay you weirdo” you reply, sniffling as you walk away.

Dan walks into your room, a cup of tea in one hand and the bags in the other. He hands the tea over to you and you offer a thankful smile. He then sits on the bed and opens up the bags.

“Okay so I’ve got all sorts of flu and cold medicines, throat lollies, tissues, soup and a bunch of movies” Dan lists as he pulls all sorts of things out.

“Oh my god Dan, you didn’t have to do all of this” you say, honestly shocked by the sweet gesture.

“Yes I did, gotta make sure my girls okay” he replies. You become flustered when he calls you ‘his girl’, and your stomach feels like it’s filled with butterflies… Okay, you might have had a little crush on him… But it was hard not to!

Dan sets up your favourite TV show while you finish the tea. Once the show is on, Dan lays down beside you on the bed.

“I really appreciate all of this Dan, but you’re going to get sick” you worry

“I don’t care.” Is all Dan says before pulling you close and resting his arm behind your head.

You wake up, confused as to when you fell asleep. But waking up with Dans arm around you certainly did feel good. He was tracing shapes on the skin of your arm and staring at the TV screen, still watching your favourite show.

“Sorry… This must be so boring for you” you apologise.

“Oh, good morning. And hey, there is no need to be sorry. I am never bored when I’ve got you with me” Dan says, becoming aware that you have woken up.

“Even when I’m sleeping?”

“Even when you’re sleeping, because then I get to see your gorgeous resting face, and hold you in my arms like I always want to do” his words make you heart race, and it only becomes faster when you notice that he’s leant in and your noses are almost touching.

“Your going to get sick” you whisper, looking from his eyes to his lips

“I don’t care”

And with that, Dan finally connects his lips to yours in a soft, warm and loving kiss.