oh gods the ablative uses

I’m not dead just ridiculously busy with moving and whatnot!! I haven’t had the chance to draw in months and it almost started to physically hurt not to be able to draw so my resolution: to use the time i could be sleeping to animate 8,D

Got dem Sailor Moon feels back from marathoning all the newest musicals and crying at the beauty that is Yuuga Yamato as Mamoru Chiba.


matt + senses

He dwells in eternal night- but the blackness is filled with sounds and scents, tastes and textures other men cannot perceive. For though attorney Matt Murdock is blind, his other four senses function with superhuman sharpness - his uncanny radar sense guides him over every obstacle!

Nico: Oh, my Gods, guys…Santa…he won’t be able to reach us because of the camp border.

Leo: Um, Nico-

Jason: Leo, I know what you’re about to say, and I’m going to stop you right there.

being loved is such an amazing feeling

just a reminder that the idea of going to college/university has been normalised but it is in no way your only avenue. on top of that, if you don’t go to university, that doesn’t make you dumb, or worthless. you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on an education, that’s just the system trying to force you into a single path it has deemed the “correct” one

if you want to do a trade, go to a specialist school, you’re awesome. if you want to go to community college, you’re awesome. if you want to never go near a learning institution again, you’re awesome.

don’t let others make you think otherwise. your life is yours and you deserve to be happy


MET @thenathanzed & HE SAID ‘DOODLESBYADZIE’!!! we were like old internet buds reuniting!! I’m so happy to have met him!

I wonder how big of a sexuality crisis Alan of Trebond caused for Prince Johnathan.

Like “oh my god why is he so adorable when he’s beating the shit out of Ralon of Malven what is wrong with me.”

And then “oh fuck he’s so hot when he’s holding a sword this cannot be okay I have to produce heirs fuck fuck fuck.”

And finally “OH THANK GOD if the Ysandir don’t kill us I’m going to tap that ASAP.”

Seventeen reacts to their depressed s/o bursting into tears

Imma be honest, I don’t know if this request was a personal thing for you, but I’ll admit I kinda need this right now too, so I’ll be catering to myself just a little bit. I hope you don’t mind. It’s been a rough couple months, you know?

S.Coups: His position as leader would mean that he’s gotten really good at helping other people deal with their emotions. He’d talk with you through all of whatever was making you upset to the point of tears and would try to offer solutions to your problems.

Jeonghan: He’d be very quiet. He knows that sometimes the only thing you can do is be quiet and offer your support. He would be there and hold you, but wouldn’t pry into what was making you cry unless you asked to talk about it.

Joshua: He believes that the best way to cheer someone up is to be cheery himself. He’d be all smiles in an attempt to bring out one of your own.

Jun: This sweetheart isn’t one for bad vibes of any kind. He’d be more focused on cheering you up rather than cross-examining your problems. Once he had succeeded in calming you and was sure that you wouldn’t start crying again, he’d try to discuss the issue with you.

Hoshi: One word: What? Normally he’s really good at cheering someone up, but that’s because he can catch when they’re starting to feel sad. Suddenly bursting into tears would catch him completely off guard. He’d hold you and whisper generic comforts like “It’ll be okay” and “It’s not so bad, we can fix it” while he wracks his brain for something he might have done to make you upset.

Wonwoo: Being a man of few words himself, he’d be good at reading your body language to tell him what he needed to do. He’d understand if you just needed some time to cry it all out and would be ready with a cup of water for you when you finished. If you have to go out soon after, don’t worry, he’s gotchu. He’d be able to play the environment to his advantage so it won’t trigger you again.

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Woozi: An absolute wreck. Not because the sudden tears startled him (which they did), but because he’d have no clue how to deal with it. He’s a private person, not very used to baring his emotions for all to see, and not used to having others bare their emotions to him. He would try to console you, but would stop himself often, afraid that he wasn’t doing the right thing.

DK: Oh god. Oh dear god, what do I do? He’s so used to being able to draw smiles from you that he’d be at a complete loss at what to do when his usual antics don’t work. He’d known that your depression wasn’t anyone’s fault, nor could it simply be cured by a few giggles, but he hadn’t been trained on what to do in times like this and he was freaking out.

Mingyu: Surprisingly, he be one of the more levelheaded members. He’d use his size to his advantage and wrap himself around you without saying anything. He would wait until you could breathe properly to ask if there were a specific thing that was making you upset. Fucking impossible to find gifs of sad Mingyu, this is the closest I could get

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The8: This little bean would comfort you the only way he knows how: by being cute, bordering on ridiculous. He’d pull out all the stops and use every trick he knew that knocked the Carats dead. If it didn’t work, he’d know he’d have to sober up and try a different approach. He just had to figure out what that approach was…

Seungkwan: Awkward beyond belief. You’d likely catch him as he was saying something to compliment himself and he’d hurriedly compliment you as well, wondering how that was the problem. Once you laughed a bit through your tears and explained that it wasn’t him, he’d keep complimenting you anyway, hoping that reminders of how wonderful you were would comfort you.

