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Isak season 3 + hostile_goose tweets

Polly won’t you kick in my teeth?
Burn all my songs, leave me out on the street
Polly won’t you stand on my neck?
Do what you have to, I’ll write you a check

You tell me my words are a waste of no’s
And I said “do you love me?”
You say you don’t know
And I’ll live my life like a man on the ropes
When I say “do you love me?”
Say you don’t know

Polly won’t you put out my eyes?
Tell me you’re sleeping with those other guys
And Polly won’t you bite off my tongue?
Make me feel heartache like when I was young

Drive me out of my mind
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
Baby haunt me when you die
Just give me time, just give me time
I need pain for my art
Take my lungs, break my heart

Just don’t leave me
Baby stay here
I can’t bear to be apart
Baby stay here
Please don’t leave me
I can’t bear to be apart

When I am feeling dreary, annoyed, and generally unimpressed by life, I imagine what it would be like to come back to this world for just a day after having been dead. I imagine how sentimental I would feel about the very things I once found stupid, hateful, or mundane. Oh, there’s a light switch! I haven’t seen a light switch in how long! I didn’t realize how much I missed light switches! Oh! Oh! And look– the stairs up to our front porch are still completely cracked! Hello cracks! Let me get a good look at you. And there’s my neighbor, standing there, fantastically alive, just the same, still punctuating her sentences with you know what I’m saying? Why did that bother me? It’s so…endearing.
—  RETURNING TO LIFE AFTER BEING DEAD Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Teacher Brendon Urie x reader student Part 1

Warning: Coursing, sexual daydreaming, smoking

Word count: Super long 1598 words

Part 2

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.

Come on y/n… first day of school… first day of SENIOR year and you’re already late.

I started going down the school stairs.

“1,2.1,2,1.2” I counted the stairs.

Ring Ring

“FUCK” I’m seriously fucked up now! I have English class. There’s a new teacher and I need him…her… it to like me. At least I need one teacher to like me.

“Good Morning cl-, “I heard the teacher said and sprinted inside the room shouting “I’m here, I’m here.”

I sat on a seat in the back as everybody laughed. When I looked up I saw… wow… how can I explain this.

I saw the fucking hottest man I could’ve ever seen in my life, holy shit he was hot. He looked about 25 years old. He had this big full lips that when kissing them they would feel like soft pillows; he has this big brown eyes who just couldn’t stop staring at me.




Why is he staring at me like that? I feel like I’m being undress with his eyes.

I turned to F/n who was sitting next to me and whispered “Why is he staring?” and she shrugged and answered “I don’t know but dude, when I came in the room earlier he was leaning against the desk and he has such a great ass!”  I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

The teacher started to walk over to us and looking at me said “Sorry, what are you two laughing about?”

“Stuff” I responded and gained the death stare from f/n indicating that I’m passing the line.

“So you come in late, distracting the class and then you suddenly start laughing? This has come to a rough star.” He said. “Oh really? Sorry. Didn’t know that introducing yourself was such an important and difficult task mister.”

“Y/N shut up!” F/n

“Yeah you should listen to your friend more often” The teacher said.

He walked to the front of the class and I stared at his ass.

“So. Good morning class. My name is Brendon Urie, Mr. Urie for you guys and I will be your English teacher for this school year.”

I leaned over to f/n and whispered, “It looks like Mr.Urie does have a great ass.”, and we both started to giggle.


When the bell rang and all of the kids had already gone to their other classes, I got close to Mr. Urie’s desk.

“It seems that we started with the wrong foot.” I said smiling and extended my hand, “Hi Mr. Urie, my name is y/n nice to meet you.”

He looked up to me and I swear I literally I saw him blush which made me feel nervous.

Brendon… or Mr. Urie looked at me, looked at my hand and said “Uh I- I um. I think you- that is time for- I mean. You should go or you’ll be late.”

I looked at him furrowed my eyebrows, tilted my head. He cleared his throat and opened his mouth like he was going to say something but closed it.

I sighed and said “Mean. Not cool dude. See yah Mister.”


Ugh finally the end of the day.

I got out of detention and went to the parking lot to wait for someone to come pick me up.

Yeah I know first day of school and already detention. Yeah I don’t even remember what was the reason.

I sat down under a tree and got out my cigarettes.

