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Tom Holland Imagine - I Have Questions

request: tom imagine on the song I Have Questions - camila

a/n: based very loosely on the song I Have Questions by Camila Cabello. i love this song sooooo much but it’s so sad

word count: 1542

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“What are you doing here?” you asked him as he stood on the doorstep of the house the two of you had bought together five years ago; the house you had made a home together, filling it with happy memories which you’d hung in mismatched picture frames on the walls over the years - these picture frames were now shattered in tiny pieces across the wooden floors of the house after your fit of rage the night he left; the house which was now filled with an eerie silence and the ghosts of your once perfect relationship; the house he’d abandoned you in five nights ago after giving up on your relationship.

 “I’m sorry,” he said, his eyes tearful. “I didn’t… I never meant for it to be this bad. Please let me in, I just want to talk about it.” You were close to slamming the door in his face, but you resisted. The temptation of welcoming him back home was too strong. The hope of him changing his mind, going back on his word, was still there.

“I have questions for you,” you said, finally opening the door enough for him to enter. “Is it my fault?” you asked sitting on the coffee table in the lounge as Tom sat on the sofa he’d picked out eight months ago after he redecorated the lounge as a surprise while you were away working.
“No,” his face softened slightly. “No of course not. It’s not you, it’s-”
“It’s not you, it’s me,” you finished for him. “Really? You’re gonna use that bullshit?” Tom hung his head, almost in shame, realising how pathetic his clichéd excuse was. “Why, Tom? Do you even care about any of this? Do you care?” you gestured to the house around you, tears pricking at your eyes. “Why don’t you care about this life we’ve been building together over the past decade? Why don’t you care?”

Almost ten years ago, you had met Tom at a mutual friend’s birthday party and the two of you were smitten with one another instantly. You’d fallen in love with him fast. He’d seen you at your worst, and you’d seen him at his; when things didn’t seem to go the way either of you had planned in terms of your careers, or sour friendships, or just life in general, you always had each other to come home to. He was the only constant in your life, even if he was travelling throughout most of the year for his job. You had had rocky patches in your relationship in the past, of course, but neither of you had ever walked out before, never even threatening to do so. 

“You took your ring off,” his breath hitched in his throat as he noticed the engagement ring he’d given you three years ago wasn’t in its usual spot on the fourth finger of your left hand. You nodded as you bit down on the inside of your cheeks to stop the tears from spilling. Tom rubbed his hands over his face, the skin of his hands catching on the stubble he hadn’t managed to shave. 

“I couldn’t look at it anymore,” you said quietly. It was upstairs, in the drawer of his bedside cabinet, in the box it had came in when he bought it. You’d only brought yourself to take it off last night. Keeping it on had only reminded you of what you once had, and it kept a niggling thought in the back of your mind that he might come home and tell you it was only a joke, that he wasn’t really leaving you. 

“Is there someone else?” you finally asked the question you didn’t have the courage to ask him the other day. It had been your first thought when he announced he was ending the relationship. He didn’t flinch at your question, not bothering to even lift his head up to look at you. “Oh God,” you exhaled shakily. Your chest felt heavy, knowing his answer without him having to say a word.
“It’s not what you think,” he said bluntly.
“Yeah, well, it never is, is it?”
“Let me explain, y/n, please.”
“I should’ve never ever trusted you,” you thought aloud. “Ten years, Tom. Ten years we’ve been together. Why don’t you care?”
“I do care.”
“No you don-”
“Yes, y/n. Yes I fucking do care. Why do you think I came back here, huh? Why do you think I’m talking to you in here rather than upstairs packing my stuff?” Tom sounded angry, his voice raised. His jaw was tense, and the vein in his temple was slowly becoming more prominent. His fists were balled in his lap, his knuckles turning an ice white. “I care. I care too fucking much,” he spat. “It’s killing me.”

“How long have you been cheating on me?” You asked after a long, uncomfortable silence.
“It’s not… I wasn’t… I’m not..” he stumbled over his words.
“Answer the damn question, Tom!”
“Four months,” he whispered. He lifted his head to look at you through teary eyes. “I’m sorry.” His voice sounded desperate. “Babe. Baby, please!” he called after you as you stood from you seat on the coffee table and left the lounge. 

He followed you into the kitchen as you hurriedly tried to escape him. As he grabbed your wrist you turned to face him, brushing him off of you. He was crying now, sobbing even. Whenever you had seen Tom like this, you’d kissed him and held him in your arms, comforting him until he calmed down. But you couldn’t do that now, as much as you wanted to, you couldn’t wipe away his tears. 

“After everything Harrison went through when Rachel cheated on him. You know how much that ripped him apart.” Six years ago, Harrison’s ex-girlfriend, Rachel, was sleeping with another man, and it had been Tom that had walked in on them. Of course, he’d told Harrison straight away, and he and Rachel had broken up, leaving you and Tom to pick up the pieces of Harrison’s broken heart. You’d both cried with Harrison, his misfortune paining you and Tom equally. You’d promised neither of you were ever to go through anything like that again. “Please, Tom. I’m waiting for an explanation.”

Tom took a deep breath to try and steady his racing heartbeat. His left hand rubbed at the skin of his right arm fiercely, a nervous habit he had picked up. With shaky hands, you wiped the tears from your cheeks, watching as he fidgeted under your gaze.

“I stopped seeing her,” he told you. “I know that doesn’t make it any better. I know. And I thought it would be okay, I thought I could just forget about it, like it was just a blip in our relationship. We’ve been together for almost eleven years, y/n. That’s a long time.”

“It’s not an excuse.”
“I know that,” Tom was sombre, his heart was heavy with sadness. “It was last year, the end of July. I… I ended it just before Christmas. I thought that if you never found out it would all be okay. And it was. We were so fucking good right after it, don’t you remember, baby? It made me realise how much I love you. I’m so fucking in love with you, babe. The, uhm, the affair just proved that to me. But then I kept having dreams of you finding out, and it made me feel so guilty and it was eating away at me. I just couldn’t put you through that. I thought that maybe if I ended it, with no explanation, I thought it would save you from heartbreak.”
“I gave you all of me, Tom. My blood, my sweat, my heart, and my tears. Everything. You know everything about me. I thought I knew everything about you too.”

“It’s been killing me,” he continued. “It’s killed me thinking of you alone in this house. I thought I at least owed you explanation.” His eyes followed you as you took a seat at the dining table, both of you unsure of what to say. “I love you,” Tom concluded. “I love you so much. I still want to marry you, babe. I still want to live in this house with you. I still want to start a family with you. I still want all of the future we planned together. If you’ll let me?”

“No,” you said, shaking your head.

“No?” Tom questioned, his voice wobbling. “I’m your soulmate, y/n. Don’t you remember what we used to say? We’re so lucky we found our soulmates so young because we have so much more time to spend together. Don’t you remember? You’re my soulmate. My fucking soulmate. I don’t want this to end. I can’t leave you. The other day, it was just the guilt, I know I needed to tell you. I needed to come clean. But we can try again, right?” He was almost begging you now. “We can forget about all of this. It’s just a bump in the road. You’re still my soulmate. This doesn’t change the fact you’re my soulmate.”

“Maybe I don’t believe in soulmates anymore, Tom.”











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you're hcs are so cute im always waiting for the next post 💞 can u do a lil RFA + Saeran reacting to an MC who's happy most of the time but finds it draining and recharges by being really quiet and ignoring people? (This is the first time it happened lmao)

Ohhhh I’m totally like that! lol it’s not easy being an introvert, am I right?

Hope you like this:

RFA + Saeran with an introvert MC


  • It was after a premiere of one of his musicals, you were perfect back there!
  • You smiled to the photographers and even gave interviews, Zen didn’t have to do a thing, he just watched you being as good as him at this.
  • Then you two got home and he wanted to comment on everything, what you thought about the musical, if you liked the costumes, the songs and all.
  • “It was cool.” Oh… cool? That’s it?
  • Apparently it was, since you didn’t say anything else. You changed to your pajamas and grabbed a book to read in the living room.
  • He was tired, and also very worried. Was it that bad? If he knew you would hate that much, he would have get that another role… but… you sounded so excited before…
  • “Something wrong?” you ask him, now he notices he’s been staring at you for a while, to the point you let go of your book, concerned.
  • “I… don’t know. Is there something wrong, babe? What didn’t you like about the musical? The songs? The lines, I know it was a little cliché, but I thought it was interesting somehow and…”
  • “Zen, what are you talking about?” “It’s okay, babe. You hated the musical. “No, I didn’t.” “So why did you say it was cool?” “Because… it was cool?”
  •  “No, it wasn’t! You hate it! You pretended you enjoy to not make me look like a fool to the press, but you didn’t like it and now you won’t even talk to me about it! Was my acting bad?”
  • Okay, you’re tired, and normally you wouldn’t put up with this drama right now, but… look at him! He’s so worried and… hurt? This is painful to you too.
  • Then you explain about always being like this. You’re an introvert, you can handle a few good hours dealing with people, but after a while, you need a rest from all of this.
  • He totally understands. Sometimes he feels the same, but in a different proportion from you, of course.
  • “I’m sorry, babe. I’ll let you get back to your book, tomorrow you tell me what is it about, okay?” he kissed your forehead and let you with your book.
  • Maybe he can turn the story in it into a musical just for you?


  • It happened after a geek convention.
  • He thought you wouldn’t want to go with him, but the minute you walked in, he was the one dragged to every single stand.
  • You were so excited, taking pics with the cosplayers, buying doujinshis, even joining karaoke contests.
  • He swears he fell in love with you all over again. All the guys there wishe they had a girlfriend who likes these things as much as you do.
  • But as soon as you get home, you just grab your phone and stares at it like your life depends on it.
  • He asks what you want for dinner. “Whatever. You choose.”
  • Poor boy is remaking all his steps to know when he screwed up to get you mad. Was he too close to that girl with a very revealing cosplay?
  • Oh… he knew he should have joined you on a duet in the karaoke, but what can he do? He’s super shy!
  • He doesn’t even know where to start his apology, so he does what he knows best: omurice. With a “sorry” and a sad face made of ketchup.
  • “Why are you sorry?” you ask, concerned. “I… I don’t know.” Well… this isn’t going anywhere…
  • “I swear I had my hands behind my back the whole time with that cosplayer and… I’ll sing any duet you want to sing in the next con.”
  • “Oh… thank you, but you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. It’s fine, honey.” “But… why are you mad, then?” “I’m not mad, I’m just…”
  • Oh… now you get it. POOR THING! You two never went to an event this big with these many people, so he didn’t know this little feature of yours.
  • And when you explain, he’s so relieved you’re not mad at him, and he totally understands, these things are pretty overwhelming for him as well.
  • You two eat the omurice together and lay on the bed a little later, you messing on your phone, he on his, and you both humming the same song, like a duet.


