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Stargazing HCs!!

I cant stop thinkin’ about this, so I made this-!!

• Jeremy and Michael going stargazing on Jeremy’s roof and Jerem is totally afraid of heights and is shittin’ himself but it’s all cool cause Mikey promises that he will protect him from all the “big bad roof tiles” (in a pouty voice of course)
• Jeremy gets used to it after a while and gets really excited when Michael asks him to tell him about all the different stars cause Jeremy is a nerd for Astrology.
• Michael just starring at the night sky, smiling as his hand brushes against Jeremy’s.
• “oh- and, one of my favourite planets is Uranus.”
• “Oh my god- why?”
• “Cause!! It’s so cool and it’s name makes me laugh.”
• “That’s absolutely idiotic and amazing and you are so adorable.”
• Jeremy getting all gushy over the stars and talking about maybe wanting to be an astronomer!
• “Why don’t you be an Astronaut instead dude? You could touch the planets!”
• “I ain’t goin’ up in space man. It’s crazy. Also, you can’t jerk it in Space can you???”
• Michael bURSTS out laughing and it’s so cute!!
• Jeremy watching him, with a serious look.
• “I’m being serious! Can you jerk it in Space??”
• “I dunno man!”
• Michael gets into conspiracy theories about the moon being fake and other planets being fake but then talking about Aliens comin’ from other planets.
• “That’s kinda hypocritical, isn’t it?? I mean, like, you believe that the moon landing and the moon is fake but you also believe in Aliens?”
• “I didn’t say I believe them all!”
• “You didn’t say you don’t believe in them either.”
• “I have an open mind.”
• Jeremy rolling his eyes at it anyway, smiling. “Well, I think it’s all real.. and really cool.”
• “Care to tell me everything cool about it?”
• Jeremy just being the cutie he is and giggling about all of them and naming them with Michael.
• “Maybe I could get into one of those “name a star after you” websites and name a lil’ star after my big star?“
• “Michael, firstly, big star?? You lump of cheese! Second, the sites are usually not associated with NASA or anything so it’s fake anyway.”
• “Wow, what a way to ruin the world.”
• “What kinda mood you goin’ for??”
• “The type were we kiss under the stars, cliché as it sounds, it’s basically my wet dream.”
• Jeremy just- freezes.
• “W-What????”
• “i whA T ?!”
• Michael and Jeremy just being as red as each other, Jeremy slowly forming a smile:
• “You actually, wanna, like.. um… kiss.. under..”
• “The stars” Michael says the same time as Jeremy says “Uranus”
• After laughing for like 10 minutes, they calm down and Jeremy snuggles into Michael’s chest.
• “So… That, um, kiss..”
• Michael just nods and they both sit up, kissing softly under the stars ((Uranus-))

Okay, I literally got the motivation to write all this stuff from @taterdraws art from the B!Squip and Jeremy bonding over stargazing and in case @gayradwhitedad isn’t feelin’ good, have some gays. A!! And @sticki-notes !!! Have the boyes!!

Otabek and Yurio just saw each other in yukata and they keep staring at each other until Yurio scream “oH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT ARM” and Otabek gets embarrassed and Yurio start to compliment him a lot until Otabek laugh while he’s blushing and Yurio stop and stare at him again like “oh god so beautiful i love him so much fucking thank you for let him enter in my life”

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I keep having these weird SPN thoughts while re-watching, and I want to share them with you. Like, after Season 11, are there just "hand of god" artifacts littered everywhere? Could someone run into battle wielding Chuck's bacon pan and defeat armies? Do you think Jack will even *try* the use the diapers Cas got for him, that ungrateful twit? Is there a prophet somewhere just like "Oh man, I heard about two other dudes getting struck by lightning and bad shit went down, I am so screwed."

haha. God I hope we don’t get Jack in diapers but if Sam or Dean pick up a pan and blow a hole in the wall that would be hysterical.

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Its half past six at the morning and I havent slept. I didnt mean to stay awake all night

Oh my god hon you must sleep! It sounds stupid but the body is the only means for us to function in this work, so take good care of it or its gonna be really bad in long run. Im sorry I saw this ask late, but please take care of yourself ok??