Light it up and got out my book.


It was about 5:00 in the afternoon.

I walked out of my class whispering to myself, “Stupid, how can I be so stupid. I made a fool of myself in front of that girl.”

I opened the school doors.

When I was outside I saw a kid sitting down under a tree. The kid was smoking and reading a book.

I got closer and noticed it was the girl from earlier, Y/n I think.

I stood there staring at the back of the girl when she turned around.

“Oh shit” The cigarette fell from her mouth, and in the way burning her arm. “Ouch. Fuck”

I hurried to her side, grabbed her arm and asked “Are you ok?”

“Uh yeah I mean it burns but uh. Are you going to tell on me?”

“What?” I questioned.

“Like tell another teacher or the Principal that I was smoking in school property?”

“Oh. No, no I won’t.” I told her. She looked up at me. I was crouching next to her with her hand in my hand.

She stared at me.

I stared at her.

I looked to my side breaking contact with her eyes, I released her hand.

“So, why are you still here so late?”

“Well, some friends will come pick me up, but they are at college or at work so I have to wait.” She said smiling.

“Ok. If you want I can give you a ride.” I proposed.

“Oh. Well. I. Ok yeah sure.”

Why…? Why did I just do that?

I asked a student… I asked a kid to come with me in my car… Why?

Well, Brendon, because you think she’s hot.

I do?

I do.

Shut up Brendon!


What the fuck am I doing?!

What if he is a creepy hot rapist teacher? Ugh I need a drink.

I followed Mr.Urie  to his car. He unlocked the doors and I got in.

Ok this is awkward.

He started the car and I broke the silence asking, “So why are you suddenly nice?”

“Well, you were there all alone and look like you wanted to go home and… so yeah.”

Didn’t sound convincing enough.

“Why do you have college friends?” He asked.

“Well,” I said “When I was in ninth grade, I failed and so I had to repeated. I should be in college now.”

“Seriously? How old are you?” He asked looking at me surprised.

“Eyes on the road Mr. Urie!” I said making him laugh. “I’m 19.”

“Oh okay.” Was the only thing he said.


“She’s 19 Spence! 19! Meaning she is technically legal; I don’t know if that should be a good thing or a bad thing.”

After dropping Y/n at her house, I immediately called Spencer to come over to my apartment.

“She’s 19? Wow. Dude you’re screwed.”

“I know. Is that she is real pretty! You should see her! She’s just perfect!”

“Well Bren. I think you should wait. See if your feelings for her grow or if they stop.”

“You’re right.”

Xxxxxxxx 1 month after all these. Brendon’s POV xxxxxxX

I’m screwed.

My feelings for y/n are extremely big.

I can’t help it. Seriously. She is just so pretty; she has this dangerous thing that just make her look hotter.

Is the last class of the day, which means y/n is here. The kids are currently writing and essay and I’m looking at y/n. She looks so cute when she’s concentrated.

I’ve stared at her so many times that I have memorized her face and how she furrows her eyebrows and how she puts just the tip of her tongue out.

That tongue. With those lips.

I can’t help but imagine what I would do to her if she was mine.

If we were alone and I had the balls to do it, I would call her, grab her waist and pull her to me. I would kiss her lips so passionately.

Then I would lower my hands to place them on her perfect ass.

I would make her rap her legs on my waist.

I’ll take her to my desk and place her on it so she is laying down. I would rip her clothes off and would fuck her until she couldn’t walk. I would live hickeys all over her body.

Her neck, breasts, stomach, her thighs, her ass, I would live them everywhere.

Then I wou-

Ring Ring

I was woken up from my sexual dreams by the bell and all the kids got out of the class.

Except y/n.

She was standing in front of my desk with her essay in hand and she said “Mister. I hate this essay. I’m think I’m doing it all wrong. So. I was thinking if I could like stay behind and you could maybe help me?”

“Yeah sure. Of course. Just pull a chair and sit next to me.”

I gulped.

We went over the essay and it actually was pretty good. I don’t know why she wanted help.

She was sitting next to me. Again with her eyebrows knitted together, tip of her tongue out.

“Y/n” I spoke.

She looked up at me.

I reached over and placed my lips against hers.

