oh gods what was i thinking

my jse ego theory

Ok so 

I was thinking about all the jacksepticeye egos, and how they’re all connected. Stay with me here. 

Firstly, we need to go over what we know about the egos. We know:

1) Dapper is just Anti in disguise. We know this because during the “glitch” part of the silent film video, he’s seen ripping off his mustache. This is a common trope for villains revealing their clever disguises.

2) Dr Schneep tried to save Jack and is the nemesis of Anti.

3) Jackieboy Man is the cool-ified version of Jack (see the Cool Patrol music video.)

4) Chase Brody has a family. We also know that Anti may have corrupted him.

Additional information we know:

1) Anti can travel through time and possibly to alternate dimensions. The only reason we know this is because Jack liked a tumblr post that talked about this. Sure that’s not really solid validation, but I’ll take it. The alternate dimensions part is important.

2) Anti is possibly triggered by Jack injuring himself. Alternatively, him cutting his finger in the silent film video could have been intentional by Anti.

With alternate dimensions and time travel, consider this:

Usually I don’t like talking about Rob Zombie because personally I don’t consider him an ego. However, since the rest of the community does, what about this: what if Rob Zombie is Jack after Anti killed him.

Think about it. Anti has killed Jack twice now, but Jack is still tickin’ and making videos. How? Because Anti killed him in alternate dimensions. Rob Zombie could be Schneep’s attempt at saving him in one of those dimensions. Almost like Frankenstein.

And what about Marvin? The magnificent magician who has it all. The charasmatic and successful man that everyone loves, yet always concealed behind a mask. Capable of amazing and impossible feats. What if Marvin is the successful version Chase Brody from another dimension? Chase, the man who could never pull off impressive tricks or make anyone love him.

And all of this, pulled by the strings of the Puppeteer. Antisepticeye himself. The demon who can manipulate time and space, fueled and brought to life by our own blind admiration. The being that never fails to remind us that he’s truly in control, that he’s here now, not Jack. Because that’s exactly the point. 

We’re all just going in fucking circles.

I hate the bastard but I also want to know what the hell happened and who the hell it happened to.


i’m kinda high and i was driving home and halfway through an intersection i’m sat there thinking “oh my god i’ve just run a green light what if the cameras catch my license plate” and i panicked for a solid thirty seconds before i realized

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I have no idea where it came from, but what do you think about Gaara/Kiba?

OH MY GOD YES. This has always been one of my ships, tbh, because as much as I love Gaara/Naruto I feel Kiba is a character who has the potential to be a lot more…ruthless? Dark? And it adds a really, really interesting edge to the dynamic. Kiba and Gaara together would be one of those utterly terrifying power couples who people don’t expect it from, but who conquer and rule anyway. 

…and fuck, now I want an arranged marriage AU. What have you done. 

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So what did you think of the episode overall? Did it live up to the hype?



Seriously that’s all they needed to do to live up to the hype. Hugs and cowboy hats…

This was just so much more. I mean… Jack’s final scene sort of summed up ALL of their issues:

Sam: Jack, look, this life, what we do, it’s not easy. We’ve all done things we regret –
Jack: Don’t. You’re afraid of me.
Castiel: Jack, no.
Jack: No, maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m just another monster.
Dean: No, you’re not. I thought you were. I did. But, like Sam said, we’ve all done bad. We all have blood on our hands. So, if you’re a monster. We’re all monsters.
Jack: But you don’t… Every time I try and do something good, people get hurt. I thought I was getting better. I’m not. I don’t know what I am. But I know I can’t make the world a better place, not like this. I can’t even do one good thing. And I know if I stay I will hurt you, all of you. And I can’t. You’re all I have. I have to go.

He tries to do good, but people get hurt.

He thought he was getting “better” but he doesn’t think so anymore.

He doubts everything, all the faith Kelly and Cas showed in him (because his power convinced them to believe in him), but this same power that satisfies Jack’s “needs” like protection and comfort, that can reach through to the empty to bring back what he needs to feel safe and secure, is also something entirely out of his control… and even doing “good” things has consequences because he CAN’T control it… Believing he can be “good” because he HAS TO believe it… it’s just not enough.

He feels completely out of control, like his very presence is poison… (sound familiar?)

He doesn’t know what he is. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. So he runs.

He’s so a Winchester. I mean. GAH.

Heck, this episode so far exceeded the hype it’s ridiculous, and I haven’t even gone through to point out all the things. I’m kinda-sorta waiting on Lizbob’s recap post to take care of most of that for me. (because I’m currently yelling stuff at her while she’s watching)

GAH. So good.