Dancing w/ Ten
  • heyyyyy yyyy yy y y yy
  • bae got another request <3<3<3
  • god, i miss him sooooo much, i really hope he’s doing well :///
  • oh, and btw, this was kind of bad??
  • like idk what happened to me but i had 0 creativity w this one
  • but, let’s start this now shall we
  • okay soooo,,
  • you would probably randomly show up to nct’s practice rooms all the time
  • i mean, he probably spends most of his time there so you’re always like
  • “hey (◕‿◕✿) i brought food (◕‿◕✿) i love you (◕‿◕✿)“
  • it wasn’t a surprise for him anymore, lmao
  • so, going to the story
  • you were sneaking again on the practice room to see ur boi
  • you had his permission to come this time but you entered right when he was already practicing
  • you silently you sat in a corner of the room and watched him dance
  • the music was too loud for him to even hear when the door opened and he had his eyes closed the whole time as he danced passionately
  • so he never noticed that you were in there
  • and, this is reall random but you probably got the perfect view of his butt
  • so you were like ¯\_ ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° )_/¯ the whole time
  • and btw you never saw that choreography before
  • and you couldn’t tell if he had it memorized or he was freestyling because of how fluent his moves were
  • and when the song finished and you standed silently from your spot and surprised him with a backhug
  • hit the stage memories :’)
  • okay, but i actually never actually watched that, i only watched some of the shoots where ten appears and his performances lmao
  • he even fell into the ground and you were just laughing so hard that you couldn’t even breath lmao
  • “oh my god, i really hate you sometimes y/n”
  • “yeah i love you too baby <3<3<<3<33<”
  • he held your hand and pull of it to make you fall softly into his arms
  • can you imagine how warm and cozy they probably are i’m crying
  • “i’m not that sweaty yet, don’t worry”
  • but you were still like eWWwwwWw
  • “ok but sorry for what i did earlier, i just wanted to surprise you"
  • and he was probably going to answer you with his normal sassiness
  • but instead he stayed in silence longer that you expect
  • and when you separete from the hug you saw how his eyes were shining when he looked at you
  • “what?”
  • “do you want to dance with me?”
  • and you were like ?!??!?!?? what
  • “i was thinking about creating a new choreography but i need your help in this one, baby”
  • and you felt SO insecure in that moment
  • you never really felt confident with your dance moves, and especially if you had to dance with him since he’s so talented
  • and when this prince noticed your worried expression he hugged you and even laid in the floor, having you whole over his
  • “i swear that there’s nothing to worry about, y/n. you’ll do great”
  • but you accepted after thinking about it for a few moments more
  • and after he did aegyo for you, lol
  • and y’all started to prepare for the whole thing right away
  • and you were really surprised by how serious ten was when it came to music and dancing
  • y’all spent like 20-30 mins choosing a song together and you could see how he was listening carefully to every beat
  • and how his body would naturally start moving at the rhythm of each song and hoenstly, it was amazing
  • and he would see your suprised expression and he would smile so widely
  • and he was actually a sweetheart when y’all e started with the dance
  • he was so caring with you and his moves were so gentle
  • even his words would be said softly and sweetly
  • “that was great! but be careful though, it’s kind of hard to do it”
  • “wow, y/n, you’re doing even better than me!”
  • “are you feeling tired? we can take a break if you want to”
  • honestly, i don’t think no one is good enough for this angel
  • he’s just too perfect for this world <l3
  • and y’all wouldn’t even realize all the hours that y’all spended inside that practice room until y’all decided to take a break
  • and when you saw how late it was both of you were so surprised because it was so late??? like what???
  • “let’s go out for dinner then, y/n”
  • “you’re paying”
  • “y/n, i’m a l w a y s paying”
  • lmao
  • and the end i guess
  • this was so boring i’m sorry
  • idk what happened to me lol

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Real talk? Me and my mom got into an argument about how I wanted to be called a he and junk and she literally said to me "I just think your a lesbian" and...God it made me feel bad, it really fueled my intrusive thoughts that have been calling me a cis lesbian and I should "just accept it", now every struggling lesbian story I hear about makes me feel ill bc I don't want to be seen as cis or a lesbian..I hate comparing even my own struggles to it when I literally don't feel the same way as them