At first neither of us were moving, but then I started making motion and she moved along with me. I got closer to her and placed one hand on her neck and the other on her cheek.

We both started moving pretty fast.

We got up from our chairs and she jumped to my desk. Without separating our lips, I got in between her legs and placed both my hands on her waist and she placed her hands one on my neck and the other on the back of my head pushing me closer.

I started grinding against her. Our tongues started fighting for intrusion.

At the same time, we both separated our lips.

We just stayed there, staring at each other’s eyes.

“Wow.” She said and I laughed.

Yeah. Wow.


Day 1: Favorite moment/quote or a song that reminds you of Roy/Ed

“oh, don’t you dare look back.
just keep your eyes on me.”
i said, “you’re holding back, ”
he said, “shut up and dance with me!”
this man is my destiny
he said, “ooh-ooh-hoo,
shut up and dance with me.”

POST FMAB: Ed comes back from his long journey - he’s been traveling for what seems like years. Hell, he’s twenty-six now. But, he’s made it back in time to enjoy an annual celebration of his good friend Maes Hughes - they never did stop celebrating the man’s birthday. It started as a joke, a dare - but, the more they danced the more they noticed each other. Ed couldn’t help it, he smiled harder and brighter than ever before. So did Roy. They hadn’t before, not in each other’s presence. And, when Roy got a good look in his eyes, he just knew - the world was changed forever.

Come back, come back, dear friend, only friend, come back. I promise to be good. If I was short with you, I was either kidding or just being stubborn. I regret all this more than I can express. Come back and all is forgotten. It is unbearable to think you took my joke seriously. I have been crying for two days straight. Come back. Be brave, dear friend. All is not lost. You only need to come back. We will live here once again, bravely, patiently. I’m begging you. You know it is for your own good. Yes, I was in the wrong. Oh, you won’t forget me, will you? No, you can’t forget me. As for me, I still have you, here. Come back, all of your things are here. I hope you now know that our last conversation wasn’t real. That awful moment. But you, when I waved to you to get off the boat, why didn’t you come? To have lived together for two years and to have come to that! What will you do? If you don’t want to come back, would you want me to come to you? One single true word: it is, come back. I want to be with you, I love you.
—  Arthur Rimbaud, from a letter to Verlaine
Liv, the Bug-A-Boo

Jake: I’m gonna stop pursuing you romantically, so bye.
Olivia: Can you be my date to the WH Correspondents’ Dinner? I’ll only beg you until you say yes twice.

Jake: I’m gonna go be Command of B613, so bye.
Olivia: Well while you’re doing that, can you play my fake cover-up boyfriend? Oh, and here’s a key to my apartment for no good reason. 

Jake: My duties as fake bf are done for the day, so bye.
Olivia: OK but can I drop by your place with dinner and wine and demand to be engaged in deep, meaningful conversation and then “taken advantage of”? Thanx.

Jake: I’m tired of you not listening to me about your terrible father, so bye. And don’t call me.
Olivia: *that night* I’m just gonna call you anyway.

Jake: I’m not your man, I’m not gonna live with you, so bye.
Olivia: BABE COME BAAACK! Oh you won’t come back? Well fuck it, I’ll just go to your hotel room buck naked then.

Jake: We are not officially a couple, I’m not obligated to do couple things with you, so bye.
Olivia: Can you come to dinner with me at my dad’s house? I’ll just moan and pout and accuse you of sleeping with other women until you say yes.

Jake: I’m gonna let you be with the man you keep saying you want to be with, so bye.
Olivia: Can you help me with a case/come with me while I run away from my problems with said man/hold me lovingly/indulge me while I continue to call or go to you for every little thing?

Jake: No I will not advise you on whether or not you should marry someone who isn’t me, so BYE. And stop calling here!!
Olivia: I’m just gonna call there agai- Oh he hung up on me.

Jake: I’m gonna shut you out of this thing I’m involved in with your dad and another woman, so bye.
Olivia: Well I’m gonna stalk you.

Jake: I got engaged, so bye.
Olivia: Well now I’m gonna stalk you harder.