Complimenting Stefano's Art

Gender-neutral my bro

* This boi loves it when he hears someone complimenting his art.

* Most people turn away from it.

* “Too gorey, too skin-crawled for me.”

* But every now and again comes that person that likes a bit of gore and can appreciate it.

* That person, is you.

* You like it, his photography is beautiful, morbidly so, but you like it- nonetheless.

* He hears you, talking to another person.

* “That uhm- oh god, what was his name- Valentini, yeah! He’s got a picture here I think, it’s about two isle’s over- you should give it a glance.”

* “I think I like it. It’s morbidly fascinating.”

* And you even defend his art a few times, which has him fucken -beaming-

* “He’s not a Picasso, but a Van Gogh at the least.”

* “You like Van Gogh less than Picasso? Ugh. I think he’s at least Picasso level.”

* He talks to you for a bit before you realize it’s /him/ you’re talking to.

* He loves the way your eyes widen and your cheeks blush when you realize who he is.

* Asks you out to dinner. You definitely accept.

* Smooth talks you all the way through dinner.

* Convinces you into a second date. Definitely kisses you just to seal the deal and have you coming right back to him.

* He’s a manipulative man, he’ll have you in his clutches soon enough.

* If he doesn’t already.


**Possible spoilers ahead????**

Okay, okay. Hear me out on this.

Now it might just be the stress and sleep deprivation talking, but how about a Julian headcanon that he’s Jekyll & Hyde???

Okay, okay, okay. Here’s what I’m thinking.

Julian is a doctor, right? And Dr. Henry Jekyll is a scientist/doctor (if I recall correctly) and Edward Hyde is the crazy alter-ego sort of type.

What if Julian was just like Jekyll, but instead of experimenting, he was trying to help find a cure for the Red Plague. And instead of a serum that transforms Julian into a Hyde-like character, it’s stuff like words, or objects, or something. Like triggers.

So you have nice, little Julian, just trying to be helpful and stuff, in Lucio’s room, discussing his latest discovery and them Lucio yells something, but not like he usually does and it triggers Julian, turning him into Hyde, who kills Lucio in return, burning the place down, etc, etc.

So you have a crazed Hyde-Julian maniac fleeing the crime scene and let’s say his “cure” (for lack of a better word) is seeing someone he loves/cherishes, whatever (ie. Portia, Asra, or the MC) But let’s say he sees Asra while he’s running and INSTANTLY changes back into our sad boi Julian, seeing how hurt and scared Asra is at the monstrosity he’s just committed.

The guards are coming fast and Asra knows how this will end and how scared Julian is, so in an attempt to save Julian, erases his memory (and everyone else’s) but magic like that comes at a price (any Once Upon A Time fans, haha) and so, Julian loses his eye, and Nadia goes into like, that three-year coma or whatever and yeah.

Something like that anyway.


Any and all input is greatly appreciated and very much encouraged. 💞



Oh my god I absolutely LOVED this animation!!! :D

Honestly I think Robin has outdone himself with this, I think he’s improved a lot as animator and as a video editor as well. I loved seeing all the references in it, I loved the expressions throughout this, the lighting is really good in this and everything is so colorful and just the overall pacing of it I feel was really good as well. I don’t I just loved this animation what else can I really say? I’m seriously constantly blown away with how talented Robin is and how hard work and time he puts into everything and I think that this animation really shows it. :)

Great job on this @pixlpit if you see this! ^_^

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what about eyes that can see more of the electromagnetic spectrum?

No | rather not | I dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK yes | Oh god you don’t even know


Both the infrared and ultraviolet ranges are much wider than the visible spectrum; consequently they should be considered as having more primary colors, right? Like, waaaaay more. I think I computed something like 60? I did that a while ago…

But like. That actually just defines the dimensionality of color-space, right? We have 3 and that’s why we classically have a cube of possible colors (well, sort of). I’m fairly certain that removing saturation/brightness suggests that the dimensionality of the hue-space would be (number of primary colors) - 2. So the number of colors you see is really exponential in the number of primary colors, in some sense.

Really, at some point, it becomes more reasonable to think of it as every point you see singing its own song, all songs that you see-hear simultaneously.

Just… imagine.

…I’m more or less supposing I have access to extra brain power to process all that though.

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This is just a general question because I need help: I have the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion pack and I want one save file with Shiro, and the other with Lance. What kind of pet do you think they would go for? And if so, what specific breed? (Sadly there's no munchkin cat and I'm sad)

Shiro needs a big fluffy kitty. Like a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat! A big fluffy kitty for the big fluffy man!

Lance though, hmmmm….I want him to have a slinky Siamese since they’re such talkative kitties. But like, a Golden Retriever is also a great option???