  • The cafe never been so crowded.
  • You two were taking orders, making coffee, checking the cashier, all at once.
  • If she had to do this by herself, she’s pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to handle, but having you smiling like you are in a parade or something gives her the strength she needs.
  • Seriously, you’re not even fazed, you keep smiling and being extra nice to even the most rude customers, and this makes her feel like she should keep up to you.
  • She closed the cafe with the deepest sigh she could give. Lord! This was tiring! What do you think? Oh… you’re already going away.
  • She finishes closing the store and reaches you in the sidewalk, almost panting. 
  • You don’t even look at her, you keep looking forward with your arms crossed against your chest, as if you were… sad.
  • B-but why? Why would you be sad? What happened? Was that customer that rude to you? Oh… no, maybe it was that time when she yelled at you to get the mop to clean some coffee on the floor before one of you slipped.
  • She knew she was a little rude, but she was just caught up by all the mess inside the café, she didn’t want to be snappy at you or something.
  • But you don’t know that, so that’s why you’re walking like she’s not even beside you.
  • So he gives a few larger steps and stop in front of you. You look at her and blink in surprise. “Jaehee? What’s wrong?”
  • “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to be rude with you, I was just so busy!” she says hugging you. You immediately blush, she’s not one to PDA like this all of a sudden.
  • “I appreciate it, but… what are you sorry for, exactly?” “The mop…” “What happened to the mop?” she lets you go and you stare at each other, puzzled.
  • She explains everything, then you do the same. Well, she knew you had this tendency, but she haven’t witnessed before, so it was a little surprising to see you so quiet all of a sudden.
  • But as you two get home, she realizes some silence can be good after this long day. So she’s in the bedroom and you’re in the living room, you both reading books and recharging for what will be, hopefully, another long day tomorrow!


  • You dropped by his office to lunch with him
  • Everybody in his company loves you, because if you showed up, Mr. Han will probably be in a good mood for the whole afternoon and work will be easy to handle.
  • So a few employees surround you, asking if you’re okay, if you need anything, how are the preps for the wedding. Just this small talk.
  • And you’re very polite and nice, so nobody ever feel uncomfortable on treating you this kindly.
  • When you finally are able to meet him in his office, he promptly goes to you and gives you a peck , which… you don’t respond too much.
  • “How is everything, my love?” “Fine.” And you give him this lazy smile, looking around everywhere in his office, except him.
  • Shit! He is late, isn’t he? And you’re probably furious because he always says you two will have a calm and nice meal and he never… wait! He’s on time!
  • So why are you mad about? Is it because you don’t want to have lunch in his company? Well, that can be arranged, he can call the chopper and take you somewhere. But you sounded excited over the phone, so something happened when you got here.
  • Hum, did one of his employees bother you? Yes, they can do that sometimes…
  • “Tell me who it was.” That’s all he says, while you stare at your plate. “Who what?” “Who bothered you? It was that blond girl from finance? She does have this tendency to be meddlesome. Don’t worry, my love, I’ll let HR know they need to have a little talk to her.”
  • “Oh my God, Jumin. Don’t fire her!” “So who should I fire?” “Nobody! Nobody bothered me!” “So why are you mad? Did I do something?” “No! Of course not, honey! And… who’s mad?”
  • “You? When you walked in?” Oh… yeah, that.
  • You explain to him that, as much as you enjoy talking to his employees, all the attention can be very draining sometimes and you just need a little time in silence to recharge.
  • He TOTALLY understands it, he even can relate. His acquaintances can be very tiring sometimes.
  • So yeah, a silent meal wouldn’t be that bad right now. You two can compensate with dinner in his penthouse when you’ll discus the wedding preparation, anyway.


  • You were in a car show, he wanted your opinion on the next baby he should get
  • Though you don’t understand much about cars, you know his preferences pretty well by now, as he told you a lot about them. Seriously, a lot!
  • So you’re the one dragging him to the cars he might like, considering brand, model, color… yeah, he definitely likes it.
  • You have small talk with the models standing beside the cars and the sellers, and  he doesn’t know who is nicer here. Probably it’s you, since you’re not trying to sell a super pricy car, you’re just… naturally nice.
  • He wants a test drive to this particular car, and when he asks you while the seller is a little away to get the key, he asks what you think. “It’s nice.”
  • Well, he wouldn’t say it’s “nice”, it’s more like AMAZING, COOLLLLL, A SUPER FINE BABY! And you’re just: “okay, if you say so.” SHIT!
  • Are you mad? Why? You didn’t like being dragged here? But you sounded pretty excited before talking to the sellers… oh… the one who went to get the key was definitely trying to hit on you, you’re uncomfortable, ain’t you?
  • You two hop in the car and he starts driving, the seller keeps making small talk and you basically ignore everything that’s going on.
  • “So, what do you think?” the guy asks. “Can I have a moment alone with MY FIANCÉ so we can discuss this AS A COUPLE?” he emphasizes this words for the guy to take the hint you’re taken. “Yeah, sure.”
  • “Don’t worry. I won’t buy this one.” “Why not? You like it!” “If I decide to take it, we would have to sign the papers with that guy and I don’t want to let you even more uncomfortable with him.” “Why? He’s not that bad.”
  • “He’s not? But… why do you look like you want to throw up everytime he opens his mouth?” “Because he talks too much, but I’m not uncomfortable, I’m just… bored with all this useless small talk and his desperation to you buying the car.”
  • Yeah, the guy is a little annoying, being nice to him was a burden for Saeyoung too. You’re always very nice, but he knows by now this can tire you a lot.
  • And hey, he totally can relate, that’s why sometimes all he needs is his headphones and a super loud music to recover himself.
  • So he takes the car, he liked it and wanted to take you out of there soon so you could relax.
  •  The way home is quiet, you two are listening to the radio, not talking, just holding hands.


  • His first RFA party.
  • It was so crowded! He was a little intimidated and anxious, dealing with big noisy crowds was still a journey to him.
  •  But a few reassuring kisses from you everytime you passed by him between small talk with guests here and there, and he felt he could handle this.
  • Hell, you don’t even need to look at him, just seeing you smiling and talking to the guests as if they’re close friends totally make him feel he got this!
  • And he did, it wasn’t that bad after all, thanks to you.
  • He went to your place after the party. It was comfortable being around you, but he was still nervous, facing a crowd like that felt less nerve wracking than being alone with you.
  • Okay, you telling him to make himself at home and just plopping in the couch to watch TV wasn’t what he was expecting.
  • I mean, he didn’t know what to expect, but… it wasn’t this, for sure.
  • It’s almost like you forgot he’s here. Like you are… ignoring him? Why?
  • Did he do something wrong? Oh, that rich dude said PDA was unprofessional, but he thought you didn’t give a damn to what Jumin said.
  •  Did he do something wrong? But he was pretty sure he was doing good tonight. Wasn’t he?
  • “I’m going now.” He said bluntly, heading to the door. “What? Why?” you jumped off the couch, going after him “I won’t bother you any longer, don’t worry.” “Bother me? But…”
  • “I’m such an idiot! I screwed up, didn’t I?” “No! You were amazing tonight!” he blushes a little. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, but why are you ignoring me, then?”
  • Oh, this poor thing… you explain to him how hard it is to just recover from all the agitation and you need some time to just stay quiet.
  •  I mean… you’re preaching to the choir here, he definitely feels the same way, he was so nervous about having to be all lovey dovey with you, he’s relieved this won’t be necessary.
  • But he definitely didn’t complain when he woke up cuddling with you in the couch. Just sleeping was a greeeat idea, after all.

The Power of Confession - Part One (teaser)

Pairings: AU!Priest!Sam x Reader

Summary: After years away the church your mother coerces you into taking her seat on the fundraising committee at Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception, where Sam is a Priest. 

Words: 1100+

Beta: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Warnings: talk of sex, language, smut in second part. 

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception rises above you in all its gothic revival glory. You jog up the front steps, checking the watch at your wrist and scurrying after you mother.

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Can I request a headcannon where MC has a major crush on RFA+Saeran&V but had a past relationship which hurt them deeply, and feel like they would never be able to be happy, kinda like Seven. When they find out they love them back, MC panics, and doesn't want to believe it. They try so hard to not panic, but still have that tiny fear, which becomes huge that they dont love the MC. They probably need a lot of reassurance. I'm so sorry.. I had a rough month ;;

Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry to read that, I hope you’re feeling better and if you feel like it, my chat is always open. Talk to me if you want to, okay?

So, I hope this brings you some comfort:

RFA + Saeran and V with a MC who’s afraid of love


  •  Come on, everybody in Korea must have a crush on Zen, you are not different
  • That’s what you’ve been telling yourself in order to convince that these feelings aren’t a big deal
  • Everytime he hugs you and tells you how cute you are, you feel like melting!
  •  Yes, it’s a very familiar sensation, as you already heard this from another rising star in the show business.
  • That fling with that singer ended as fast as it started, but he has fame, money and lots of people who idolize him, what do you have now?
  • So yeah, forget that heat growing all over your body when Zen confessed his love for you. You heard this before, you couldn’t handle being hurt again, no, not by him.
  • Zen didn’t expect that reaction from you. When he told you, he was waiting for a “Oh my God! I love you back!” and the most romantic kiss ever. Instead, he won a “I see…” and you walking away from his apartment.
  • He went after you, meeting you sitting in the emergency stairs and crying. “MC! What happened? Why are you crying?”
  • “Why did you do this to me, Zen? Couldn’t you keep this as a fan-idol relationship? Why did you have to tell me this?”
  • “Because I… couldn’t keep it to myself anymore. I love you, I… have been in love with you for a while now. And… I understand you don’t feel the same way, but…” you stared at him.
  • “Zen, I feel the same way! That’s the problem! Don’t you see?” he couldn’t see the problem, no. You sighed: “How am I not sure you won’t leave me as soon as you get really famous? Or worst, you’ll try to hide me from everybody? I can’t be a guilty pleasure, Zen! I wouldn’t be able to endure this again!”
  • Oh, now he knows what’s going on. Yeah, when he met you, he knew you were familiar, you dated that guy from the labor record he’s about to be hired. And he felt… angry and sad for you, like that guy broke his heart by breaking yours.
  • So he hugged you and hummed lullabies to you to calm you down. You knew you shouldn’t let him that close, but… could you resist him?
  •  You were scared and worried, and your love for him was flooding your heart. You wanted his love, but right now, what you really needed was his patience.
  • And he would be patient.