Jake: I’m getting married on Saturday.
Olivia: The hell you are

Me at Olivia:

Inside John Deacon's head during a Queen concert (Part 1)
  • John Deacon: fuck yea that's some badass bass line
  • John Deacon: maybe i should stomp my feet... yeaaaah like that
  • John Deacon: it's time to lick my fingers for some hardcore bass line
  • John Deacon: *grabs the triangle and sighs*
  • John Deacon: *DING*
  • John Deacon: aaaah, back to good old bass
  • John Deacon: *keeps stomping his foot*
  • John Deacon: Bri, your solo is shit
  • John Deacon: *throws peanut at Brian*
  • John Deacon: oh fuck, Freddie's coming up to me with his mic, it's time for me to shine!!!
  • John Deacon: *sings* ALL DAY LONG. ALL DAY LONG. ALL DAY LONG.
The signs hearing the Devil is in town
  • Aries: dAddyyy!!!!
  • Taurus: *douses self in holy water and begins to do the nae nae while holding a cross* THE ULTIMATE FUCKBOY IS HERE??? IM READY
  • Gemini: HOLY SHIT. I MEAN--UNHOLY SHIT. *laughs and bursts into flames* aw fuck
  • Cancer: *lights candle* its pumpkin spice do u think he'll like it?
  • Leo: mmmmmmm yeah today's actually not a good day for me...maybe he can like come back on tuesday or something? i have a 4 o'clock with dracula and that boy REALLY knows how to suck the life outta things so i might be kinda pooped and stuff :/
  • Virgo: right on time. MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA *coughs* oh jeez im parched
  • Libra: ooooh he finna blaze it and it aint even 4/20 yet tsk tsk tsk
  • Scorpio: dat boi can dondemn me to an eternal damnation any day ;))) what's his kik? *changes relationship status on fb to "i <3 666"*
  • Sagittarius: *makes spoof twitter account called 'Seten' and cackles to self before getting scared and deleting it*
  • Capricorn: gr8 timing m8. im broke af...*pulls soul out from the deepest crevices of their body* how much can i get for this thing?
  • Aquarius: OOOH netflix and chillin with ma fave villain
  • Pisces: the only thing that's hellish here is ur outfit like gurl i know u like lucy or whatever this chick's name is but pentagrams are SOOOO 90's. like 1690's.

Sam and Dean taking newly human Cas to Baskin Robins as a post hunt celebration (it is only 11am, they can grab burgers and booze later).

- Sammy come on don’t make that face, just have at least one scoop. Oh, vanilla, how original.

- Cas, hurry up man we haven’t got all day. You can’t sample them all.

- But Dean there’s 31 flavours how am I supposed to choose?

- Just choose what looks good man.

- No, don’t get the blue one thats gross.

- Or the orange one, seriously, no.

- OK OK FINE we’ll just get the biggest one and we can share but I’M choosing.

- Cas, don’t stare at me when you’re licking your spoon.

*stares back*

- Stop laughing Sammy.

Ok so this is a response to the beautiful answer Miss @ohbelieveyoume did for the Freddy love letter.  And I had the urge to do a reply.  You can find her original post that inspires this here.

Originally posted by painfulblisss

My darling Frederick,

What a lovely surprise to hear that little ping on my phone and find it’s a message from my sweet doting husband.  I sit at home, tears blurring my vision as I write back to you.   You know Freddy, you only have to say you love me and my heart melts.  So you can imagine my feeling reading such poetry.  

Oh sweetheart, how I wish you had just stayed home, waking to a bed without you chills me to my core.  A day is too long without you, worrying about how you are feeling, if you are in any pain.  You are too good for that place you have returned to.  

You damn well best come back to me Frederick, always.  I cannot fathom life without you.  Sitting at your bedside after you were shot, I felt my world crumbling.  And the day you woke up, your hand twitching slowly within mine, which I had been so hesitant to let go of, even a moment.  It was as though I had woken up again too.  I know I frightened you with my tears, sweetheart, but I was so happy and relieved to have you back.   I prayed and hoped with all of my heart that you would be alright.  Because I have waited my whole life for you my darling, and I simply refused to loose you.  As I still do.

I cherish every moment I have with you, and although you know I like to sleep in, I so enjoy watching you get ready in the mornings.  Your smile, especially when you first wake up, pulls at my heartstrings.  How proud you get wearing the cufflinks I gave you, and the look you give me upon each new day.  