Oh no, I just remembered how much I love Shiro and pitbulls. I’m so weak I love pitties Oh god, they need all the animals.

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i've been following this blog for quite some time, and i just wanted to say that i really admire you as a person. you always handle every disagreement with such an awesome attitude, and you're not afraid to just... be you, no matter what anyone else thinks. and during the limited amounts of interaction that i've had with you, you've always been so sweet and kind to me, that it honestly just felt like i was talking to a buddy. so thank you for being you! and i hope you have a really great day!

oh my god i had a really rough day and this was so sweet to come home to… thank u so much honestly??? i hope u have a great day and that something nice happens to u 💖💖

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1, 9 (risky); 7-8 (super risky) ?

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

- Here we go again with the lowkey embarrassment…since I answered this before, I will add other people! @dibidibidisrespectful @charming-gnome @likethatahgase @seventeens-potato-carats @imgoodimdonek @jaeshope @blupega @chittaphon96 @jinmakesmewoozi @nekojinmin @officiallyranting(not gonna tag anymore cause when im nervous, my ears turn red and guess what happened….yup and I may have missed some people, I don’t have a blessed memory at all)

9.  what was your first blog URL?

- oh god…..I’m thinking it was liltragedy_xo cause well for one it was 2013 and then because I was very obsessed with Hollywood Undead during the time and they had an album out called American Tragedy (I thought I was being creative)

7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?

- I will never stop listening to The 7th Sense by NCT U and Hold Me Tight by BTS…never

8. do you drink water with or without ice in it?

- WITH ICE always oops.

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American asking. What is considered 'proper' bread?

Ok I hope I don’t get this wrong…

The thing is that the ‘bread’ in England/Australia/America (though I only know for sure from an experience in England) is for us Germans the same thing as toast or light bread. When I think of bread, I think of one with a hard outer crust and soft (but not toast soft!) bread inside. I know that sounds almost like a light bread but it’s completely different.

Light bread and Toast is squishy and pale/white.

German bread e.g. Roggen-Mischbrot or Kürbiskernbrot or one of the other few hundred varieties of bread is more brownish and has a hard outer crust (but there is some bread whereas the crust is a bit softer). If you try to squeeze it, it can/will break. And then there are the breadcrumbs and sometimes when I try to cut a slice off I have to lean my whole weight on the knife cause the bread crust is so hard (or I’m just really weak >.>)

Toast I believe is not very satiating and you eat more until you’re full, hence the comment of trying to lose weight. Bread is (for me) more filling and healthy. While I only eat one or two slices of bread with cheese, I could eat four or five slices of toast until I feel full. But maybe that’s just me :)

So, ‘proper’ bread for me is not squeezable German bread. But everyone should decide for themselves what they deem as ‘proper’ bread as every country has their own versions of bread :)

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Linda she was my best friend and she called me a desperate slut because I've kissed 2 guys (in my whole life) and rejected them because I wasn't ready for a relationship. I've held her as she cried over her boyfriend and now she's not talking to me because she told our friends she wasn't going to talk to me and she doesn't want them to think she's going back on her word. it hurts Linds, 4 years of friendship.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I’m sorry this happened, and I’m sorry you’re hurting, and I’m sorry the betrayal is worse because she was your best friend. It’s okay to feel what you need to feel. But jesus christ, I want to tell her to go to hell????

You aren’t a slut. And this isn’t ‘the word slut is a societal construct’ rant, but oh my god kissing two guys and realizing you aren’t mature or ready enough for a relationship does not make you a slut. Sluttiness isn’t even real!!! Holy fuck. OK so this is a little bit of a ‘the word slut is a social construct’ rant.

THE POINT isn’t even the name calling, is that she betrayed you and isn’t talking to you and threw away four years of friendship for some bullshit promise???

You. Deserve. Better.

If I can impart one thing to you (after the sluttiness is a myth) is that you deserve better treatment than this. And whatever shit she has going on that she’s taking out on you - that’s not your fault.

Surround yourself by people who love you and care for you. Take care of your physical needs (wash, eat, hydrate, sleep), and hang in there kitten. 

<3 <3 <3

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You know what I would've LOVED.. if during the scene where they were trying to figure out which Spencer was which, they had actually shot the wrong Spencer. Alex went along pretending to be Spencer and we actually didn't know until like the last scene. They show Alex visiting the grave that Spencer is actually buried in, and saying "How does it feel to be wrongfully buried?" In a British accent and also revealing she was Bethany Young. Then everything would've made a bit more sense

OH MY GOD that would’ve killed me 😂 love the intensity though, wow. I think they didn’t want to kill a liar because they knew about the spinoff at that time and they knew they would all make a cameo appearance at least once.


