oh goodness it was so hard to color these scenes. sheesh

Hoshidan Festival: Dwyer Special Kimono Image Convo

I (Kiyoshi) know that a lot of people don’t seem to actually use Dwyer that often, but he’s always been my best butler (shhh - don’t tell Jakob) and maxed out as a butler he had the largest stat rating for me (253, including statues) out of all my units. And I do in fact love his personality. He’s actually lazy but he’s also a hard worker with a competitive streak, AND he’s pretty no-nonsense, which I like. Plus he’s exceptionally gentlemanly with women and dishes out heartfelt compliments so casually that it feels genuine. Unlike Laslow, Dwyer actually has a shot of being a ladies’ man if he could just clean himself up a bit more…

Something that surprised me in this translation; when it comes to himself, Dwyer is not shy. If you’ve ever walked into him in the bathhouse as a girl, he just casually mentions that Jakob would get angry but he doesn’t actually care. His sprite doesn’t even bother to stand up. Here, he’s totally fine with letting the Merchant help him change clothes. Which is funny because he freaked out when Soleil did it in their supports. Maybe it’s the difference between his ‘same-aged’ peers and people he considers ‘adults’. 

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