  • How could you not fall for him? He was caring, smart, sweet…
  • He’s so different from all the guys you’ve been dating so far. All of them so rude and selfish.
  • But maybe you deserved it? Well, so what have you done differently to deserve Yoosung? Nothing, right?
  • So you don’t deserve him. And worse: you’ve got so used to being hurt, what if you ended up hurting him? No…
  • That was the first thing you thought when he confessed his feelings for you.
  • He was a sweating nervous mess, yet he said it. And though he still had hop, he was pretty much waiting for a rejection.
  • But you didn’t really reject him, you just told him you needed to go and… ignored him for the rest of the week, which was even worse than a direct rejection.
  • He didn’t want to piss you off, but he needed an answer, even if was a “no” so he could at least try to move on… emphasis on try.
  • When you saw him waiting for you at your place’s door, you wanted to turn around and run, but your legs felt weaker. Something about his curious eyes staring at you pulled you towards him.
  • “I’m sorry, MC.” What? But you’ve been ignoring him, you should be the one to say this. See what I’m saying? You would definitely hurt him eventually.
  • “Don’t be sorry. You did nothing wrong. Well, except for falling for me.” “MC… why would you say something like this?”
  • “Because I’m so scared of hurting you, Yoosung. You don’t deserve being hurt like I did, you have no idea how awful it is, and I don’t want you to ever feel like this, especially because of me!”
  • “I’m pretty sure you didn’t deserve either, MC. I… I don’t know exactly what you’ve been through, but… I know you didn’t deserve it. And… if you know how it feels, then you won’t do to other people, right? To me… if you… you know, if you really like me…”
  • He hugged you timidly, but you could feel all his love and care for you. You two were so insecure, would it worth chasing this relationship?
  • Yes, it would. And he will definitely chase it.


  • Falling for her was a big surprise for you.
  •  You crushed and hid all the feelings you ever had for women before ever since that girl from school not only rejected you, as also dragged you out of the closet for everybody to know.
  • So you swore you would never fall for a woman before and… well, that didn’t work out, did it?
  • But when Jaehee told you she was in love with you, you… didn’t know how to respond.
  • Because it was new for you. You know, having reciprocated feelings for a woman?
  • And that was the problem! It was new! You didn’t know what to do, what if your inexperience made you really mess things up?
  • So, as much as you wanted to yell “I LOVE YOU BACK!” you kept serious and told her you two were better as friends.
  • And there was that part of her that agreed with you. It was better, she couldn’t risk losing you forever if a romantic relationship didn’t work out.
  • So she settled for this. You both settled.
  • But it was so uncomfortable, it wasn’t the same thing as before now that you knew you two felt the same way, and the only thing getting on the way of happiness was you and your fears.
  • She noticed you were distant, and when she couldn’t stand your cold treatment anymore, she confronted you: “You told nothing would change after I confessed, MC. But it did! Why? You think I’m going to attack you? Are you scared of me?” she didn’t want to come off angry, but she was desperate.
  • “Never, Jaehee! I’m scared of myself…” “What… what do you mean?” “I’m scared of not knowing how to deal with my feelings for you, they are so overwhelming, but… I’m scared because it’s all new to me, Jaehee.”
  • Now she’s the one feeling overwhelmed, you… feel the same as she does? All this time?
  • “I’m scared too. This is very new to me as well.” She says, hugging you.
  • Well, so maybe you could guide each other in this new journey?


  • It took you a while to notice your admiration and needing to take care of him wasn’t a friendship thing.
  • You desired him with every inch of your body and soul. But he seemed so out of your league.
  • Yes, how somebody like him could ever look at you and see something other than a silly, innocent and cully person?
  • So when he confessed to you, showing an eloquence he never showed before, you legitimately thought this was a joke.
  • He had an odd sense of humor, but honestly, this was cruel. Playing with people’s feelings like this was beyond unacceptable, even for someone who struggled so much with feelings like him.
  • You were offended, you never expected something so cruel coming from him. Wasn’t he a gentleman? Wasn’t he trying to be more aware of people’s feelings?
  • So you told him to go away and only look for you when he has a proper apology. And he left, confused and… hurt?
  • He got a headache from how much he wondered about what he could possibly have done wrong. He was new to this, but… the magazines he read and the soap operas he watched gave him the feeling he was on the right track with this.
  • Maybe it was because you didn’t feel the same way as he did? But still, he knew you, you were gentle, sweet, you would reject him politely.
  • So disobeying you, he looked for you without a proper apology, he needed to know what he did wrong and how could he make it right in the future. Maybe not with you, but with someone who could make him feel a little like you do, if this was even possible.
  • “I’m sorry to bother you but I need an answer, MC.” “Oh, you need an answer? How pretentious of you, Jumin, seriously! I never expected you to disappoint me like this!”
  • “So tell me why. Why am I a disappointment? What have I done wrong to you?” “You really want to make me say it? Oh my God…” you were only getting madder, you two weren’t going nowhere with this.
  • “MC, I love you. Period. And although I don’t know what I did, I understand you don’t feel the same way and I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable. I only wish good things to you, I would never hurt you on purpose.” Yes, that was right… he would never do this. So… this meant…
  • “I… feel the same way, Jumin. I… am the one who should apologize. I got so defensive thinking you were joking.” “Why would I ever joke about my love for you?” “Because… I never thought someone like you could seriously love someone like me.”
  • But he did, and looking for professional help for the love of his life was his first top priority now.


  • How would you not fall for him? You loved all his sides.
  • The funny 707 and the deep Saeyoung, you loved in all of his facets, would they be bad or good.
  •  And knowing all his insecurities and depressive thoughts, you knew you couldn’t be an extra problem for him.
  • So when he told you how much he loved you, you knew he couldn’t be thinking straight, this was his fears getting the best of him.
  • So now it was your turn on pushing him away. You told him you were flattered, but you two were better as friends.
  • He was waiting exactly for this, but he didn’t regret getting this off his chest. At least now he could live in peace with this knowing he tried, he wouldn’t be wondering what could have happened if he never told you anything.
  • But he missed you… he missed you so much!
  • He missed your conversations over the phone, your laugh, your honesty… he needed to talk to you gain.
  • He hesitated a lot, you already said no, why was he insisting? Call it crazy, but it was almost like God was telling him this wasn’t over.
  • And there he was, standing at your door with the RoboCat. “Meow~ God Seven is with the person he likes!” the cat said.
  • “That’s right, RoboCat.” “Saeyoung, I…” “~God Seven already knows your answer, but he misses you, meow. Can’t you two be friends?”
  • “I’m afraid not, RoboCat, I… regardless of what I feel, I can’t be another problem on Go… Saeyoung’s life.”
  • “What do you mean with ‘regardless of what you feel’?” he asked, not RoboCat. “Do you… like me back, MC?”
  •  “~Meow, I sense love from both ways here.” “Yes, but…” there was no but, not for him, so he went to hug you.
  • Although you didn’t say much, he knew exactly what you were feeling and why you were holding back. He would show you that there was no need to.



  • Oh my god, how did that happen?
  • He was relying on you to help him with therapy and you were having these romantic fantasies about him? How stupid of you!
  • And selfish! He counted on you, and you daydreaming about something he would probably never be able to correspond?
  • But then… he confessed. And nothing made sense anymore.
  • No, he was confused, he was projecting in you, right? He couldn’t actually be in love with you or with anyone else, for that matter.
  • So, painfully you backed away. It was for his own good.
  • Saeran wasn’t angry, but he was sad. Was he really reading the signs that wrong? He knew he wasn’t the best at this, but… weren’t you being very clear how much you cherished him?
  • He thought he was allowed to feel the same, but… he wasn’t? Why? And even if that was the case, why would you back away like this? This wasn’t like you!
  • No, you were sweet and even if you didn’t love him, you cared for him, you wouldn’t abandon him like this, never!
  • He needed to know exactly what was going on, so he convinced his brother to look for you.
  • But he didn’t ask his brother to call you and tell you Saeran was missing you. No, he didn’t want you to feel pity or obligated to come and see him.
  • But as soon as you did, he realized how much he was missing you. And you definitely missed him too…
  • “What happened to you?” he asked, he didn’t want to sound hurt, but maybe he was and that’s how it came off. “I’m… I’m sorry for being weird, MC. I didn’t want to scare you and I really thought I was doing the right thing…”
  • “Saeran, there’s nothing wrong with you, I… I think I’m the problem here. Because I love you so much and that’s a problem because that’s not what you need from me!” “Let me the judge on that.” He said, pulling you for a hug.
  • Yes, you definitely needed each other’s love.


  • He was everything you could want in a person.
  • He was intelligent, sweet, caring, he was… perfect!
  • Your therapist talked about this tendency of yours. Falling for men who seem out of reach so you could be rejected and sink in your low self esteem all over again.
  • Were you doing this again? Because it felt a little different… well, it felt different the other times too…
  • So when he confessed to you, you weren’t sure how to react. You were being corresponded for the first time.
  • This amazing guy loves you back, yes, that’s the problem, he’s too amazing for you, he would notice pretty fast that there was nothing fascinating about you…
  • So why even bother trying to start something that is destined to end up bad. With you hurt for not being able to match him?
  • You told him you needed some time to think, and of course he didn’t oppose, he would give you all the time you needed!
  •  But it’s been a while, actually, really long, he didn’t hear from you. He felt a weird vibe coming from you, but he thought you were just shy.
  • He didn’t want to pressure you, but… he wanted to know if he could have hope or if he should try to let you go.
  • So he asked to talk to you alone when you two meet at a RFA gathering.  You didn’t want to, but you had, you let him hanging on for too much time.
  • “MC, I don’t mean to pressure you or anything, but it’s been a while since I opened up my heart to you, and I…” “V, I like you so much! You have no idea!, but…”
  • “But?” “I’m so afraid of how much it will hurt when you realize I’m not good enough for you…”
  • “MC, This will never happen. I can guarantee you with all my love for you.” He hugged you and kept saying sweet things to you until the RFA realized you two wouldn’t be coming out and they should leave.
  • You would definitely have to go back to therapy, and he would always be there to support you.
Imagine Gabriel making love to you

Word count: 1423

Warnings: Unholy smut, swearing

Request by: anon - Will u do a gabriel x trickster!reader where first time gabriel decided to go pagan… (A/N: I changed most of the stuff in this request due to the fact that I didn’t really know where to go with it, I even added smut so if the anon didn’t like this fic I completely understand and please send me another request)

A/N: Sorry to the person that didn’t want me to write smut, I’ll try and get a normal (non sinful) fanfiction up soon. Also, it’s the first time I’ve written smut so some feedback would be great

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You have a crush on Jimin (and it’s getting out of hand)

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7]

“YAH! Stop cheating!!!!” Jimin screams at Taehyung while the other laughs, clearly enjoying how his best friend was reacting. “Do you really want to win this way?”

“Of course, Jiminie-ah, all I care about is beating your ass!” It was the five round of Halo they played, Taehyung winning every single one of them. “Don’t pout like that, Chim. It doesn’t work on me anymore” 

“Taehyungie, just stop cheating!” 

While they were screaming playfully at eachother, Jungkook walked into the living room groaning dramatically. Taehyung looked at him, earning a wink from the younger boy, and suddenly his interest was picked. He raised an eyebrow and waited to see what the maknae was planning. 

 “Jiminiiiiiiiiiie~~”, he sang, faking annoyance as he sat on Jimin’s lap. 

 “What is it, Jungkookie?” 

