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I saw like a hc somewhere not long ago that bh has a soft spot for babies, flug finda an abandoned baby and he attempts to care for it without bh knowing. When he finds out and he notices the kid crying and like flug trying to calm it down, bh like you're doing it wrong and flug thinks he could do better. Bh does a better job in calming them down and secretly has a soft spot for them?? Has some experience but never with a human one??

anon i’m so weak for this don’t do this to me

  • Flug is incredibly nervous and is trying his best but has no confidence in what he’s doing. it just never stops crying?? like #relatable but still oh god this was a bad idea
  • BH shows up to see how Flug’s doing on an invention and is like “what the fuck.” He rushes forward and Flug is like oh god he’s gonna eat the baby but instead–
  • BH gets it into a proper swaddle, saying “You’re holding it wrong, what the fuck are you doing?? A baby’s neck can’t support the head’s weight.”
  • Flug is baffled. He was 97% sure BH was going to drop it. “Uh, s-sir? How do you kno–” “Are you taking notes Fug?I’m only demonstrating this once.” “Y-yes sir!!”
  • “Now it should start molting in a couple months, when that happens you gotta–” “Wait WHAT. Sir, uh, this is a human baby.” “a what.”
  • BH has no idea how to care for a human child. He only knows the things Alan told him about (read: wouldn’t shut up about) his own infancy. There’s some overlap, but BH refuses to believe that this “tiny, gross pink thing” isn’t the larval stage of, you know, a normal infant.
  • “Larval stage?? With all due respect sir, the fuck?” “What, you expect me to believe it doesn’t make an outer cocoon before maturing into the juvenile phase? Isn’t that how everyone grows up?” “Sir…
  • He’s basically turning into Alan holy shit

My writing process (apparently) in 10 thoughts

1) I have a great idea
2) Oh man I’m so excited to write
3) Damn I wish I could tell someone my ideas
4) Oh maybe they could write it for me
5) Fuck this sucks
6) What if I just delete it?
7) Is it too fluffy? I don’t think people here like romance
8) What if I just delete it?
9) God this is too fluffy
10) What if I just delete it?

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you know what i was just thinking about? sasu randomly going down on saku during their travels. just fckin feeling the urge and suddenly, "sasuke-kun? why are you pushing us into an alley? is something wron--oOHHH dear, wow, oh my god" ಥ⌣ಥ


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Their trips to the store turns into them chasing Alex around trying to get things out of her mouth. I also approve of her going through a stage of having to touch EVERYTHING.

“Alex…what are you- don’t touch that lady’s butt!” 

“Her dress looks soft!” 

“Alex -nO!” 

Alex touches the butt and flees behind Lexa and the woman turns around, about to kill someone for touching her ass and it’s like “Who the hell do you think you- Oh. Oh my god. Lexa Woods? The Lexa Woods? Did you just touch my butt?…do you wanna go back to my place?” 

Alex would be a GREAT wingman if her moms weren’t madly in love and married lol 

Oh. Oh dear.

Ozpin is telling Pyrrha that it isn’t a fairy tale. That there really are four maidens that wield extreme power, not with Dust or Semblances… but with Magic.

Wait a second. Didn’t Ozpin say “Maidens are made, not chosen,” last episode? In referring to Pyrrha?

What the fuck is happening here

“We are telling you this, Pyrrha Nikos, because we think you are next in line to receive the Fall Maiden’s powers.”

Well holy shit. Is she gonna become a Demi-God or something?

I mean… Out of all the characters in the show, I’d probably trust Pyrrha the most with something like this. This matter is serious, and hugely important, but… Pyrrha has been nothing but the picture of responsibility, discipline, and intelligently-wielded power.



What happens when you forget to meal prep the night before? You scramble at 5am!

1/2cup dry elbows + ½ cup homemade sauce + ¼ cup black beans for protein… god bless office microwaves… oh..And 1tsp of parmasean cheese from the office refrigerator lmao

It’s about 300-350 cals. Haven’t logged it yet. But I think I eyeballed it ok. But it was good for 5 minutes kitchen scramble lol

Le sigh.. lmao…

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tigerstar thinks u kinda get your leader status revoked in the dark forest until he heres someone talk to brokenstar and he just. 'why. why is everyone calling me tigerclaw. what the fuck.'


everyone calls him tigerclaw. the only ones who call him tigerstar are darkstripe and hawkfrost and thats out of respect / pity. but brokenstar? he’s still brokenstar. everyone respects him for what he is

shredtail: oh hey tigerclaw

tigerstar: oh uh. hey? hey

shredtail: lmao hey, oh wait brokenstar-

tigerstar: whAT

he is. so mad. he thinks hes so successful???? hes the leader???

tigerstar, to brokenstar: JUDAS!

brokenstar: …..so in this analogy are you jesus.

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Jeremy braids all his boyfriends' hair tho- Jon, Ryan, Matt. gives Jon lots and lots of them so that his hair is even wavier once he takes them out, puts Matt's hair in anime girl pigtail braids, gives Ryan a long French braid. all of them find it soothing when Jeremy's got his fingers in their hair, no matter what abomination he ends up creating

I think I stared at this message for a solid three minutes making embarrassingly inhuman screeches oh MY GOD

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What is your favorite fic? I might be able to do a little voicing, though it probably won't be great.