Frederick, though I love your words, I love you all the more.  You too my love, my heart, are my purpose.  Although I do not spoil you, dearest husband, I only show you what I feel for you.  How could I not care for the man who makes me so happy, your happiness is mine.  You deserve this darling.  Just as much as you remind me I do too, sweet soulmate.  

And, as far as the criminals, my sweet husband, hell hath no fury like I should anyone try to harm you again, dear heart.  

Your ever loving wife, who awaits your return.

Hurry home my darling.  I have some good news for you.  

You Promise? (Mino)

Anonymous asked: Mino scenario / drabble 1 [“You should have told me.”] + 10 [”I know something’s wrong”] plz :) Angst but with happy ending ^^  

Originally posted by king-mino

    “Hey, babe, how was your day?”

    “Pretty good,” you said, flopping back on your bed and curling up with your most comfortable body pillow. “How about you?”

    “Good,” he said. “I was mostly practicing with Jiwon for performing our new stuff on music shows.”

    “Cool; that sounds fun,” you said, yawning loudly.

    “How come you’re so tired?” Minho asked. “It’s only eleven.”

    “Yeah, it’s just been a long day,” you said.

    “Is everything okay?” he asked.

    “Oh yeah; just, my boss laid off a couple people so there’s a little more I have to do. But that means I’ll be able to pay for college easier, so that’s okay.”

    “Babe…” he said. “There’s no point in trying to fool me; I know something’s wrong.”

    “No, I’m fine, really. Don’t worry about it,” you said firmly.

    He sighed. “Like I can help it…”

    Silence fell for a few moments and then you said, “I think I’m gonna go to sleep. I guess I’ll talk to you later.”

    “Okay,” Minho said, still sounding concerned. “Sleep tight. Talk to you later.”


    The next morning you woke up at 4:30, and after showering and getting dressed, headed to the market you worked at for a four-hour shift before your first class. Your most unpleasant task of the shift was cleaning up the large jar of kimchi a customer had dropped in one of the aisles, and you went to school smelling pungently of it; the people in the halls seemed to part ahead of you as you walked to your classes. After school it was back to the market, where you had a five-hour shift, after which you headed home, picking up some jjajangmyeon on the way, and got to work on your homework. It was just past eleven when you got a text from Minho: you don’t have school tomorrow, right? Maybe we can do something fun.

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Work out done! And oh man. Needing to walk up a hill and 3 flights of stairs definitely lets you know you are gonna be sore!

Also NSV for me! Can you peep that collarbone trying to come out? I haven’t seen my collarbone since I was a tiny one!

I’m so excited! Also I’m finally back on a good schedule so I’m not sleeping all day so go me!

Astrys/Fenrin/ Whatever the Hell Asterin x Fenrys is: Part One

Sitting with  a leg over her throne, and a book in her hand, Aelin had to say that this was a good day. Manon and Dorian were visiting, her 10-year-old twins were playing with Ciel and Marion. The war was over it was a good day to be queen. On top of that, Asterin, who had been scouting the past few months was back. Perhaps Fenrys can now stop chewing her furniture.

Entering the throne room, still in her black fighting leathers, Asterin swaggered in, “That’s one unit of rogue witches dealt with.”

Running up to her, Sam gave Asterin a hug, “Missed you, Asterin.”

Hugging him back, “Missed you too, Sam.”

Sam scented her, scrunching his nose, “Asterin. Why do you smell weird?”

Raising a brow, “Excuse me?”

Oh shit. She needed to defuse this. Coming up to Asterin, “I’m sorry about that, he-” she scented her, feeling her pupils dilate, “Uh, Sam go get Manon and Fenrys..”

When Sam had left the throne room, Aelin said, “Asterin, when was your last cycle?”

“What? You think I’m…”

Softly, Aelin said, “I don’t think, I know.”

Asterin went still, and sunk to her knees, and placed a palm to her scarred stomach.

Barging into the room, in a robe, Manon said, “What was so important that you had to interupt me and dorian-” looking at the kneeling Asterin, “What’s wrong?” She snapped her head up at Aelin, “Why does my second look like that?”

“Don’t get so snippy with me, Manon. I figured you would want to know Asterin’s latest news. But if you don’t please, go back to having sex with dorian so I can bleach my eyes.” Aelin said, crossing her arms.