 “I’m gonna die. I can’t keep dealing with this” 

“You have to be more specific” 


At that, Jimin tensed and Taehyung’s brow furrowed, confused at Jungkook’s approach. “What about her?” 

“She is cute, isn’t she?” Jimin’s face changed automatically, his playful grin shaped now into a thin line. 

 “So the thing you can’t handle is a crush on y/n?”, he asked, wanting to throw Kook to the ground. 

 “You don’t have to react like that, Jiminie-ah. It’s not a big of a deal”, Jungkook continued to say, trying not to laugh at his hyung’s growing irritation and Taehyung’s clear attempts to hold his laughter. 

“Why are you clenching your fist all of the sudden, Jimin-ah?”, Taehyung asked, joining the fun of torturing Jimin. “You don’t happen… to have a crush on y/n, do you?” Jimin’s cheeks turned red on an instant, and his stutter didn’t help him when he tried to deny such accusation. 

“Wh-what are you ev-even saying, Tae. We are just really good friends” 

“I don’t cuddle all my friends like you did yesterday. You were all over each other”, Taehyung said, raising his eyebrow once again. 

“We weren’t. It was just… too comfy and there wasn’t enough room in the couch” “Yeah, keep telling yourself that. It’s such a shame… really”, Jungkook said as he decided to go for the final blow. 

“A shame? Why?” 

“Yeah… I guess you don’t want to know”, Taehyung chimed in, seeing where the conversation was heading. 

 “Yah!!!!!! Tell me” 

“But you said you don’t like y/n? I don’t see why you’d be interested” 

“Jeon Jungkook!!!! Stop playing me. Ugh, I DO LIKE Y/N” Jimin screams, breaking at his friends continous teasing. “I like her a lot” -he whispers- “Happy?”

Nah, not really, we already knew. It’s pretty obvious” 

“Yeah, you keep staring at her” 

“Tae! I don’t do that. It’s not staring. I just… like to look at her sometimes. It’s not my fault she is cute!”, Jimin rushed his words, clearly flustered. “Oh no, do you think she noticed?!?! What if she did? Oh my god, she’d never speak to me again. Please don’t tell her” 

“Stop panicking, Jimin-ah. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t noticed. If she did, I wouldn’t be getting texts from her all day”

“What do you mean? Texts about what?” 

“You”, Jungkook answers as he points at him. “All day. Every day.” 


“Yeah, you are the only thing we talk about with her lately”, Taehyung says, looking carefully at Jimin’s face. 

“Why? Is she tired of me? Oh my god, should I stop bothering her?”

“Oh my god, they are both as blind, Jungkookie” 

“Yeah, you’d have to write it in front of their face so they could finally know”

“Hey! I’m still here!!! What are you even talking about?” Jimin says while punching Jungkook’s back slightly. 

“Wait, but I could literally show them. Well, him.” 

“She’ll kill you, Jungkook-ah” 

“She’ll be too busy to kill me. She’ll thank me afterwards.” 

“Go for it… but I won’t pick up whatever is left of you”, the Daegu boy laughs, sitting on the floor in front of the others.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on? Stop acting like I’m not here!” Jimin shouted, clearly confused at the sudden turn of events. 

“Okay, hyung. I’m gonna show you something because my sanity depends on this. I can’t keep dealing with both of you.” After saying this, JK takes his phone from his pocket and shows Jimin a conversation he had with y/n that same morning. “See? You are not bothering her. She’s head over heels for you.”, Taehyung shakes the other boy, who is staring blankly at Jungkook’s phone.

 “Sh-she… likes me?”

Prompt List

Originally posted by picture--sex

Pairing: Only some of 13 Reasons Why Characters, such as Alex Standall, Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker, Jeff Atkins, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Montgomery de la Cruz, Tony Padilla, Tyler Down and Zach Dempsey.

Rules: Send me as many numbers as you like from the list, specify the character and gender of the reader.

Take note: I am using the numbers just once, so I am crossing out the phrases that I already used. If ever I get two requests with some different numbers, I will still consider your request, but the number won’t be used by someone anymore.


1. “Shut up, I’m trying to study here.”
2. “Oh my God! Did you just fart?!”
3. “Home is whenever I’m with you.”
4. “I’m sorry, Mr. It’s my period week, don’t bother me.”
5. “Why, all of the sudden, you are this interested in my life?”
6. “I despise you too, so don’t think that I’m fine with you texting me.”
7. “Never in your wildest dreams.”
8. “What do you think? Let’s give it another shot?”
9. “I am just protecting you.”
10. “Appreciate what I do for you, even just for once.”
11. “I have never asked for your help.”
12. “Damn, you get high grades but you never understood it?”
13. “I can give you a ride.”
14. “Let’s skip our next classes?”
15. “It was the fifth time I’m calling her phone.”
16. “I can’t tell it to you through the phone, meet me after your duty at work?”
17. “Well, she’s hot. Why don’t you try to date her?”
18. “I prefer to do it on my own, thanks.”
19. “I’m busy, can’t you wait for a while?”
20. “Good! I wouldn’t stand if I have to break someone’s heart for his best friend.”
21. “Just because I’m a girl, you think that I can’t win against you?”
22. “Do you think she’s angry?”
23. “How I wish that was me.”

24. “I knew you would end up together.”
25. “We have an unfinished business here.”
26. “Can I have a good luck kiss?”
27. “How’s the taste of defeat?”
28. “You look sexy in these glasses.”
29. “I love him and nothing’s ever going to stop us.”
30. “As long as we’re together, there are two less lonely people in this world.”
31. “Hey, what’s this mess all about?”
32. “I still have our photographs, but there’s no
way I’m showing them to you.”
33. “You have 5 fractures in just one hand.”
34. “What did you punch?”
35. “I love Superman.”
36. “There are no bells ringing.”
37. “I’m sorry for pretending.“
38. “You seem sad.”
39. “I’m just tired.”
40. “Your girlfriend hates me too.”
41. “Just a little bit.”
42. “You both know each other?”
43. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.”
44. “I’m just stating the truth.”
45. “You need that more than I do.”
46. “But on the serious side, we decided to remain friends.”
47. “He’s jealous.”
48. “We’re not together anymore.”
49. “I just wanted you for my lusts.”
50. “I am an idiot heartless man for making you cry.”
51. “What if she gets hurt?”
52. “We need to be professional here, so stop bothering me.”
53. “Listen to me for once and for all.”
54. “You’re not obliged to save me.”
55. “He never left my side, mostly when I needed him the most.”
56. “I am not asking you to save me.“
57. “It’s just a matter of principle.”
58. “Can a broken heart damage my body system?”
59. “I’m trying to be nice here.”
60. “Stop mocking me!”

61. “And you’re just mocking me.”
62. “You really broke her.”
63. “I’m starting to question my sexuality.”
64. “Am I the only one who ships them?”
65. “That dress is surely short for you.”
66. “I’m here, I care for you.”
67. “Without you in this world? I would be lost.”
68. “Your girlfriend would hate me even more.”
69. “You’re really beautiful when you smile!”
70. “Can we go home now?”
71. “You can sleep on the couch or sleep beside me, it’s up to you.”
72. “I missed sleeping with you.”
73. “Where did you get that hickey?”
74. “There’s no way I’m getting a hickey, duh!”
75. “There’s something strange happening in this place.”
76. “What are those slaps for?”
77. “I need to go back to work.”
78. “He’s too handsome and nice to do such thing.”
79. “Why do you seem so happy in these days?”
80. “Not when you have a lipstick stain on your lips.”
81. “Aren’t you convinced?”
82. “Idiot, you made me worry!”
83. “I will protect you just like how Clark Kent protected Lois Lane.”
84. “Don’t listen to him, he’s just being overprotective once again.”
85. “You’re the only one who cares for me.”
86. “Why are you so quiet?”
87. “Send me that picture, asshole!”
88. “What does that kiss mean?”
89. “Can I sleep with you tonight?”
90. “There’s always the couch for you.”
91. “As long as you sleep on the couch.”
92. “Get your ass over here because I want to have some rest!”
93. “You’re so cute in your pyjamas.”
94. “Maybe you can wake up from reality!”
95. “What the fuck was that for?”
96. “I know that you still love me.”
97. “I would die if you continue doing that thing.”
98. “C’mon, let me hug you tight.”
99. “Pinky promise?”
100. “Were you eavesdropping?”

Emmett: isn’t mozzarella the famous piano guy, right Edward

Edward: …

Emmett: and sasquatch is the uh famous playwright

Bella: see I know you’re just messing up the names to screw with us, but then part of me is like maybe you are this stupid

Emmett: jingle bells when do I ever do anything to annoy you

Edward: I mean there was that one time he genuinely thought Picasso was pistachio

Bella: seriously?

Emmett: that was one-time ed-boy. At least Rose and my song isn’t written by a guy name dis pussy

Bella: oh my god

Carlisle coming back from work: please don’t use the Lord’s name in vain. Now, what are we talking about?

Emmett with a smile: dis pussy

Carlisle walking back out the door: I don’t even know why I bother coming home sometimes

Bumpy Night - Simon

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: (Request) after upload the boys see a young fan outside that doesn’t have a way home and they offer him their phone to call someone and wait with him. His older sister collects him and to the boys’ surprise she isn’t interested in them at all and simon likes her sassyness in not caring about youtube and all its drama and there’s a little bit of sexual tension and then they bump into eachother at a nighclub drunk sometime and you can decide what happens there yourself ;) the longer the better ty

A/N: Hey love I hope you like this! (I’m so sorry about the ending, idk how to make things smutty without making it cringe)

Glossary: Y/F/N - Your Friend’s Name

Simon’s POV

On our way out to get our lifts home there was a little boy that looked lost, confused and upset. He wasn’t the only kid there, a lot of the others ran towards us but he paid no attention to the hustle and just continued to look around as if he was waiting for someone. I took pictures with the kids and walked over to the boy just to see if he was ok. When I tapped his shoulder he jumped out of shock and started laughing when he saw me.

“Oh my God, you scared me!” He clutched his chest in laughter.

“I’m sorry, you alright?” I smiled at him, giving him a hug.

“Yeah! I’m fine, what about you?”

“I’m good, did you enjoy yourself today?” 

“Yes! Today was amazing! I’m just waiting for my sister, she’s running a little late, I’m a bit worried.” His eyes flicked back to the road where the cars were passing by.

“Don’t worry about it. Do you want me to call her?” He nodded. I unlocked my phone and clicked on the calling app handing him the phone. He looked into the sky for a bit before typing in a phone number. 

“Hello? Y/N, it’s me.” He looked relieved when she answered.

“Where are you?” He nodded and hummed, a little smile forming on his lips.

“Oh, it’s Simon’s phone! Simon as in Miniminter!” He looked up at and smiled to only a have a frown smile on his face shortly after.

 “Y/N, they’re not stupid, I’ve told you this already.” He rolled his eyes and looked back at the other guys and talked to her a bit more before hanging up and handing me back my phone.