Vernon: An absolute mental breakdown. He’s normally very playful and though he can be serious when he wants to be, the sudden onslaught of tears would be coming from way out of left field for him. He’d try to scramble to comfort you, but I doubt he would be able to even comprehend why he was scrambling.

Dino: Would only handle it slightly better than Hansol. He would also be scrambling to do something to cheer you up and just happen to stumble into just what you needed to hear/see. He wouldn’t be one to pretend that it had been what he was going for all along; he’d just be relieved that you weren’t so sad anymore.

so the suits in halo are, like, ridiculously complex, and i like drawing red vs blue fanart. so, what do i do? i make simplified versions of them

i even colored it to make it easier to interpret (green is armor, pink isnt). feel free to use it however you like- make it more detailed, make it less detailed, tweak it, i dont give a fuck. i do, however, want a lot of people to be able to use this since oh my GOD are the refs for the actual suits complex. like, holy shit. im doing you such a favor right now

so spread it. use it. for the love of god, save yourself the three hours this took me

What’s the Story Morning Glory?

OMG GOOD GOOD AND SAME I LOVE HIM TOO! Any way I was thinking of that episode where Cece goes to grab the milk or whatever out of the fridge and accidentally runs into morningwood!Schmidt infront of everyone and its all cute and awkward and they’re both embarrassed and I was hoping if you would be able to apply that to Bucky and the reader with the avengers in the background because I loved that scene so much So. Much.

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Good morning, Y/N.” Steve greets over his newspaper, with a smile.

However, as much as I love the super soldier, he knows not to talk to me before noon. I mumble my hello to him as I make my way to the coffee maker to fix an espresso.

I had a late night last night with Wanda after I finally got her to come out with me, so not only was I tired but slightly hungover as well. Hence why I also only bothered to wear a robe.

I nod towards the rest of the avengers in the kitchen who were also getting their days started. Tony was discussing something sciency that I could care less about with Bruce. Clint like me was usually grumpy if anyone talked to him before he was fully awake and looked dazedly at his coffee. Thor was speaking animatedly to Vision, T’Challa and Sam about his last Asgaurdian adventure, while Natasha was checking up on a half dead looking,hungover Wanda.

“Good morning Buck. Sleep well?” Steve asks his shirtless best friend as he enters the kitchen.

From the look of the dark circles underneath his eyes, I would take that as a no.

“Ah same as always.” He shrugs, fixing him a cup of coffee as well from the Keurig beside me.

I try not to stare at his muscles out the side of my eye or how low his sweatpants hung on his waist.

“Is there any more cream?” He asks, in his deep, sleepy filled voice.

I go over to the refrigerator, not noticing that he was following close behind me. Therefore, once I got the cream and closed the door, I turned right into him. We both pause a second in awkwardness as I feel his morning wood jabbing into my pelvis, neither of us being able to move.

“Oh my god.” He mumbles under his breath, clearly embarrassed.

“It’s okay! It’s okay! Just the side brushed.” I say quickly, trying to diffuse the awkwardness but ended up making things worse.

I look over at the table where everyone was situated to see Tony and Sam look at us amused at the situation while Steve was suffering from secondhand embarrassment and Wanda and Nat were struggling to keep in their giggles.

“Y/N it’s just—“ he walks towards me and I hop onto the counter away from him.

“Be careful with that thing. You’ll put someone’s eye out!” Sam scolds playfully, hopping out of his seat as Bucky nears him.

“You know what? It’s way too early for this shit.” Bucky sighs, leaving the kitchen and walking back to his room.

So I’ve been struggling with mental illness a lot this year and one of the most heartbreaking but also uplifting things I’ve done recently is going back to all my WIPs from a year ago and getting excited because oh my god I forgot I used to be able to write like that

Every time I feel like I’m a failure because my writing seems so bland and boring, I go through comments on my fics of people telling me about a specific line that they adored or how I made them cry and I remember that I wasn’t always this way, that if I’ve done it before I will be able to do it again. Yes it’s frustrating because it’s a reminder that I’m not okay right now, but it also gives me hope.

So, on behalf of every writer out there, whether they get 2 comments on a fic or 200: thank you to everyone whose ever commented on a piece of writing you loved. Thank you. It means so much more than you know.

Worst of all for Pact forces, Mordremoth has an inexhaustible supply of all three Mordrem Guard commanders; when one falls in battle, the jungle dragon simply creates a new one with the same look, same name, and same deadly abilities as the one it replaced.

“The Mordrem Guard” article on GW2

We all know that yes this mostly is because we need a reason for the same mob to lead an army but.

But if this is something they’re going to include in their lore, that the Mordrem Guard we fight are actually duplicates of the previous even in name… could that potentially be a way that Mordrem Guard and Mordremoth try and turn sylvari repressing the call?

Could we see Mordrem Guard promising their sylvan brethren a form of immortality that goes beyond even the Dream? Dreamers, after all, are taught that sylvari live on within the Dream through their emotions, memories and experiences. Could Mordrem Guard tempt sylvari with something more tangible than living on in the Dream of somebody else? But getting to come back, in name and face and skill, endlessly as long as the dragon lives?