Oh gosh that’s awful. I’m so sorry you’ve been put into that situation.
I’m not sure on how I could advise you to get through it, apart from keeping in mind that now matter what, you’re a man. And because of that, you’re in no way a lesbian. It’s not possible.
And if your mother keeps insisting, you keep telling her you’re a man - Matthew

How does anyone ever think it’s okay to come up to someone who uses a laptop or something similar cause of a learning disability or the like and to say ‘oh, I wish I had your disorder so I could use that’ like oh my God

Also note that the other day I had this girl come up to me and give the generic ‘I wish I had your disorder so I could use that laptop’ thing and then SHE HAD THE AUDACITY to go ‘I mean what you have isn’t even that bad is it? Like do you even need that honestly’ how is anyone that goddamn insensitive

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Conch hc- you and rich go do something ur really good at and he's really bad at, so you have to teach him How To Actually Do It Right Richard, Oh My God.

me teaching rich mellophone

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Since we're on the roll on sad hc Croix, I'd like to say the she's likely suffering from acid reflux (GERD) thanks to her terrible eating habit (cup noodle, instant food, probably coffee, gatorade, and red bull). It feels so bad when your GERD act up, you can't even find the strength to sit upright, and also possible heartburn happening. Point is, it hurts as hell. Maybe that's why she created those roombas, to aid her when she relapses

oh my god

listen noel fielding is a very good looking person but im trying to look for good ref photos for his hair so i can draw him and his hair in all the photos are different and im angry. like he doesnt look bad but oh my god if you google “noel fielding hair” its the most inconsistent thing ive ever seen. its like a snowflake. no two are alike. im fucking screaming 

SKAM S04E07 Clip 6 - Fucking over your friends

VILDE: He’ll break up with me..

EVA: No, Vilde, he won’t.

VILDE: Yes, he will!

CHRIS: He won’t do that..

EVA: Vilde, there are some douchebags who have done this and it’s not your fault. Someone did this to you.

NOORA: It’s not your fault.

EVA: It’s going to be fine. You’re just very, very sad now.

SANA: What happened?

EVA: Someone made ellevillevillde 2 and posted lots of shit about Vilde. It’s really bad.

CHRIS: Yeah..

NOORA: Oh my God..

CHRIS: It’ll be fine.. Just..

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“you have your mother’s eyes” 

Lily stood there with her back straight, tears streaming down her face. Her arms spread wide out, as if that will protect the infant that was behind her in the crib. She looked up, into the face of the intruder. Searching, hoping, for a flicker of hesitation. Instead, all she saw was a smile. Perhaps even a laugh, she did not know. She could only hear her own cries. “Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!”. She was begging, hoping, he would comply. In that moment, her vision was blurry. She wanted to turn around and kiss Harry one more time, wanted to tell him how much she loved him….”Please … have mercy … have mercy…”.  One more kiss, one more look, one more moment. “Please”. The last thing she saw was a green light coming towards her. 

“you have your mother’s eyes”

Harry looked into the face of his opponent. His back straight, but his body aching. His clothes having stains of dried blood. He must die. It must end. He did not say a word. He couldn’t. Instead, he pictured Ron and Hermione. His best friends. The ones he dreamed of having during his childhood, when Dudley and his friends laughed at him. His two best friends who stuck by him, who protected him. He pictured his parents, whom he saw moments ago. He knew they were beside him. His mother was likely standing in front of him, like she had done years ago. But this time, it was Harry’s turn to protect those he loved. Ginny’s face popped up into his vision. When he had seen her in the castle, he wanted to hug her. Have one last moment with her. One last kiss. He straightened his back again, and looked into his opponent’s red eyes. He saw the mouth move and a flash of green light, and everything was gone.

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lmao I imagine domestic victuuri are really bad at calling each other out so their "fights" would always somehow end up like: Yuuri:"I swear to GOD, Victor, if you keep doing that I'm gonna freaking KIL-... kiss... KISS you"; Victor:" oh YEAH?? I freaking DARE U to even TRY" and then they aggressively make out, hahahaha