“Thank you! She said she’ll be here in 15 or 20 minutes!” He stretched his arms to give me a hug, leaving both us with big smiles.

“Did you get to meet us today?” He shook his head.

“The lines were very long but I did enjoy the panels and the game rooms. I had lots of fun with them.” He smiled.

“Would you like to meet the boys?” 

“Really? Are you being serious?” 

“Yes, come one!” I lead him over to the boys and introduced him to them and told them the story. We stayed talking for about 20 minutes before I saw a girl walking towards us. She looked beautiful. 

She caught most of the guys’ attention. I didn’t even notice the frown on her face, I could tell she was pissed. She checked her phone briefly and continued to march in our direction. Her hair flew in the wind with her as she came towards us.

“So, where’s my brother?” She scowled at us, looking at her surrounding before staring at all of us.

“I’m here, no need to be rude, Y/N.” Her brother said walking to her giving her a hug, making her smile for a couple of seconds.

“You alright? They didn’t hurt you, did they?” She glared at us before returning her gaze to her brother.

“Nope, I had a good day, they wouldn’t leave until you came to get me.” She scoffed and took his hand.

“Good for them, let’s go into town and get something to eat, yeah?” 

“Yes! Nando’s!” She laughed.

“Always, let’s get the bus quick.” She started walking towards the main road completely dismissing us.

“Wait, we’ve got to say bye first.” She rolled her eyes, letting go of his hand so he could run back to us.

“I’m sorry about her, she doesn’t like you guys very much.”

“That’s ok, a lot of people don’t.” He smiled, giving us all hugs and bid us goodbye.


I slipped into my shoes and said goodbye to everyone before driving off to the club with my friends. In all honesty, I didn’t even want to go. Clubbing and partying wasn’t really my scene but I had to go since my friends said that spending time inside isn’t good for my health. I obviously argued but they got their way, unfortunately. 

I was beginning to turning my feelings around and be completely ok with it but it wasn’t until I saw some of the guys that my brother was around earlier. I stopped in my tracks and turned around and headed back to the car.

“Y/N? Where are you going?” My friend called out for me.

“To the car.” I gritted my teeth.


“Because I dislike everyone that’s in the there.”

“This is why I wouldn’t tell you who was going to be there.” She rolled her eyes, pulling me into the building. 

She was instantly recognized by a lot of the people that were there. While she was talking to her friends, I ran towards the bar and ordered a drink. Once I got my drink, I sat there and scrolled through Twitter to keep myself entertained and that didn’t go on for long until she found me.  As expected I got given out to resulting in me rolling my eyes at her. 

“If you dance with me at least once, I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the night and give you the car keys so you can chill in there if you get annoyed in here.” I agreed and let her drag me to the dance floor and spontaneously our favourite song started playing.

“I know you only played this so you could get me to dance and I hate you for it.” I laughed as we danced. One song turned into two and then three. On our fifth song, we were completely knackered and decided to get drinks and Y/F/N decided to bring her friends with her of course.

I sat at the bar once more, isolating myself from whatever they were doing and ordered what I drank previously. Laughter erupted at the far end of the bar where they all were. I wanted to walk over to them but I didn’t want o get involved with them.

“Why are you by yourself?” I jumped at the loud voice that had been talking in my ear, almost slapping them across the face.

“Oh my God, you can’t just scare someone like that,” I yelled at the person, realizing it was Simon from earlier.

“Sorry, I didn’t think you’d hear it over the music.” He smiled at me almost making me weak at my knees.

“Yeah, whatever.” I rolled my eyes turning away from him.

“Do you want another drink?” He nodded to my empty glass.

“Why are you even bothered with me? I was so rude to you earlier, why are you even talking to me?” I questioned him, squinting my eyes to let him know I was serious.

“You intrigued me today, you didn’t even care who we were, you just wanted to get your brother home and that kind of put me off. I don’t know, it was so weird to me.” His eyes locked with my own like he was looking for something.

“I don’t know to say.” I shied away from his stare.

“You don’t have to say anything. Instead of making it awkward introduce you to me, tell me about yourself.”

From there that night was filled with all kinds of laughter and smiles. There wasn’t a dead end to any conversation but some of them did lead to some very weird conversations but the one we ended up having towards the very end was something else.

“On a scale of 1-10, how good are in bed?” I slurred slightly.

“I don’t want to brag but a 10.” He smirked at me edging closer to me.

“Oh really? How do you intend to do that Mr Minter?” 

“If you let me take you home I could show you.” His hand was now on my upper thigh, dangerously edging closer and closer. My body shifted to the movement of his hand.

“Well, I don’t know what we’re waiting for.” I got out of my seat and let him lead the way to his car, which lead to a very bumpy night.

anonymous asked:

After tony got back from Afghanistan he learns Urdu and then consistently learns new languages bc he never wants to be in that position again. Consequently he knows Russian and understands when Nat and Bucky speak it. They realize this and keep switching languages trying to find one tony doesnt know. he doesn't know them all but he knows enough he can usually get a basic understanding of what they're saying-like from root words and such. This game brings the three of them closer together.

c“(Note I am using google translate for most of these so if you have proper grammar/ spelling for anything please help)

Tony doesn’t really share his language skills, doesn’t tell the world. They’re a skill born out of fear and weakness. Learning Urdu and Hungarian were the first acts of silent defiance after Afghanistan, they were Tony’s method of coping. He kept learning though, kept learning to understand as many languages as possible. He never again wanted to be in a position where he couldn’t understand his captors. 

It’s come in handy a handful of times, when his captors have attempted to outwit him. More so though, it comes in handy when it comes to the assassin trio. 

“Ya nenavizhu, chto posle boya chistyat.” Natasha grumbles. I hate post battle cleanup. Tony translates, he should have expected that her and Bucky would complain in Russian.  She shovels a bunch of green goop into a bucket, a disgusted look on her face.

“No natasha eto khorosho dlya nashikh svyazey s obshchestvennost'yu” Bucky says, and Tony nearly snorts at the way he straightens his posture to look more like Steve. But Natasha it’s good for pubic relations. The scolding tone was hilarious, and Tony could swear Natasha was smiling. 

“Tebe nravitsya eto tol'ko potomu, chto ty smotrish’ na zadnitsu Starka, kogda on rabotayet” She teases, and Tony drops his shovel. You only like it because you get to look at Stark’s ass when he’s working. Jesus Christ the woman wants to give him a heart attack. Natasha turns suspicious eyes on him, and he scrambles to pick up his shovel and get back to work.

 “Eto khoroshaya zadnitsa.” Bucky replies, and Tony knocks over the garbage can next to him. Well, it is a nice ass. Bucky thinks he has a nice ass? Or he knows that Tony knows what he’s saying and he’s making fun of him. 

“ Penso che parli russo.” Natasha comments, switching to Italian. I think he speaks russian. Bucky’s face drains of color, and Tony’s stomach drops. 

“Oh Dio ha sentito quello che ho detto sul suo culo?” He shoots a murderous glare Tony’s direction to cover up his concern, tony carefully casual. Oh god did he hear what I said about his ass? Bucky demands, Natasha smirks at him. 

“ Pravděpodobně slyšel, vzhledem k tomu, že jeho matka byla Italka.” Natasha says, seamlessly switching to Czech. He probably heard that too considering his mother was Italian. Bucky glares at Tony again, and Tony whistles to himself pretending he’s busy. 

“Can you two stop talking and clean?” Steve grumbles, carrying what looks like a crushed food cart past them. Bucky grunts, and kicks out a leg to trip him, making Tony laugh and earning Steve’s disappointed glare, it was worth it.

“Jeho smích je tak roztomilý, ale teď se bude kolem mě cítit trapně. Nat, co mám dělat?” Bucky complains. His laugh is so cute, but he’s going to feel awkward around me now Nat, what do I do? Tony blinks at that, wondering why he would feel awkward over Bucky liking his ass. I mean sure, he hasn’t stopped blushing since he heard it, but awkward? He’s Tony Stark, he’s never awkward. 

“Mondd meg neki, hogy szereted, idióta.” She says, not explaining the sudden switch to Hungarian. Tony wonders if she actually doesn’t know he speaks Hungarian. Just tell him you love him idiot. Wonders if she actually knows how many languages he speaks. 

“Ja, Ich liebe dich, Tony.” He grumbles sarcastically, glaring at the man in question. “Wunderbare Idee, Natasha. Das wird gut gehen. Er mag mich nichtmals.” Yes, I love you Tony. Wonderful idea Natasha. That will go great. He doesn’t even like me. The derisive tone at the end, and the way he glances away from Tony is heart breaking. 

“ Reiß dich zusammen .” Natasha says, throwing her shovel at him. Get over yourself. Bucky looks surprised. “The asshole can still understand us, and he looks heartbroken at the thought of not liking you Bucky. He does like you. Tony stop eavesdropping and come kiss him. Idioten.” She grumbles storming off.

“Natasha we’re supposed to be cleaning up, and you’re not supposed to manipulate the outcome if you’re in the betting pool.” Steve calls after her, holding up one end of an I beam. 

“Combats-moi Rogers.” She throws over her shoulder. Tony waves awkwardly at Bucky. “It’s not even my week.” 

“Did you really understand all of that?” Bucky asks, rubbing his neck awkwardly.

“Jeg kan måske vide et par for mange sprog.” Tony admits, I might know a few too many languages. Bucky groans. “Do you really lo-like my ass?” Tony asks, face tomato red.

“Oh, screw the bet, he loves you and your butt stupid!” Steve yells, shoving some rubble into a dump truck. “Ugh, why do I even bother? Team clean up, it’ll be fun, they said. I’m the only one cleaning.”

“I’m helping!” Clint protests. Steve glances at the hotdog in his hand, raising an eyebrow. “What? I was hungry.” Tony laughs, and Bucky’s eyes go soft. 

“God you’re pretty when you laugh.” Bucky says, and Tony blushes. “I do like your stupid butt, and your stupid laugh, and your stupid tower, and your stupid hair, and your stupid lab.” Tony goes from blushing to outraged in a second. 

“You take that back you ass, my lab is beautiful, and brilliant, and not stupid.” Tony says, practically tackling the supersoldier.  Bucky remains largely unmoved as the genius collides with him, pulling his arm out of the way so Tony doesn’t hurt himself. 

“Of course, my apologies.” Bucky says, and Tony finds himself awkwardly close to Bucky’s face.

“It’s okay.” He mumbles. Bucky smiles, leaning closer to him, and Tony blushes, pushing up on his toes. 

“Kiss already!” Clint cheers, and Bruce slaps a hand over his mouth. 

“It is my week to win, and you are ruining their moment asshole.” Bruce hisses, and Tony blinks, as Bucky turns to glare at them. 

“Okay, did you all really bet?” Bucky demands. Clint nods before Bruce can stop him. “I hate you all, and I’m taking the winnings so me and Tony can go on a date.” Bucky decides, scooping Tony up bridal style, and walking away from the mess.