God this is a fucking trip I don’t think I’ve worked this hard on writing in fuckin’ years.

I restarted it because I was trying to go from one perspective and I was making it way more difficult than it needed to be and now it’s flowing a bit more naturally but I haven’t hit the REALLY AWKWARD bits yet…


Dear brain: what the shit chill out bitch

… I guess what I’m saying is, this is definitely not the first step of my burgeoning erotica career because I am a dumb idiot and it’s REALLY DIFFICULT okay. But I think it’s coming along well.

Now just to … survive the parts that would happen AFTER a fade to black. :|

I need vodka, STAT.

I don’t know why I’m taking this so seriously? Most of the time I approach writing with a blase ‘lol if it sucks it sucks GOTTA WRITE LOTS OF SHIT BEFORE YOU CAN WRITE GOOD THINGS’

I guess I just want this particular scene to come out the way I WANT IT TO and be how I saw it in my brain. :| I hate being bad at stuff that I care about.

The answer? Don’t get invested in it. Just let it happen.

I just … I just wanna give these two idiots a good cut scene. :\ Before we ruin their lives some more. Like I have some SHIT planned for their dumbass lives because both of us are objectively TERRIBLE AWFUL HUMAN BEINGS and you gotta break eggs to make an omelette!!!

WHY AM I TRYING SO DAMN HARD god now I’m gonna be even more pissed off if it sucks.

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what did they do to stiles???? I never got past s1 of teen wolf but he was good

oh god here we go

  • used him + derek to queerbait viewers - tw’s team legit used dylan and hoech cuddling to get votes for awards (bc sterek straight up built the majority of the TW fandom, there’s no way around that)
  • on that note, jeff davis did a 180 and decided to start keeping derek and stiles far apart from each other save for a few scenes to keep the stereks watching, bc jeff thinks he’s some type of fucking genius
    • he’s not
    • he ruined the show
  • despite being a gay man, jeff did the aforementioned queerbaiting + implied stiles’ bisexuality then just….ignored it……? apparently in the most recent season, jackson, who was literally GONE for more than half the show, comes back and says he’s bi. but…stiles is right there…? no offense, but i’d prefer the confirmation of bisexuality for a character who 1. actually is relevant 2. actually is a main character 3. ACTUALLY WAS IMPLIED TO BE BI. it’s a cheap attempt at adding rep on jeff’s part when stiles’ sexuality was always there, but of course jeff tried to make stiles all hetero and shit 
    • it didn’t work. that forced heterosexuality is also another factor that ruined stiles’ characterization
  • he somehow went from hyperactive bouncy asshole to edgy jock asshole???? the development didn’t make sense, like, at all, even with the nogitsune arc (which felt forced in itself — esp. due to the introduction of malia as a romantic interest which brings me to:
  • there was NO connection there. also, malia and stiles slept together when they were both SEDATED and in a fucking mental hospital. + malia’s a werecoyote, meaning the sedative likely didn’t affect her much, so there’s consent issues too. stiles was also, uh, getting possessed. like @ jeff davis, you really expect me to believe that, taking into account stiles’ sexual inexperience and current anxiety over thinking he’s going to fucking DIE the same way his mom did, he’d have sex with this girl he barely knows? no thanks. unrealistic. i don’t trust like that
  • they just????? don’t mention/show his adhd much anymore?????
  • stydia. god that is a FUCKING can of worms. once jeff realized stalia wasn’t going well he did YET ANOTHER classic Jeff 180™ and had stydia happen, which imo was bull bc “guy learns to appreciate the girl he was infatuated with as a friend instead” is much better than “guy gets the girl in the end” it was literally only done to appease stydia shippers and personally i cant feel any chemistry there
  • it’s hard to explain this is general terms but they kinda…watered him down? he’s like an off-brand angst fanfic stiles. though you know what, fanfic writers write stiles 1000000% better than the show lol

i could go on but i gtg to the airport lmao but Yeah fuck TW

“I think you need to taste this for me,” the monarch said. They shoved the exquisite cake in their guard’s direction.

Their guard blinked. “Um.” 

“What, you’d rather your monarch be poisoned?”

Of course not. The guard hesitantly took a mouthful, only to practically melt in satisfaction. “Oh my god.” It was amazing. They caught themselves. “I - er - I think it’s fine.” 

“You should try a sip of the wine too,” the monarch said. “Just to be safe. Sit, sit.” 

It took the guard slightly too long to realize that it was practically a date, with the monarch feeding them delicacies off their plate.