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Will better spit this rap to Hannibal. Oh my god XD


Ushishira week  Day 1: New Year (or something like that)/ “Intense Force”

Maybe this will be a year where Shirabu won’t see his boyfriend too often, but every day will have something that remindes his cow!



Character Aesthetics: Geralt’s hansa (The Witcher)

“What a company I ended up with,’ Geralt continued, shaking his head. ‘Brothers in arms! A team of heroes! What have I done to deserve it? A poetaster with a lute. A wild and lippy half-dryad, half-woman. A vampire, who’s about to notch up his fifth century. And a bloody Nilfgaardian who insists he isn’t a Nilfgaardian.”-Baptism of Fire (Andrzej Sapkowski)

FC Cast

Gaspard Ulliel as Dandelion

Kiernan Shipka as Angouleme

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Milva

Robert Caryle as Emiel Regis

Aneurin Banard as Cahir

Anson Mount as Geralt of Rivia


How to succeed in Bloodborne

it-hurts-because-it-mattered  asked:

Oh no. Now you've got me thinking about Harry's years as an orphan (and also he didn't seem to have any friends but Elaine as he got older) and how he must remember those Christmases and how he probably makes a special effort to keep Ivy from feeling the same way.

Don’t talk to me about Ivy at Christmas. DON’T DO IT. Especially don’t talk to me about Harry and Ivy at Christmas. Like, I’m from the school that thinks Harry doesn’t care for Christmas. He always feels like Tiny Tim staring through the windows at all the happy families, he dislikes Michael urging him to go to church, he even feels jealous of Karrin complaining about her big Murphy family reunion and all the arguments and fallings out that go with it. But when he meets Ivy, he sees a little girl without a family and with no friends, and so he makes sure to send her a present every year, because as lonely as he is, he can’t let her feel the same way.