“We’re still supposed to clean!” Steve calls after them, and one gleaming metal finger appears over Bucky’s shoulder. “Fair enough.” Steve mutters. “Why do I always end up doing all the work at these things?”

“Cause you’re a goody two shoes.” Clint offers. Bruce nods along.

“Also because nobody else wants to be here.” Bruce adds. Clint points at him. 

“That too.” 

“I hate all of you.” Steve grumbles. 

“Wait, is Bucky really taking the money? I won fair and square.” Bruce protests, looking ready to fight either Steve or Bucky if necessary. 

“Well Natasha cheated.” Steve says. 

“Then she’s disqualified, I still won.” Bruce says, crossing his arms angrily. “That’s my money.” 

Thanks @wrenchirps for the help with the German translation

Thanks @kikosaito for the help with the Czech translation

Bowers fall in love with an angel (part. 2)

Link for part. 1: https://thebitchinthebowersgang.tumblr.com/post/165879341887/bowers-fall-in-love-with-a-angel-part-1-henry

Link for part. 3: https://thebitchinthebowersgang.tumblr.com/post/165943050602/bowers-fall-in-love-with-an-angel-part-3


Already in her bedroom, she was sitting near her window with the book of Romeo and Juliet open in Act Two, Scene Two.
‘But what light opens the shadow of that balcony? Here is the east. And Juliet, it’s the sun, oh, it’s my woman, it’s my love! ’
But her thoughts led her to relive the scene she had at school today, where Patrick Hockstetter told her about Henry Bowers to like her. And then about Bowers’s excessive concern for her. It was not possible. No. No longer focused on what she was reading, she closed the book and decided to pick up her Walkman and sit in the front yard of her house.
When she felt the sun kiss her skin, she smiled. She picked up the earbuds, about to put them on, but something interrupted her and made her jump in fright. She heard a loud noise from Bowers’s house, a shot. She looked at the car parked in the garage of the old house, the Derry Police Department car was there. He heard grunts of pain and grunts of rage from inside the house. Frightened but curious, Y / N carefully made her way to the back of the house. Sorcerer, she bent down and looked toward the broken window of the kitchen. She can see that Butch Bowers now undermined his son, and Henry, leaning against the wall, tried in vain to defend himself against his aggressive father. Y / N let a frightful sigh out of her mouth, mentally berating herself for doing so. Butch did not take his son’s attention away, but Henry glanced over, finding the girl looking at everything with a frightened, surprised look on her face.
Henry finally managed to escape from his father’s hands, pushing him. All bruised and with cuts and purples on the face and the other parts of the body. Henry managed to run out of the house, through the back doors leading to the kitchen, without looking away from the girl, who was cold because she was caught.
He came out like a hurricane, and he seemed like a few seconds ago he had not even gotten a violent beating from his old man. He caught her with one hand by the arm, lifting her carefully so that his father did not notice and attacked her as well, walking to the front of the house and crossing the street with her.
He stopped behind a tree next to her home.
“What the hell, Y / N, what did you think you were doing there?” Henry whispered. Holding his bloody nose with his other hand.
“I … I … I did not want to. I heard a shot and it scared me, so I wanted to see if it was okay. Excuse me. I really am really sorry. I did not know…”
“Do not tell anyone about what you saw, okay?”
“It’s all right. Ahn … Yeah, come with me, let’s clean it up. ”
“WHAT? No of course not.”
“Come on Bowers, I just want to help.”
“I do not want your help.”
Y / N rolled her eyes at the boy’s stubbornness and pulled him gently by the hand, walking to his house.
“Your parents…”
“They’re not home yet.”

When they were inside the Y / L / N’s house, Bowers looked at all the visible rooms with admiration. The house was comforting and the smell of jasmine reminded him of his mother. She looked up at him and gave him a half smile, pulling Bowers up the stairs until they reached her room.
Henry thought in his mind that the girl he cared for was really a pit of innocence. The arm-painted walls with small, hand-painted blue flowers matched the set of pillows and blue baby silk covers. A large window with a table and a chair placed there, provided perfect illumination for whatever Y / N would have been sitting there. A small bookcase gave way to books and cloth dolls. So inocent.
She laughed at the boy’s distraction, drawing his attention. She shook her head without a smile. She felt him on her bed and left the room toward the bathroom to get the first aid kit her mother always left at a height as Y / N is reached. She took everything she needed and went back to her room. Henry was still in the same position as he had been left.
Without a word, Y / N began to gently wipe Henry’s face. And he looked at her, glazed and amazed, when she noticed that the girl’s cheeks turned red.
The bright and kind Y / E / C eyes, baby skin and the looks of a woman made gave the girl a charm. Her lips were red and her teeth nibbled at every second, attentive to what she was doing. The hair fell by its face shape and looked like a perfect painting. Hers soft hands on Henry’s bruised face …
“About today, with Patrick … Sorry for the way he treated you, he’s like this …”
“And so are you, Bowers.”
“Yeah, but I can change … anyway, he’s already been put in his place and will not bother you any more. I promise.”
“It’s all right. Thanks.”
He did not turn his attention even for a second of her. Blood had already left his face, but he still felt pain in his muscles.
“You have a cut on the forehead, one on the cheek and the other on the mouth. Thank God you did not break your nose …”
“Bowers ..”
“What?” He asked softly.
“Why did your father do this to you?”
“Y / L / N … just forget about it, okay? He’s a drunk … I’m used to it. ”
“But … oh … forget it. All right, I got it. Do you want to take a shower? You can take a shower of my own, some of my older brother’s clothes stayed here after he went to college, he would not mind. I’ll make something to eat and … ”
“Y / N, thanks for the bandages and the worry, but I do not need this, as I said, I’m used to it!”
“Henry, just do this, okay? You can come later if you want, but please do not come home now. ”
“Fuck,” he murmured, lost in thought. “Your parents…”
“They do not care.”
“Okay, but then I’m leaving.”
“It’s up to you…”

“WOW! You’re really very fashionable with these outfits. ” Y / N hid a laugh in her hands. He wore a huge Queen band outfit and sweatpants, with her older brother’s neon green socks.
“So funny,” he said wryly, laughing at his own misfortune with her.
“Sit down! I discovered that there’s mozzarella pizza! You like it do not you?”
“I love mozzarella pizza!” They laughed.
The hours passed quickly and the conversation was full of laughter and admired looks. It was already half past six at night, and Y / N parents would arrive between seven and seven thirty in the evening. At one point Henry let out a 'oh god, you’re so beautiful’ causing Y / N to blush violently. Henry then got up and said he had to go, she nodded and smiled sincerely without showing her teeth. Both eyes glittered. Henry in his troubled life, had never felt so much joy and love than he had now felt with Y / N.
He took his clothes off the couch, and Y / N followed him to the door of the house, sad that Henry would have to go now. He opened the door and the two of them stepped outside, stopping from one to the other. Only by looking kindly. Y / N laughed and Bowers followed.
“I want to thank you again for everything you did for me today. Really. And I’m sorry for everything, too. ”
“It’s okay, as long as you’re well too.”
“You made me look good.”
“Well, I’m coming in …”
“OK, good night. See you tomorrow?”
“I think so. Good night.”
Y / N turned to the door, but Henry just stood there, looking at the girl.
“Y / N?”
Then Henry took her by one hand, gently pulling her close. Y / N held her breath with such closeness and looked up at the boy. Henry looked into her eyes and lowered himself to her height and pressed their lips together, calmly, in a long-drawn-out kiss.
The seconds seemed like a great eternity for both of them, but since all that is good lasts little, Y / N moved away and Henry also, both had a smile in the face. Henry winked at her and smiled genuinely, walking to his house across the street, leaving an antonite Y / N behind, but before entering the house, he looked at her and nodded, she also waved and muttered a 'good night, Bowers. 'And he returned the same way with a’ good night, angel. ’
Each one went into their houses. Bowers with a happiness that he had never felt before in the chest and Y / N hopelessly fallen for him.
'Come, gentle night! Come, sweet night of dark eyebrows! Restitute my Romeo, and when he dies, he will die in small pieces, like very small stars, and he will make the face of heaven so beautiful that in love the world will show itself of death, without the splendorous sun continue to worship. I bought the house of a love, without being in possession of it; sold though I find myself, possessed I have not yet. So boring and slow is this day, just like the night before some big party for an impatient child who has new clothes but can not wear them.’

Those God Damn Tricksters

Summary: Gabriel had wanted revenge on the Winchesters ever since they first killed him. He had gotten his revenge on Dean. Making him die over and over again had been fantastic. But Gabe wanted revenge on Sam. So, for the past three months, Gabriel had been entering Sam’s dreams as a dark figure, pinning him to his bed and kissing him in all his sweet spots.

Word count: 3.5k (jfc my longest fic ever)

Warnings: Mature language, gay sex, spoilers(?)

AN// Hey! So this is my first supernatural fic. Please feedback would be great! Tell me if you enjoyed the fic/mistakes or maybe tell me if I should do a destiel one! Also sorry the beginning has so much sexual tension XD Okay enjoy the fic! xx

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anonymous asked:

Drabble Prompt: AU scenario where the skaters mistake the triplets for Yuuri's kids when they first meet him, possibly when he brings them to the skater-only area as a b-day treat, or something? (Kudos if you can work in jealous!Victor somehow, but the skaters having a fun reaction would be A+, tbh. Would be lovely if you could include Chris and/or Yurio :D )

Viktor had a crush.  Actually it was worse than that,  Viktor had a Crush<sup>TM</sup>.

It was the reason that he’d been so excited to be assigned to the NHK Trophy.  His crush was also assigned.

It was such a remarkably sized crush that whenever he caught sight of him, Viktor’s heart did a little flip and he had to catch his breath.  Especially if Viktor spotted him while he was stretching.  If Viktor managed to catch him stretching – and Viktor definitely tried to – it was like Nirvana.  He could have died and gone to heaven.  He would be every cliche in the great big book of cliches.

It was such a remarkably sized crush that Viktor had skated into the wall the day before.  His adorable crush had gone wide-eyed and then dropped gaze and hurried off.

Chris had laughed at him.

New day, new attempt to impress.  Viktor could do it!

Except that there were three little girls pulling his crush in every single direction.  One in pink, one in blue, and one in purple and all speaking in rapid-fire Japanese.

“He has children?!”

Chris was staring right beside him.  “I had no idea.  He must have been really young when he had them.  He’s only twenty-one now.  Not that Yuuri talks much about himself.  When you can get him to talk.”

Viktor dropped his head into his hands.  “My life is over.  How can we live happily ever after with 2.5 children in a cute cottage with a white picket fence if he already has three kids.  That’s a half too many.”  Viktor sighed.  “And a dog.  But I’ll bring the dog.”

“Then you’ll be a dog over.  Yuuri has one too.  A fluffy brown thing.  I’ve seen pictures.”  Chris paused.  “Also, neither of you are American and it’s not the 1950s.”