Because honestly I have some sylvari that would be ridiculously tempted by that ideal.

lol at people hating on tyler for calling damon a joke

it’s not like he wasn’t saying what all of elena’s friends have been thinking for the past 5 seasons

Signs - Nate Maloley Smut

Signs is my favorite song by Nate and Sammy tbfh and it’s been stuck in my head for a day or two now and I wanted to write something else so why not give this a go. I’m going to try to base some of it off the lyrics in the song so yeah you should give me feedback and thanks for reading you rock don’t be afraid to make requests and stuff 👀 k cool enjoy (I’m too lazy to ever proofread these btw so don’t hold it against me if you find an error and the ending is shitty because I wanted to get this over with and post it ok)
I could physically feel the bass from the club music blaring around me. I dance with Mahogany, laughing every now and then about a random hitting on either of us. My boyfriend stood just outside the dance floor at the bar with a glass of what was probably rum glued to his hand. He watched me intently the entire time.
Anytime I made eye contact with Nate I would shake my hips a little more and drop a little lower the floor. I gave him a show I knew he enjoyed, especially in his favorite red dress. When the fabric would expose more of my thigh I watched his eyes travel my legs.
Nate enjoyed taking me out so he could watch what other guys wished they had. He got a silent satisfaction out of watching the rejection and fear on this face when I would point them in his direction. He never even had to leave the bar. I loved the club for what was to come after. The way Nate would show me he loved me, every inch of me.
He pushed the glass away from him and stood upright, a sign we had mutually decided it was time to go home. Mahogany left the dance floor with me but split off to meet with the other guys before we reached Nate. His arm snaked around my waist and we left the club.
On the way home Nate had one hand on the steering wheel and the other gripping my thigh. His index finger traced circles on my bare skin and I felt a rush of arousal. He knew what he did to me, how his hands on me made me melt.
Once we got to our apartment Nate pushed me against the wall as his lips attacked my own. My hands tangled in his hair while his roamed up and now my legs before gripping my ass under my dress. In a swift move he pulled my legs out from under me and I rubbed against his bulge as I dropped. I gasped and he pushed his tongue back into my mouth. I let my hands travel down his abdomen, tracing the muscles under his shirt with my fingertips before unbuttoning his pants.
Nate grabbed my hand and pulled away from the kiss. “You know the rules,” he said slightly out of breath.
I used my hips to grind against him and was rewarded with a moan. “But baby I-.”
Suddenly Nate’s hand disappeared under my dress and began rubbing my clit roughly. My fists gripped his shirt and pulled him closer as my head rolled back. He attached his lips to my exposed neck and left marks I would feel in the morning. “Oh god,” I breathed, barely able to speak.
Nate stopped and moved us down the hall to the dining room, sitting me on the table. He finished unzipping my dress and quickly pulled it off my body, leaving me in only my panties. I saw satisfaction in his eyes when he noticed my bare chest. Nate pushed my legs open and kneeled down, throwing them over his shoulder. “Open up for daddy, baby.”
I licked my lips in anticipation at his words and gasped the minute I felt his tongue against my already wet skin. I was still sensitive from only a minute before but this pleasure was even better. Using my hands to stay propped upright in the table I looked down at Nate, who was looking me in the eyes. I tried to move my hips against his mouth but his hands on my thighs kept me from doing so. “Nate, please.”
“Cum for me, baby girl,” he finally allowed. My eyes closed as my head rolled back and I felt the familiar heat roll over my body as I came undone. His tongue continued to move against my sensitive area and I let out a whimper. He kept doing it until I screamed his name once again. “Nate! I can’t, baby I can’t.”
He stopped a few seconds later, kissing my thigh and looking up at me as I struggled to regain my breath. Nate pushed my back down against the table and immediately began kissing my neck and shoulders, leaving behind bruises I knew would need to be covered the following morning. As he did so I pulled off his shirt and pushed down his pants, anxious for the erection that rubbed against my thigh. I wanted to push down his boxers and ride him right then and there but the moment I made the move he would make me wait even longer.
Nate rolled his hips into mine without entering and I moaned. “I’ve been waiting to do this all day,” he breathed against my skin before pushing himself into my quickly. The contact was so unexpected I couldn’t even let out a gasp as he continued to ram his hips into mine. My nails scratched down his shoulders and back as he burried his face into my chest, marking what was his with open-mouth kisses. Nate moved his hips lower and I gasped.
“Fuck, right there baby. Oh my god.”
Using my words as encouragement he placed both his hands by me on the table and moved even faster than I thought was possible. My nails clinged to his bare shoulders and heavy breathing filled the kitchen. I clenched around Nate before my climax and he groaned, hitting his high soon after.
His arms gave out on top of me and I ran my fingers threw his hair, pushing the sweaty strands off his forehead before I kissed him. “I love you,” he said as he pulled away.
I smiled before pulling him in for one last kiss, “I know.”

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OH MY GOD Remember when Lucy broke Aquarius' key to summon the Spirit king and he gave her Aquarius' power????? I just figured out that that was probs the first 'star dress' I mean it related to Aquarius' look and Lucy was able to use Aquarius' magic Her 'Leo form' matched Loke and she was able to use his Regulas