Literary everything @darklordofcutlets writes X) And I think it would be awkward to ask your own fics? Wait a minute, let me make a list from which to choose.

Oh god, I have to choose myself. 

Okay, I tried to select short ones. But I can extend the list :P

(I tagged everyone, so if you against the audio of your fics I will cross you out. And If you ok with this, tell me, so I wasn’t worrying :) )

1.Okay, so the resents @darklordofcutlets fics:

Boob #1. Boob #2. Fixed everything one. Marsupial transformers. 

2. Idk how it’s to read your own fics, but I list them just in case:  

One of the hottest heat fics I read. And the one with the babies! Okay, two of them XD

3. @reddle‘s fic :P

The so very cute fluffy one. And THE CAVE.

4. @agatharights 

The heat fic I wanted to re-read for a while now :) 

5. @white-aster

The single not MegaOP one XD From the times I read about other pairings :P Dear god, I love this fic.

47 Random Things About SYTYCD (S14E1)

1.  Oh God.  I haven’t done this in two years.  I don’t remember how to do this.

2.  I should have known that fucking “Scars” song would be the first one used on the show this season, goddammit.

3.  Cat Deeley are you fucking kidding me with this canvas button dress, what the goddamn fuck.

4.  We’re one minute thirty seconds in and I’ve already heard Mary Murphy scream four times. Please pray for my ears.

5.  Oh right, that’s how I do this.  Okay, I’m good now.

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I’ve always wondered if Gaunter O’Dimm was planned to be a major character like he turns out with Hearts of Stone or if he was just designed for that beginning chapter in White Orchard. I wonder if CD Projekt Red had Hearts of Stone planned before the initial game even released. It would make sense, seeing how he was so well voice acted and such a detailed character. Now that I’m typing this, in the end of the game, if you killed Radovid, you can find the dwarves from the island where you rescue Ciri and they mention stealing something from a Mirror merchant. So I definitely think he was planned to be a major character. What brilliance by CD Projekt Red to give us just a taste of a wonderful character and then bring him back in the expansion. Oh god, now I have to god back and watch the Hearts of Stone trailer where he sounds so badass when he says “Remember me?” and now I’m gonna have to go back and play the game again and oh god what have I done. Witcher 3 rabbit hole here I come!

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Ok. Oh my God. Literally, just yesterday, I was sitting on my couch, thinking to myself, "I wonder what Phil looks like with curly hair."

phil is the king of fanservice this is a great day

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oh my god dude you are digging into a whole new realm of paternal puns here and i dont think the world is ready for it. this is awesome and i support this FULLY. like shes at a bday party and shes like "why is everyone freakig out??" and some kid is like "this kid is 14" and shes like "so??? im eleven?? and what is the issue??"

its el’s birthday party:

dude: so ur 16 right?

eleven: no im eleven what r u talking bout

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For the assumption ask, I have this feeling that you are someone really affectionate and sensual at the same time. I'm probably wrong but the way you draw characters cuddling and the colors you use... Idk. They're so warm. You can feel all the love the caracters have for each other. You seem to understand what people feel or at least, you're really good to show what they desire. In some way, I think you can be really passionate and/or affectionate.

Oh my god that’s so sweet! Yeah, when I draw smoochin’ stuff I try to feel all the love thrugh the characters, and i’m glad i manage to convey the feelings (and it doesn’t remain feel p orn for my own entertaiment only) ////// but irl I’m rather Very Not touchy-feely person <:)

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10 lol

Oh dear god. Okay this is an old song I wrote a long time ago. I think it was seventh grade.

“The radio is the only light.

The voices try, but the songs aren’t right.

The wind and wheels just let me know

The farther I drive, the further i am from home.

I wish my direction could somehow change,

But I keep driving at the same pace.

I want to go back and be what I was

And see the people I once loved,

But I keep on driving on my own

To escape myself and find a home

The beautiful scenery means nothing to me

Because their faces are all I see.

Loving me so furiously

Yet, I couldn’t be

The girl they thought me to be.

The voices never sing, the truths of a person like me.

A girl on the brink on humanity

I’m broken like a roof after a storm

Because the walls of my heart are no more.

I hear your voice on the radio

I hear you wherever I go

I pretend like my life isn’t torn in two

Because no matter where I go I can’t escape you”

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Ok. Oh my God. Literally, just yesterday, I was sitting on my couch, thinking to myself, "I wonder what Phil looks like with curly hair."

phil lester comes through!!!! if he says he’s gonna do something then you can bet your ass he’ll do it!!

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hi bby!! I've been looking for a mini series everywhere on tumblr and I can't find it and can't remember what it's called but if I remember right it's named after a song? it's an E mini series where the reader writes a letter explaining why she left him before moving?? and I think her mom is in it too?? please help I need help??

oh god i honestly have no idea i’m so sorry babe

but if anyone knows let us know please 🙏🏼

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OH MY GOD YOUR LANCE BONDING W/ THE LIONS THING IS SO AMAZING!! (Then again all of your stuff is amazing so...) I keep imagining what ways the story could go and I'm thinking of making some fanart! (If that's okay with you.) I can't wait for more of it!! 😊❤

Oh my goodness, thank YOU!!! I’m really happy that you enjoy it and for the kind words! Oh, and fan art you say? Um, HECKLE YEAH!!!