Viktor waved off Chris’s comments focusing on the important part of the conversation.  “He’d show you pictures of his dog, but not his kids?”

“Oh, no, he was showing his friend, that Thai skater, new in the series this year.  I happened to look over his shoulder.”  Chris smiled as the kids all surrounded an Italian skater who looked like he wanted to climb up the nearest flag pole to escape them.  Yuuri was bowing and apologizing and trying very hard to corral his unruly offspring.  “All three of us were at Skate Canada.”

“So they get a hot dad and a cute puppy?”  Viktor frowned.  His life was so not fair.  He wanted a hot Yuuri and a cute puppy.  Well, another puppy since he already had Makkachin.

Then the three girls were upon them, doing spins and jumps and Viktor had to admit to being impressed.  They already had pretty good form, but whatelse was to be expected when their dad was perfection when it came to dancing form.

“Viktor!  Chris!  Viktor!”  All three were shouting over each other and holding out autograph cards.  “Please! This is the best present ever!”

Chris laughed and took a card from each of the girls and started writing.  “What are your names, girls?”

“Axel!” “Loop!” “Lutz!”

“Wrong.  Their names are Aiko, Ruri, and  Miyū.  Even your mother wasn’t crazy enough to name you after figure skating jumps.”  Yuuri walked up behind them and sighed.  “I’m so sorry.  I said I would take them around and instead they are taking me around and bothering everyone and the organizers are never going to let me do anything like this again.”  Yuuri rubbed the back of his head.

Viktor handed over the last card with a tight smile just as a woman approached.  “Oh my god!  It’s Viktor Nikiforov!  Girls! It’s Viktor Nikiforov!”  She grabbed Yuuri’s upper arm.  “Yuuri, it’s Viktor Nikiforov!”

Viktor smiled at the woman even though he could feel his heart cracking into a million pieces.  “You have absolutely adorable children.”

“Yeah, Yuuri, why didn’t you tell us you had kids?”  Chris asked while taking a selfie with the three.


The young woman had started laughing next to a flabbergasted Yuuri.  “Oh, wait until I tell my husband that all the skaters thought the triplets were yours.  I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate to hand them over to you, Yuuri.  Are you ready to be a dad to these three hellions.”

Yuuri shook his head.  “To those three?  I couldn’t even handle watching them for fifteen minutes.  The nearly chased Michele Crispino up a support post, kept talking to Otabek Altin even when it was obvious that they’d worn out even his patience.  Tried to climb up the stands when they saw the Junior skater they like, Yuri Plisetsky, and then attacked Viktor Nikiforov and Christophe Giacometti.  I can barely co-parent three hamsters.  Your three are too much.”  Yuuri turned to face Viktor and Christophe and bowed.  “Thank you for being such good sports.”

Viktor stared as they walked away, the three girls still clinging to Yuuri.

“That was cute.”

Viktor smiled at Chris.  “He’d make a great dad.  Think he’d be interested in adopting 2.5 children with me?”

Chris clapped him on the back.  “Don’t get ahead of yourself Nikiforov.  First you’ve got to figure out how to talk to him.  He was right here and you didn’t even say a word to him.”


(HEY HEY HEY~ SOLDIER MADI HERE 😁👌 I TOOK A NOTICE THAT MORE PEOPLE ARE DIGGIN MY HEADCANON, SOOO. Here’s another Rfa headcanon thingy. V and Saeran included. (P.s; I’ll probably never not include V and Saeran because let’s be real here..they’re poppin fresh.))



Surprisingly, he was the one who suggested you watch a horror film. Poor lil cinnamon roll was afraid he wasn’t manly enough, so, he decided to prove he could handle it.

He couldn’t.

Half way through it, this boy was shaking so bad, you could feel the couch rattling?? Like? Calm down?

Of course, you were there to give him comfort, rather than the other way around. Nonetheless, you still enjoyed yourself.

“Yoosung, open your eyes..! Look, I promise. The blood practically looks like ketchup. It’s not that bad!”




When you suggested a horror movie, he wasn’t really phased by it. Stuff like this never bothered him. He knew it was fake.

So, there you two were. Snuggled up on the couch, (with Elizabeth 3rd, of course.) watching a mild horror movie.

Even though it was mild, it had its moments. Occasionally you would jump up a bit, and Jumin would lightly tighten his grip on you every time.

While you were anticipating the jump scares, Jumin was analyzing e v e r y t h i n g.


“Can’t you tell? The moment he got to this town, he should’ve realized it wasn’t any good. The guy in the back gave it away.”

“What guy?!”



Let’s be real, you two are going to criticize the whole movie.

You aren’t even scared. You two more than likely picked an old, cheesy horror film.

Originally, you were going to actually take it seriously, and quietly watch the movie. Luciel had better plans.

He would start making stupid jokes about the characters obvious faults, and pointing out how fake everything looked.

Soon, you just had to join in with him. I mean, come on. This movie is s h i t.

“Did he just run into the zombies arms? Are you kidding me?”

“I didn’t know we were watching a roma- oh. Well that happened.”

“What an idiot.”

“That would be you, thoug- OW DONT HIT ME! UHM? BOYFRIEND ABUSE??”



Zen must have made a horror musical.

Since it was new, she was one of the first people to get a hold of it..and boy, was she happy.

You just couldn’t say no when she had asked you to watch it with her that night. I mean, come on. LOOK AT THAT LIL GAEHEE FACE, AWH.

So, you two cuddled up in some bean bag chairs, sharing a big bowl of popcorn.

You both ended up feeding a little bit to each other when the other was too busy drooling over Zen’s abs. (Mostly Jaehee.)

Ends up with one of you falling asleep on the other before the movie is done.

More than likely you on her. (Kink)

“(Y/N)! Even as a hairy werewolf..ohh, he truly is a beast…wait..(Y/N)?”


“Oh! So cute..I guess we’ll be sleeping down here, tonight..good night, (Y/N)..”




Zen would be trying to play it cool throughout the entire thing.

He’d keep making small remarks on how it was “o so predictable.” Eventually, you got tired of these little comments, and decided to give him something that wasn’t predictable.

You’d lean over, acting as if you wanted to cuddle..then..


You’d let out an ear piercing (w̸a̸r̸r̸i̸o̸r̸ c̸r̸y̸) screech, tackling him into a hug.

Let’s just say, he was a little bit more than frightened.


“This is so damn predictable.”

“Yeah..I guess you’re- SCREEECHH”

“(Y/N)!!! DO NOT DO THAT! God…you know what? I just might have to punish you for that, baby girl~”

“You- I- OH”



Can he even see what’s happening, tho?

You’re probably going to be bored, and suggest you watch a horror movie in spirit of Halloween (you’re feeling extra SpOoPy)

This lil pastel cutie will agree instantly. If it makes you happy, then he’s 420% up for it.

You two will probably be the calmest out of everyone else, staying quiet while you watch it. Of course, you’ll have the occasional dialogue.

He’ll wrap his arms around you, snuggling his face into you, since he can’t really see the movie all that well, anyways.

If you get even a little scared, hE IS LITERALLY SO COMFORTING LIKE, Y e S.

“I hear more suspenseful music in the back ground. Get ready, don’t be too scared, (Y/N).”

“Crap, how did you hear that? All I hear is that stupid win- OH DEAR GOD.”

“I warned you..oh..come closer, it’s okay, (Y/N)..”



He picked the movie, and let’s just say you are more screwed than America.

He just HAD to pick the scariest movie he could get his hands on.

10/10 will tell you to hakuna your Tatas when you start flipping your shit. (Not literally but.)

Like, how can you handle that?

But, not to fret..he’s surprisingly more comforting than you imagined.

He will pull a fluffy blanket over you both, doing his best to cover your eyes when he thought something overly scary was going to happen.

When it’s all over, he’s probably going to want to cuddle you all night, at least until you both fall asleep..just to insure neither of you get a nightmare.

“I don’t even know if I can fall asleep now, thank you very much.”

“Mmm~ then stay with me tonight. I promise I can keep you safe. Just..Trust me?”

weekend surprises // theo raeken

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: FLUFF but like not cute little fluff this is like the fluff mvp right here.

a/n: major writers block yet i have like 10 theo imagines planned.

You were sitting on your couch as you heard the doorbell ring and quickly run up to open it.

“Hey babe.” You said as you wrapped your hands around his neck pulling him into a sweet kiss.

“Hey.” He said against your lips, his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him.

You turn to walk up the stairs on your way to your room with Theo following right behind you. You both enter the room and close the door behind you, Theo walks over to your bed and while grabbing your waist he pulls both of you onto the bed with you laying on top of him giggling from the turn of events. You look at him in awe as you lay your chin on your hands resting on his chest.

“I missed this.” You smile at him.

“Me too.” He smiled giving you another soft kiss your lips.

You were interrupted by your phone ringing on your nightstand, You roll off of Theo to reach your phone and see Lydias name appear on your screen.

“Hello?” You asked as Theo turns on his stomach next to you.

“Hey.” You heard Lydias voice.

“Hey whats up?” You ask as Theo starts kissing your shoulder.

“We’re all going to my lake house this weekend. You in?”

“Yeah sure, Is it only the pack?” You asked trying to cover your giggles as Theo continues leaving kisses along your collar bone.

“I was trying to convince Stiles to invite Theo but he’s still suspicious of him.” You heard her on the other line.

“I think it would be fun to invite him.” You felt Theo smirk against your skin.

“I know, I’ll call him later.”

“Okay.” You said giggling as you tried pushing Theo off of you.

“Y/N? Is there someone else there?” You heard her ask curiously.

“No no I’m all alone.” You said shushing Theo.

“Yeah okay.” You heard her sass through the phone.

“Really I am.” You said laughing quietly as Theo started tickling your side.

“Sure, I’ll talk to you later?”

“Yeah yeah, bye.” You said as she hung up.

“So, Weekend at the lake house?” Theo smirked at you.

“Mhm.” You smiled at him.

“I’d much rather stay here, In bed, With you, All weekend.” He said laying soft kisses along your neck.

“So seeing me in a bikini is a no I’m guessing?” You smirked at him.

“I didn’t say that.” He smirked.

“Come on it’ll be fun.” You nudged at his shoulder.

“Yeah but I won’t be able to do this.” He says kissing your shoulder.

“And this..” He said kissing your cheek.

“And definitely not this.” He said pressing his soft lips against your pulling you into a slow and sensual kiss.

“I know.” You groan.

“But we can still spend time together, And maybe even make out a little after the lights are out.” You smirk at him.

“How could I say no to that?” He chuckled pulling you yet again into a passionate kiss.

“You know, I was wondering when will you tell them we’re together.” He finally asked.

“I don’t know yet, I just don’t know how they’ll react.” You gave him a weak smile.

