19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Leorai Dialogue (TMNT) [1/19]

“Don’t tell me the goody two-shoes thing doesn’t wear thin after a while.”
“Better than the alternative.”
“Which is what? To have fun? To cut loose? To live your own life?”

  • Jason: Hey, Nick, look at this ...
  • ~Jason puts his arms wrapped around the neck of Nico~
  • Nico: what are you doing?
  • Jason: Look at the face of Percy!
  • ~Nico looked at Percy, he seemed to want to kill them with eyes~
  • Jason: Do not you realize? He is dying of jealousy!
  • Nico: ...
  • Jason: He is jealous of you!
  • Nico: No, Jason! He does not like me!
  • Jason: That's what we gonna see!
  • ~Jason kisses Nico~
  • Jason: Look now...
  • ~Percy was redder than a shrimp~
  • Jason: if it is not jealous, I'm the Queen Elizabeth.

I don’t really know where this is going but just…. what if Will and Nico are on their 3rd rebirth, you know in ricks universe you get 3 rebirths and then the isles of the blest??
1st time was Achilles and Patroclus, who’s story is famous, bright new souls, figuring out what love is, not comprehending that the world could stop them.
2nd time was Arthur Pendragon, who’s mother died, which is what they are all told to believe because gods had to hide at this time in England cause they believed in different gods and magic was persecuted. Merlin, a favourite of Hecate, told through prophecy to protect the once and future king. Somewhere in his soul knowing just like before that no hard he tried, he would fail in the end. They protect each other from the off, never quite understanding why they feel so strongly towards one another because they are from different world’s, just knowing that they can’t be happy without the other. (I am convienently forgetting they made merlin immortal shhhhhh)
Then Will and Nico, when Will first sees him and takes his hand and isn’t sure why it is so important to protect him and heal him, only knowing that he couldn’t stand it if they were seperated. Nico who had only known heartbreak, allowing himself to become close to this boy who looks like the sun because he doesn’t know if it’s his death sense, but he knows he can’t watch him die again.

anonymous asked:

you know, what i feel like people dont realize is that even if Leo, or Percy, or whoever, have to close the doors of death and stay in Tartarus in HoH, there is still A WHOLE OTHER 5TH BOOK TO GET THEM OUT

and to put someone else in Tartarus. or kill them off completely. amazing possibilities.