Manon shot daggers at her, Aelin rolled her eyes. Turning to Asterin, Manon said, “What’s wrong?”


Fenrys winnowed in, still in fighting leathers, he was no doubt sparring with Rowan at this hour. Seeing Asterin, he knelt down to her, “What’s wrong?” Widening his eyes, he scented her, “You’re pregnant?”

If you want to die, then die. But die tomorrow. If tomorrow you still feel that life is hard as well, then die the day after that. If you feel the same pain the day after that, even if you die the next day it wouldn’t be too late.
If you live each day at a time like that, then a good day will definitely come. There will come a day where you will tell yourself “I did a good thing of not killing myself back then”.
—  Kill Me Heal Me, Oh Ri Jin

Heather: “The nights are the hardest. But then the day comes, and that’s every bit as hard as the night. And then the night comes again.”

Astrid: “The days and nights are hard I get it! Look, Heather I have to start getting ready, I’m getting married today!”

Heather: “I know. At dusk. That’s such a hard time for me.”

Astrid: “We have to go be at Mead Hall in an hour.”

Heather: “WAIT! Let’s go to lunch!”

Astrid: “I can’t!!”

Heather: “Right…”

*When Astrid’s back is turned she runs behind her and drips to the floor*


Astrid: “What is going on?”

Heather: “Ok, alright, Honey listen, when I tell you what I’m about to tell you I need you to remember that we are all here for you and that we love you.”

Astrid: “You’re really freaking me out.”

Heather: “We can’t find Hiccup-”

*Ruffnut walks in and gives Heather a thumbs up*

Heather: “-’s cape. We can’t find Hiccups cape.”

Astrid: “OH MY GODS! Are you serious?!?!”

Ruffnut: “We have found the cape! But, you know, we’re going to have to keep an eye on it to make sure we don’t lose it again.”

Astrid: “THANK THE GODS!!!

Good news, and bad news.

The oven-cleaning didn’t destroy my writing time. I’ve written more in the last two days than I’d managed in the last ten, so it’s safe to say my muse is back.

Oh boy, is it ever.

And that’s the bad news. I’m hovering around 10,000 words already on the next chapter of First Kiss, and I haven’t gotten to Venice yet (the little blurb I posted a few days ago). So there’s going to be more than one chapter coming in that story. You’re welcome, @csota

But it will not be posted tonight. I’m sorry.

The good news is I’m leaving you all another snippet to read. Please don’t kill me.

More Chelsie love. :)

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Their foreign idol girlfriend is dissed by other Korean rappers because she is dating them and it really doesn’t end well with the other rapper (Mix groups)

V: -you laughed at it and felt bad they had to stoop that low with you. ‘You know what I am foreign thank you for pointing it out. More people like me and know me at the end of the day. So offend me all you want I came to this country to make music. I’m actually pretty good, check me out sometime maybe you’ll actually see what happens when you have talent.’ The blows just kept coming to the other artist who began sinking down to try to get out of the picture- “oh no stop her please. I actually feel bad for the other guy”

Jungkook: -it was almost instant after the rude comment came out about your foreign nature you shot back with more force that your comment had to be bleeped out of the episode ‘if we’re gonna talk about stereotypes, I guess that means you have a tiny dick. So you know if we’re gonna link me to my country in a bad way I’ll link you to your’s the same way as well’ at the end people knew you meant business- “well um ok then, remind me to never make you mad”

Wonwoo: -they just sat there while you sat there. Everyone was waiting to hear what exactly you would say to them. Then you said ‘is this because I’m more known internationally than you are? Give it time love maybe people will love you’ before smiling- “when will people learn she’s not easily offended”

Mingyu: -Mingyu knew it wasn’t going to end well at least not for them. You personally could rip their heads off with ease. ‘Do you like your face? Hope you weren’t too attached to it because it’s about to get uglier than it is’- “oh um I have to go before Y/N kills someone”

Vernon: -They just did it one their own interview and the next interview you were in you actually got to talk about it. ‘I literally had no idea who this person even was. So them attempting to offend me is about as effective as getting slapped in the face with air. You know its happening but there’s really no damage. If they were actually famous it might have been effective’ it was clear you were having more fun with the insult than the other rapper and Vernon couldn’t believe it- “omo she’s sassier than I thought”