You see, You and Theo have been together for about three months now but, Only behind closed doors. Although most of the pack was okay with Theo they didn’t entirely trust him and they warned you about him but you couldn’t help yourself, You fell for him just like he fell for you. So for three months you two have been seeing each other secretly without telling a living soul about your arrangement. And it was okay between you two but sometimes the lack of contact, Both physical and mental, Was sometimes to much.

“Kira you’re with Malia down the hall, Stiles you’re with Scott and Liam, Obviously Y/N is with me and Theo we are out of space so you’ll have to sleep on the couch. Is that ok?” Lydia asked.

“Yeah sure that’s fine.” He said reassuring.

“So once everyone unpacks, get dressed and we can go down to the lake.” Lydia said before turning on her heel to her room.

“Can’t wait.” You heard Theo whisper in your ear.

You lightly smacked his chest and smirked before going on your way to unpack your stuff.

After settling into your rooms you all got dressed, Packed some food and went down to the lake. With the boys already shirtless and with a drink in their hand you and Lydia proceeded to undress before taking a drink for yourself. After taking off your shirt you notice your little undercover boyfriend smirking from a couple feet away causing you to roll your eyes at him and walk over to get a drink.

“Enjoying the view?” You asked sipping your drink as you walked up to Theo who stood in front of the lake watching Kira and Malia splashing Scott and Stiles.

“Yup.” He said eyeing your body up and down.

“Oh god.” You laugh to yourself.

“Come on lets go in.” He suggested.

“I don’t know, My hair came out pretty good today.” You said taking another sip of your drink.

“Your hair is gonna get messed up one way or another princess.”

“Why do I even bother?” You chuckle.

“Come on..” He pouted.

“Fine fine..” You said as he grabbed your hand leading the both of you towards the rest of the pack.

You stayed near the edge as Theo dove in.

“But it’s cold.” You complained.

“No its not.” He smirked at you.

“Yes it is.”

“Then I’ll warm you up, Come on.“

“We both know you can’t do that here.” You said quietly knowing his werewolf hearing could hear you as you looked at the rest of the pack splashing each other only a couple feet from you two.

“Come in before I’ll pull you in. And we both know I can easily do that.”

“Okay.” You said as you dived in and swam towards him.

“I’m freezing.” You said as you brushed your hair out of your face.

“You’ll get used to it.” He smiled down at you before you two swam to the rest of the pack. All of you stayed down at the lake for a couple hours and once the sun went down and so did the temperature of the water you decided to go back to the house considering all of the non-supernaturals don’t deal with cold so well.

“Here.” Theo said wrapping a towel around your shivering shoulders.

“Thanks.” You smiled before he walked back to Scott and Liam.

As you were all walking back Lydia came up to your side.

“So, You and Theo seem kind of close.” She smirked at you.

“I don’t know.” You gave her a soft smile.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” She nudged your side.

“Of course not.” You said feeling happy she couldn’t hear your heartbeat.

After cleaning up and getting dressed in your pyjamas you all sat down to eat dinner, Which was conveniently pizza that Lydia graciously suggested to order. You suggested putting on a movie   and all of you moved to the living room, And after an intense movie debate most of you agreed on watching ‘Neighbours’. Stiles and Malia sat on one of the three couches, Scott and Kira sat on the second couch with Kira resting her head against Scotts shoulder, Theo sat next to Scott with you next to him and Lydia sat next to Liam on the second couch.

Once the lights were dimmed and you were all 15 minutes into the movie you feel Theos hand caressing your thigh gently causing you to smile softly and rest your head against Theos shoulder. After a while you subconsciously took Theos hand in yours and started playing with his fingers softly, You always did it out of habit and most of the time you didn’t even notice when you did it but Theo? He always paid attention to it, It calmed him down the way your soft fingers stroked gently against his hand and caressed his knuckles softly.

Because you were top busy with the movie you didn’t notice Lydia looking at you and Theo, As much as she was curious and maybe even worried about you she couldn’t help but smile at the sight of you two cuddled against each other, Just being happy with laying in each others embrace.

As the movie went on and so did the night half of the pack was basically asleep, Liam fell asleep against Lydia as she yawned almost falling asleep herself, Malia fell asleep against Stiles’ shoulder and Stiles was sleeping against her, Both Kira and Scott were still awake but clearly not for long and when looking up from Theos shoulder you saw he fell asleep against you. You being exhausted you yawned and stood up from your place against Theo waking him up softly, You stretched your arms and suggested everyone went to sleep in their beds instead on napping on the couches. With the pack strongly agreeing you you all broke away to your rooms to get ready for bed.

After brushing your teeth you took your place next to Lydia in her queen size bed and placed your phone on the nightstand beside you before saying good night to Lydia and turning the other way so your backs faced each other. As you were about to fall asleep your phone lit up, You quickly turned down the brightness and see a text message from Theo appear on your screen.

Theo: “Good night babe ;)”

Y/N: “Night ♡♡”

You texted him before smiling to yourself and quietly placing your phone back to the nightstand and finally dozing into your long awaited beauty sleep.

You woke up feeling hot and sweaty, You turned on your phone to find out its 4am and decide to go grab a cup of water to cool down before trying to go back to sleep again. You gently and quietly get out of bed and make your way downstairs to the kitchen but on your way there you pass the living room only to find Theo sleeping peacefully and shirtless on the couch. You look at him in awe for a couple seconds before proceeding back to the kitchen. After grabbing your cup of water you place the cup in the sink and turn to walk back to the bedroom but just as you turn you hit your hip on the kitchen island and curse quietly under your breath as you held your hip. You then walked back to the living room to find Theo sitting up on the couch rubbing his eyes.

“Did I wake you?” You ask quietly as he turns to look at you.

“Yeah but are you okay?”

“Yea I just hit my hip on the counter.”

“Even in the middle on the night you’re clumsy.” He joked still half asleep.

“You signed up for that.” You chuckled.

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He said smiling at you as you made your way towards him.

You at next to him and placed a sweet kiss against his lips but pulled away just seconds later.

“Couldn’t do that earlier.” You smiled at him.

“But now you can.” He smirked at you pulling you into another but slower and more passionate kiss.

“I’m gonna go back to bed.” You said softly as you started to get up from the couch.

“Stay here with me.” He said softly as he grabbed your wrist stopping you from getting any farther.

“I miss your body next to mine.” He smirked.

“How could I say no to that?” You smiled as you laid next to him on the couch, You laid on the inner side of the couch and he laid next to you as he covered the both of you in the blanket Lydia gave him. Your head was pressed against his bare chest and so was your hand, His arms were wrapped securely around your waist keeping your body close to his. You two stayed there for a couple minutes just enjoying being with each other; You two did that a lot.

“You know..” Theo started quietly as you looked up at him.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I’ve been waiting for the right moment but, I love you Y/N.” He said quietly as he stroked random patterns against your back.

“Y-You love me?” You asked softly with a wide smile playing on your lips.

“Yeah, I do.” He smiled down at you.

I love you too Theo.” You smiled at him before he hugged you tighter and pressed a soft kiss on your forehead. With out noticing you two quickly fell asleep in each others embrace.

You woke up to someone clearing their throat loudly and some giggles playing around. You slightly sit up from Theo as he sits up as well and rubs his eyes.

“Oh..” You say slightly embarrassed as you notice the whole pack gathered around you and Theo.

“Busted!”  You heard Liam shout jokingly form the other side of the room causing Theo to chuckle at the reaction.

“Y/N could I talk to you for a minute?” You heard Lydia say as you looked at Theo before getting up from the couch and walking with her to the porch outside and closing the door behind you.

“There is something you’re not telling me and I need to know right now what is going on.” Lydia said pacing in front of you.

“So-, Well-, Basically me and Theo are.. Together.” You said quietly as you looked down at your hands.

“For how long?” She asked.

“Three months.” You said looking up at her.

“Three months and you didn’t tell me!” She said hitting your arm lightly with a small grin playing on her lips.

“Ouch!” You laughed softly.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t know, I just, I was afraid of how you guys will react to it because I know you don’t trust him and warn me about him.”

“We warned you about him because we don’t want to see you get hurt, We still can’t trust him so falling for him is not exactly the best thing to do.” Lydia smiled softly at you as she held both your hands in hers.

“I know but he makes me feel safe and happy.” You smiled at the thought of him.

“And I know that he really does care about me even though you guys don’t trust him.” You said softly.

“What exactly happened last night that you ended up beside him?”

“Well I went down stairs to get a drink and when I turned to go back I hit my hip on the counter and he woke up so we ended up talking a little-“ You smiled at the memory of your conversation last night.

“What did you talk about?”

“Well, He told me he loved me.” You said biting your lip.

“And what did you say back?”

“That I loved him too.” You grinned sheepishly at her.

She pulled you into a warm hug.

“I’m so happy for you Y/N, You deserve to be with someone who make you happy, With someone who loves you.” She smiled at you.

“But please be careful.”

“I will, Thank you for understanding.” You said.

“Y/N I’m always here for you, No matter what and this is something you need to talk about; You need to tell me these things.”

“I will, Trust me.” You chuckled.

“Come on, Lets go back before the rest of the guys try to kill your boyfriend.” She nudged at your shoulder as you both went back in.

You walk in to see Theo talking to Scott and Stiles, He smiles at you once he notices you came back.

“So?” You ask the three boys as you step in to the conversation.

“We’re not completely okay with this but if you’re happy, I guess we can arrange some things.” Scott smiled at you.

“Thank you.” You said as you pulled him into a small hug.

“But you better not hurt her, You’ll be damned if you do.” Scott said to Theo in a firm tone.

“I can give you my word on it, I will never hurt her; I love her.” He said smiling down at you as he pulled you into his side kissing the top of your head as you wrapped your arms around his waist.

Scott patted Theo on the shoulder before heading with Stiles to go get some breakfast with you and Theo on their heels.

After eating breakfast you all got ready to head back down to the lake, The entire morning you and Theo never left each others side.

Once you were all in your bathing suits Scott and Stiles hurried to jump in as you and Kira stood by the edge talking. You suddenly feel a pair of strong hands wrap around your waist as Theo rests his head on your shoulder leaving a small kiss on it.

“Is this how me and Scott look all the time?” Kira asks sarcastically.

“Kinda.” You and Theo say in unison.

“Good to know.” She said jokingly before walking over to Malia and Lydia leaving you and Theo alone.

“Did you have fun this weekend?” You asked turning to face him.

“Very.” He said smirkingly.

“And why is that?” You ask a little curiously.

“Because now I get to do this and not give a damn about it.” He smiled before pulling you into a passionate kiss.

You two pull apart once you hear Scott and Liam whistling and cheering your way causing you to blush and hide your head in Theos neck.

“And I also get to do this.” He smiles at you.

“Do what?” You ask just a second before Theo pulls you by your waist into the water by surprise.

“Hey I wasn’t ready!” You joked hitting his chest once you two swam to the surface.

“Thats the point!” He laughed wrapping his arms around your waist.

“You’re lucky I love you.” You smile up at him.

“I love you too.” He smiled before pulling you again into a sweet kiss.